Life to Death Heaven to Hell Harmony to Disharmony.

by EZthebeast

Mutants and ponies don't mix well...

“Umm… what is that?” Asked a female voice.

“Oh this is my new pet from the human world. Boy was it fun there, you couldn’t go ten feet without seeing a dead body. And it turns out ponies are extinct there.” Said a male voice.

Why did you bring this creature here? Explain!

“Well since bugger queen failed I thought we should try my idea.” Said the male.

“I hate to ask. But what is your idea?” Said the female.

“Well this creature is one of the most dangerous things that exist over there. I saw a pack of them destroy an entire army. While watching the sweet sweet chaos they were making I thought ‘Hey what would happen if one of these found it’s way to a town where all our enemies are at?’ So I knocked one of them out with a frying pan and brought it here.”

What makes you think this plan will work better than the last? If it fails the human would be on to us.

“Well these things I saw were very hard to kill and fast. Also if you give it a small amount of your power it would be unstoppable.”

Very well I will go with your idea. But if you fail you will face my wrath. Dismissed!

“Run! Move your Asses!” Screamed Gavin. The six N.U.S.F soldiers ran down the abandoned streets of the city, behind them growls of hungry mutants could be heard. The six soldiers kept running not daring to look at the swarm behind them.

“Come on don’t stop!” Yelled Ezra wile running.

“No shit Sherlock.” Said Ian. They kept running through the empty streets of the city. The growls behind them only seemed to get louder and closer.

“We can hide in that building up ahead.” Said Sal while pointing to a run down building that Ezra guessed used to be town hall.

“That’s crazy if they find us there will be no escape.” Said Aiden.

“Do you have a better idea?” Ask Lance. Aiden muttered something under his breath. Ezra looked behind them and wished he didn’t. There were about fifteen Leapers behind them. A Leaper is a mutant that looks like a cross between a human and a frog with peeling green skin. They run on all fours and get their name since they can leap huge distances. They have sharp claws on each leg that can easily rip through flesh and armor. Their heads are misshaped and look more like a frog’s than a human’s. Inside their mouth are rows of sharp flesh tearing teeth. Leapers are usually easy to kill if they are in a small group but in a large horde run! The best way to kill them is at long range, before they can get to you. If at close range aim for their limbs then their heads.

“Aww fuck!” Said Ezra. The rest of the soldiers heard this and ran faster towards the building.

They were almost there just twenty more feet. “HELP! It’s got my leg! SHOOT IT!” Screamed Lance. Ezra turned around and saw a Leaper on top of Lance ripping into his leg eating it not caring that it’s food was still alive. Another Leaper jumped on him and starting tearing into his chest. Lance screamed in pain. Ezra took out his rife and shot Lance in the head. He swore he heard him say “Thank you.” Weakly. He then ran inside the building.

“Where’s Lance?” Asked Gavin. Ezra didn’t answer and instead starting barricading the doors and windows with junk inside the building. The others followed his lead and helped him. Just as they ran out of stuff to block the doors and windows a bunch of growls were heard outside. They backed away and drew their weapons.

“Remember short controlled bursts.” Said Sal. The leapers started to smash through the barricade.

“This is for Lance!” Yelled Ian. They all started firing.

Ezra screamed and woke up. He panted and looked around. He was in his bed in Fluttershy’s house. He looked out the window the sun was just about to rise. He got up and started doing push ups. About minute later then was a knock on his door. “Come in.” He said. A tired looking Fluttershy walked in.

“Are you ok? I heard screaming.” She said.

“It’s fine just a dream.” He answered while still doing push ups.

“Are you sure because you sounded like you were in pain?” She asked.

“Again just a dream. There’s nothing to worry about.” He stopped doing push ups and checked the motion sensor he placed. No one entered the room until several seconds ago, which he guessed was Fluttershy.

“What’s that?” She asked.

“A motion sensor it wakes me up if something tries to kill me in my sleep.” He answered he then picked it up and placed it in one of his pockets.

“Well there’s nothing in Equestria that would do such a thing.” She said.

“Its just a habit to have it on when ever I’m sleeping away from home. By the way when’s breakfast?”

