The Stone of Storms

by Wordy Notes

Chapter 10: Race Against Time

“No sign of her.” Gilda came back down and landed near Applejack and Rainbow, both of whom had taken cover from the rain underneath a covered bench.

“Great…this whole thing is going from bad to worse.” Rainbow sighed.

“Ugh, my wings are soaked,” Gilda grumbled as she flicked water off her wings, “Better than maple syrup though. Right, Dash?” She nudged Rainbow’s shoulder.

“Don’t remind me.” Rainbow groaned.

“We’ll have to tell ya’ that story sometime,” Gilda looked at Applejack before stepping out, “Hey, I’m gonna’ go take another look around. Back in a flash!” She stepped out and flew up into the sky again. Applejack and Rainbow also walked out from under their cover and started walking around, looking for any signs of Scoot. The two walked silently for a short time before Applejack spoke up.

“Hey, Rainbow, mind if I ask ya’ somethin’?” She glanced over.

“Go for it.” Rainbow replied.

“Well, it’s about Scoot. Now, it might just be my own brain spinnin’ up yarns, but have ya’ noticed how it seems like she’s been shootin’ from the hip when it comes to this? Matter o’ fact, it seems like she didn’t really have much of a plan ‘til that Solstice came up.”

Rainbow glanced over to Applejack, “Yeah, I noticed that too…something happened that she’s not telling us about.”

Applejack responded with a nod, “She sure as sugar seems a lot different than the Scoot we got.”

“Guess losing me must’ve messed up her a lot more than I’d ever imagined,” Rainbow looked at the ground.

“Sugarcube, we’d all be messed up if we lost ya’. You’re a real good friend to us all” Applejack placed a foreleg around Rainbow’s shoulder, making the pegasus pony look up and at the sympathetic expression her earth pony friend had, “Even if ya’ll might be a tad hard to get along with, what with ya’ bein’ stubborn and headstrong and all that.”

“Look who’s talking,” Rainbow chuckled as she looked up at Applejack, “I seem to remember something about apple bucking and a certain somepony exhausting herself?” She asked with a smirk.

Applejack sighed and facehoofed, “Ya’ just had to bring that up again, didn’t ya’?”

“Wouldn’t be me otherwise.” Rainbow grinned before she dropped it to a warm smile, “But…thanks, AJ. It means a lot that you care that much. I know I try to get a little attention sometimes…,” she paused as Applejack tilted her head to the side and stared at her, “…okay, A LOT of attention, but knowing that I’ve got true friends who care about me really makes me feel more at ease.” She smiled.

“You’re quite welcome.” Applejack returned the expression and gave a small tilt of her hat.


Star continued reading in the library of Solstice’s manor. She found herself taken out of her thoughts when she heard the door open followed by angry hoofsteps. She got up from the chair she sat in and opened up the door. Walking through the hallway were Solstice, Wind, and a pair of the Checkered Flag unicorns. Star looked to see that Wind had the pegasus who had stolen the Stone of Storms on his back. However, the more immediate thing she noticed was that the side of Solstice’s face was bleeding from what looked like a deep cut.

“Solstice!” She cried, rushing over to him.

“Don’t worry, dear Star. It’s not as bad as it looks…well, actually it is,” Solstice grumbled, “Someone get me a bandage, some disinfectant, possibly someone to cast an anti-scarring spell,” he said, his voice trailing off as he thought, “Oh, and do we have any wine? I REALLY want some wine right now.” He growled.

“What happened?” She looked back as the guards and Wind before turning to Solstice, following him into the manor’s kitchen.

“An assassination attempt! That’s what happened!”

“…you’re going to need to elaborate, Solstice. I don’t speak raving noble.” Star looked at him over her glasses.

“That little filly came at me after I left Typhoon’s manor, cut my face with her blade, claw, thingy whatever, and shrieked at me about destroying her home and killing her best friend or whatever…which I didn’t do since I’m not an evil tyrant! Arrrgh!” Solstice roared as he slapped a cupboard closed with his wing, “Where is the wine?!”

