Discord Did It

by DarkMasterofCupcakes

Chapter 8

(Regular POV)

Pinkie Pie bounced into the room, somehow balancing a cake that was as big as she was on her back. She gave each of the six foals a party hat and a noisemaker as she began to sing.

"Happy monthiversery to you all today. I can't believe you're a month old! Time sure flies, doesn't it? Seems like just yesterday you were born! But now you're a month old today. Hey!" Pinkie sang, jumping out of the cake (which she had somehow gotten inside of) after the last line, destroying it in the process.

Three pairs of red and yellows eyes, as well as one pair each of turquoise, amber, and blue-colored eyes, widened in shock and horror.

"Hey…what's wrong?" Pinkie asked the babies.

Her question was quickly answered…by the sound of them screaming.

Pinkie flinched; the rest of the mares went to try and comfort their children.

"What're you crying for?" Rainbow Dash questioned her son, who sniffled softly.

He began to flap his wings, hovering so that his gold-colored eyes met with his mother's rose-colored ones.

"We want cake!" he said, his voice slightly choked by a sob.

The others quickly voiced their agreement.

While all six foals could speak, Firestorm was the most vocal, often acting as the voice of the group.

Pinke Pie blushed, realizing that while Pound and Pumpkin hadn't minded her destroying their first monthiversery cake, that didn't mean no-pony wouldn't mind having their expected treated destroyed.

She began to think of a way that she could make it up to the foals. Her eyes lit up as the idea came to her.

"You guys want cupcakes?" she asked them, receiving a cheer in response.

The foals clearly loved the idea of having some cupcakes, especially Libby, who actually spun on her head (using her magic to keep from falling over) before jumping to her feet.

Pinkie Pie grinned, happy to see that the babies weren't upset anymore.

"Me help?" Butterscotch asked, grabbing onto Pinkie's foreleg.

The pink earth pony nodded, pausing when a rather rank stench reached her nostrils. She covered her nose in disgust.

"Some-pony needs a diaper change…" she said, clearly trying not to sound as disgusted as she actually was.

She picked up Butterscotch, carrying her over to a changing table so she could replace the dirty diaper with a clean one.

While Pinkie was changing her daughter's diaper, Rarity was using her magic to fasten a carrier onto her side.

When Applejack asked the white unicorn where she was going, Rarity told her that she wanted to buy some new fabrics to bring back to Ponyville.

"If we're going to stay here for another three months, I may as well take advantage" she said, before turning her attention to her daughter, who was currently flopping backwards on her stomach. The action was very strange-looking, but very fluid at the same time.

"Come here, Lotus Blossom" Rarity said, using Libby's real name. "We need to visit the shops".

Turquoise eyes narrowed slightly in annoyance and the filly corrected her mother, "Libby".

Rarity sighed; while she didn't have a problem with her daughter's nickname (it was rather endearing, in her opinion), she wished that the filly would at least answer to her proper name.

Still, she didn't feel like arguing with her own daughter.

"Libby, please come over here". Almost immediately, the filly got to her feet and ran over to her mother.

The older unicorn used her magic to place her daughter into the carrier and bid her friends adieu before leaving.

Once Rarity left, the rest of the girls, sans Pinkie, decided to followed suit, to "keep the foals out of Pinkie's mane", as Twilight put it.

Pinkie finished diapering Butterscotch and threw the dirty diaper away.

"Okay…let me just wash up then we can go and make some cupcakes!" she said with a slight squeal, which Butterscotch (who was now on the floor) echoed.


"Libby, please stop squirming" Rarity practically pleaded with the ivory-colored filly.

Her daughter paid her no heed; she simply continued to squirm, stretching her legs downwards to make her desires all the more clear.

The bearer of Generosity sighed, finally deciding to just give into Libby's demands and taking her out of the carrier.

"Stay next to me, okay? There are a lot of ponies here, and I don't want you to get lost" she told the baby, who blinked once in response.

Deciding that the foal understood what she said well enough to do as instructed, Rarity returned to the task of examining the different fabrics.