“Umm… now if you like.” She said Ezra nodded and walked downstairs. There were animals eating out of bowls on the floor once they saw him they ran and hid. “You can stay here while I make breakfast.” Fluttershy said softly.

“Thanks.” Ezra went and sat down at the table outside the kitchen. He then felt something poke his foot and looked down to see Angel. Well here we go again. Angel stomped his paw and pointed to the door. Ezra then gave him duel middle fingers. Angel then reached behind him and pulled out a large caret and held it like a sword. He raised an eyebrow under his gas mask. Angel then charged and stabbed his boot with the carat. Ezra barely felt a thing, this made Angel try harder. He started using it like a club and bashing his foot. Ezra yawned barely paying attention to the rabbit. Angel then hopped away pissed that he couldn’t even hurt him.

Fluttershy then walked in and placed two plates on the table one for him and one for her. He took off his gas mask and looked at what was on the plate and sighed. The plate had waffles with hay on it. He brushed away the hay and started eating the waffles. After he finished he put on his gas mask. “Why do you keep wearing that? The air is perfectly clean here.”

“It’s more than a gas mask it is made out of a strong metal alloy that can protect me against everything from explosions to flashbangs. And besides I am just not comfortable without it.” He got up and headed for the door. “Thanks for breakfast.”

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“To set up defensive measures around the perimeter.” He said which confused her. Ezra exited the cottage and walked about fifteen feet from the door and placed a camera spike inside some bushes and programmed it. He then walked towards town.

The ponies of Ponyville didn’t run from him this time. They just minded their own business some even said hello. But there were still some that gave him nervous looks. He walked through the town to Sugercube corner. He started to set up the hidden camera in a nearly by tree. When he was almost done he was interrupted. “Hi Ezy weasy.” He looked around in shock and saw Pinkie Pie standing upside down on top of a tree branch. Goodbye sanity. He muttered a hello and kept working. “What are you doing?” She asked.

Trying to keep my sanity despite you breaking every single rule of physics. “I’m arming camera spikes, so if you or any of the elements are in danger I would know.” He answered.

“Okie dokie lokie.” She did a backflip and landed on the ground and started to walk away. She then stopped and started doing a bunch of weird random movements. “Oh no. Oh no. Do you know what this means!?!” She answered with panic in her voice.

“Now you have to go to two different kinds of hospitals?” Ezra answered.

She shook her head. “No silly. My Pinkie Sense is saying something very scary is going to happen soon.” She said. Pinkie Sense? Is that even a thing? “Of course it’s a thing! The writers added it in ‘Feeling that Pinkie Keen’. ” She said. Did she just read my mind? Yes she did! What the fuck? “Well bye, see you at the hospital soon.” She then threw a flashbang down on the ground and disappeared in the flash.

Ezra’s right eye twitched. Where did she get a flashbang from? And what hospital? He sighed and tried his hardest to convince himself he just imagined that. Ezra then headed then toward the library. When he arrived he placed the camera across the street facing the door. He then checked the feed of all the cameras on his WMC. As he was doing this he didn’t notice Twilight trotting up to him.

“Hello Ezra what brings you here?” He almost reached for his pistol but stopped himself.

“Just setting up some cameras so I can see if anything is wrong without actually being here.” He answered.

“Do have a minute because I want to ask you some questions about your world.” He sighed.

“That’s not a good idea. I don’t want to scare you like I did on the train.”

“Please?” She said with puppy eyes. He sighed.

“Fine but whatever happens… What the hell is that thing?” He pointed to something behind her. As she turned around he cloaked and walked away chuckling. All of a sudden a net was tossed on him causing him to decloak. He turned around in shock and saw a certain minty unicorn. Aw shit. Lyra.

“I finally got you.” She said. He cut the net using his combat knife and stood over her. Lyra’s eyes widened. He then picked her up by the neck and lifted her so she could see her reflection in his gas mask.

“This is you’re first and last warning. Either you leave me alone or I would kill you.” He said in a threatening voice. He then dropped her and she backed away in fear. Then something happened that he didn’t expect she started to cry. This caused nearby ponies to look and whisper to each other. He muttered something under his breath and started to walk away.

