How Far?

by brickguy213

01: Confusion, Crying, and Crashes,

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Considering everypony had just dissapeared, Strike was pretty confused. One minute ago he was standing in a street full of ponies and now he was, as far as he knew, the only one left alive. "The Last of Us" you could say. But, strange zombie, best seller video game puns aside, he needed to figure out what was going on. And he knew just the mare to ask. If she was still on this planet.

Twilight didn't know what had happened, but all she knew was that Spike was gone. She hoped he was ok. She stepped outside the library door, hoping to see him walking up outside, like she had only teleported him out there. She looked around and didn't see him. Come to think about it, she didn't see anyone...

"Spike? Spiiiike?" Twilight called. But no answer came. "Anypony?" She was getting concerned. "I wonder..." She said as she galloped full speed toward Sweet Apple Acres.

Once she reached the farm, she called for Applejack. After she didn't answer she called for Big Mac. Then Apple Bloom. Then Granny Smith. Then she sat her plot down in the grass and thought. "I know!" And she galloped for Sugar Cube Corner. Her legs where getting tired and starting to feel like noodles, but she reached her destination. "Pinkie?!" No answer. "Pinkie!" Still nothing. She immediately thought of Carosel Botique, and rushed there. After failure there, she checked every cloud in Ponyville for Rainbow, Fluttershy's cottage, and started knocking on doors. But she never got an answer. Twilight was devastated. She didn't know what she had done... She sat on the ground heavily, as a tear dripped down her lavender cheek. She tried to hold them in, but the inevitable happened... She started crying.

Strike had reached the castle and looked around but no one was there. Cursing under his breath he looked over to the castles small runway for taking off and landing military planes. Fighters only were allowed, but they were planning on making it bigger so small transport craft could land.

Spotting the Princess's luxury jet that she sometimes used to travel to speech locations, Strike smiled. Galloping over to the door, which was open, he looked around at Canterlot one last time.

"This is madness..." Strike stated, then entered the jet, the door closing behind him.

Twilight didn't know what to do... She had ruined Equestria. Possibly forever. What had she done?! If she was the only pony on the planet she would kill herself. She already knew that. It had been two hours since she had sat and started crying. She had sent a letter to the princess and got no reply. It could be she was busy, or it could be she was gone. She sent Luna a letter as well, but still got the same result. Nothing. She truly was alone now.

Strike was approaching Ponyville at 3,000 feet. As he started his decent he couldn't help but wonder, Who did this, Was it only Canterlot that was effected, was Twilight and the other elements still there, and would Celestias method of fixing this work?

He found a nice wide straight street to land on and lined the plane up.

Twilight's pity party was interrupted by the roaring of jet engines. Looking behind her she saw a jet lined up to land on the road behind her. She simply turned around and sat waiting for the plane to land and run her over. If she was lucky she'd get hit and fly into the engines. At least it would be fast. The plane started to veer left, so she trotted into its path. Then it veered right, so she trotted right. Then left then right. She knew the pilot was trying to dodge her, but she wanted this.

Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. Somepony HAD to be flying the plane! So there was somepony on the planet besides her! Hence she didn't want to die. Twilight frantically ducked, and saw the pilot had turned on the windshield wipers, no doubt to wipe the blood and guts off of the windshield. She then heard the engines turn up to full throttle as the plane pulled up and seemingly "hopped" over her.

The jet hit the ground not ten feet behind her. Although three times as hard as it should have. As soon as it hit, the rear landing gear sheared off and the plane slid on the ground like a sled. The weight of the front of the plane hitting after the rear gear failed caused the front gear to tear off as well. Now a ten ton sled traveling at an excess of 150 miles per hour, the wings had started clipping buildings. One wing crashed through a wall of a house, but was too weak to go through the second wall and tore off. One of the planes engines detached from the side of the plane and fell to the ground tumbling 100 feet before exploding into a fireball.

The plane had slowed to around thirty miles an hour, but before it could slow down any more, it hit a house at the end of the road and exploded into a massive fiery cloud.

Twilight was even more distraught than before. If there was Somepony driving that thing, it was dead now. But Twilight hoped against hopes that they were alive. Galloping to the wreckage quickly, she held her breath.