The Return of Mare Do Well

by L_Wolf

Rest and Recovery

Chapter 8

The injury to her leg had been more then she expected, so Starbloom would been stuck at home for atleast week. The first two days had been the worse. She couldn't walk with out help so she was pretty much stuck to her room or the couch most of the time. She kept her mind sharp and used her magic to keep herself in practice, but the stress of not being able to move was starting to show.

"Ugh! I can't take this, I need to move." Starbloom said forcing herself to stand up letting out a sharp cry of pain as her back hoof touched the floor and just the slightest amount of pressure put on it. She gritted her teeth and did her best to ignore the pain.

"Starbloom! Please sit back down and let yourself recover, the doctor told you it would take time to get better. If you push yourself it'll take longer to recover." Sweetie said going over and easing her friend back to the couch. "Just rest and relax, I know it's hard.... specially with what's going on in the city." Sweetie said sighing softly, she had considered canceling the paper, but she knew Starbloom would be furious if she did that.

Reports of Silver Ghost's acts of heroism had started to fill the papers since Mare Do Well had disappeared. Though her deeds had been more violent and even left a few ponies dead in her effort to stop crime, or so the papers reported. Starbloom was not taking the news well, she had hurt ponies of course in her effort to stop them but she never dreamed of killing any pony unless she had no other choice. Even then she wasn't sure she could actually do it.

"I have to get out there and stop Silver Ghost, she's killing ponies," Starbloom said whimpering lightly as Sweetie changed the cooling pads on her leg to help it heal. "The last report stated she killed a innocent by-standard who was standing nearby. Of course they called it an accident but still, she's reckless and dangers."

"I know Starbloom, I understand how you feel... the streets are more dangerous now that she's out there. The paper might report otherwise but I've talked to ponies who are more scared to be out now that she's tackling the criminals. The papers don't report the number of innocent ponies being hurt do to her actions. Muggers are more likely to just attack you and grab your saddle bags then ask for them." Sweetie said softly shaking her head.

Starbloom just sighed softly looking at her injured leg she wish she knew some healing magic to fix it so she could get back out on the streets. But healing magic was rare, even Twilight knew little that would be effective. The most she could do was sooth the pain. "I worry, every time you go out of the apartment Sweetie. Rarity would kill me if anything happen to you." She said looking up at her smiling a little. "I wish you would let me teach you some combat magic."

Sweetie smiled back at Starbloom, "I'm not suited for combat, you know that. It would probably do more harm then good." She replied to Starbloom moving into the kitchen to fix both of them a drink. She decided some get them some apple wine. "I'll be careful though," She said floating a glass over to Starbloom who took it and sipped carefully.

"Did you ever get into contact with Diamond Tiara to find out why Silver Spoon changed so much?" Starbloom asked watching Sweetie come back in from the kitchen and join her at the couch.

Sweetie sighed softly sipping her wine. "I did but Diamond Tiara didn't have to much to offer. They didn't speak to much after they broke off their friendship. From what she did know, Silver Spoon didn't make to many friends after that. The friendships she did make didn't last to long. Eventually Silver Spoon's family moved to Fillydelphia. What happen after that is anyponies guess." She said softly shaking her head lightly. "I must admit, I feel sorry for her finding it hard to make friends in Ponyville."

Starbloom sighed softly and gave a small nod closing her eyes sipping her wine. "I do to, a lot of this my fault I fear, if I hadn't separated Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, Silver Ghost might not be here now." She said before getting a bonk on the head from Sweetie Belle. She blinked looking at Sweetie who was glaring at her.

"Don't think like that!" Sweetie said huffing as she sat back down puffing her cheeks when she pouted. "This isn't your fault, you had no way of knowing stuff like this would happen and Diamond Tiara is a good pony now." She continued after calming down a little taking another sip of her wine. "All we can do now is stop Silver Spoon, when your healed."

Starbloom sighed looking at her leg again taking a drink of her wine, "Your right of course, as always. I just hope the modifications Rarity made to the suit work... I do not want to have to go through this again." She said softly resting her head on the edge of the couch frowning.

Sweetie smiled at Starbloom using her magic to cover her with a blanket. "I'm sure they will, you know my sister does her best." She said softly getting to her hoofs and moving the empty wine glasses to the sink. "I'm just hope she gets it all done before you go back out on the streets."


"Dear Rarity, I am sorry to trouble with a request again but Starbloom has been hurt and will need a week to recover, so in that time I hope you will able to make some modifications to the suit to strength it a little more for added protection. I will pay as much as I can for any materials needed.... this is very important to me. Love Sweetie Belle." Rarity read the letter out loud after getting the package a day after Starbloom was knocked off the roof.

Included in the package was the Mare Do Well costume and a list of reinforcements Starbloom wanted put on the suit. The list wasn't very long, but Rarity wasn't to sure how she would pull off some of the things she wanted. She was a fashion designer after all, not an armorer. "Well Opal, looks like we have about five days to figure this out. So let's get to work."