However, as soon as she turned her head to look at some navy-colored silk, her daughter darted away, with her mother completely unaware that she had left.

Rarity decided that she didn't want to purchase any of the silk and looked down to check on Libby. Her eyes widened in terror when she noticed that the filly was gone.

"Libby? Libby?" she called, looking around frantically.

When she didn't hear an answer, she began wandering around the market, asking random ponies if they had seen the little unicorn, only to be disappointed each time.


Fancy Pants was having a rather delightful conversation with his girlfriend, Fleur, when he felt something nudge his leg.

He turned around and looked down to see a young white unicorn filly with a turquoise mane and matching eyes.

The foal smiled up at him, opening her mouth to reveal a half dozen oddly sharp teeth.

Fancy was somewhat unnerved by the sight of fangs in a pony's mouth, but he returned the smile without delay.

"Where are your parents, little one?" he questioned the filly, not truly expecting much of an answer due to how young she was.

"Perhaps she is lost" Fleur said, eying the foal curiously. It was as though she recognized the child from somewhere and was trying to place it.

Fancy Pants also felt that the filly was somehow familiar, but he didn't know why.

His thoughts changed, however, when the filly uttered a single word.

"Daddy" she said, pointing straight at the stallion.

Fleur's eyes widened for a moment before narrowing.

"Is there something you wish to tell me, Fancy?" she asked him, her voice lowered.

Fancy Pants flushed nervously before trying to correct the filly, telling her that he wasn't her daddy.

She completely ignored him. She called him "Daddy" again, this time grabbing onto his horn and hanging onto it while gnawing on the bony appendage at the same time.

It didn't hurt, so he didn't do much to try and get her off. Still, he knew he couldn't wander around Canterlot with some-pony's baby hanging from his horn…

Suddenly, Rarity ran over to the trio, panting slightly.

"Libby!" she exclaimed breathlessly when she saw her daughter hanging from, and chewing, Fancy Pants' horn.

She used her telekinesis to lift Libby from Fancy's horn and place her back into the carrier on her side, muttering, "I told you not to wander off, you naughty filly" as she did so.

Once her daughter was secure, Rarity turned to the two members of the Canterlot elite.

"I am so sorry about this. I turned my head for a second and she just vanished…" she explained apologetically.

"It's no trouble at all, Rarity. Your daughter is quite lovely; she seems to strongly resemble you." He said, causing the younger mare's cheeks to turn red for a moment before fading back to white.

"Though, there is one thing that confuses me".

He went onto describe her "attack" on his horn, bringing special attention to the fact that she kept calling him "Daddy".

Rarity gave him a slightly nervous smile before saying, "Father issues", as though that explained everything.

And, to her surprise, both Fleur and Fancy nodded as though she had given a perfectly reasonable explanation.

The white mare then politely excused herself, saying that she needed to finish her shopping before the sun set, before trotting away.

Libby, still hanging from her mother's side, gave a little smile and wave as they left.


The pink earth pony hummed to herself as she gathered up the ingredients for the cupcakes. So far, she had flour, sugar, milk, eggs, and cocoa powder. All she needed was some salt and a bit of vanilla extract.

The vanilla was in a cabinet, and the salt was on the counter, next to Butterscotch, who was happily sinking her teeth into a cookie that one of the chefs had given her.

"You wanna give me the salt, Butterscotch?" Pinkie Pie asked her daughter.

The filly had wanted to help, and now she had the perfect opportunity.

Pinkie was far from surprised when the butterscotch-colored filly nodded her head enthusiastically.

While the filly got the salt, the mare went to the cabinet to retrieve the vanilla extract.

It was well out of reach, so she had to stand on the countertop in order to get the bottle.

Since the only other option was jumping for the bottle, which would have likely resulted in several glasses being shattered, she figured no-pony would really mind if she left a couple hoof-prints, especially if she wiped the counter down after she finished baking.

Pinkie turned around, and had to react quickly to catch the small bottle when she dropped it due to her mouth falling open.

Butterscotch was standing by the table where the ingredients were. That wouldn't be too strange, if it weren't for the fact that her hooves were level with the tabletop; she was standing on air!

