Pressing Rapids

by Crescent Wrench


Pressing Rapids

A collaboration between Viking Hoof and Digital_Hex

All's Well That Dresses Well

Rapid Souffle sighed as she downed another shot, her vision spinning temporarily. She felt so empty, so hollow. She needed something, anything.

A quick scan around the room showed a number of mares, stallions, and questionables. She could have asked any of them to a dance, gotten frisky, and went down on them all within five minutes, but...

She downed the next shot in the line.

Something was missing.

“Three more, babe,” the barkeeper pressured her. Rapid scowled, focusing on the remaining shot glasses. Three more, and all the drinks were on the house.


She quickly grabbed another, downing it with a grimace.


Another one went down her throat, the burning liquid almost making her gag. It hurt now.


She braced herself against the counter as her eyes dropped heavily, ears crackling as she felt her tummy flip-flop all sorts of directions. One more to go, one more to go.

Clenching her eyes shut, Rapid grabbed the final shot and forced it down, slamming the empty glass on the table.

The barkeeper smirked.

“Good job,” he said as he removed the glasses, wiping the table clean after them.

Rapid, however, couldn't feel the usual sense of victory. Something was wrong. It felt like something was missing...

She was alone at the bar, in a frilly peach dress. She should have been having fun out on the dance floor, letting loose and flirting with all of the mares she could find. This was the third bar she'd been to so far, but...

She was alone at the bar.

She was never alone at the bar.

She sighed, waving for another shot.

“You sure?” the bartender asked. Rapid nodded vigorously.

Smirking, the bartender readied another round.

“You're paying for these ones, just to let you know,” he laughed as he set up three more shots.

Rapid replied by downing a shot forcefully, coughing as she smacked the glass back down while passing over a few bits to cover the drinks.

“Take care there.”

Rapid's right ear flicked in response to the voice. It was oddly familiar to her, yet alien at the same time.

She was never alone at the bar.

Glancing right, she could make out a gray-ish, silver-ish mare in a... was it a white dress? Her vision was pretty hazy by now. That was a mare, right? Rapid took the whole pony into her blurred vision. That was a mare.

“You, uh... you alright?”

Rapid cocked her head. Who was the mare talking to, her?

Rapid Souffle raised a delirious hoof to her face.

“M-Me?” she asked shakily.

The mare nodded. Rapid gulped.

She was never alone at the bar.

Was she alright? Was she really alright? She felt alright. Not good, but... alright.

“I'm uh... fine.”

“You come here often?”

Rapid shook her head no.

“N-No, I'm... usually with somepony else.”

Who was she usually with? She couldn't remember.

She was never alone at the bar.

“Oh?” the silvery mare asked. Her coat was really shiny. Shiny shiny shiny-

“It's a shame that somepony couldn't make it,” the mare flirted.

Even in her inebriated state, Rapid could catch the hints. The mare was interested.

As the mare ran a hoof through her short mane, Rapid saw that the mare was a unicorn. Rapid knew a unicorn, didn't she?

No, she didn't know this mare. She was really pretty. And shiny.

She was never alone at the bar. Her guest just took a little while to arrive.

Rapid smiled drunkenly as she sidled up along to the mare.

“Yeah, a real shame,” Rapid said with a heavy charm. The mare giggled. This was going to be fun.

The mare waved for a drink. Rapid couldn't make out what she ordered, but it sounded fruity. And familiar. But how was it familiar? She just met the mare, and she'd never ordered that drink! It was too fruity.

The mare drank slowly, savouring the flavours. Rapid watched her carefully, savouring the beauty.

The mare was hot. Very hot. And shiny. Very shiny.

“So how 'bout you, come here often yourself?” Rapid asked.

“No, I, uh... I'm usually working and-”

“Wow you're successful,” Rapid blurted out. She never had a job before. Having a job must have meant she was successful. Maybe it was because she was so shiny. And hot. But probably the shinies.