“W-wait please.” Said Lyra. Ezra started to reach for his G-W21. “I’m sorry.” What? “I-its just my whole life I been looking for your kind.” He turned around and looked at her. “I had a vision when I was little that told me about humans and that one day one would come to Equestria and save it. I tried to tell everypony this but they laughed at me and called me crazy. But I knew that you really did exist despite what everypony said. I’m sorry its just I wanted to prove them all right. That is why I acted the way I did when you first came to Ponyville.”

“Bullshit!” He said. “Then tell me why you said you wanted to do all those things to me at the party last night?” He asked.

“Well…” She looked at the ground. “I was… kind of drunk.” She looked ashamed. Well I’ve heard Gavin say MUCH creeper stuff when he was drunk before but it was never about me.

“I forgive you.” He said her eyes popped up and she looked at him.

“Why?” She asked confused.

“I used to have a friend was a total sex addicted asshole so I heard stuff like that before but it was never directed at me. But never say anything like that again! Got it?” She nodded. “And stop trying to capture me if you want something just fucking ask!” Ezra then walked away deep in thought. She knew about humans for a long time from a vision.

“Wait up!” Shouted Lyra. He sighed as she trotted up to him. “You dropped this.” She showed him her hoof, which had his combat knife he took it from her.

“Thanks.” He said softly and started to walk away.

“By the way what’s your name?” She asked.

“Ezra Allen Smith ID#125-23-3690 but you can just call me Ezra.” He answered as he walked away.

“Ezra.” She repeated the strange name.

“What does it mean?” She asked him.

“Survival.” He said then he cloaked.

In the forest a lone timberwolf was enjoying its kill. It’s wooden teeth ripped in to the flesh of its kill. It raised its head. It smelled something strange, something that smelt of death and blood. This confused the timberwolf, it has been around for a long time and never smelled anything like this. This made it curious. Then it heard a loud roar coming from close by. It let out a roar of its own saying that this was its hunting ground. It sniffed the air and found the strange scent was moving toward it fast. The timberwolf readied itself for a fight. Then a creature busted through the tree line. The timberwolf stared at shock at this new creature it has never seen anything like it before. The creature roared and for the first time in its life the timberwolf was afraid. The creature then tackled the timberwolf easily tearing it apart with its claws. Then the creature sniffed the air trying to find more prey. Then with unholy speed it dashed towards it.

“So this must be the Carousel Boutique.” Ezra said to himself while looking at the strange looking fashion store. I got to remember to thank that weird brown Earth Pony with the strange accent for giving me directions. Or maybe I should just report him for medical fraud. Doctor my ass. He set up his deployable camera by some trashcans and started to program it.

“Aw hello Ezra. What brings you to my trashcans?” He turned around to see Rarity.

“I’m setting up some equipment to help me protect you.” He answered.

“Ezra I have to ask is that all the clothes you have with you?” She asked. Armor not clothes!

“Yes.” He answered.

“Do you have a minute because I can make you some new attire.” She said.

“No thanks, I don’t need any civvies.” Said Ezra.

“Don’t need! You just said that is all you have. Celestia forbid if you went to a formal party like that.”

“Well I’m not planning to go anywhere fancy anytime soon.” And if I was I would attend as an assassin.

“You never know, so it’s a good idea to keep a nice suit ready.” She’s not going to take no for an answer is she. He sighed.

“Fine I’ll let you make me a suit.” She beamed. “But nothing too fancy.” As soon as Ezra finished he was rushed inside and pushed onto a measuring stand.

“Now take off your armor so we can start.” She said. Ezra then took off his armor so all that remained was his black undershirt and shorts, which she frowned upon. She then used her magic to grab some measuring tape and started to measure him. “It will be a challenge to make a suit for a biped, but I do enjoy a challenge in fashion. You seem to like wearing clothes all the time, I’ll assume that your species always wear clothes. What is fashion like where you’re from?” She asked, he shrugged causing her to sigh.

“So how long is this going to take?” He asked.

“Well the measuring should take about two hours and making the suit should take maybe another two hours.” Four hours of shit! No way. He tried to moved but found he couldn’t. “You don’t need to worry about moving I casted a spell to stop that so I can get correct measurements.” You got to be fucking kidding me! Ezra tried to struggle but couldn’t move his body. What I would give for some knock out gas right now. He closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep, which was hard because of her constant talking. Soon he mangled to fall asleep.

