Sol Umbrae

by Dream Bolt

Was There Ever Any Doubt?

Chapter 14: Was There Ever Any Doubt?

Twilight was furiously pacing. “I can’t use a teleportation spell to get us back!” she cried. “The distance is far too great! And I haven’t the slightest idea on how to get back to Mobius!” She turned towards Silver. “What about your gem? Check your suit again.”

“I’ve checked it over a dozen times already!” Silver replied in an exasperated tone. I must have lost it sometime in the fight. I think Mephiles took it. And even if we did have it, I don’t think it could cover a trip all the way back from the moon!”

Twilight collapsed, putting her head in her hooves. “We’ve failed.” she moaned. “I’ll never be able to get back and warn the princess.”

“We stopped Mephiles from getting those blood samples.” Silver stated encouragingly. “Without those, he won’t be able to copy the princess’s genetic structure. That will make it harder for him to merge with her. We bought our friends the best chance we could.”

“But we aren’t there to help them!” Twilight replied.

Silver shook his head. “You think I’m not scared?” he asked. “Mephiles is going after the Sol Emeralds. That means that Blaze is in danger, and I can’t get there to help her!”

Twilight got up and stomped her hoof. “We have to find a way to get over to Equestria.” she stated.

“But how?” Silver asked.

Twilight sighed, collapsing to the ground.

“I have no idea.”


Night was falling. Exhausted from stress, Twilight and Silver curled up next to each other. Twilight could feel herself drifting off. She didn’t resist. She felt hopeless, and sleep seemed like the only escape she would find.

Her eyes closed.

Feeling drifted away from her body.


Twilight was in a field back home. She was trotting happily along with her friends, laughing carelessly.
From the sky, Princess Celestia swooped down. She smiled at the ponies, and began to trot along with them.
But suddenly Celestia’s mane lit up with fire, and her eyes became pink with green, catlike irises. The field was scorched into a wasteland. All of her friends turned to stone.
From atop a cliff, Silver was yelling at her.

“You failed! You are the Sol Umbrae Trigger! You doomed us all!”

As the fiery Celestia began to chase her, Twilight ran as fast as she could. The evil Celestia was catching up.
But suddenly, Twilight saw a light ahead. A figure was silhouetted in front of it.

“Don’t be afraid!” the figure called. “Run into the light! I’ve got this!”

As the figure dashed past her, Twilight felt a calming breeze move past her, like a living wind.

“Sonic?” she said.

“Just the wind.” the figure said.

As he ran off, Twilight saw his long ears flowing in the wind behind him. The evil Celestia was changing into a shadowy monster.

“Run!” the figure cried.

He pointed a large golden ring set with a green jewel at her. She was enveloped by a gust of wind which blew her into the light.

Everything went bright.


Twilight found herself in a strange place, like a park. Surrounding her were doors which stood without any building or room behind them. A large fountain gently tinkled in the center. In the air, gentle, soothing music lulled her fears away.
Suddenly, the cheerful, whistling sound of a flute filled the air. Twilight looked towards the sound, and saw, sitting in the air, the most unusual character. He, (or she, it was impossible to tell,) was wearing a colorful outfit and a purple hat with two large spikes sticking off the back. He had no nose, but two large, blue eyes. The eyes were beautiful, but catlike, and something about them vaguely reminded Twilight of Nightmare Moon’s eyes.

“Oh, hello there!” the creature said brightly, gliding down beside her. “You look like you’ve had a scare.”

“Am… am I dreaming?” Twilight asked.

“Well, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t!” the creature laughed. “My name’s NiGHTS. And you are?”

“Twilight Sparkle.” Twilight said, feeling very strange. “Is this… are you sure this is a dream? It’s the most lucid dream I’ve ever had.”

“Just because it’s a dream doesn’t mean this place isn’t real.” NiGHTS replied. “So, Twilight Sparkle. Would you happen to be the student of Luna’s sister?”

“Yes.” Twilight stated. Then her face suddenly lit up. “That’s it!”

