The Almost Popular Ponies

by Songswirl

But I'm Perfect!

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! I can't believe I'm here! Surprise thought excitingly. Ok, Surprise, play it cool. OH MY GOSH IS THAT PRINCESS CELESTIA?! Oh, yeah, she's directing this show. Of course she's here Surprise stood in line as a bunch of other ponies looked at scripts, did acting practices, and so on. Boring! All Surprise had to do is be herself, and she'd auto-matically get the part! Woo-hoo!

Or that's what she thought.

Behind her was a cheery pink pony. She was bouncing on her tail, and was humming the same tune of Surprise's "Cupcakes" song. weird. How did this pink earth pony know Surprise's song?

Surprise looked ahead of the line. Her turn was just moments away! Her wings flapped up and down, back and forth, untill she noticed she was about a foot off the ground without even knowing. Whoops! Surprise looked ahead again. Four ponies ahead of me. Surprise fiddled with her hooves, circling them together. She was almost about to bite her horseshoes off! Surprise wibbled her hooves on the ground, then slowly, without noticing, lifted them higher untill they were trying to reach for the clouds. Then Surprise noticed. She calmy put her hooves down, and acted natural. She peaked ahead again. One pony ahead of me. Surprise started to shake. She felt like there was an earth quake inside of her. Hopefully she didn't feel a tsunami coming up her throat. Surprise didn't have to peak ahead of anypony to see how far away she was from the front. This time, she was in the front.

Surprise casually walked up to Princess Celestia. She bowed normally, then raised herself. Celestia smiled softly, and practically sent a message with her mind. I think you're going to get the part. Celestia's message said. Surprise blushed, then showed the princess her enormous party cannon enthusiasticlally. She shot it out into the air, and the princess put her hooves together. Surprise showed her how sometimes, she would spin her tail to fly instead of using her wings. The princess was impressed. Finally, Surprise sang multiple of her songs. As she turned to leave, the pink pony behind her gave a confused look, as if saying I do that, too.

When Surprise got home, she did some more pony research. According to online, the elements of harmony are the deffense of Equestria in the show. When Surprise searched for elements of harmony, there was an article about five perfectly round stones with odd carvings were found in the ancient pony castle where Celestia once ruled, but abandoned the castle as dark and evil forces came upon the land..

Surprise was odded out by this fact. When suddenly, the phone rang!

It was princess Celestia! Surprise picked up the phone as fast as she could. "SURPRISE, I regret to inform you that you did not make it onto the show. I apologize dearly. Perhaps you can talk to other ponies that have this same experience as you. The new elements are RAINBOW DASH from CLOUDSDALE as the element of loyalty. TWILIGHT SPARKLE from CANTERLOT as the element of magic. FLUTTERSHY from MANEHATTEN as the element of kindness. APPLEJACK from SWEET APPLE ACRES as the element of honesty. RARITY from LOS PEGASUS as the element of generosity, and PINKIE PIE from PONYVILLE as the element of laughter. Congratulations to those six ponies!" The automated message went. All of a sudden, a squeal came from across the street at Sugercube Corner. "I GOT IN I GOT IN I GOT IN!" The cheer went. Surprise knew that had to be the pink earth ponie behind her.

The pone rang again. It was the same number as the automated message. "Hello?" Said Surprise in the most innocent, depressed voice, seeing if they had made a mistake and she had gotten on the show. "Surprise, I need you to my castle as quickly as possible. Bring an ID, and make sure you're not followed. How quickly can you get here?" The princesses voice went over the phone. "P-P-Princess Celestia?" Surprise studdered. "Why do I need to go to Canterlot?" She asked quickly. "It is not safe to discuss on the phone." Celestia replied calmly. "How long and where am I staying?" Surprise asked. "You will be staying in a special royal suite with five other guests. It will be only one night, but in the future you will be mking a very long trip to Canterlot. You must be trained." Celestia said strongly. "T-t-trained? Am I being forcibly drafted into the royal gaurd?" Asked Surprise. "No, you are not. I cannot discuss any more on the phone." Celestia said. "I will be there by tomorrow morning." Surprise said strongly. "Excellent." Celestia said over the phone. Then she hung up.

So Surprise went up to her bedroom and started packing. After she was done, she flew out of her window. "Goodbye, house. I'll see you Thursday.