"What the…?" Pinkie asked, her question muffled by the fact that she was still holding onto the vanilla extract. She placed the bottle on the table and turned her attention back to her daughter.

"How are you doing that?" she questioned, swiping her front leg underneath the filly, as though expecting there to be something there. There wasn't.

Butterscotch simply beamed at her mother, showing her sharp teeth, before starting to suck on one of her front hooves, still apparently floating.

"Butterscotch…please stop defying the laws of physics…." Pinkie requested.

Even she was starting to get freaked out by what was going on with her daughter.

Butterscotch opened her blue eyes (which were exactly like her mother's) and seemed to consider the request.

Finally, she dropped to the ground, landing safely on her feet.

The pink earth pony sighed in relief.

She gave the filly a quick glance before she returned to making the cupcakes.

While her back was turned, Butterscotch jumped into the air and trotted back to the countertop, determined to sink the few teeth she had into the cookie she had left there.


"So…how'd you come up with Roxbury's name anyway?" Rainbow Dash asked Applejack as they walked through the castle.

The boys were currently racing each other, with Firestorm hovering a bit off the ground to even the playing field a bit.

"Granny Smith won a bet" the orange mare said simply.

Rainbow raised an eyebrow slightly. The answer made absolutely no sense to her.

Sensing her friend's confusion, Applejack decided to explain the story better.

"Granny Smith told Uncle Apple Strudel 'bout the baby and they got in a fight over whether it was a filly or a colt. She said it was a colt and he said it was a filly. I got tired of them fighting so I promised that if they stopped I'd name the foal whatever they wanted if they won. Granny won, and she wanted me to name a colt Roxbury Russet".

Rainbow Dash still looked confused.

"Why did she want you to name him that?" she asked, receiving a shrug in response.

Meanwhile, the two colts were in the next room, watching one of Celestia's day-guards.

"Hey, Rox?" Firestorm mumbled to his brother.

The green colt looked up curiously.

"You think that Daddy?" the pegasus continued, receiving a small "I dunno" in return.

The cyan colt frowned, clearly not happy with the response. His expression brightened as an idea came to him.

"Watch this" he told Roxbury, flying over to the guard.

He got right into the white pegasus's face and began doing whatever he could do to try and get a reaction.

He burped loudly, he flipped himself upside down, and he even smacked the stallion in the nose. Nothing could get the older pegasus male to respond.

"Wow…" Roxbury said with a smile, walking over as Firestorm landed on the ground with a little frustrated noise, "Fail."

The golden-eyed colt gave the red-and-yellow-eyed colt a glare.

"I show you!" he screamed, flying back up to face the guard again.

This time, he took a deep breath…and burst into flames.

The guard's eyes grew as large as dinner plates and he pursed his lips in total shock; it was unknown what he was told taking this job would include, but clearly pegasus foals that could morph into flaming ponies with fire-fangs wasn't on the list.

Satisfied with finally getting a reaction, Firestorm took another deep breath and returned to being a flesh and blood pony. Unfortunately, his diaper was now a pile of ashes on the floor.

"EPIC!" Roxbury cheered, rearing onto his hind legs for a moment and waving his forelegs in the air for a moment.

It was at that moment that their mothers came to get them.

"You okay?" Rainbow asked the guard, who was still frozen in shock. She waved a hoof in front of his face.

"YOUR BABY JUST EXPLODED!" he shouted at her, leaving before she could respond.

For several moments, no-pony spoke and the only movements they made outside of breathing were to blink their eyes.

"You think he really saw Storm explode?" the cyan mare asked her orange friend.

Applejack seemed to consider whether or not it was actually possible. However, she wasn't the one to answer.

"Uh-huh" said Roxbury with a nod.


Velvet squealed with delight as Spike poked her stomach gently with the tip of his tail.

The dragon returned the smile and poked her again, receiving another delighted squeal from the filly.

"Sorry Spike, but you'll have to play later" Twilight said, coming over to the two, a small bowl in her telekinetic grip.

Setting the bowl on the floor, the purple unicorn said, "Okay, lunchtime, Velvet".

