Alchemy Vs. Magic

by The Real Darkness

Chapter 2:Meeting the Bunch

After they had finished explaining everything.Twilight, the purple unicorn, spoke up.

"So, you guys make potions.You are alchemists, right?"she inquired

"No, Al, show her what we do using equivalent exchange."Edward said.

"Right."Al replied.

In a short moment a block of wood was placed over a piece of parchment on the table.Alphonse raised his hands making static shoot down from his hand to the wood.The circle began to glow.

"What is he doing?"Twilight asked, hungry for knowledge

"He is trading the wood in to make it look like a different piece of wood.Equavilent Exchange,"Edward responded,"but, I have much more knowledge about using alchemy.For instance, I don't need alchemical circles for simple
and a little complex alchemy transmutations."He boasted the facts.

A cloud of smoke appeared and the circle stopped glowing.As the smoke cleared a small statue of Twilight
was in place of the block of wood.It was a perfect scale model.

"Wow!"Fluttershy and Twilight said together.

"There is plenty more we can do but we shouldn't waste things."Alphonse said

"Well, I should introduce you to my other friends as well, shouldn't I?"Fluttershy said

"Good idea.Want to get all this explaining out of the way."Edward said.

"Could you two come back someday and answer some questions about your world and yourselves?"

"Sure."Alphonse replied.

They all said their goodbyes and headed deeper into Ponyville.All of the pony citizens ran away,walked faster, or gave them confused looks.Few ignored them.

They arrived at a purple and white high style house.

"My friend, Rarity, lives here.She makes dresses maybe she could make some clothes for you Alphonse."Fluttershy said in her low volume voice.

Al raised his hands,"Uh, no.I rather like this armor."

"Okay then."Fluttershy replied then knocked on the door.

"Cooomme innnnn!"a beautiful voice called from inside and Fluttershy opened the door making a bell ring.

the voice spoke once more after the three were inside,"Welcome to the Carousel Boutique, where everything is chique and...AAAAHHH!"

The voice came from a pure white coated unicorn with a purple tail and mane both curled expertly.The unicorn then ran into a different room grabbing Fluttershy with her.

"Uhh, what just happened?"Alphonse said surprised at the unicorn.

The two heard speaking from the other room.

"Rarity...those are my friends.They aren't monsters."Fluttershy had said.

That same unicorn that had screamed when she saw Ed and Al opened the door slowly and spoke.

"So sorry, Dears.But, any friend of Fluttershy's is a friend of mine.Now what can I, Rarity, do for you two, er, gentlemen?"

"My brother, Edward, here needs some new sets of clothing.I'm Alphonse."Al had said.

"I was going to say that!"Edward yelled at his brother.

Rarity began to speak up,"Alright I will need your measurements, Edward, so if you will please remove your clothes.We can get started."

Edward's face grew hot as an obvious crimson blush washed over his face,"Uhh, isn't there another way?"

"No other way, Darling.Now hurry up."

In a few moments Edward was left in his all red boxers as his entire face was red and Rarity's only having a hint of red visible through her coat.Alphonse was left laughing on the floor.Rarity began to speak.

"Stop laughing at your brother or you might be next up here on the pedestal!"she scowled.

Alphonse not wanting to give away the secret shut up and stood up quickly,"Sorry, Ma'am."he said, regretting his actions.

"Well you have some manners unlike your brother,"Rarity stated as she worked.Fluttershy was looking away, too embarrassed to look at Edward.

"Edward, what are those metal parts on your arm and leg?"Rarity asked.

"Those are my leg and arm.It's automail.I lost my leg and arm so the automail acts as them in their place."Edward answered. The rest of the measurement taking went silently.

"That was...interesting..." Rarity said right after she finished.

"No comment."Edward simply said leaving Alphonse, Rarity, and Fluttershy to laugh.He then quickly donned his clothes.

After the measurements were taken they started to explain who they were to each other and how they got here.

"Alchemy, what is that?"Rarity asked obviously clueless.

"It's really cool...Edward why don't you show it this time?"Fluttershy spoke in her low volume voice.

"Alright."Ed agreed

Edward clasped his hands together then kneeled putting them on the floor.His red coat flared up as the static from the alchemical transmutation began.Nothing inside had changed.

"So, that's it just some static and light? How boring."Rarity said.

"Not quite, take a look outside." Edward told and the three went outside Edward having a smirk on his face.

All different colors of roses grew in front the boutique.One particularly huge one about the height of Fluttershy grew in the middle of the patch.Though around Ponyville some grass was missing from the law of equivalent exchange.

"Now what was that about it being boring?"Edward boasted.

"This is simply beautiful. Darling, you must do it again."Rarity said putting her hooves on Edward's chest.

"I could but we need to meet the rest of Fluttershy's friends."Edward said looking at something rainbow colored in the sky headed right toward them.

The pegasus figure spoke up as it crashed into him making him sprawl out on the ground,"Don't you hurt my friends, you monster!"

"Get off me!"Edward protested but the rainbow mane and tailed pegasus stood her ground.


"Fine," Edward clapped his hands with difficulty then placed them at his side on the ground.Static ripped through the ground,"Then I will get you off of me."

Grass in front of Edward's feet grew rapidly as it grappled the pegasus and pulled her off Edward.All the grass around him was missing, again, due to the law.Edward quickly got up clapped his hand again then touched the ground.The huge grass blades shrunk back into the ground and the dirt patches regrew the green common plant.

Fluttershy began to speak up,"Wow, Edward, that was amazing.But, this is another one of my friends, Rainbow Dash."

"Er, sorry then, Rainbow Dash.I'm Edward and that's Alphonse, my brother."He pointed to the huge set of armor.