“Oh, ah- thank you kindly, miss-”

“Souffle!” Rapid informed her. “Rapid Souffle, that is, ahahaha...” Rapid chuckled nervously. Why was she getting so flustered all of a sudden with this mare? She seemed familiar. Maybe because she was so shiny. Had she known any other pony so shiny? She couldn't have.

“Well it's a pleasure to meet you, Souffle,” the shiny pony said with a smile, carefully slipping her hoof over to Rapid's and taking it gently, planting a tender kiss on to her hoof.

Rapid just giggled like a school-filly. She was drunk.

“Say...” the silver mare suddenly said, bobbing her head to the faint music in the room, “would you... care for a dance?”

Rapid felt herself blush deeply. She was usually the one asking to dance... this was different.

She smiled. Maybe she could like different. And shiny.

Quickly downing the last two shots, Rapid took the hoof of the mystery mare and let her pull her on to the dance floor. As they took a dancing pose, the bartender smirked deviously while switching the song to one a little more... fitting.

Beauty queen of only eighteen
She had some trouble with herself...
He was always there to help her
She always belonged to someone else...

The mare wrapped a hoof around Rapid, slowly spinning the two in a neat circle, eyes locked ahead. The mare's face was blushing slightly, her blazing blue eyes staring longfully into Rapid's luminous green orbs. Rapid was only subtly aware that she was a short amount taller than the mare.

The mare sung along with the lines as they continued their dance across the floor. Both of them were barely aware that they were no longer the only couple embracing each other.

I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door
I've had you so many times but somehow I want more...”

Rapid saw a shimmer in the mare's eyes. She knew that shimmer. Where did she know that shimmer? Was it like the shiny, the sense of familiarity?

“I don't mind spending every day...
Out on your corner in the pouring rain;
Look for the mare with the broken smile...
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile...
And she will be loved,
And she will be loved, ooo-oh...”

Rapid Souffle let herself be swooped away by the mare, enjoyed the serenade of her voice. Such a familiar voice. Maybe it was the drink that was confusing her. She couldn't have known the mare.

But that voice reminded her so much of another voice. A voice that sang to her when she was down, or upset. Who was the one who sang to her?

She couldn't remember. Leaning forward, she brushed her chin along the top of the gray mare's head.

She could remember tender moments like these. She didn't share them with other mares. It was always a quick buck it and quit it. She almost never saw the mares again after, very rarely catching a few at bars weeks later, but it was never more than a couple times with the same mare. They were always so... desperate was a good word to use. Like she had been, in Ponyville.

But standing there, dancing with this mare she hardly even know, feeling the care the mare was giving her... this was something new. And she liked it.

This mare was... calm. Almost nervously calm, refusing to so much as skip a step. She could feel the mature tension resonating within the mare's body.

What was she worried about? Any mare would love to have her as their partner.

Any mare...

Through her alcohol-clouded mind, Rapid could think of a mare in particular that would love some company with the mare in her hooves.

She was never alone at the bar. Today was no exception.

Rapid leaned down to whisper in the mare's ear.

“Do you think we could go someplace a little more... private?” she asked lustfully.

The mare was now the one on the defensive as Rapid flipped the tables on her.

“S-sure,” she squeaked out cutely. “Wh-where did you have in mind?”

Rapid pulled the mare along with her as she led her stumbling through the bar, leading her out of the bar and into the streets. Rapid made sure she grabbed her bags from the day's shopping spree with her as they galloped out of the bar.

Sure enough, there was a motel not far from where they were.


The events following it were rushed and loud with Rapid's giggles as she purchased a room for the night. The mare behind the counter didn't so much as bat an eye at Rapid; this wasn't the first time the drunken mare had used this particular hotel before.

“Room Eleven, here's your-”

Rapid Souffle grabbed the key from the deskmare and led the now obviously nervous gray mare up to room she was given.

“... key.”

Opening the door, Rapid trotted confidently inside, tossing her bags in the corner before turning around.

The poor gray mare stood outside, shivering in fear.

“My- what's wrong?” Rapid suddenly asked.