“Ezra wake up!” He opened his eyes he was on a couch. He stretched and yawned. “Are you ok?” Asked Rarity.

“Yeah I’m fine.” He got up and looked around. “Where’s my armor?” He asked.

“In the other room but I think…” Ezra walked into the other room and saw his armor lying on a table. He then put it on. As he was putting own his gas mask Rarity walked in.

“I’ll deliver the suit to you later. Tell me if anything is wrong with it.”

“I’ll pay you back as soon as Princess Celestia sends me my pay.”

She shook her head. “No you don’t need to pay a bit. Consider it a gift and thanks for saving my sister.”

“Umm… thanks. Hey do you know where Rainbow Dash’s and Applejack’s houses are because I need to set up some cameras.”

“Applejack lives about thirty minutes away to the left and you should see Rainbow’s house along the way just look up.” Up?

“Umm… thanks again.” Ezra then exited the Carousel Boutique and headed for Applejack’s house. About ten minutes later he came to a mailbox that had Rainbow Dash written on it. He looked around for a house but couldn’t find any. Then he remembered what Rarity said and looked up. His eye twitched from all the laws of physics being broken. There was a house made up of clouds in the sky. He stared at it in shock for about a minute. Then set down a camera and angled it to look at the cloud house. He then continued on to Applejack’s house, which was easy to find.

Ezra was speechless at what was in front of him. There were hundreds of healthy apple trees in rows in front of him. He then looked around, up ahead was a barn which he guessed was his destination. He then walked toward it, and saw Applejack kicking a tree with her hind legs. After she kicked it apples fell off of it into baskets on the ground. Well guess beats picking them one by one. He then walked up to her.

“Hello.” He said which startled her slightly.

“Ezra what are ya doin’ here?” She asked. What no hello?

“My job.” He said with no emotion. He then walked up to a random tree and started to place and program a camera spike.

“What are ya doin’ to mah tree?” She said with distrust in her voice.

“Relax.” He said while still setting up the camera. “I’m just deploying a remote camera. Your tree is just where I’m setting it up.” He then checked the feed from all his cameras on his WMC. Each had a clear picture. He tuned to face her. “Nice farm you have.”

“Well me an’ mah family try our best.” She said proudly. Family. He sighed sadly. “Somethin’ the matter?” She asked.

“Its personal.” He answered.

“Yar parents died?” He nodded.

“How did you know?” He asked.

“In Canterlot when Rarity asked what yar parents would say about yar drinking ya winced.” He nodded. “We have somethin’ in common mah are dead too.” She said sadly. “They died when Ah was young, killed in a farm accident. After they d-died Ah couldn’t take it anymore and went ta live in Manehattan.”

“Eaten alive.” He said. She looked at him in shock. “Mutants somehow go into the city.” He said with no emotion.

“T-thats horrible!”

“Yeah it wasn’t a pretty sight.” Said Ezra.

“Ya mean ya saw it happen!?!” She said in shock.


“Ah’m sorry.” She said sadly.

“Its fine. All it really did was give me a purpose.”

“A purpose?” She asked.

“To prevent that from happening to anyone else. That is why I joined the army.” He said.

“But yar so young!”

“Then what do you think I should have done?” He asked.

“Well ya could of…”

“Aw fuck trouble!” He said while looking at his WMC.

“What do ya mean?” She asked. He showed her the camera feed on his WMC. She saw Sugercube Corner but it didn’t look right ponies were running around screaming. “What’s going on?” she asked him.

“I don’t know but I am going to find out.” He then ran toward the town.

Ponyville could be described as peaceful and calm. With friendly faces everywhere. The ideal place to live, but not today. Ponies were running around screaming at the tops of their lungs. Some were trying to hide under anything they could find. Ezra looked around at the chaos. A random pony ran up to him.

“Repent! Repent! The end is nigh!” He screamed then tried to hide under a cardboard box. He sighed and moved through the town. Ponies were hiding everywhere. He walked up to one of them.

“What’s going on here?” He demanded.

“T-there’s something new and scary that came to town.” She said weakly. He facepalmed. You got to be fucking kidding me!

He sighed. “What does it look like?” he asked.