"Then, what the hay are you?"Rainbow asked still angry after what Edward had done.

They explained again with all the details but not telling them about Alphonse being empty inside as they did with Fluttershy and Rarity.

"You already saw my alchemy.So, don't ask.Those roses are also my work."Edward said before Rainbow was
going to ask.

"Well, it's awesome.But, not as awesome as me!"Rainbow boasted.

"Whatever."Edward responded not caring. He knew that his alchemy was far superior than other people's and that it is far more astounding and cool than the cyan pegasus.

"We should go meet my other two friends..if you want that is."Fluttershy said to the brothers.

"Of course, we need to know some friends around here."Edward responded.

"Then, lets get going."Alphonse added in.

With that they said their goodbyes and were on their way back into the middle of town.

"You think Mustang misses our asses?"Edward said.

"Probably, without us he has no one to step on."Alphonse said.

"Well, I know I don't miss him."Edward said putting his hands behind his head.

"We're here."Fluttershy said as they arrived at a big house with candy decorations just like something out of a fairy tale.

"Interesting house."Alphonse said curiously.

"They sell dessert stuff here."Fluttershy said as she knocked on the door.

A Pink pony with color matching cotton candy puffs of hair answered the door and pulled all three of them in as she gasped.

"I know everyone in Ponyville and I never saw you before!We will be the best friends ever!I'm Pinkie Pie.But, just call me Pinkie.We need to throw you guys a welcome to Ponyville party!"The pink pony said all in one breath.

"We don't like parties much."Edward said.

"But, you have to have a welcome party everyone does."Pinkie Pie said.

"Thanks, but, we'll pass."Alphonse responded.

"Awww."Pinkie depressened but then lightened up.

"So, who are you aliens?"she asked

"Here we go again."Edward hung his head as he said it.

They all explained how they got here and what had happened.

"So, you're humans from another world?That's so cool!"Pinkie got so excited and bounced around.

"Anyways, we should meet Fluttershy's last friend.Then maybe we can figure out where we could stay."Alphonse said, wanting to get away from the hyper pony.

"Aww.Okay.Tomorrow come back here though, I want to talk some more!"Pinkie said.

They all said their goodbyes as they headed out to the edge of Ponyville.A farm was in sight.

"Its been a while since we have seen a farm."Edward said trying to strike up a conversation

"Kinda reminds you of home...doesn't it, Ed."Alphonse said

Soon after they had a reminding flash of that fateful night.When Alphonse became what he was and Edward lost an arm and a leg.

"Are you guys okay?"Fluttershy looked back and saw they were dragging along and Ed had a frown on his face.

It quickly disappeared and returned with a fake smile."Yeah we're fine."They ran up to her as she called out to an orange pony with two buckets of apples on her sides.

"Howdy, Fluttershy!Ya got some friends there?"the pony called

"Yeah, the big one is Alphonse and then he's Edward."Fluttershy pointed to Al then Edward.

"Well, Howdy there!I'm Applejack", the orange mare said depositing the apples in a cart before coming back and sticking out her hoof to each of them.

They shook hard.Alphonse didn't move much because of his armor while Edward shook hard not weighing anywhere near his brother.

"I'm Edward."

"And I'm Alphonse."

"So, I git ta' feelin' you folks aren't from round' here."Applejack stated.

This time Fluttershy did the explaining.After it was all done they met the rest of the family.

"So, what's this alche-ma-jigger thing you are talking about?"Applejack asked.

"Yeah, I want ta' see it."Applebloom said.

"Eeyup."Big Macintosh chimed in while Granny Smith just stayed quiet, rocking in her chair.

"Alright, I guess I could show you something,"Edward said.

A moment later they were all outside in front of the barn which wasn't in the best condition.Edward clasped both his hands together for a moment.He then pointed them to the barn making it light up glowing with alchemical static as patches and holes from over the years started closing up and a pile of firewood next to the barn slowly disappeared.Half of the firewood was gone when it was completely repaired.

"Easy as pie,"Edward boasted.

Applejack's mouth was open, Big Mac's wheat piece fell from his mouth, and Applebloom was jumping up
shouting about how cool it was.

"That's som' fancy stuff ya did there, Edward,"Applejack said.

"It was nothing, we had to do a lot more than just that before."Edward responded.

"Well, ya'll are welcome down here anytime ya want."Applejack said.

"Actually...They do need a place to stay,"Fluttershy said.

"Well, then its okay fer them ta' stay in the barn,"Applejack said.

"Eeyup,"Big Mac agreed.

"We gladly accept,"Alphonse said cutting his brother off as soon as he opened his mouth.

"Until we find some other place we can stay,"Edward chimed in.

"Well ya'll can just use the hay for some beds if ya wish,"Applejack offered.

"We probably will,"Edward responded.

With that they said their goodbyes until the two brothers would come back to sleep.Fluttershy started to speak.

"So, why do you guys want to come back to my cottage with me...if you don't mind me asking."

"We owe you for helping my brother and giving us a place to sleep."Alphonse said.

"So, we'll keep you company and help you ou--"Edward was cut off by a loud growl and saw the animals all run inside Fluttershy's cottage.

"AL!"Edward called

"On it!"Alphonse responded and ran to the back of the cottage.

Alphonse came running back as a huge star bear was chasing him.

"BROTHER!!!"Al shouted very loudly.

"Fluttershy go get your friends we will need help with"Edward clasped his hands and touched the ground and pulled a huge lance from the ground and tossed it to his brother.Al caught it while Fluttershy ran out to Ponyville.Edward himself pulled out his signature spear made from the ground transmutating the rocks into steel while he did.

"Let's go Al!"