The Return of Mare Do Well

by L_Wolf

Revelation and Realization

Chapter 17

Starbloom woke to find herself in bed shifting and sitting up yawning softly looking around before getting out of bed. She figured Sweetie put her in the bed when she woke up. She flinched when her forehooves touched the floor. She was still sore from the chain hitting her.

As she left the bedroom she heard music coming from the studio and smiled going to the kitchen getting herself a bottle of apple juice and one of her pills to help ease the pain looking around quietly taking a deep breath. The smell of the sewer was gone as well. She hope Sweetie wasn't to upset with her about that. She herself still had a faint of the sewer on her coat, but it wasn't strong so she figured as shower could wait till later after the pill kicked in.

She sat behind the counter quietly sipping her drink listening to the music coming from Sweetie's studio, it wasn't loud enough for her to make out the singing but she could hear the beat and she liked it. After a moment it stopped and she saw Sweetie coming out. "Good evening Sweetie," Starbloom said smiling at her.

"Good evening to you Starbloom," Sweetie said as she came over to the counter, "What happen to you last night, you smelled like a sewer and your covered in bruises." She said looking her over quietly shooing her out of the way as she went to start dinner.

Starbloom squeaked at the shooing and moved to the other side of the counter. "Yea... sorry bout that. I feel in a sewer while escaping the prison...." She said softly blushing softly. "As for the bruises, had a rough fight with a gang.... think I look bad should see the other pony"

Sweetie raised an eyebrow looking at Starbloom, "You, got beat up by a gang?" She said almost not believing her ears. "Is that shoulder injury slowing you down?" She asked looking actually concerned now passing her a plate with a salad and some bread. "Maybe should have Dr Westluck check you over again."

Starbloom shook her head abit, "No it's not that, he was a unicorn and was swinging a chain around, those things can be tricky. It's hard to get them in a magical aura, and they can be fast." She said sighing softly shaking her head chewing on a piece of bread. "Shouldn't of let him get to be though and kept my calm. Could of just knocked him out easily instead of getting hit so much."

Sweetie pat her head softly before kissing her. "That temper can be your weakness." She said smiling at her before leaning back. "What did the search of the prison turn up?" She asked deciding it might be a good idea to change the subject.

"I think... Silver Spoon might be alive." She said sipping her tea. She hadn't eaten a lot of her dinner, not feeling to hungry. "I found some hair that isn't her mane color, and the crime scene looked staged. Somepony was killed in there though, but it wasn't Silver Spoon. I'm almost positive of it." She said narrowing her eyes.

Sweetie listen quietly nodding softly frowning at the news. "This... is bad. If she is still alive, then she's escaped, and as far as everypony knows she's dead.... she could come after us again." She said sighing softly. "I hope Babs and everyone will be alright."

Starbloom nodded softly at her, "I hope so to, but the fact she has been out this long and no reports of ponies being hurt or killed has shown up might be a good sign... she didn't escape on her own somepony helped her." She said sighing softly. "Just hope those plans don't involve our friends being hurt."

Sweetie nodded at Starbloom quietly shifting to her hooves moving around hugging her softly nuzzling her shoulder. "I hope so to Starbloom," She said softly into her neck feeling Starbloom reach over and hug her in return rubbing her back softly.

"Best I can do, is make sure your safe Sweetie," Starbloom said looking at her and smiling, kissing her cheek. "And just hope I stop her before she hurts our friends or anypony else." She added before moving to her hooves nuzzling her cheek before making her way to the bathroom.

Sweetie had washed the suit, she smiled and moved it from the bathroom to the couch before turning on the water and stepping in to wash herself off. She tried to get the scent of the sewer out of her mane and tail, as well as her coat. The suit absorbed most of it but some still clung to her. "Hope I never have to escape through a sewer again..." She mumbled to herself.

"Same here Starbloom," Sweetie said from the kitchen, Starbloom had left the door open. "That is not a pleasant smell to wake up to you know." She said making a face and puffing her cheeks pouting. "Took all morning to air out the apartment."

"Sorry Sweetie," she said sticking her head out the door pouting at her cutely. "I would of cleaned it up myself, but I was tired and sore." She said before pulling her head back into the bathroom and finishes her shower before starting to dry herself off.

Sweetie sighed softly rolling her eyes abit shaking her head but smiled softly. "I've heard that one before, and a bunch of other excuses as to why you can't help clean up." She said watching Starbloom come out of the bathroom after drying off.

She gives her a cute little smile wiggling her ears trying to look adorable. "Aww you know I want to Sweetie," She said but Sweetie wasn't buying it, Sweetie invited the cute looks when she was younger to manipulate Rarity on more then one occasion.

Sweetie just sighed again kissing her cheek. "Your lucky your naturally adorable," Sweetie said smiling at her sipping her tea again. "You better get changed, if you want to be out on patrol at your normal time." She said glancing at the clock on the wall and Starbloom nodded getting into the Mare Do Well suit.

Once Starbloom had gotten herself changed she gave Sweetie a kiss before pulling the mask into place and put the hat on. "Sleep well Sweetie," Mare Do Well said moving to the window. Sweetie smiling at her turning out the lights for her.

"Stay safe Mare Do Well, I'll see you in the morning," She said listening as she escaped out the window and closed her eyes waiting a few minutes before closing the window with her magic and pulled the curtains closed before turning the light back on.