Tank the Tenacious Tortoise's monologue

by Wolfie 03

The Unstoppable Tank

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I always wanted to be somepony's pet. Fluttershy was a very kind pony, but she already had Angel Bunny and watched over so many others. With my speed, I knew I have to work hard to be somepony's pet, it was my dream. Fluttershy was extremely encouraging and tried to help us all with finding owners or places to live.
Then one day Fluttershy came home with somepony else. It was one of her friends, the rainbow color maned pegasus. They were looking at all the animals and sang about what kind of pet the new pony wanted. I knew this was my chance. While everyone else was sitting around watching the ponies, I tried to keep up with them and impress Rainbow Dash.
She noticed me and I knew I had to keep at it! Fluttershy helped me out when she could and encouraged me farther to take part of the test Rainbow Dash was setting up.
For the 'Amazing' part of the test, Fluttershy helped me set up my routine. I was going to jump onto a trampoline, through a hoop, across a shark invested pool, go around a loop-de-loop, pass underneath a guillotine and onto a platform. I was a little nervous but I knew I had to try my best!

Rainbow noticed my act! She said I didn't make the cut and that I deserved a gold star! At this point I knew I had to keep at it, no matter what, I was making a good impression.

The gorge did look really big... and long... and dangerous, but I wouldn't give up. I came far and knew this would be my last chance to impress Rainbow Dash. I kept a steady pace thought the course and nothing was a challenge for long. And I made the biggest impression on Rainbow Dash of all, freeing her wing from under a boulder and using my first aid administrations. I even carried her to the finish line. For a moment after that I was worried that I wouldn't be chosen, since I didn't come in first. But in the end, she choose me! I was so happy, I gave the biggest smile I could.
I even got to fly! So that I could keep up with Rainbow Dash, I got a magic propeller and flight goggles. Now I can fly with my very own ponyowner.

My new name is Tank, Tank the Tenacious Tortoise.

My new owner had special magic placed on her home so that my stuff and I wouldn't fall through the clouds and so that I could walk around as well (though I prefer flying, it gives me practice and allows me to go faster).

When we were first heading to her home, these three other pegasi saw us and started to make fun of us. It seemed like Rainbow Dash knew them from before, and was quick to try and defend us as well as make them leave. While they were distracted, I began to dig at the cloud they had landed on to watch us enter the house. Just as the argument was about to get more heated, I pushed the cloud they were sitting on away from us (since I managed to detach it from the rest of the cloud we were on). The trio gave shouts of surprise as they were floating away while Rainbow Dash laughed at them. The three stallions glared at us and flew off while Rainbow and I hoof bumped.

Soon we had a regular routine for the day. We'd have breakfast together and we'd nuzzle each other for a short time before Rainbow Dash went off to work. While she was out I'd practice flying, I can do loops now! Soon I'll be able to keep up with all of my owner's tricks. Then, once she gets back, we'd have supper together then go for a flying session. Sometimes we'd visit her other friends or on Thursdays we'd go to the pony pet play date and play with everyone else. Rainbow Dash would take a nap during that afternoon, but I knew it was just because she did so much that she needed to nap often.
My owner is a regular hero! She is constantly saving others and helping out all over Ponyville. I can understand when she doesn't take me along with her, I'm still a rather slow flier and I'd just be holding her back. Soon though, I'll be fast enough to keep up with her. I'll just have to keep at it like when I was trying to impress her when she was picking her very own pet.

Recently my owner has been anxious when she gets home. She assures me I'm not the cause but I still worry about her. Rainbow Dash can be slow about emotions sometimes. We've started to visit Fluttershy's more often. While I don't mind seeing my friends again, Rainbow Dash keeps coming up with different excuses for why we are stopping by. Then, as Fluttershy and I greet each other and snuggle, Rainbow Dash just sits near by and watches us with a dazed look in her eyes. A few days went by like this when I mentioned this behavior to Fluttershy, she tried to ask Rainbow Dash directly (well, directly for her). Rainbow Dash said that it was nothing and we left early that day. We didn't go back to Fluttershy's for the next couple of days, but Rainbow Dash was more anxious than ever and paced at home.
On the third day, we went back to visiting Fluttershy, but rainbow Dash still dazed out every now and then. I gave Fluttershy a plea for help and she nodded in response. Fluttershy started to keep an eye on Rainbow Dash as we went around visiting with Fluttershy's other animal friends. At first Fluttershy tried asking small simple questions but Rainbow Dash wasn't paying attention most of the time and missed what had been asked. So Fluttershy asked me the questions instead. Things like, was she eating properly, getting enough sleep and so on.
After answering all the questions, Fluttershy gave a small “Oh my!” and thought for a little while as she feed the other animals.

At lunch time, Fluttershy invited Rainbow Dash and I to stay for the meal. I was prepared to beg Rainbow to stay when Rainbow Dash came to her senses and said sure. We ate a very hearty meal, things that would be for sick animals that needed the extra energy. Rainbow Dash seemed to take no notice of what was being served and dug in.
I was pleased to see her eat like normal and she thanked Fluttershy for the meal. Just before Rainbow Dash could leave Fluttershy stopped her and asked once again what was wrong. I knew what Rainbow's reaction would be and went to block the door. Rainbow Dash tried to say she was fine and run out the door but pulled up short when she saw that I was keeping it closed. She gave a small sigh and landed on the floor. As she scuffed a hoof across the floor as she finally explained what was wrong.

Rainbow Dash had heard about Fluttershy having become extremely assertive and mean and she was worried for her friend. Fluttershy gave a small smile and hugged the cyan mare, assuring Rainbow that she had learned her lesson and knew how to be assertive but still nice.
Rainbow Dash was hesitant about the hug at first, but gave in and hugged for a short while.

After that we'd still visit Fluttershy's, but every other day instead every day and Rainbow Dash was paying more attention to what was happening around her. She was also getting more use to showing affection, though she didn't give anypony else all that much hugs or nuzzles, aside from Fluttershy and myself. But we don't mind, it's what makes her Rainbow Dash.