“Solstice, calm down!” Star walked over to him.

Solstice grit his teeth and breathed heavily, turning back to see Wind enter the room, “Oh, by the way, Star, meet Wind Runner. Typhoon’s son.”

“Wait…that…what…huh?” Star looked back and forth at Solstice and then Wind, “Why are you dressed like that?”

“I guess he wanted to play supervillain.” Solstice growled.

“I’m…I’m sorry for deceiving you-" Wind started to speak.

“Star, go tend to that pegasus,” Solstice cut Wind off. Star glanced over at the two other pegasi with an awkward stare before nodding and walking out, “So, apparently you’re not as special as I thought.”

“What are you-“

“You’re just some brat who decided to go out and try and have fun, is it?” Solstice glared at Wind a she approached him, “You think that dressing up and hiding your identity is an enjoyable activity?”

“I...I was just trying to help.” Wind stepped back.

“You haven’t done anything to help! If anything, you just made things worse because now you’ve drawn more attention because of who you are!” Solstice stamped a hoof on the ground, “I thought you were special, a pegasus with abilities honed from your own accord, but instead you’re just out to have fun with your inherited powers!”

“Stop it…” Wind grit his teeth.

“What? Are you trying to order me around?! There’s probably a chance you ticked someone off and I got attacked for it! Not to mention the idiotic idea you had of attacking one of the Elements of Harmony! Oh, but it makes sense with how jealous you must feel about your father’s accomplish-“

“SHUT UP!” Wind snarled as he punched Solstice. The Winter Minister winced from the strike before slowly looking back to the angry Wind, “It’s just the same as always…everything always comes back to my father,” lightning started crackling around his body, “Fine then!” He shouted as he flew out of the room, smashing part of the door frame as he flew out.


Elsewhere, the two ponies and the griffin continued searching for Scoot. Their attention was grabbed, however, by the sudden chiming of Rainbow’s Projection Jewel. She reached into her bag and pulled it out, an image of Twilight suddenly appearing.

“Rainbow, I just got a break for you guys!” She said.

“What’s up, Twi?” Rainbow asked, looking at the image.

“The Royal Guard just received a message from Solstice’s assistant. He was apparently attacked, but he managed to overpower the attacker and has them restrained at his mansion,” she looked over, “He’s requesting the Royal Guard to come arrest them…and the description matches Scootaloo’s.”

“That ain’t good.” Applejack said.

“Well, we’ve gotta’ there! She’s still got the stone with her and I’ll bet Storm Stallion’s nearby!” Rainbow said with a worried look as she glanced back at Gilda and Applejack, and then turned to Twilight again, “Give me an address, Twi!”

“It’s in the Lilac District, the first one at the entrance!” Twilight called, “I’ll tell the Princess to have the guard hurry there to give you a hoof!” The image disappeared and Rainbow replaced the jewel before running off, her two friends close behind.

“If that dweeb gets a hold of that stone, it’s gonna’ take a heck of a lot more than just the Royal Guard to take him down.” Gilda remarked.

“Not if we hurry!” Rainbow firmly said.

“Hang on, Scoot. We’re coming.”


Scoot’s vision was blurry, but she was able to make out enough to see she was in a stone room, probably in a basement somewhere. Two guards stood in the room, watching her intently in preparation for her to make a move. With the way she felt, though, she knew she couldn’t do anything. She tried shaking her head to try and get her vision back, but the only thing it succeeded in doing was make her head ache even more and force her to close her eyes to try and subside the pain. In doing so, she started to drift off again as her vision blackened.


“Ya’ sure this is safe?” Apple Bloom asked, nervously staring at the shimmering rainbow portal before her that was held in place by a circular construct.

“Time travel’s never a safe thing,” Sweetie Belle looked over at her, also acknowledging the presence of their cloaked assistant, who appeared to be checking the status of the portal, “Well…it’s not really a thing in general, to be honest.”

“No kiddin’,” Apple Bloom adjusted her hat her sister had passed down to her, “Can’t believe I’m really goin’ back to the past. It’s kinda’ weird.”

