Alchemy Vs. Magic

by The Real Darkness

Chapter 3:The Truth

Alphonse turned around to face the bear and Edward ran up to his side as the bear came at them.

Edward cartwheeled to the right avoiding the giant paw slamming down on him.The start bear then moved the same paw towards Alphonse.Alphonse knew he couldn't move as fast as his brother so he stuck out the lance and the huge bear drove his paw into the lance.The bear pulled back out roaring in pain as Edward was on its back while it was distracted.Fluttershy's friends arrived watching the two brothers trying to fend off the bear.

"An Ursa Minor!"Twilight screamed,"are you guys CRAZY!?"

"Nope!Just really skilled,"Edward responded then turned to his brother while he held on for his life not wanting the bear to throw him off,"I got a plan.Make a transmutation circle, a big one, while I keep cranky here busy."

Alphonse ran off and Twilight screamed at Edward,"Get down from it!"

"Not in your life!"Edward shouted as he was thrown from the bear landing on his back sliding a little.

"EDWARD!"All the mares shouted.

"I'm fine.I just need to distract him a little longer until Al finishes the circle he is almost done."Edward stumbled, pulling himself up to his feet.

"You aren't in any condition to fight!"Fluttershy said loud but didn't yell.

"Like hell.I'm not losing to this bear!"Edward said as he was dodging and slicing his paws when he got out of their way with his spear.

Edward got hit hard when the paw swung backwards at him slamming him on the ground while he was busy looking at Al.

Alphonse yelled,"Brother, I have it done."

"That's just dandy!"Edward yelled back.

Twilight had shot a magic bolt at the bear's nose distracting it before it finished off Edward.The bear roared in agony and turned itself to Twilight.Twilight and the others had a worried look on their face.Edward ran over to Alphonse.

"You're abandoning us!?"Rainbow Dash yelled.

"After all we did for ya'll!"Applejack chimed in.

Edward arrived with his brother and they knew what to do.Edward clapped his hands and they both placed their hands on the circle.The circle glowed bright blue attracting attention from the town.The citizens were already walking towards them.A huge rock fist sprouted from the ground and nailed the bear in its stomach sending it far into the air.Another hand rose right up out of the ground and caught the bear holding it in place firmly.The two brothers were running back.

"I would never abandon my friends!And we just save your asses!"Edward shouted.

Unfortunately Alphonse tripped over a popped up stone.Upon crashing down in front of them his helmet fell off.All of the town had already headed back in their homes in pure fear, seeing the Ursa Minor.The six mares saw nothing inside the armor but the blood seal as Alphonse quickly stood up.

Twilight was first to speak,"Wha-what is he?Is that a monster!?"she was demanding an answer.

Fluttershy just bolted into the cottage scared.

Edward began to speak,"I guess you all should know wh---"

Rainbow Dash interrupted,"What you are!?You're monsters that's what!"

Alphonse spoke as he picked up his helmet,"If we were we would of attacked you by now.Let my brother speak,"He put on his helmet snapping it back into place.The red glow of eyes returned to the sockets.

In a moment they were all in Fluttershy's cottage.Edward was explaining.

"When our mother died.We couldn't bear it.We decided to try and bring her back."

"When we tried the forbidden transmutation what came back wasn't our mother.But Alphonse was seeing through the eyes of whatever it was."Edward continued

Fluttershy spoke up,"Was that what you were thinking about when we were on our way t-to Applejack's?"

"Yes."this time Alphonse responded.

"Anyways,when we did the transmutation.I lost my left leg."

All of the ponies in the room gasped and felt sympathetic.

"But, Al.He lost his entire body.I made the blood seal in his armor that you saw in the armor earlier.It binds his soul to the armor.If its rubbed he could die."

Fluttershy walked over to Al and hugged him awkwardly,"You poor, poor guys."

"I lost my right arm to bind his soul.That's how..."Edward rolled up his black pants and took his right glove off and rolled the same sleeve up.The automail showed.

"I got automail."

The mares gasped again seeing the fake limbs.Fluttershy walked over to him and hugged him to,"You both have been through a lot.We should help you."

"No, it's out burden to bear.We were trying to get our bodies back the way they were using the philosopher's stone.It's an alchemy enhancer."Alphonse spoke giving out too much information.

"But it required..."Edward said looking down at the ground to his left.Fluttershy already had let go of them.

"Required what?"Pinkie asked curious.

Alphonse spoke in a quiet tone,"Human souls."

The room went quiet for a long while until Edward spoke up,"Now you know our story."

"You poor dears!"Rarity spoke aloud.

The sun had just gone down.

Applejack was next to speak,"It's already dark out.Maybe we should stay tha' night here at Fluttershy's?"

Rainbow Dash also spoke,"Sounds like a plan to me."

"Yay!Sleepover at Fluttershy's!"Pinkie exclaimed.

The rest just nodded and Edward spoke up.

"I can't move much...That bear took a toll on my back.It's so sore."

They all got out blanket and pillows to sleep on.Alphonse didn't need anything as he didn't have hunger, thirst, or comfort needs.They let Edward take the bed knowing his injuries.

Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Alphonse, Pinkie Pie, Twilight, and Edward were downstairs.Rarity was sleeping in Fluttershy's bed with her since she needed her 'beauty sleep'.

All of them went to sleep fast but, Edward stayed awake.He wandered outside quietly.

"I hope we get home soon.I hate to imagine what the humonculus are up to."He said to himself.

"What's a humonculus?"Fluttershy said from behind him.

Edward jumped before he turned around facing the door seeing the pegasus.

"Its a monstrosity created when an alchemist tries to create another life through alchemy.As a result of their sin."Edward said and continued,"But don't worry about it.I guess you couldn't sleep could you?"

"Nope, I kept thinking about you two.It must be horrible to not see your friends."Fluttershy said a little depressed.

"Don't worry about it,"Edward said as he crouched to meet Fluttershy in the eyes,"They know we get in many situations much dangerous than that bear from yesterday."He rubbed her head.

Fluttershy blushed a bit from his touch, not used to it.She hid behind her mane before speaking,"We should head back inside...if you want that is."

"Of course."Edward responded and held the door open for her and she went in and walked upstairs to her room not saying another word.Edward then laid back down.

"Something..doesn't feel right."Edward said to himself before he went to sleep.