“I-it was big and scary and smelled very bad.” She said. Once again he facepalmed.

“And what was it doing?” He asked.

“W-well its destroying the market and trying to eat anything it sees!” Now that’s more like it.

“Where is it?” he asked.

“I think its still by the market.” He thanked her and made his way to the market. Probably just an animal from the forest or something. This show be easy just a headshot and down it goes. But Fluttershy is going to bitch about it. Ezra then made his way to the market and saw what everypony was scared of. When he got there he was expecting just a wild animal not that. AW FUCK!!! BRUTE!!!

The Brute turned to look at him. Brutes are the fifth deadliest kind of mutant in the world. Brutes look like a cross between a human and a lizard. They are covered in pale green scaly skin. They stands roughly seven feet tall with a long lizard like tail and stands on their clawed hind legs. They have huge strong arms and at the tip of their hands are sharp claws that can rip through flesh and bone. Their heads look like a misshaped lizard’s head with pure black eyes. In their mouth are four rows of sharp meat eating teeth. Their scaled skin is resistant against bullets. On top of all of that, Brutes carry a deadly virus that you can get if scratched by one. It is said if you don’t have at least seven armed and well-trained soldiers with you when you go up against a Brute your going to get killed.

WHAT THE FUCK IS A BRUTE DOING HERE!?! He stared at shock at the deadly mutant. I am so fucked.Then Ezra looked at the Brute more closely and saw something strange. The Brute’s eyes were glowing red not the normal black color. The Brute then let out a pants wetting roar. AW SHIT! Ezra pulled out his M516B and fired some shots at its neck and head. The bullets barley phased it making Ezra take cover behind a broken market stand. He then popped up and fired a few more shots. Where the bullets hit the mutant a black mist appeared and started to heal it. OH COME ON! He thought. Then the Brute started to charge his cover. Ezra quickly retreated as the Brute smashed his former cover using its tail. Ezra hid behind an overturn cart and fired some more shots at it.

The black mist once again started to heal its wounds. Well I’m boned. The Brute then again charged. Ezra then removed one of his explosive throwing knifes and armed it. He then ran out from behind the cart and threw the knife. Which embedded itself in the mutant’s chest. Then it exploded. Ezra was knocked off his feet from the shockwave of it, when he got up he saw that the Brute was bleeding but at the same time the black mist was healing it. He then shot the already wounded chest with his M516B. The Brute roared in pain while trying to block the bullets with its arms. Ezra then pulled out another explosive throwing knife and prepared to throw it.

“STOP!” He turned around to see Fluttershy. “You’re hurting it!” She shouted. Oh really? I thought I was helping it.

“That’s the idea.” He said. Ezra then pulled his right arm back to throw the knife but was stopped by Fluttershy.

“It’s just scared. You don’t need to kill it.” She said. Yes I do!

“That is a Brute a deadly kind of mutant. That is not an animal it is a mindless murdering beast that is driven by instinct and fury.” He replied while looking at the almost completely healed mutant. He looked back at Fluttershy to see that she was gone. Oh shit where did she go! He looked around for her and his blood froze. She was walking up to the now healed Brute. “GET BACK FLUTTERSHY! IT’S JUST GOING TO KILL YOU!”

The Brute noticed her and growled while readying to attack. Then it ran toward her. “NO!” Screamed Ezra. He aimed his M516B at its neck but then heard the sound that every soldier feared. The sound of a jammed gun. “FUCK!” He then pulled out his pistol but saw Fluttershy was in the way. The just as the Brute was about to reach her she opened her wings and stood firm. The Brute was unfazed by this and prepared to slash her with its claws. She was so frozen with fear she couldn’t completely dodge its claw. She let out a painful scream.

Get away from her you BITCH!” He yelled and charged the Brute. It roared and ran at him. He rolled to the right as the last second causing the mutant to shoot past him. Ezra then ran and jumped onto its back and pulled out his combat knife. The Brute then used its claws to slash him causing Ezra to grunt in pain. He then took his knife and stabbed it in the mutant’s left eye causing it to make a painful roar that could be heard in Canterlot (not really). It stopped trying to slash him and brought its claws to its bleeding eye. Ezra saw that the black mist appeared around its eye and was started to heal it. He then took out a brick of C4 and prepared to stick it on the mutant but was knocked off the Brute by its tail.