“You’ll be fine.” Scoot came up behind her and patted her on the back, surprising the yellow earth pony.

“Wha? Hey there, Scootaloo. I thought y’all went off on a patrol.” She said.

“Yeah, just got back.” She nodded with a smile, “Good luck back there, Apple Bloom. You’re going to need-" Scoot cut herself off before she suddenly smacked Apple Bloom in the back of the head. The surprise attack instantly knocked her out and sent her falling to the ground.

“Scootaloo?! What are you do-agh!” Sweetie Belle too was felled, this time by a paralyzing shot from Scoot’s cannon. The cloaked assistant tried to run to her, but Scoot drew her cannon on them as well.

“Don’t even think about, old mare! I’m going back!” Scoot glared, her gaze stopping the assistant from moving as they simply stood and watched Scoot step toward the portal, “She was my friend and I’m going back to save her!”

“Don’t make this personal. If you do, you’ll lose control of your emotions and do something you’ll regret.” The assistant said, leaning her head up to look at Scoot with a pair of sad, purple eyes.

Scoot looked over at her two friends, who were struggling to regain their composure, “I just did something I already regret.” She growled before rushing through, disappearing through the time stream.


Scoot suddenly opened her eyes; her irises the size of pin pricks as she looked around the room, seeing Star enter the room, a sour expression on her face.

“So, it’s you again,” she said, circling around the table Scoot had been restrained down to, “You know, you really must have some odd priorities if you decide to take something from us, then immediately rush back and try and fight…in fact, judging by the weight of your bags here,” she nudged Scoot’s saddle bags, “I’ll bet you still have it in your pack here.”

“Oh, horseapples! I forgot to drop it off!” Scoot cursed herself for leaving so quickly.

“Well, the fact that you brought it back might help, though being around Solstice right now might be a bad idea. He’s quite upset about the fact that you cut his face,” she said as she withdrew the stone with her magic, “To be completely honest, I’m not too happy about it either and if I weren’t a better mare, I’d certainly take some revenge," sudden sound of commotion came from out in the hallway, “What in the world is that?” Star asked. Suddenly, the door blasted off, knocking Star and the two guards down. Scoot’s eyes widened as she saw Wind walk into the room, a small smile crossing his lips as he laid eyes on the stone.

“So, this is it, huh? Perfect,” he picked it up and held it in his hooves, “Finally, now I’ll show everypony my power with this!” He slapped an electrified hoof on the stone and in turn it blasted him in the chest with powerful magical energy that began wrapping itself around his chest. Wind winced in pain as the stone glowed brightly. Scoot began breathing heavily as he threw his head back and cried out, his eyes glowing pure white as the energy continued flowing through him before he extended his wings and flew straight up, smashing through the ceiling and sending pieces falling into the room.


“Here it is!” Rainbow slid to a halt in front of the manor’s gates, then pivoted on her hooves and rushed straight toward the door.

“Rainbow, wait!” Applejack called out, but Rainbow ignored her as she rushed up and kicked it open, running into the mansion. She looked around in shock at the various injured Checkered Flag soldiers lying around on the floor.

“There’s so much lightning damage…did Storm Stallion do all this?” Rainbow turned around as Gilda and Applejack came in.

“We’ll help these guys, you go find Scoot!” Gilda waved Rainbow off as she kneeled down to check on a nearby guard, Applejack doing the same. Rainbow wasted no time rushing off, looking around at the various rooms before settling on heading downstairs into a basement corridor. She rushed down the corridor, heading for the only room with a destroyed door nearby, looking in and seeing Scoot held down on a table by leather straps.

“Scootaloo!” She ran over to the table and looked at Scoot, “Are you okay?” She noticed that the orange pegasus had a blank, shell-shocked expression across her face.

“It’s my fault. He got the stone and it’s all my fault.” She said quietly.

“What? What are you talking about?” Rainbow asked.

“I betrayed them for nothing. I couldn’t stop it from happening.” Scoot continued, her voice trailing off as she turned her head away from Rainbow.

