Alchemy Vs. Magic

by The Real Darkness

Chapter 5:Odd Feelings and Good Biddings

It was late at night when the battle had finished so they decided that they would all sleep in Canterlot Castle. Edward and Alphonse shared rooms. A knock had come at their door when they finally got comfy.

"Come in." Edward said as he sighed

One of Luna's guards came in and spoke, "Edward, Princess Luna has sent for you." with that he left saying,

"Wonder what this could be about..." Edward pondered as he threw on his red coat.

"Beats me.But, you should find out." Alphonse said.

Edward remembered where Princess luna had gone and went down the corridor she had last night. There were few doors in it, but Edward continued on knowing that she was of important stature. And important stature means special treatment.He crossed a bridge staring down at the huge fall.He thought to himself,'Wouldn't want to fall...'.He went back inside the castle into one of its towers which held a sole door big and round. Edward knocked.

"Come in." Luna said behind the door.

Edward opened the door walked in calmy and asked, "What did you want to see me about?"

"I have sent for you...because I feel intrigued by your presence."

Edward's cheeks had a tint of red on them and he spoke, "So what you are saying..Is that YOU, a princess, likes

"Mhm." Luna responded with a blush.

"You got me...that was a good one there." Edward laughed.

"No, I mean it."

"What, I thought you would be joking."

"I am not."

"As flattered as I am..." Edward started his cheeks were ablaze, "I can't accept." with that he walked out of the room to be stopped by Luna.

"No, wait!"

"I'm sorry, princess." with that he left and Greed oddly stood outside the door.

"Well, kid. That must of been awkward." He said and Edward quickly clapped his hands and formed his arm blade. Greed continued,"Whoa, calm down. I'm just here to say that there seems to be. No. Fuckin'. Way. Home."

"You're joking." Edward said before using alchemy to seal the arm blade once again into his arm.

"Nope. Tried every logical way."


"Tell me about it. Anyways, kid, make the best of life you can here. See ya."

"GREED! Wait!" Edward called as he jumped off the bridge, "Dammit" Edward then headed back to the room.

When Edward arrived he clunked out on the bed and closed his eyes.Alphonse questioned him.

"So, what did she want?"

"Rather not talk about it." Edward said with a light tint to his cheeks remembering what Princess Luna was about to offer him.

"I think I can tell by your face."Alphonse said looking at him.

"Just shut up and go to bed..."Edward complained and went to sleep himself before Alphonse did.

Edward awoke shortly after he fell asleep thinking on Luna's offer.He thought aloud.

"Maybe I will accept her offer...But, I need to find Greed."Edward said quietly

He stood and grabbed his coat.He walked outside the room and performed alchemy on the wall making a door to match the design of the castle. He then performed alchemy again making stairs slowly form down the tower room that was shared with his brother. Once the stairs were finished the bedroom door opened.

"Ed, where are you going?" Alphonse inquired making Edward jump.

"To find Greed. Tell the others for me."

"Edward you shouldn--WAAIITT!!!" Alphonse called while his brother took down the stair fast.

About half an hour later Edward reached the bottom of the huge staircase and zoomed into the garden. Luckily
there were no guards, so he was safe there. He saw greed wearing his vest staring off into the woods surrounding
the garden. Edward ran up to him.

"Greed."he caught his attention.

Greed turned around,"What do you want now, kid?"

"What are you going to do, here, since we can't return to Earth?" Edward asked.

"What I planned to do on Earth. Milk this land for everything it's worth." Greed stated smiling with pure

"I can't let you do that." Edward said as he transmuted his arm blade.

"So, you're going to kill me? I don't think you can."Greed laughed.

"I can and will." Edward took a battle position.

"Then, let's begin." Greed said as he took off his glasses and dropped his vest to his right and showed his true

"Let's finish!" Edward shouted as he charged Greed.

They locked in combat greed would block with his shield that was really carbon made as hard as diamond. Edward clasped his hands then touched his arm blade. Nothing about it changed.He swung down upon Greed and it did something unheard of. His hand was cleaved off when Greed went to block Edward's swing. He screamed in pain. He then knocked Edward out more into the open area of the garden with his other hand. Edward grunted as he landed on his side. He stood shakily while greed was sealing the stub on his arm with carbon. Edward ignored the pain and ran up to him and ducked his punch then used alchemy on his chest. Greed howled in pain, as the particles were forcefully rearranged, then brought his handless arm onto Edward. Edward dodged to the left the pierced his chest and ripped to the side cutting the arm blade a path out.

"Not bad...kid. I didn't think you had it in you."

"I didn't either. But, I now know a way back to Earth." Edward said.

Greed coughed blood as he started to melt away,"And that is?"

"Using the alchemy transmutation I used to get here..." He answered.

""Greed said smiling as he completely melted through the ground.

Edward checked his pocket and the second green stone was there in the event that the transmutation wasn't arranged properly. Edward though 'perfect'. He then ran toward the tower and started going up the stairs as the sun was up when he reached the first step. Edward mentally cursed himself. He started to run up the stairs. By the time he got to the top and opened the alchemy made door the sun was up high enough for it to be about eight in the morning. He saw Alphonse walking down the corridor and caught up to him.

"Where ya going?"Edward asked.

"To the breakfast hall..."

"I found a way back to our world, Al."

"Really!? What is it?" Alphonse asked with eagerness.

"I'll tell you at breakfast."

"Awww, ok. Anyways, how's Greed?"Al asked.

"Dead. He wanted everything in Equestria. I couldn't let him do that."Edward said a little sad.

"Well, I guess you did what you had to do."


The brothers met up with Princess Luna. Luna had guided them down to the breakfast hall since the brothers had no idea where it was. When they arrived Alphonse went through first. Edward whispered in Luna's ear.

"I may decide to change my mind. I was too rash last night and didn't think." Edward said fighting off a blush. Luna freely blushed as he leaned out of her ear. Edward smiled, knowing he had cheered her up after he recklessly rejected her.

The three sat down where the others were waiting.Alphonse sat next to Edward on his left and Rainbow Dash to his right. Across from Alphonse was Applejack with Rarity on his left and Fluttershy on his right across the long table. Twilight sat to the left Edward and across from her sat Pinkie Pie. On the left end of the table sat Princess Celestia and on the right end of the table sat Princess Luna, according to Edward's position. The waiters came in and got orders from them.Edward ordered just a two egg simple meal. All the others ordered eggs with fried hay.Once there food got their they all started eating.Except for Alphonse who didn't need to eat. Edward began to speak up.

"I think I found a way to get back to our world..." he said with no emotion.

"You did, how?" Twilight asked

"With this..."Edward pulled the green stone from his pocket,"a world stone."

"That's splendid, darling. Now you can see your friends." Rarity said.

Everyone was in a happy mood except for the brothers.

"If we had any..." Alphonse said with dread in his voice.

"You don't have any friends?" Celestia questioned.

"About none. Armstrong and Winry care about us. Roy only uses us to try to get up to be Fuhrer. Plus, we are always traveling since we serve as state alchemists. We go where the military and state tells us to." Alphonse said

"But, don't you want to go back to your world?"Fluttershy asked.

"To tell the truth...I don't, I like it here." Edward said and the ponies had shocked face,"What about you Al?"

"It would be sad to leave, but it is probably for the best for us to go." Alphonse answered his brother.

"Yea, we already disturbed the order here."Edward agreed.

"I wished you guys didn't have to leave so soon." Pinkie said sadly, drained of energy.

Edward finished his meal, "We will head back..."