“What’s it?” Twilight saw the same figure who had saved her earlier walking up. She saw he looked kind of like a Mobian, around Tails’ age, and had large, yellow eyes. His fur was black and white, and his ears hung almost to his feet. He wore a blue cap upon his head.

“This is a dream!” Twilight exclaimed. “Maybe I can find a way to tell Princess Luna where we are!”

“Where are you?” the large-eared boy asked.

“On the moon.” Twilight stated.

“The moon?!” the big-eared boy exclaimed. “Cool!”

“I think she means she’s trapped there, Klonoa.” NiGHTS stated.

“But if I find Princess Luna, she can come and rescue us!” Twilight exclaimed.

Suddenly, Twilight felt herself shaking.

“Wh-what’s happening?” she asked.

“The waking world is calling.” NiGHTS replied. “Sorry, this is a strong one. I don’t think you’ll be able to fight it off.”

“Don’t worry!” Klonoa shouted. “We’ll….”


“Twilight, wake up!”

Silver was shaking her awake.

“The moon and the stars are moving!” Silver exclaimed. “What does that mean?!”

“It was just a dream.” Twilight murmured to herself in disappointment.

“Does this mean something bad is happening?” Silver asked.

Twilight sighed. “No. Princess Luna is just aligning the sky for nighttime. And since she does it from afar, she’ll never know we’re here.”

Silver laid back, looking at the sky.

“Well,” he said, “at least we get front-row seats.”

Twilight gave a little smirk. She laid back as well, looking up at the heavens.

“I guess we do have that.” she stated.


Twilight felt herself being shaken awake for the second time.

“Leave me alone, Silver.” she muttered. “There’s nothing worth waking me over.”

“NAY, TWILIGHT SPARKLE!!!” a powerful voice bellowed. “TIS NOT SILVER WHO WAKES THEE!!!”

Twilight was shocked wide awake, as she and Silver both screamed in surprise.
But Twilight’s surprise quickly melted into joy as she saw the figure standing before her.

“Princess Luna!” she cried. “You found us!”


Twilight looked confused. “So… my dream, those people I met….”


“Could you please talk a little quieter, ma‘am?” Silver asked, his hands over his ears. “My ears are ringing.”

“Oh. Of course.” Luna replied. “Please excuse us. We are rather accustomed to using the royal Canterlot voice to address our subjects.”

Silver suddenly stared, looking rather awed. “P-Princess Luna?” he asked. “I… I never expected to see you!”

“Who art thou?” Luna asked. “And how dost thou knowest our name?”

“It’s a long story.” Twilight said. “But we need to talk to Celestia right away.”

“Very well!” Luna stated. “We shall bring you to her!”


There was a flash of blue magic, and Twilight was once again within the familiar halls of the Canterlot palace.

Silver looked impressed. “So this is Canterlot.” he murmured. “It’s beautiful. I would love to look around once our mission is complete.”

“Our sister is within here.” Luna exclaimed, pointing towards Celestia’s personal chambers. She rapped upon the door with her hoof. “Sister! I am sorry to bother you at this time of night, but your student Twilight Sparkle has come, and she brings a friend that appears to be Mobian!”

The doors were quickly opened, and Celestia looked up from her typical spot by the fire. For a moment, Twilight felt as if she had stepped back in time to when she was a filly, and she almost checked to make sure she had remembered her study books.

“Twilight! You’re back earlier than I suspected.” Celestia replied. “It’s only been a day. What have you learned.”

“Um… actually, it been longer than that for me.” Twilight explained. “Silver and I have been traveling through time quite a bit.”

Celestia gave an understanding nod. “Ah, yes. That tends to happen when you are a companion of Silver the Hedgehog.”

She turned toward Silver, who was staring at her with a mixture of awe and terror.

“Welcome, my friend.” she said kindly. “It has been a long time since a Mobian has set foot in Canterlot.”

“Um… thank you.” Silver replied.

Celestia gave him a shrewd glance. “At ease, Silver. You don’t need to be afraid of me.”

“S-sorry, ma’am.” Silver replied. “It’s just… well, I’m not used to seeing you like this.”