“Scoot, snap out of it!” Rainbow shouted. The sudden yell somehow brought Scoot back to reality as she shook her head and she glanced up at Rainbow.

“I…Rainbow, I’m so sorry,” she closed her eyes, fighting back tears, “I should’ve waited and now because of me, Storm Stallion has the stone. I saw him absorb its power into him and he flew off.”

“Well, don’t worry about it. Just because he’s got it doesn’t mean we’re toast yet. It’ll just be a lot harder to kick his flank down.” Rainbow said with her face steeled in a confidant look.

“I…you really think we can?” Scoot asked.

Rainbow began undoing the straps around Scoot, “As sure as there’s something you’re not telling me. Who’d you betray?” She looked over.

Scoot started to talk, but she quickly came close to sobbing, “Rainbow, I messed up. Apple Bloom was originally going to be the one to come back, but I couldn’t let her take that responsibility on. I…I hurt them so I could come back…so I could save you,” she closed her eyes and looked away, “They probably hate me for that.”

“They’re probably mad, but I don’t think they hate you,” Rainbow looked down at her and smiled, “Friends fight. It happens. From what I’ve learned, all you have to do is try and make an effort to reconcile and things should work out,” she rolled her eyes, “And if there’s anypony that knows about apologizing for making mistakes, it’s me.” She undid the final strap and helped Scoot up to her hooves.

“Rainbow, I…I’m sorry. I should’ve been more honest with you about me coming back. I know I’m supposed to save Ponyville, but I also really wanted to save-“

“Hey, don’t worry. You can apologize later. Meanwhile, we should…hm?” Rainbow looked over to see the unconscious Star stirring and attempt to stand, only to wince and fall, crying out, “Whoa, whoa, hang on.” She rushed over and helped Star stand up, “Your leg broken?”

“No, just sprained,” she shook her head, “Where’s Solstice? Is he okay?”

“Uh…no idea. We just got here.” Rainbow replied.

“STAAAAAAAAR!” A loud voice came from out in the corridor as Solstice rushed into the room, “Star, there you are! Are you alright?! What did he do to you?!”

“Agh…Sir, you’re on my tail.” One of the downed guards groaned while the other one stood up and rubbed his head.

“Oh, sorry,” Solstice nervously stepped to the side, only to be knocked off his hooves again as the whole manor shook, “What in the name of Equestria is that?” He got up again as Applejack and Gilda entered the room.

“Uh…Rainbow, we got a problem.” The earth pony said with a worried look.

“A BIG problem.” Gilda added.


The group rushed outside to see Wind fly up and them slam down on top of the roof, lightning and bright white magical energy now consistently flowing around his body.

“Oh great,” Rainbow sighed; “Now he’s superpowered.”

“RARGH! Solstice! Where are you?!” He shouted in a booming, distorted voice. He shot out waves of lightning across the roof, only for them to be absorbed by the magical lightning rod adorning the very top, “ARGH! FINE!” He raised both hooves into the air, “If you won’t come out to face me, I’ll just create something else to draw you out! I have a rival to take care of anyway!” A massive ball of lightning formed around his hooves before he threw it down toward the courtyard. He then spread his wings and flew off.

“What in tarnation is that thing?” Applejack demanded as the ball hit the ground and, to everyone’s surprise, started to form legs and arms.

“Dash…you seein’ that?” Gilda asked with shock as she simply stared while the construct opened up a large, yellow eye in the center of its body.

“So this is the power of the Stone of Storms…yeah, this is so not gonna’ be cool at all.” Rainbow watched as Wind’s creation began inching toward them, a beam of lightning shooting out of its eye and forcing them all to take cover among the front steps.

“What kinda’ crazy magic lets a pony be able to do somethin’ like that?” Applejack shouted, peering at the creature from behind a marble potting array.

“It’s probably a variation on a spell used to bring inanimate objects to life. “ Star replied as Solstice sat near her, “I don’t think I’m strong enough o deconstruct it.”