The blue filly took a whiff of the stuff in the bowl. She instantly turned her head away from it, making a disgusted noise at the same time.

Spike also covered his nose.

"You're feeding her alfalfa? You don't even eat the stuff!" he said to his best friend, who sighed slightly.

"It's good for her, so she's going to eat it. Besides, I ate it when I was a filly." Twilight explained before scooping up a bit of the green mash and trying to put it into Velvet's mouth.

However, Velvet wasn't having any of it. Every time the spoon got close to her mouth, she would twist away from it.

At one point, she even managed to use a spurt of her own telekinesis to knock the spoon out of her mother's grip, sending it flying across the room.

Twilight sighed and brought the spoon back over to her. She scooped up some more alfalfa and once again tried to feed it to her daughter.

Once again, the spoon ended up being flung across the room.

After about twenty more tries, Velvet was clearly having a hard time resisting the urge to laugh, while her mother seemed ready to go off the deep end in frustration.

And, while he had found the ordeal rather hilarious had first, Spike had begun to feel sorry for Twilight.

He decided to help her out.

When she brought the spoon to the filly's mouth, he gently prodded the baby's stomach.

Velvet opened her mouth to squeal in delight…and instantly found herself swallowing a mouthful of alfalfa.

Her red and yellow eyes widened in shock as she realized what had just happened.

"Traitor!" she screamed, pointing a hoof accusingly at the baby dragon, though it sounded more like she was calling him a "tway-door" due to her babyish pronunciation.

She also bared her fangs at him; something that would have seemed vaguely threatening if she possessed more than five teeth.

As it was, Spike just found it kind of adorable.

He muttered a quick apology to the foal, who pouted and turned away with a "hmph!"

Twilight once again got the spoon of alfalfa ready, and once again Spike poked Velvet's belly.

She couldn't resisted squealing in delight; the feeling of the tip of the dragon's tail prodding her stomach was one of the best things she'd ever felt.

She would open her mouth, and would be greeted by the taste of alfalfa.

This went on until the bowl was empty, at which point Twilight left her daughter with her assistant while she took the empty bowl to the kitchens do be cleaned and got a rag to clean the alfalfa that had ended up on the floor and walls thanks to Velvet's telekinetic tantrum.

That left Spike to keep an eye on the baby.

Velvet stared at him coldly, still hurt by his "betrayal".

Now, Spike knew that it was silly for her to get so angry because he helped her mother feed her. At the same time, however, he wanted to put himself back in her good graces.

"Hey, Velvet. Watch this" he instructed.

He then blew out a bit of smoke, using it as something of a curtain to cover himself. It didn't disperse, and when Velvet prodded it, it was solid from her end. Spike had no idea how he was able to do this, or if all dragons could do the same thing, but he couldn't say it really concerned him.

"Where'd you go, Velvet?" he asked, pitching his voice slightly higher and making it sound more babyish.

Bursting through the smoke, he happily yelled, "There you are!"

The grayish-blue filly covered her mouth with a hoof to keep from laughing, though a small giggle came out of her mouth for a brief moment.

Spike grinned and tried again, this time managing to get her actually laughing. He went back into the smoke again, preparing to jump out of it and make her laugh even harder.

When he leapt from the smoke, however, he was shocked to find what seemed to be a floating diaper where Velvet had been sitting.

His eyes widened and the smoke vanished; he grabbed roughly where the area under her forelegs would be, compared to the diaper, and lifted her from the ground.

The instant he picked her up, Velvet let out a little squeak and became visible again.

She also phased out of her diaper…which ended up being a bad thing when she ended up wetting herself almost as soon as the diaper was off.

Spike let out a sound of disgust.

Lucky for him, Twilight returned at the moment.

As soon as she was close enough, he handed over the still dripping baby and raced off to clean his feet. He had been standing in the puddle Velvet had made and now his feet smelled absolutely horrid.


"Oh, Meadow Lark…Oh, sweetie, don't…" Fluttershy sighed softly as she once again had to gently push her daughter's mouth away from her wings.