“Seeing me like what?” Celestia asked.

Twilight sighed. “That’s what we’re here to tell you.”


Celestia sighed as she heard the full story.

“So… the shadow has returned for revenge.” she uttered.

“And the Elements of Harmony in the hands of a madman.” Luna added. “This indeed is grave.”
“So what can we do?” Twilight asked.

“You must return to Mobius.” Celestia stated. “The Sol Emeralds must be protected at all costs. If they are somehow lost, then you and your friends should search for the Chaos Emeralds. With all seven, their power may be enough to counter the power of the Sol Emeralds. Also, you must reclaim the Elements of Harmony. Only they hold the key to banishing this darkness from our worlds.”

“But how can we get back to Mobius without the Elements?” Twilight asked.

Celestia and Luna exchanged glances. “There is a place which Star Swirl the Bearded created.” Celestia explained. “A doorway. This door lies within Canterlot, but it is only able to be opened by one individual.”

“Who?” Twilight and Silver both asked at once.

Celestia sighed. “Star Swirl tended to be suspicious, and after the Nightmare Moon incident, he became suspicious of even us. He made the door so that only he or one of his descendants could open it.

“You mean Star Swirl has a great-great-great-great-great grandfoal?” Twilight exclaimed.

“Precisely.” Celestia replied. “This descendant is the only individual who will be recognized, and will be able to open the doorway.”

“Then why haven’t you already asked this descendant to come here?” Silver asked.

“This descendant knows not the power they possess, nor are they easy to reach.” Luna stated. “We know not for certain who it is, but we know that the individual is located at the moment somewhere in Manehatten, but our scouts have been unable to locate them.”

Twilight stood up, thrusting her chest out. “I am willing to undertake this task, and locate this pony!” she said boldly.

Celestia smiled. “I have faith in your capabilities.” she said. “Just remember what you have learned about friendship. You may need it. Now go get some sleep. You‘ll need it for the big journey ahead of you.”

As they turned to leave, Twilight paused.

“Just one question, your highness. How will I know who it is?”

Celestia smiled. “It shall be the one who has the greatest faith.”

Twilight’s face lit up with recognition. “Have faith… just like Discord said.”

“What was that, Twilight?” Celestia asked.

Twilight grinned. “Never mind. I’ll tell you later.”


As Twilight and Silver got off the train, they looked about at the huge high-rises.

“Big city.” Silver stated. “Nice to see it like this, instead of… how it looks in my time.”

“Wow.” Twilight stated. “I’ve never been to Manehatten before.”

“I guess we should start asking around.” Silver stated.


“Ugh! We don’t have this kind of time!” Twilight exclaimed. “It’s already taken us two days, and we haven’t found anything!” She had gotten very little sleep because of her searches, and was now rather cranky.

“Maybe we aren’t looking in the right kind of places.” Silver replied. “Who’s to say that Star Swirl’s descendant would be hanging out in libraries or magic schools?”

As they walked along, Silver pointed towards a rather grimy-looking club. “Maybe someone in there knows something.” Silver stated.

“But… that place looks awful seedy.” Twilight stated, looking rather displeased at the thought of going in.

“Exactly.” Silver replied. “And it’s the seedy folk who know stuff. Trust me on this.”

Twilight sighed, reluctantly following Silver into the club.

As they entered, they found themselves surrounded by lots of tough-looking ponies, not to mention a few griffons and a couple minotaurs.
One of the ponies, a hulking one with a boxing glove Cutie Mark, strode up to Silver.

“What they hay are you supposed to be scrawny?” he chuckled. “You and your girlfriend don’t belong here.”

“We’re just looking for someone.” Silver replied.

“Well, what you found is trouble.” the big pony snorted. “We don’t like wimps like you traipsin’ in here.”

Before the pony could react, he was suddenly slammed up against the roof by Silver’s telekinesis. Silver floated up so that they were eye-level.

“We don’t want any trouble.” he stated. “Just tell me. Have you seen anyone who is a powerful magician?”