“We have to get out of here! We’ll be outmatched if we try to fight it head on.” Solstice peeked up only to nearly get hit with the beam again.

“Solstice, keep your head down!” Star glared at him.

“Sorry.” He turned back to her with a sheepish grin, part of his mane lightly singed.

“Hey, G, ya’ think we could take that thing out if we flank it?” Rainbow looked over at Gilda.

“I have no idea, but we’re running low on options here. I’m all for it if you are.” Gilda nodded.

“Right with you too, Rainbow.” Scoot beat a hoof against her chest.

Rainbow looked over to where Applejack had bunkered down, “AJ! We’ll cover you and distract big yellow baddie over there while you help Solstice and Star get to safety!”

“You’re kiddin’ me, right? I ain’t leavin’ ya’ here to tangle with some giant lightnin’ monster by yourselves!” Applejack protested.

“We don’t have a choice. Just trust me!” Rainbow fired back.

Applejack glared at Rainbow before she shook her head, “Fine, but y’all better not get yourselves killed or ain’t nopony in Ponyville’d ever forgive me!”

“Thanks! Wait for my signal!” Rainbow turned back to her two fellow fliers, “So, go on three?”

“We could just charge it now instead of waiting and just get it over with.” Gilda shrugged.

“Fine, two and a half then,” Rainbow moved over to the other side of their cover, Gilda and Scootaloo moving into position behind her, “Alright, one…” Before Rainbow could count further, a pair of black streaks whipped past the creature in an X pattern, hitting it and causing it to falter back.

“What’s going on now?” Scoot looked around. A pair of armored pegasi suddenly appeared in the courtyard on both sides of the creature. Their armor appeared to be a dark purple and black color while coats were an ash gray color. However, the most unusual aspect of their appearance were the fact that they had webbed bat-like wings as opposed to feathered wings.

“It’s the Night Guard.” Rainbow said.

“FOUL ABHERRATION!” A loud, female voice boomed from the sky as a cloaked figure landed down in front of the construct, “Thou dare’st to cause such destruction and disrupt our beautiful night?!” The figure threw its head back as the cloak suddenly flew away into bats, revealing the dark, imposing figure of Princess Luna, the other alicorn ruler of Equestria, “Cease with thine chaotic behavior at once or suffer our wrath!”

“The Princess of the Moon? What in the world is she doing here?” Solstice asked with a look of both surprise and yet also relief.

“Well, apparently she’s savin’ our hides.” Applejack replied.

Rainbow smiled, “Thanks for bringing in the big guns, Twi.” However, the construct appeared to be unfazed by Luna’s presence and immediately attacked with its beam. Luna quickly dashed to the side and flew above it.

“Thou hast apparently refused to yield to our warning,” Luna began charging magic around her horn, causing a pair of magical chains to suddenly appear around the monster’s arms, “Then let thy fate be sealed!” She shouted as she motioned her head downward, the chains suddenly rocketing down and pulling the creature down into the ground as well, its body causing cracks to appear as it impacted. Luna descended and touched down onto the stone ground of the courtyard before lifting a leg up and then lightly stomping it against the ground. A massive burst of energy came from the chains still restraining the construct, destroying it in an instant and leaving only a few crackles of lightning arcing across the ground where it once stood.

“Ah yeah! That’s what I call backup!” Gilda cheered as the group all came out from hiding, Solstice helping Star to walk over.

“Princess Luna, thank you so much.” Rainbow bowed to Luna.

“You are quite welcome,” Luna replied with a small smile, “Are all of you alright?”

“There’s more injured inside, but they don’t look too seriously hurt.” Solstice replied.

Luna nodded and turned to her guards, “Attend to those inside while the medical team arrives.”

“Yes, your Highness.” Both guards saluted at the same time and rushed off into the manor. Luna watched them go before turning back to the group.

“I’m not entirely aware of the situation at hoof, but it sounds serious. I’m to bring all of you to the palace and to my sister in order to figure this all out.” She said.

Rainbow looked over at the rest of her group before turning back to Luna, “Lead the way.”