Now, normally Fluttershy wouldn't mind Meadow chewing on things.

After all, she was teething, so she needed to chew. It was a part of growing up, for both baby animals and baby ponies.

But, Meadow wasn't just getting teeth…she was getting fangs. All of the foals were, except for Roxbury, the only one of the six who seemed to be growing a normal set of teeth.

To make matters worse, Meadow didn't want to chew on wooden blocks or teething toys or even the hardcover books in the library.

No, she always wanted to chew on her own wings.

Fluttershy was seriously considering finding a way to pin Meadow's wings down so she wouldn't chew on them.

Normally she was against that sort of thing, but if it would keep her baby from hurting herself, so be it.

And if that didn't work…there was always The Stare.

Hopefully it wouldn't come to that; Fluttershy always felt bad enough giving her animal friends The Stare. She didn't want to imagine what it would feel like to give it to her baby girl.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of something hitting a tree and a squirrel crying out in pain.

The yellow pegasus looked at the source of the sound and gasped in horror.

Meadow Lark had a squirrel in her mouth, holding it by the tail, and she was tossing her head quickly from side to side. The poor little thing continuously cried out in terror and possibly pain.

Never one to stand for animals being hurt, Fluttershy was there in a second. Honestly, she was a little dizzy from the speed.

But, she had more important things to worry about now.

"Drop it, young filly" she told her daughter in a stern voice.

Meadow instantly opened her mouth, allowing the squirrel to drop to the ground and dart away.

Noticing her mother's somewhat angry expression, the yellow filly smiled at her mother.

It was an expression Fluttershy was most familiar with: her own "But I am weak and helpless" smile that she had used on Discord over a year ago, when he tried to break her will.

It was sort of cute, but Fluttershy knew her daughter needed to be taught a lesson, otherwise she'd end up hurting all of Fluttershy's animal friends when they went back to Ponyville.

"Meadow Lark, that wasn't a very nice thing to do" she began, only to be stopped by Meadow nuzzling her.

"Now, don't try and butter me up…" Fluttershy said softly, her voice trailing off.

She opened her mouth to try and speak again, only to shut it when Meadow gave her a kiss.

After that, Fluttershy knew she had lost this battle.

"Just…please be more gentle next time, okay?" she requested of Meadow, who nodded.


"Why do I have a feeling we're going to regret giving them those cupcakes?" Twilight Sparkle asked her friends.

The seven of them (six ponies and one baby dragon) were currently sitting in the palace gardens, eating lunch.

Nearby, the foals of the ponies were happily munching on chocolate cupcakes. Several of them were also eating the wrappers, but Pinkie Pie assured her friends that it was perfectly safe.

"Because we're going to have to get six hyped up foals to take a nap in an hour" Applejack said simply in response to Twilight's question.

Meanwhile, the foals had gotten bored of their treat.

"They watch?" Firestorm asked Roxbury, pointing towards their mothers and Spike.

The blond colt turned to examine where Firestorm was pointing.

"Nope" he said, shaking his head slightly.

The six baby ponies suddenly looked at each other with conspiring grins, before all "screaming" in a hushed voice, "Run away!"

They did just that: running away as fast as their stubby little legs could carry them, towards the area of the garden with all the statues.

The babies ran circles around all of the statues, and climbed on some of them.

However, there was one that stood out to them.

It was a statue of something none of them had ever seen before in their short lives; something made up of a pony and a lot of other animals. It was posed and had a look on its stone face like it was trying to escape from something.

For apparently no reason, the six of them began to climb onto the statue.

They each lied upon a part of the stone creature.

Firestorm perched on the top of the head, between the strange-looking horns, flying to get to the top; Butterscotch simply used air as a staircase so she could lie on the muzzle; Libby and Meadow had somehow both laid themselves into the crook of one arm; Velvet was on the other arm; And Roxbury was sprawled across one of the feet.

Libby's horn began to glow softly, a sound like the tune of a somewhat dark lullaby emanating from it. The sound of the music soothed the foals, and they soon found themselves drifting off to sleep.

Before their dreams took them, however, they all said a single word, snuggling against the stone.