Spirit of an Elder

by applecream

Spirit of an Elder

One day, Twilight came to me.
„What is it, Twilight?!“ I asked her with a smile. What she might wanted?
„I’ve been living in Ponyville for a long time now…“
„…But… there’s one thing I never found out. Noone wanted to tell me…“
I grinned at her.
„…and… I guess that got nothing to do with me actually…“
„Yees??“ Funky Twilight! Which recepy did she need from her?
„…but I just need to know. It’s something… something about you, Pinkie.“

I didn’t stop my grin. „What do you mean Twilight?“
„C’mon. Did you think I didn’t notice? … You’re name’s pie, not cake.“
…what she wanted…
„Oh, about thaat…“
„How would that sound? Pinkie Cake??“ I laughed. „How would that sound?! They couldn’t tell the difference between me and Princess Celestia anymore! And-„
„Pinkie!“ Twilight interrupted my usual incessant talking. „I know it’s hard, but please don’t lie to me.“

She stared at me with a both curious and careful expression.
What should I tell her? I neither wanted to change the relationship we had… nor wanted her to pity me or something. But I knew that there was another feeling too, down in my belly.
Or, maybe, I just ate too much cake again?
I looked deep in Twilight’s eyes, somehow knowing, she wouldn’t go easily.
But what was I thinking?? Weren’t we friends?
She looked a bit surprised, when I started to tell her my story.

„You know, when I was young, I worked on a stone farm? And, that I didn’t have any friends there.
Actually, that’s a lie…
There was her.
Yes, Twilight. Granny Pie…
My parents always were so serious, nevertheless I loved them, that’s out of question, but… there was missing something. Granny pie filled that gap.

She always told me great stories! Stories about happiness, friendship, and laughter!
…I was way too often reminded that that would never be the truth for me.
Nevertheless I always loved listening to these stories of the adventures she had with her friends when she was young. In her heart, there shined something so brightly, that it could even reach me…
even since I believe that her friends she was telling me of must have died a long time ago.
She also taught me that song I once sang to you.
That was, when I had terrible febrile delirium.
Beautiful rainbows… Flowers… Adventures… Friendship. Things I didn’t know back then.
A wonderful, happy life she narrated to me…
I distinctly remember how they went through every problem, she and her friends. Just because… they had each other…

But Granny was old.
She had to go.
Even though I knew she wouldn’t appreciate it, I was deeply shocked and cried and cried for a long time.
She was with her friends now…
But without her stories, her spirit, I forgot what the term „friendship“ actually meant.
My parents and sisters didn’t seem to grief as much as I did…
…so going to them and telling them how I felt was a thing I didn’t ought to do actually.
I griefed for a long time, working, without any change.

It was horrible.

That couldn’t be! How did life become like that!? And… why…?
Deep inside me, I knew one last resort.
With friendship, I just had to feel Granny’s spirit again!!
Absolutely determinded, I set out to understand friendship.
My parents weren’t allowed to know. As I knew, they wouldn’t appreciate friendship just like they didn’t appreciate my grandma.

So with thing everypony had at home, I made my very first friends:
The honest and strong Rocky, always willing in to help her when she needed solid foundation to go on.
Sir Lintsalot; even if he was small and seemed fragile, you shouldn’t underestimate him! Always there with a nice talk and always loyal to his friends.
The gorgeous Mme Le flour… she was talking in a way so serious and at the same time so wonderful. Talking with her was always an experience. Never stopped giving, almost never taking.
And the kind Mr. Turnip. Always defending the ones he loved he didn’t even realized how exxagerating he was sometimes!

It was a weird time.
It not only got me nowhere, but also not as close to my granny as I expected!
Granny lied.
Friendship wasn’t friendship.
It was scary.
So what was left but returning to my proper life?
There was no laughter.
No smiling.
Not on this farm.
Not where I lived.
Not for me.

…what was that laughter again actually? I… should just go on.
My sisters could do it, and they were younger than me.
My parents did that all their live.
My grandma…
Right. Working. I stood up every morning because of working. So I worked. I always did… what did I even miss? My life was whole, I did what I was supossed to do. Indeed.

Why was I so sad?
…the moment came that I finally gave up. I knew it would come eventually. I just didn’t expect it that soon. After one last sigh, as I looked in the sky, I felt something slowly breaking.. apart…
But… then… it crashed me.
…There was a wonderful rainbow in the sky, no-

It was Granny.
I felt so much joy like never before in my life.
I couldn’t stop smiling!
Of course she wasn’t dead, silly!
She was still there… her spirit, in my dying smile.

But… you’re only dead, when you’re forgotten.
So I’d never wanted Granny to die. I just couldn’t! I’ll carry her spirit, and everypony would help me… everypony should feel that feeling, that joy… her…!
Of course I started with the nearest ones: my family.
Andi t worked.
I organized them a party;
They smiled.
They felt the joy.
And I felt granny.
And I got my cutie mark.
It was my destiny to let her live!

But as my family had to work hard, they couldn’t keep the smile… And I feared granny could slip through my fingers like she did before.
I couldn’t let that happen.
What a funny idea came to my mind… I didn’t know where it come from, just like a voice telling me to do so. I felt strange … no… better since my hair was curled up that day,
of course side effects couldn’t be avoided.
But I wasn’t thinking of straighting them either.

Doing it on my impulse, I went to granny’s old bed room.
I haven’t been there for a long time. Everything was just… just… just as it used to be. It even smelled like her, and I found myself a bit surprised of the fact that she wasn’t sitting in that old rocking chair. Next to it however…
I found something interesting. On the bedside table laid something… It was an adress book. With a bookmark in it…
The cakes
Sugarcube Corner
I just knew I had to go there. I couldn’t let Granny die again!!
And… my family didn’t want me anyways. I guessed they felt about me like about Granny at that time. No appreciation.
So one day, I just went.

And it didn’t take long when I met my first friend!
A sad filly I had to cheer up. She was about my age.
She told me how she lost someone she really felt related to... her father and her mother.
I listened to her, talked with her, watching her carefully to find out what she needed now the most,
and then gave it to her. A party, a good joke, a simple hug.

And I did that to anypony. Even when they weren’t sad. I befriended them, and I made them smile.
…And… whenever somepony smiles to me,
I see Granny Pie.
I arrived at the cakes a few days later. They took me in immediately, somehow knowing I would come. What a surprise that they called me like Granny used to do.

„You must be the little Pinkie, right? Come in, we’ll show you your room.“
Since then I always worked hard to keep them happy.
I mean, they are not my parents… but they always did the best they could.
That’s the whole story, Twilight.
You know, how Equestria was made.“

„Whoa… P…Pinkie, I… I’m sorry-„
„It’s okay, Twilight. Just smile. She’ll be there.“
…And Twilight smiled to me. And Granny Pie smiled, too. In my heart.