Alchemy Vs. Magic

by The Real Darkness

Chapter 6:An Old Friend

"Today.."Edward said sadly,"soon.."

He stood from the table. And walked away.

"Edward, wait." Luna called out but he still kept walking away.

Edward exited out a door in the corridor leading to the dining hall.He was out in the garden in a small forested area. He transmutated a cage from a tree around a bird and picked it up out of the tree and laid it down he then transmutated and axe and chopped a tree down. It landed next to the cage with a lot of rustling from its leaves. Princess Luna walked out to see him.

"What are you doing?" she asked him

"Preparing the transmutation. I need a tub of water and a bucket of many basic foods..."He reached in his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper with the diagram, "and some paint..." he stated in an emotionless voice.

"Ok then...I would hate to see you leave..." Luna said.

"I don't want to leave either. But, we must go."Edward said.

"I will get the materials required for this"Luna said confused on how to pronounce the foreign word.

"Thanks, I guess."

Edward outlined where the paint would go with his fingers. A tub full of water floated through the door as well with a few buckets of paint with a bucket of food. The items brought in had a dark blue magic aura around them. Luna walked out after the items came out with Alphonse and the other ponies following. Celestia was last out.

"Ok, all the materials are here. Now we need to paint..." Edward stated.

Alphonse and Edward painted for about an hour. All of the ponies left the two except for Luna.

"So why are you still here?" Edward said the brothers being halfway done with the enormous fifty foot diameter circle.

"So I can tell the others when you are almost done. We want to see you off..." Luna answered.

"Makes sense..." Alphonse said and Edward was quiet.

About twenty minutes later then were almost done and Luna left to get the others. By the time they all came out together the circle was done. The ponies were mesmerized at the huge design. Edward placed the stone in the middle.What the others didn't know is the Al and him had made a note. Edward kept it up his red coat sleeve. The brothers were going to pull a fast one on them.

"This is amazing!" Twilight said.

Pinkie Pie who was next to her just stared in awe at the circle with Applejack and Fluttershy.

"It looks pretty cool." Rainbow Dash said in a bored tone.

"Well, we should probably get started..." Rarity had a suitcase floating above her filled with the sets of clothes Edward wanted that he barely got to use.

"Can you all please step outside the circle completely?" Alphonse asked nicely and they all stepped far from the circle and surrounded it.

"Ready, Alphonse?"

"Ready."Alphonse responded to his brother,"I know what to do."he said the second part quieter.

Edward clapped his hands and placed them onto the circle and Alphonse did the same. The huge white circle under them glowed with blue light that shot up miles and miles into the air.It could be seen from kilometers away. The blue light slowly went green and the four items placed in their spots slowly lifts into the air spinning. The objects zoomed to the center and a great green blinding light pierced the sky when the objects clashed. Edward and Alphonse held their ground crouching with the green light above them. The stone between them slowly lifted to the light.Edward's coat was flapping as well as the grass and trees around him. As soon as the stone touched the object the green orb formed and showed a very familiar place, Roy Mustang's office. Their alchemical power didn't need to be put in. They were observing Roy Mustang in his office. He was staring at the green orb.

"Now, Al!" Edward shouted and dropped the note feeling wing pushing towards the green orb. The note flew into the green orb and was seen popping out of the orb and landing on Roy's desk.

The brothers then ran as the wind picked up. The minute they stepped outside the circle the wind wasn't felt.

"What are you doing?! You have to go back, right?" Twilight said as she and Rainbow started to push the two back into the circle.

"We...aren't...gonna...leave....especially if we land in Roy's office!"Edward said pushing against Twilight. Something blue flew out of the green orb and flew out of the circle and landed.

"Uugghh.." the thing that flew out moaned. The green orb disappeared.

"We are going to stay..." Edward said.

"We aren't is just too great here to leave." Alphonse agreed with his brother.

"What...the hell happened?" the thing said as it stood up.

"Edward, Alphonse, what is this?" Celestia asked as she was near the object that flew out of the orb and away from the circle. Where the circle was now, stood a huge brown dirt patch.

