Fluttershy, the Pokémon Tamer

by Derping Doo

Taking a Stroll Across the Multiverse

Discord stretched out, levitating alongside his friend. He let out a yawn. "Haaaww... This is absolutely wonderful, Fluttershy. I never knew this whole 'friendship' thing would be so nice."

"I know. It's so peaceful, right Angel?" Fluttershy looked at her head, where Angel was lying down. Surprisingly, he was relaxing, too. Angel had recently started to trust Discord, after everything that happened during his reformation. He knew that Discord hadn’t completely abandoned his old ways, but whenever Discord did use his magic, it was just for some small pranks. Still, Angel was keeping a watchful eye on Discord.

Discord yawned again. "Not that a little chaos every now and then isn't nice either..." he whispered to himself. Angel, however, had a keen sense of hearing, and sat up, glaring at Discord. "What? Oh come now, Angel Bunny. I'm not going to do anything wrong, you know that!" Discord teleported, and reappeared, floating inches above Angel. He curved his neck to look at the little bunny. "I just want to have some fun every now and then." He patted Angel on the head. "There's nothing wrong with that, is there?"

"No, there isn't." Fluttershy looked up at Discord, smiling. Angel slumped back down, making himself comfortable.

Discord smiled back, and snapped his fingers. Six pairs of ice skates appeared in his claw. "What say we go and ice skate again, huh Fluttershy?" he asked, an excited look in his eyes.

"Now Discord, I want you to remember that we can't just go ice skating whenever we want. We have to wait for an appropriate time for that, like during winter. And no, you can't make it winter, Discord. You have to wait for the seasons to shift," Fluttershy said, predicting what Discord would've asked.

"Oh, alright..." Discord said, disappointed. "Is there anything we can do during summer?" Discord asked.

"Lots of things!" Fluttershy stated, cheerily. "You could go to parks with your pets, swim, have so-"

"That's it!!" Discord jabbed his finger to the sky. He soon realized that he cut Fluttershy off before she could finish. "Oh, sorry, Fluttershy..." he quietly said.

"It's fine... So, what was it?" Fluttershy asked.

"We can go swimming! That's a perfect summer activity!" Discord exclaimed.

"Swimming does sound nice..." Fluttershy added.

"C’mon, Fluttershy, let's find a good swimming spot." Discord snapped his fingers, and a map appeared in his paw. He began skimming his eyes through it. "Let's see... We could go this way... No, we wanna avoid that..."

Fluttershy was hit with a sense of déjà vu. "Wow Discord, you're pretty excited about this."

Discord looked up. "But of course. Carrying out tasks for Princess Celestia gives me such a small amount of break time." Discord let go of the map, which caused it to pop. "I want to make sure every minute of my free time is well spent, whether it be with you and Angel, or just relaxing." Discord yawned. "Or fun little pranks..." he murmured. Once again Angel heard him, but continued to slouch, not alarmed by Discord's love for pranks.

Fluttershy put a hoof to her mouth, thinking, then said, "What does Princess Celestia have you do, anyway?"

"Many things, but most of the time, she has me-" Discord suddenly stopped. "Wait, do you feel that?" he asked.

"Feel what?" Fluttershy responded.

"That... weird feeling..." Discord looked around, searching for whatever was causing the weird feeling. "There's a lot of it, and it feels so... intense..."

"What is it?" Fluttershy asked. Angel sat up, beginning to sense Fluttershy's growing concern.

"I... don't know... Whatever it was... just vanished. Hmm..." Discord scratched his head with his claw, pondering for a moment. "Well, let's get back on track. C’mon, I think I know where to go."



Discord emerged from the water's surface. "Ah, this is absolutely wonderful!" He did a pose and spat water out, imitating a fountain statue.

"I know! It's just so relaxing. I just wish my friends could enjoy this, too." Fluttershy said, relaxing at the lake's edge, exhausted from swimming. Angel had fallen asleep near a tree with a tire swing on it, not wanting to get wet.

"Well, I invited them, but Pinkie Pie and Rarity were too busy with orders, Applejack had chores, Twilight's too busy learning about Alicorns, and Rainbow Dash flatly denied," Discord stated. "So, it's just you, me, and Angel." At the mention of his name, Angel woke up, stretched, and hopped to Fluttershy's side. He began making nibbling gestures. Fluttershy smiled.

"Are you hungry?" Angel nodded. "Discord, could you get something for Angel to eat?" Fluttershy asked.

"Why not? Carrots, right?" Discord asked. Angel nodded again. Discord snapped his fingers, making a carrot appear in his paw. He handed it to Angel, who slapped it out of his hand. "What? It's good!" Discord said. Angel picked up the carrot, sniffed it, and pretended to pass out from the smell. He then got up, shoved the carrot in the ground, and gestured towards it. "What?" Discord asked. Angel gestured toward the carrot again, waving his arms. He pointed to the carrot, moved his arm up repeatedly, pulled the carrot out, and pretended to eat it. "You want me to find freshly grown carrots?" Discord guessed. Angel nodded. "Why not have a carrot now? I can just make you some." Discord replied. Angel shook his head stubbornly.

