by Mist



There I sat at the cafe at the edge of town. Hours of work had me haggard and worn out. Having a coffee was hardly in my budget, but it was almost necessary if I was to actually survive my second job later tonight. I wished so much that I could call in sick, but then again being sick is what got me in this position in the first place, not to mention I couldn't afford a day off.

Downing half of the hot beverage, I brushed my rough pink mane out of my eye. I noticed it was far from as silky as it once was. A new living budget meant that I could no longer use the shampoo I preferred, and as a result I now had rather coarse mane accompanied by split ends.

My eyes wandered before landing on a familiar Apple Bloom leaving the cemetery hoof-in-hoof with one Trixie Lulamoon. She must have gone to see some pony long past. Those were the lucky ones, the ones who exist only in memory and could become invisible whenever.

Oh how I wished I too could turn invisible again like I was before this life. However at the same time, I was still suffering from when my last wish was granted. However to be invisible again would be a blessing.

Just... To simply vanish...

The End