"Roy!?" The brothers said as they ran to the person who had stood up slowly.

The person turned around and revealed an adult's face with black short hair that was neatly combed. He was wearing a colonel's uniform. He began to speak.

"Edward, Alphonse...."He said calmly, "Where the hell am I, what the hell are those things, and what did you
two do!?" he yelled and pointed to the ponies.

"Yep, that's Roy." Alphonse stated.

"Welcome to the land of Equestria, colonel. We were going to return, but instead you came through the orb that we did to get here. And they are ponies the citizens of this world. They are very intelligent and sentient, sir." Edward responded with a salute that he dropped after he finished.

"Ok then..." Roy rubbed his face, "How do we get back?" he asked.

"We can't...we don't have any more world stones..."

"So you...tested out that theory of transmutation with the circle? When told not to!"

"Yes.." Alphonse answered this time.

"I should incinerate you both where you stand," he said aiming his glove to them both about to snap, "But I won't. I will need you both in this world."

"You do know you have no control over us now. There is no military here and the government is a monarchy."

"A monarchy? This day just got even more interesting." Roy responded. Up till now all the ponies were staring at him silently.

"And we are the rulers here. Me and my sister, "Princess Luna spoke up, "I am Princess Luna and.."

"I am Princess Celestia." Celestia finished.

"A pleasure to meet you both,"Roy bowed with his upper body and saluted. He stuck out his gloved hand and they shook.

"Roy, we should probably get you settled..." Alphonse suggested.

"Yes, where will I stay?" he questioned.

"In Ponyville. The house for the Elric brothers is finished and you could probably stay with one of my students." Celestia stated.

"And they are?" Roy asked.

Celestia pointed to Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash.

Roy walked over, "Nice to meet you, ladies. I'm Roy Mustang. Colonel in the state military in Central." he stated and stuck out his hand to be shaken.

"My, what a gentleman." Rarity responded and shook his hand first followed by the others.

"Which one of you lovely ladies will I be staying with until preparations for me are complete?" Roy asked.

"We'll figure that out when we get there. And Roy you can stop military procedures," Edward said, "We should get going to Ponyville."

"Yes, we should."Roy agreed.

With that they departed and Roy kept asking Edward and Alphonse questions on the way there. They gave their opinions on Equestria and the basic laws and the run in with the homunculus here. They all arrived and boarded the train with the tickets Celestia had given them. They were in a separate car. Edward and Alphonse were completely quiet while the six mares fumed over Roy as he shared stories from his military time.

Edward sighed, "Can't believe Roy is flirting with Ponyfolk..."

"Yeah, hard to believe isn't it." Alphonse agreed and the two went silent again for the rest of the trip.

Roy had finished his stories close to the end of the train ride and the six mares returned to their seats.Edward smiled at an evil thought when they began to walk through Ponyville.

"Hey, Roy."

"Yes, Fullmetal. I mean Edward."Roy said used to protocols.

"Did you tell them about the day where I whipped you in combat?" Edward smirked.

"No..." Roy said, "I won anyways remember?"

"If it wasn't a mock fight, I would have blasted you half way across Central." Edward said.

Roy knew he was right and scowled while the mares laughed.

"Anything wrong, Roy? Don't like humility do you?" Edward asked mockingly making himself and Alphonse laugh.

As they came upon Rarity's she spoke up.

"You can stay with me, Roy. I can also make some sets of clothes for you."Rarity offered.

"Thank you, Miss Rarity."Roy said.

"Oh no need to thank me. You are a friend after all."Rarity replied.

Roy stayed quiet and just smiled as the two went inside.

"Well....let's split our ways for today, hm?" Edward suggested.

The others agreed and went there separate ways through Ponyville.Edward and Alphonse went to the outskirts of Ponyville and came across a house that was pure white stone and modeled into a Central kind of feel. They walked inside and it was indeed like a description of Central they gave the carpenters. The whole house was open so every room could be accessed from the living room which was just a basic furnished living room. Edward left Alphonse at the house as he went toward Fluttershy's which was nearby.

Edward passed through her chicken coop and went into the Everfree Forest curious about it.