“I- I swear I don’t know nothin’!” the pony replied, not looking as tough now. “There’s just this one mare who works here from time to time. She claims to be real hot stuff, but she ain‘t much to talk about.”

Silver slowly lowered the pony to the floor. “Thanks.” he stated.

As he walked on, Twilight stared at Silver. “That was rough.” she said.

“I lived among dragons and diamond dogs.” Silver replied. “One has to be rough to live in those conditions.”

“So, what did he know?” Twilight asked as she strained to hear Silver over the noise of the crowd. Apparently, some sort of club show was starting, and everyone was paying attention to a small stage near the back.

“He said that a mare who occasionally works here claims to be a sorcerer.” Silver replied. “He didn’t think it was real, but it’s worth a shot!”

“I’ll look around and see if I can find her.” Twilight stated.

As a loud noise emanated from the, (whether it was a cheer or an angry shout was hard to tell,) Silver suddenly grabbed Twilight’s shoulder.

“Over there!” he exclaimed. That mare over there! See, the one wearing the cape!”

“Which mare?” Twilight shouted over the noise.

“That mare on the stage! The blue one with the pale mane and the hat!” Silver cried.

Twilight looked up at the stage. And felt her heart sink.

“It can’t be.” she stated in shock. “Not her. Anypony but her.”

The mare stood up on her hind hooves, the gem on her cape sparkling in the light of the fireworks that went off as she spread her front hooves towards the roof dramatically.

“Watch in awe!” the mare shouted. “For today, you shall behold the mystical powers of the Great and Powerful…TRIXIE!”


What happened next was uncertain. All that Silver and Twilight saw was a flash of fire, some screaming and enraged shouting, and then a whole crowd covered in scorch marks and whipped cream were carrying a bundle over their heads. Twilight and Silver were jostled along as the crowd hurled the bundle out into the street.

“You shall regret this!” the bundle shouted, as Trixie unwrapped herself from her cape. “Trixie shall make you all pay for your cruelty and foolishness! She won’t even show you her special disappearing trick when she leaves!”

As Trixie began to gallop down the street, Silver began to follow her.

“Oh, please let this be a wild goose chase.” Twilight mumbled as she followed Silver.

“Why?” Silver asked. “She’s a little crazy, but we need to get back to Mobius, and she could be our only hope!”

“She’s not going to be easy to work with!” Twilight exclaimed. “Especially with me here. We have a… less-than-stellar past together.”

As they followed Trixie into an alley, they saw her dash towards her caravan, which was parked near some garbage bins. As she ran, she slipped, tripping on her face and landing in a puddle. She got up and dashed inside her caravan, slamming the door angrily.

“She seems really upset.” Silver stated.

“She’s just angry that everypony doesn’t worship her.” Twilight snorted. “Now, if we have to do this, let’s get it over with.”
Twilight walked up to the door, but before she banged on it, she heard a noise that made her stop.

Inside, Trixie was sobbing.

“Mean… rotten… bullies.” she wept. “Nopony likes… hic… me. Why don’t they… hic… like me? I try my best to impress them and they… they… they hate me!” Trixie burst into sobs again. “I’m all alone and nopony... hic… cares!”

Twilight sighed. She couldn’t stay irritated with Trixie now.

She gently knocked on the caravan door.

The sobbing suddenly stopped. “Trixie is very busy right now!” Trixie replied, her voice quickly changing to hide every trace of her sorrow.

“Trixie, I heard you crying.” Twilight said softly.

“Trixie isn’t crying! Trixie is performing a trick that involves onions!”

“This is really important, Trixie.” Twilight stated. “Can you please come out?”

There was a sigh, and the door opened. For a moment, Trixie stared in surprise, then snorted.

“Twilight Sparkle?” Trixie grumbled. “Just when Trixie though this day couldn’t get any worse.”

Twilight sighed. “Trixie… I never knew you felt so miserable about being alone.”

“Trixie isn’t miserable.” Trixie retorted.

“You have tearstains on your face.” Twilight pointed out.

“Trixie was attacked by a puddle.”

Twilight sighed. “You know… I’ve sometimes worried about you, Trixie, when I thought about you. Being out there with no friends to look after you. So… well, I care at least.”

