Alchemy Vs. Magic

by The Real Darkness


It was a clear and pretty normal day as the Elric brothers were out in a field.It could be called normal completely if they weren't about to try something extraordinary. A huge alchemical circle, being about fifty feet in diameter, that has never been used but, has been theorized were under them where they crouched with a green stone between them. The brothers were about to use alchemy in a way no one has before. The circle was placed in a patch of dirt they had cleared the grass from to
prepare for this transmutation about a week ago.

"Are you sure about this brother? We could get hurt."Alphonse stated obviously worry in his voice that echoed
due to the big plate armor.

"Positive. And stop fretting. We are about to make history!" Edward stated as he finished placing the alchemical
things required for the Equivalent Exchange that was theorized.

In each of the proper spots there were the basic elements for life. A tree was placed behind Edward to the right side of
him was a dead wolf. Across from that was a tub of water and behind Alphonse was a bucket full of different
basic foods.

"Finished!" Edward shouted as he walked back over and sat on his knees in front of his brother, "Ready, Al?"

"Ready as I will ever be, Ed." Alphonse said a little regretting as he remember he promise.

Edward clapped his hands together and placed his hands, as way as Alphonse's in corners that would make a square if there was a line. The green stone in the middle of it all shone brightly before floating.

"It's working!"Edward shouted ecstatic.

The simple elements clattered together above them as the stone hit them they disappeared and were replaced with a green glowing orb that the brothers looked up into.

It showed a small forest with some wolves that were made of...wood.

Alphonse was shocked as he started speaking, "So there really are other worlds."

"Wait something...isn't right." Edward said as the circle disappeared below them.

Static rippled over the brothers bodies as they were pulled toward the orb. Alphonse shouted.

"EDWARD!!!" as he was pulled into the orb and Edward followed.

"I'm coming for you Al!" his voice sounding very concerned, still being just sixteen years old.

They flew out of the sky about a yard up out of the green orb that disappeared soon after they entered.

"Where are we?" Edward asked as they scrambled to their feet as growling was heard all around them.

"I think we are in that world," Alphonse replied.

The wooden wolves appeared out of the trees and bushes.Edward quickly clapped his hands before he hit the
ground making rock under the ground form into a sword in his hand.

"Ready to fight again, Al?" Edward asked with a smirk on his face.

His brother raised his fist and took a combative stance. "Yep."

The wolves charged them. Alphonse grabbed one by its neck as he stepped aside.He quickly pulled its head off
making it go limp as he tossed it at one who was waiting for its turn.Both laid dead. Edward plunged the stone
sword down the throat of one cutting it in half as it made a jump for him. The wolf behind him landed a hit on his arm and hung for a moment when it bit. Edward ignored it but, still winced in pain, letting out a grunt. He quickly spun around slicing the last wolf killing it.

"Well now that's done, we should look for civilization." Edward stated as they walked on a dirt path they saw
a few paces away.

The journey out of the forest was quiet but they came upon a cottage after they exited the forest. Edward had
long discarded the sword and he ran up to the cottage a smile on his face and a bounce in his steps.

"Yes! CIVILIZATION!!!" He yelled laughing leaving Al to run up and catch up behind him as he knocked on the
cottage door it being night he wouldn't expect anyone to be awake.

A calm cute voice responded,"Just a minuuuttteee!"

The door opened revealing what is a pegasus and Edward had his mouth open wondering how the
creature talked and Al was stunned as well, but it couldn't be seen due to him not having a body.

The door quickly slammed shut as the pegasus saw them towering over her.

Alphonse was first to speak,"Please, Miss! Open up. We were attacked a moment ago and my brother managed to get
hurt." He was speaking the truth since Edward did manage to get bit on his flesh arm.

The door opened and the pegasus spoke again, "Then please do come in." she ushered them in noticing blood
with splinters in the shorter ones arm.

"Oh my. We better get you bandaged up right away." The pegasus which they were now able to inspect had a
yellow fur coat with pink hair that obscured half of her face.

The pegasus went to a closest and got some medical bandages as Edward already had the splinters out and took
off his red coat with the Alchemical symbol on it.

'This is some world.' Edward thought.