Fluttershy, the Pokémon Tamer

by Derping Doo

How to Cope With New Bodies

There was nothing but a sharp ringing all around the yellow mare. Fluttershy opened her eyes, greeted by a black void. "What is this place? Where am I?" Fluttershy looked around, and noticed her pet bunny by her side, knocked unconscious. "Angel! Are you alright?" Fluttershy tried to reach for Angel, but as soon as she did, she floated upwards. "What? No! Angel!" Fluttershy panicked, believing that she would be separated from Angel. Frantically, she flapped her wings, trying her best to not be separated from Angel. Eventually, she reached her bunny and grabbed onto him, hugging tightly. Angel then awoke, and dove into a similar state of shock as his owner. "Shh, don't worry. It'll be okay... I hope," Fluttershy said, trying to calm her pet bunny down, feeling scared herself. "Oh Angel, where are we?" she asked, hoping to get an explanation. Angel tried to recall everything that happened before he woke up. He thought about the lake, the carrots, and... the light. Angel soon figured it out. He began making gestures, trying his best to tell Fluttershy what happened to them.

"What? The light? Is that was got us here?" she asked. Angel nodded, and continued to make gestures, continuing to explain what he knew.

"That's right. Whatever that light-portal thing was sucked us into it. So you're saying it took us here?" Angel nodded again, and continued with his gestures.

"But how did that thing come to Equestria?" Angel knew the answer to that.

"What? Discord? He wouldn't do that." Angel grew mad. He didn't care how nice and good Discord had become; Angel knew that he was to blame for this. Angel continued to explain.

"You're saying that Discord was doing something that opened up this portal? That's why we're in this place?" Fluttershy asked. Angel nodded, a bit saddened. He could hear the betrayal in Fluttershy's voice. "There has to be some sort of misunderstanding. Discord promised to use his magic for good, and the only times he wouldn't would just be for harmless pranks." A few tears began to flow down Fluttershy's cheeks. "Why would he do something so awful like trap us inside here? Why?" Fluttershy broke into tears. Angel tried his best to comfort her, but to no avail. He began to regret telling Fluttershy the truth, but he knew it had to be done. He would never forgive Discord for doing this. Fluttershy stopped crying. "I should've known he'd go back to his old ways," she said coldly. "I really believed, I really hoped that Discord had actually changed for the better, but I guess I was wrong." Fluttershy looked at Angel, then remembered their current situation. "Oh Angel, how are we gonna get out of here?" Right when she said that, a small light appeared. "Oh, maybe that's a way out," Fluttershy said, large feelings of hope appearing inside her. Angel thought it was very convenient that that light appeared after Fluttershy asked how to get out. Beginning to feel that it was a little too convenient, Angel grew suspicious. With Angel safely held by her side, Fluttershy began making a mixture of flying/floating movements towards the light. As she moved closer, the light began to blind her. As soon as she got a few inches near the light, she and Angel were sucked in, generating a similar sensation to when they first entered the void behind them. The feeling was too much, as it caused Fluttershy and Angel to black out. While he was doing so, he felt that Fluttershy had made a huge mistake.


Once again, Fluttershy was the first to come to. She felt Angel by her side, and looked at him, but what she saw wasn't her bunny. Or at least, he didn't look like it. "Angel, what happened to your fur? What happened to you ears? What happened to your waist?" She pointed at the large bunch of fur that was around what she believed was Angel's waist. As soon as she did, though, she stared at what she was pointing with. Fluttershy stared in disbelief at this weird new... thing where her hoof should've been. "What happened to my hoof? What are these... things on it?" She also noticed some fabric on her... limb, and soon felt it on most of her body. Fluttershy soon realized that other things might've changed about her physical appearance, too. She stood up, waking up Angel. As she did, she realized she stood up higher than she ever had before. She was about twice her size in height. "Why am I so tall?" Fluttershy asked. Angel rubbed his eyes, a little annoyed by the sudden awakening. As he did, though, he felt... different.

Angel looked at Fluttershy, and quickly exclaimed. "B-b-bun! Bun Buneary!" He soon realized that he actually said something, whatever gibberish it was. "Bun?" he said again. "B-b-bun! Buneary? Buneary?!" Angel was listening to his new voice, and couldn't believe how ridiculous it sounded. He soon remembered what caused him to literally find his voice in the first place. He stared back at whatever it was that was next to him. His eyes were greeted by some weird pink-haired... thing.

"Is that really you, Angel?" Fluttershy asked, seeing a resemblance in the behavior of her bunny and this bunny-like creature.

Angel recognized Fluttershy's voice, and realized it really was her. He then thought, Of course it is!, but what came out instead was "Bun bun Buneary!" Angel pinched the bridge of his nose, still getting used to his new voice.

"It is? It is!" Fluttershy was soon filled with relief. "Oh Angel, I'm so glad to see you! Or... to see that you're okay, for the most part. What happened to us?" Fluttershy asked.

"Bun bun," Angel said.

"You don't know this time?" Fluttershy sighed, "Whatever we are, at least we're safe. Oh, but how are we gonna get back to Equestria?" she asked.

"Bun bun bun..." Angel said, saying in his mind, I don't know...

"Speaking of Equestria, I don't think we're there anymore. Where are we?" Fluttershy looked around, only seeing trees everywhere. "Are we in the Everfree Forest? That might explain these new bodies... Oh, look at me. I don't have my hooves, wings, or tail anymore."

"Bun Buneary? Bun bun bun Buneary bun bun!" Angel said, wanting to say What about me? I have a whole bunch of fur now!

Fluttershy smiled. "But it makes you look cuter!"

"Bun bun..." Angel said, meaning Good point...

Fluttershy thought for a moment. "Hmm... I guess we should try to find our way out, and see if Twilight can help us..." At that, Fluttershy picked up Angel, who had gained a lot of weight from excess fur, and began walking through the forest.