“Well, isn’t that just like you, you goody four-shoes.” Trixie snapped. “Run me out of town and then act sorry for me.”

“Hey, look here….” Silver began, but Twilight put a hoof on him, gesturing for him to stop.

“Trixie, I am sorry.” Twilight stated. “I wish you could have stayed in Ponyville.”

“What, and be mocked and hated by everypony there?” Trixie retorted.

Twilight shrugged. “Look, you weren’t the friendliest mare to everypony. But you could change that! And as for that magic duel we had, that wasn’t you, that was the Alicorn Amulet! We both know that!”

Twilight sighed and went on. “Look… you don’t have to be lonely. We could be friends.”

“None of your friends like me.” Trixie replied.

“Well, you were mean to them.” Twilight replied.

“Well, aren’t you all supposed to turn the other cheek and forgive and all that?” Trixie scoffed. “Some Elements of Harmony your friends are.”

“Hey!” Twilight said, now angry on her friends’ behalf. “You can’t just walk all over ponies and then expect them not to get mad! And if we’re going to talk about ponies not acting like they should, let’s talk about how you’re being such a big, stubborn meanie!”

“Trixie isn’t an Element of Harmony, so there!” Trixie stated, sticking out her tongue.

“Yeah, but we think that you may be the descendant we‘re looking for.” Silver stated, coming into the conversation.

Trixie paused, her tongue still out. “Come again?” she asked.

“We have reason to believe that you might be the descendant of Star Swirl the Bearded.” Silver replied.

Trixie blinked. Then she snorted. “Trixie is not amused by your mean jokes.” she replied.

“We’re not joking.” Twilight said. She took a deep breath trying to collect her patience, and continued. “Look… Trixie, I know you’re sore about how my friends didn’t like you. But… you treated them in a very degrading manner. And I think you yourself know very well just how much it hurts when somepony does that to you.”

Trixie was silent.

“You know, I remember Apple Bloom and her friends telling us about a filly they knew called Babs Seed.” Twilight went on. “Babs was a bully, but deep inside she was just acting like that because she didn’t want to be bullied. But she learned that she doesn’t have to be like that to keep from being bullied, and she ended up being a really good friend of Apple Bloom’s.”

“Trixie fails to see your point.” Trixie snorted.

“My point is that maybe if you prove to everypony that you aren’t all mean and nasty, you might find that they actually like you.” Twilight stated. “Just show a little humility. Don’t tell them that they aren’t as good as you. After all, you don’t have to put others down to make yourself look great and powerful. I recently met someone named Sonic the Hedgehog. He constantly claims to be the fastest thing alive, and the coolest. He’s got quite an ego. But lots of people like him. You know why? Because he builds up his friends, and he doesn’t put others down. He encourages them instead. If you did that, I think everypony would see how great and powerful you really are.”

Trixie sighed. “Very well. Trixie is willing to give it a try. She might have overlooked how intimidating her skills would be to other ponies.” Then she tossed glance in Silver’s direction. “But who is this, and most importantly, what is this talk about Trixie being a descendant of Star Swirl the Bearded?”

“Well, you are a magician, and magic is your talent.” Silver said, pointing at her Cutie Mark. “We believe that you may be Star Swirl‘s great-great-great-great-great grandfilly.”

“I… I am?” Trixie replied, looking disbelieving. “Could it really be…?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” Twilight stated. “You come with us, and try to open the magical doorway.”

“Well, please come in, and bring your funny-looking friend!” Trixie exclaimed, suddenly warming up to the two of them. “Trixie knew that she always had a great destiny upon her! She….” Trixie’s voice trailed off as she stared at Twilight in utter shock.

“Uh-oh.” Twilight thought. “She’s seen my wings.”

“You… ah… plpphphpaaaaaah… w-w-wings… ali… alico….” Trixie spluttered incoherently.

“Erm… look, Trixie, I didn’t come to show off to you.” Twilight exclaimed. Trixie’s face was a mixture of confusion and suspicion. “It just… happened. I finished some sort of spell made by Star Swirl the Bearded, and then I ascended to a cosmic plane or something, and then….”