“I-I've n-never, you know...” she trailed off.

“Oh- oooh...” she said quietly.

The mare stood outside the door, rubbing a hoof along her leg nervously.

“It's... this isn't what you normally do with mares you meet, is it?” Rapid said, trying to put the pieces together.

“N-no,” the mare squeaked out, trying (and failing) to hide behind her short mane.

“I... I'm sorry,” Rapid said, trying not to let her lust get the best of her. The mare was scared, for Faust's sake, she couldn't just pressure her into... that. Not like this.

“No, no it's... it's fine,” the mare said while swallowing hard, trying to wear a brave face as she strutted in with her chest held high. She was obviously trying too hard to look confident. “I just... this is new for me, is all.”

“Being with a mare?” Rapid giggled, sitting on the bed.

“Being with anypony,” the mare confessed, hopping up next to her. “I... I had a mare on my eye for a while, though. I... I never really could work up the courage to say anything to her though.”

“That... that's a shame,” Rapid said honestly as she let a hoof settle on the mare's shoulder.

“Y-yeah, it's... difficult to explain,” the mare said.

“You... you can explain it to me,” Rapid said, trying to get the mare to open up to her.

… Not in that way. Get your mind out of the gutter.

“It's... I...”

Tears welled up in the mare's eyes. Nervous tears.

“What is it?” Rapid asked softly.

That's when the mare turned to her. It was the tears that really got through to her.

The blue eyes. The gray coat. The silver mane. The voice. The care. The love.

And it was the tears that she could actually recognize.

Rapid wanted to say something. She really did.

But she found her mouth suddenly occupied as the gray pony lunged at her, pressing their lips firmly together.

Rapid didn't quite know what to think. But at the same time, so many thoughts were running through her mind.

Why... tell me... when... how...

The orange mare slowly let her hooves creep around the gray pony as she laid back, pulling the pony atop her.

As the two broke away, bright, icy blue eyes were all she could see.

“Press...” Rapid whispered.

“You really must have been drunk if you're just now figuring this out,” Press breathed, trying to keep any emotion out of his voice.

“I- you look very convincing as a mare, Press. Not my fault.”

Press blushed even more furiously, something Rapid hadn't thought possible.

“How long?” she asked him.

Press tried to look away, but Rapid traced a hoof along his face, bringing her back to his focus.

“How long?” she repeated.

“Years...” Press confessed. “I... I'm sorr-MMMPH!”

Rapid smartly interrupted Press with a deep, meaningful kiss. She didn't know what it felt like for him, to have loved her for all that time and had to be so close yet so far from her.

She wasn't a bad pony. At least, she didn't try to be.

But she could feel, slightly, just how much pain Press had to have felt. He was a good pony. It just took her a while to notice it, was all.

Rapid Souffle let her hooves slide around Press, making sure she was careful of the dress-


A dress?

What was Press doing wearing a dress?

Rapid pulled away, a hazy and confused expression on her face.

“Why... why are you in a dress?”

“Oh, I-” Press stammered. “I thought, I- well you see-”

Press sighed before clearing his throat.

“I thought you only liked mares, so... I thought I'd try and get your attention like this, heh, heh...” he chuckled nervously, face still bright red.

Rapid was stunned to say the least. He'd do that much for her, really?

Rapid pressed her lips right back against his.

She loved him so much. He was her best friend, and she was never going to let him forget that. He was her shiny, hers and hers only.

Rapid slowly lifted Press up in her grasp, flipping their bodies around until she was the one atop of him. Then she grabbed the bottom hem of the dress.

Before Press could so much as yelp in surprise, Rapid tilted her head away and pulled up, undressing the small colt in one swift motion.

He instinctively threw his hooves over himself, trying to cover his body.

Rapid grinned before leaning back in for another kiss, stroking his body tenderly. Press was tense at first, but slowly relaxed. This was what he'd been waiting for all those years. It was going to be one long, fun night.

Neither of them noticed the origami swan that had adorned Crisp's flank was now a paper rose.