Starswirl Academy - Original Rainbow Dash Route

by wolvenfire86

Intro: You have arrived! & Welcome Party of One

You Have Arrived
Description: You (the protagonist) and Twilight (his childhood friend that has a secret crush on him) arrive at Starswirl Academy.
Note 1: When you see a blank space (like so: ___), that is the main character's name which will not be revealed in this story.
Note 2: This chapter, while written by me, was also a collaborated effort whereby the whole Starswirl team gave input, their revision and feedback.

The front of campus is beautiful, alive, pulsating with life. Everyone is moving, hurrying to where ever they need to go. Groups of young girls flock together and laugh, groups of jocks kiddingly shove each other as they check out said girls. The building looks like it has been here for decades. Classical marble statues guard the cast iron front gate.

“Wow. Look how big this place is! Look at the uniforms! And the books! I bet they have a huge library!” Twilight is so excited she almost jumps out of her shoes. She gawks at a few passing students. They look back at her like she was crazy. I roll my eyes as she sequels. "How can you not be excited?! We’re finally here!”

“I know, but…” I try to talk back, but she pouts, ready to fire a lecture at me. Typical Twilight. “…maybe I’ll like it more when I am inside.”

“Hmph. You could at least act like you care. This is a new beginning! A new chapter of lives is about to open up! And we’ll be…together. You and me. And I’ve just…I can’t explain it, but I have this feeling.”

“What feeling?”

“A feeling…that we're going to have the best year of our lives!"

“COMING THROUGH!!!” A high-pitched voice shouts at us. A blue blur riding a long board flies past us and knocks Twilight on the ground.

"“HEY!” Twilight jumps back up and shakes her fist at whoever hit us. “Slow down! The student handbook clearly states that skateboards and other related items are not allowed on school proper-”

“NEERRRRRRRDD!!!” The rider mocked my friend as she gliding out of sight.

“Hmph." Twilight crossed her arms. "What I was saying pertains to us, not necessarily other students.”

“Right. Of course..."

We met with Headmistress Celestia briefly. She welcomed up to the school, gave us our uniforms and told us that a tour guide would meet with us to show us around the school.

Twilight was enamored by her very presence, and wouldn't stop complimenting her. How nice her shoes looked, how smart she was, how happy she was to be in the school. Such a fan girl.

"DId this place get quiet all of a sudden?" I look around the hallways and no there are no students there.

“It's probably because class starts. It's okay. At least it's a little quieter now that there is no-"


Twilight: “AHHH!!"

A party blower screams in Twilight's ear and three bright balloons fly in front of both of us. A girl with curly hair jumped in front of us and a merry tune chimed out from her smartphone.

“Wel~come to your new school, we're so happy you are here! People call me Pinkie Pie and I like spreading cheer!
If you're older than a freshman, then you'll fit in just fine! I'm a super silly senior and I love to make-up rhymes!
Study hard and don't be late, but ‘member to have fun! And don't play hooky either cause you can’t leave until school’s done!
Don't forget it's high school, so learn new stuff every day! I hope you're both excited, hip-hip-hip-hip-hip-HOORAY!"

She jumped high in the air and clapped her hands several times.

"Um...who are-" Twilight starts to say something, but Pinkie pushes her nose right on Twilight's face and stares at her with a huge smile, effectively silencing her.

“Hiii. I saw you come into school this morning and I didn't say hi but I was really, really, really, really excited that new people came to school so I went and wrote a super-special-new-people-are-in-the-school-and-they-look-like-they-could-use-a-warm-welcoming song ready so you'd feel at home!"

Twilight and I both stare. “...Thanks?"

“Oh, no need to thank me. I do that for everyone!"


“Really, really, really! I'm Pinkie Pie, or Pinkie, or Sugarcube, or Pinkamina, or Pinkie P or "hey you!". Sometimes it's hard for new people to remember new names so I have a bunch of names to help people remember me. Have you ever talked to someone and went "oh my gosh, I forgot this person's name," and you spend like ten minutes calling him "pal" or "buddy" or not calling him anything at all? It's kind of funny but I still try to remember everyone's name and nickname as best as I can." She stood on the tips of toes and pushed her face close to ours. “So what's your name? Huh? Huh? I bet it’s like Lisa or Darlene or Marcy?"

“I-it’s Twilight."

“I'm ____." I pointed to myself with my thumb.

“Twilight and ____. Okay! I'm gonna practice that a whooole lot in my head so I won't forget it." She smiles widely. Her big round eyes glisten with joy.

“Well...thank you for the son. We should be going now."

“Oh cool! Where are we going?"

We are going to look around the school more."

“Oh, no, no, nononono. You can't just walk around the school. That's no fun. You'll be looking at everything and not really seeing anything." She gasps loudly. "I know! How about I show you around? I know everyone and know everyplace and know a lot about all the fun stuff to do here, so I'd be perfect!"

“I think we're good." Twilight tries to push me away.

“Well of course you’re good. We're all "good." But Headmistress Celestia said you’ll need to see the school. So lemme show you around."

“Wait, you’re our tour guide? AH-"

Pinkie grabs both of our wrists and pulls us down the hall, giggling loudly. “Okayokayokayokay, so this is the hallway. It's like every other hallway, except it's not like the others because it goes to one place and the other hallways go to some other places."

“Yeah. Great."

“This hall is called way it that way?" She points.

“North."Twilight answers, scowling.

“Right, so it's the North Hall. Unless you are going the other way, then it is the South Hall. But the North Hall goes to club rooms and cafeteria."

“I guess I could use something to eat. I haven't had anything since last night "On cue, Twilight's stomach growls.

“Really? Oh, I have an idea! Let’s go to the Cafeteria! It’s down the north hall. And hey, lookie! The north hall is right here."