“You’re a… princess?” Trixie spluttered.

“Y-yes.” Twilight replied. “Oh, Celestia, she’s going to be jealous and think I came to show off.” she thought to herself.
“Trixie, please, we….”

“Oh, I see!” Trixie shouted. “You just came here and made up that grandfilly story to show Trixie up again and show off your new royal status! Well, Trixie doesn’t care about your dumb wings or you being a princess! And you can forget about me helping you! After all, what does an alicorn princess need with a unicorn?!”

Twilight sighed. “Trixie… I need you. Everypony needs you.” she said. “And… since I’m an alicorn, that makes you… the most powerful unicorn in all of Equestria.”

Trixie merely stared hostilely.

Twilight sighed deeply. “Please, Trixie. Everyone needs you. I’m begging you.” Twilight got down on her knees, bowing before Trixie, and motioned for Silver to do the same, which he did awkwardly.
“I can’t do this without you.” Twilight said humbly. “And I never thought I was better than you. If it weren’t for my friends, I would never have become an alicorn.” She held out her hoof. “So, Trixie… will you accept my friendship?”
Trixie gave a long, lingering look at Twilight. He face softened, touched by Twilight’s humble gesture.

“Trixie acc… I accept.” she replied. “For now.”

“Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou!” Twilight cried, jumping up and hugging Trixie with relief. “And I’m sorry if I ever came across as arrogant or proud.”

“I… suppose I am, too.” Trixie replied quietly. “I just wanted somepony to like me.”

“Well, maybe we can both change things.” Twilight said. “And I think that once you learn a little more about friendship, everypony will love you.”

“I hope so.” Trixie stated. “But one question. What makes you think that I’m the descendant?”

“Because Celestia told me to look for somepony with great faith.” Twilight replied. “And while you may still need to learn about friendship a bit, I haven’t seen anypony with greater faith.”


As Silver and Twilight followed Trixie out of the alley, helping her with her caravan, there was ruckus as a group of ponies from the club walked up to them.

“Well, if it isn’t Miss Magician.” one of them said with a sneer. “You think you can bust up our joint and leave that easy?”

Trixie was about to respond, when Twilight stepped in front of her.

“I am Princess Twilight Sparkle, arch-mage to Her Royal Highness Princess Celestia, Seven-hundred-and-seventy-seventh apprentice to Her Highness, and the Element of Magic.” Twilight stated. Her eyes flickered with white light, and she folded her wings out majestically. “You shall treat The Great and Powerful Trixie with due respect. As the most powerful unicorn in all of Equestria.”

“Of course, you could file a complaint.” Silver stated, levitating into the air and glancing threateningly about. He looked at one muscular pony with a boxing glove Cutie Mark. “Haven’t we met before?” he asked with a smirk.

The tough ponies suddenly looked a lot less tough. They scattered, running away from the imposing figures before them.

“Ha! Yes! Flee, you insolent fools!” Trixie cried. “You cannot stand before the might of the Great and Powerful Trixie!

“Ahem.” Twilight cleared her throat.

“And her friends, of course.” Trixie added quickly, blushing a little. She looked thoughtful for a moment. “My friends.” she muttered, a small smile crossing her lips.
Then she began to gallop off. “Come, my friends!” she shouted. “We go to Canterlot!”

“Hold up, Trixie!” Twilight said. As Trixie stopped, Twilight went over to her and unstrapped her harness to the caravan, then strapped it onto herself.

“I’ll drive.”

Trixie looked surprised at Twilight’s humility, then she smiled. As she clambered up onto the top of the caravan, (with a little difficulty and some help from Silver,) she stood and held her hoof outward, her cape flowing in the wind.

“If Equestria is in danger, then Trixie shall save it!” Trixie shouted to everypony around. “No foe is too powerful, no task too impossible! For I am the Great and Powerful Trixie! The most powerful unicorn in all of Equestria!”

As Twilight and the caravan took off into the sky, Trixie threw her hooves up and whooped.