"Angel, there's nothing wrong with that carrot. Why don't you want it?" Fluttershy asked. Angel shook his head again. He made a sad face towards Fluttershy. "Don't give that look, mister. There's nothing wrong with that carrot." Angel's front paws joined together. He began begging Fluttershy for different carrots. She hesitated, but soon gave in. "Oh, alright. I'm sorry Discord. I don't know why he won't eat your carrot. Could you please go into town and find some freshly grown carrots? I know there's at least one store that sells them."

"Oh fine." Discord said, a little annoyed. He began to leave the lake, "I'll be back soon with the carrots."

A while later, Discord began to think, Oh honestly, why must that rabbit be so demanding? Why couldn't he be kind and obedient, like other rabbits? I can't believe I have to go out and get him some carrots. He's making me waste my break time. The nerve of hi-

He stopped. "There it is again, that intense feeling from earlier. What is that? It feels so... foreign." He pondered for a moment and thought of something. "Maybe I can use my magic to trace where it's coming from." Discord inhaled. "Okay, this should be easy." He closed his eyes. "I just need to focus... Focus." His claw glowed, and he opened his eyes. "There! I have it!" He squinted his eyes, staring at his claw, and grabbed it with his paw. "Now, where is it coming from?" His claw shuddered. Discord tried to focus the feeling into his claw, but his claw wouldn't close. "Ah! It's... getting really intense!" He squeezed his eyes shut, trying his best to close his claw.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy and Angel, who were waiting for Discord to return, began to see a bright light in the path they came from. "Oh... my..." Fluttershy said, gazing at the light while Angel grew suspicious. He figured Discord was behind this. Angel hopped onto Fluttershy's head, and thumped his foot on it. "What is it?" she asked. Angel pointed towards the light. "You want me to go there?" He nodded. Fluttershy stared at the light. "I don't know... There's something about that light... I don't know what it is, but it doesn't feel good..." she said. Angel thumped her head again, determined to see if it was Discord. "Oh... Alright." Fluttershy began trotting towards the light.

Back at the source of the light, Discord tightened his grip, trying to regain control. "Argh! I... can't... control it! I should've never done this! I bet Fluttershy would've talked me out of this. Rrugh, I wouldn't even be thinking about this intense... Whatever it is! I would still be swimming, relaxing in the water, if it weren't for that damn... bunny?" Discord squinted his eyes, trying to make out something approaching in the distance. "Angel? And something else... Fluttershy?" Suddenly, Discord was blown back by an invisible force, losing all feeling in his claw. "Oh... What in Equestria was that?" he said, grunting from pain.

As Fluttershy got closer to where the light was coming from, Angel could see something lying near it. He soon figured out it was Discord. Angel glared at him, getting even closer. Suddenly a light burst in front of Angel and Fluttershy. Fluttershy stopped, alarmed. Angel fell off of her from the sudden stop. "Oh my goodness, Angel Bunny, I'm so sorry. Are you alright?" Angel rubbed his head. One of his eyes was shut from the ringing pain in his head. Angel stopped, staring at the light in front of him. A bluish-blackish circle was glowing in front of him.

"What is that?" Fluttershy asked. "It looks like... a tear in one of Rarity's fabrics." Suddenly, it began pulling Angel in. Angel shot up, and began running in the opposite direction, but the circle's force was too strong. Angel fell down, grabbing at the dirt, trying to not get sucked in. "Angel!" Fluttershy dove for Angel's arms. She tried pulling him to safety, but the force was still too strong. "Angel, don't let go!" Fluttershy began flapping her wings, trying desperately to keep Angel out of the light. Her efforts were in vain, though, as the tear engulfed Angel, and soon after, Fluttershy. As soon as the two were sucked in, the circle collapsed, leaving behind nothing except for a sharp ringing in the area.

Discord got back up, still in pain. "Ugh... Wait, where's Fluttershy? And Angel? I just saw them... I heard them!" Discord looked around. He called out, "Fluttershy! Angel!"

No answer.

"Where are they?" Discord raised his claw to his eyes, scanning the area around him. His arm jerked in pain. He then remembered why it was in pain: The light. Discord soon had a terrible realization. "Oh no... What if something happened to them... because of that light? What was that light?" Discord went into deep thought. Whatever that was, it shot me back, with great force. That must mean that light was also some sort of energy...

"Wait... No, impossible. There's no way... Is there? Did that light, that energy, manifest? It's possible... Seeing as how I used some of my magic to harness it... There's a chance... Did that energy, combined with my magic, create... a rift? That's the only logical reason... Does that mean that rift took away Angel and Fluttershy?" Discord gripped his head with his paw and claw. "Oh, look at yourself Discord! Trying to make sense out of things, what happened to you?" He thought again. I shouldn't be doing this! I should be basking in the chaos that's come out of this! But... what about Fluttershy? Where did she go? Is she okay? Rrugh! This is my fault! My old ways caused me to lose my only friend!... I have to make this right. I need help finding out what that was that took Fluttershy and Angel away. I need Twilight's help. "I just hope she'll be able to get past the part where I accidentally transported one of her friends to... Who knows where? Fluttershy... Wherever you are, I hope you and Angel are okay..."