Ezra then pulled out and armed a flashbang and threw it on the ground. The mutant’s one good eye was blinded from the flash while Ezra thanks to his gas mask was immune. He then kicked the Brute’s right leg in the kneecap causing it to fall to the ground. The Brute then slashed with its claws randomly still blinded by the flashbang. He dodged the swipes and placed the brick of C4 right on the mutant’s neck. Ezra then ran away and hid behind a market stall.

The Brute roared and tried to stand up but paused when it saw Ezra. Ezra was leaning against a market stall with one finger almost touching his WMC. The Brute then felt the strange object on its neck. Then Ezra cleared his throat. “Tell the Devil I’m coming for him next!” He then blew the C4. The explosion nearly knocked him off his feet. He looked at the clearing smoke from the explosion and saw where the Brute used to be was black mist evaporating into the air. “Fifth deadliest my ass!” He said to himself. Then he heard a weak groan. Oh shit Fluttershy. He looked around for her and saw her in a small puddle of her own blood.

He ran toward her and checked her wounds and cursed under his breath. The Brute had made a deep cut in her left side by her wing. Blood was coming out of the wound. He then pulled out his Medical Kit and started to wipe away some of the blood. “E-ezra i-s that y-ou? …. You w-w-ere r-ight… that w-asn’t an an-imal… it wa-s a monster. I-i saw i-ts e-eyes th-those h-orr-ibble r-ed eyes…” (Ezra is that you? You were right that wasn’t an animal it was a monster. I saw its eyes those horrible red eyes)

“Try not to talk, save your strength.” He said while putting pressure in the wound. He then took out some medical wrap and tied it around her wound. Ezra then pulled out a needle from his Medical Kit. “This will sting a bit but it will help stop the bleeding.” She nodded. He then injected her with it, careful to give a lower dose than he normally would.

“You’re bleeding.” She said very weakly. Ezra looked at himself. The Brute managed to pierce a section of his armor on his back and he was bleeding.

“It’s just a graze.” He reassured her. He looked around at the market or what was left of it. There were overturned market stalls everywhere and there was a large crater where he blew up the C4. He then saw something blue heading his way very fast. Is that… It slammed into him and caused him to be thrown into a broken stall.

“What did you do to Fluttershy!” Yelled a voice he recognized as Rainbow Dash.

“Listen this isn’t what…” She slammed into him again. “I didn’t do this is was…”

“Liar!” she shouted and slammed into him again.

STOP!” Rainbow Dash and Ezra both turned to Fluttershy. “It wasn’t him it was that thing that did all of this.” She said weakly.

“What are you talking about?” Asked Rainbow Dash. But before Fluttershy could answer she fainted. Must be from the blood lost combined with the medicine.

“We need to take her to a hospital! Is there any in Ponyville?” Said Ezra.

“Umm… Yeah it’s on the other side of town.” She then reached to pick up Fluttershy.

“Wait! Any sudden movements could open the wound even more.” He said.

“Then what the hay are we going to do?” She asked. There use hay as a curse word really? He thought. He then walked over to a stall and ripped off a large flat piece of wood. He then set it down next to Fluttershy.

“We can use this as a stretcher, help me move her.”

“Wait I thought you said sudden movements were bad!” Said Rainbow Dash.

“Yes because they could worsen the wound, but stretchers are used to prevent that while transporting somo-pony. Now help me put her on this.” They lifted Fluttershy on the improvised stretcher and picked it up.

“Ok this way.” Said Rainbow Dash. There started the journey to the hospital in silence. “Hey Ezra?” She asked.

“What?” He replied.

“…I’m sorry for attacking you. … I just thought you were harming her.” She said quietly. He could tell her pride was making it hard to say she was sorry.

“It’s fine, I’m used to peo-ponies trying to kill me.” He said. Then he grunted in pain while almost letting go of the stretcher.

“Oh my gosh! Are you ok?” She asked.

“It’s nothing.” He said with a grunt. She looked at the blood dripping from his back.

“But you’re bleeding!” No shit Sherlock.

“You should worry about Fluttershy she’s got it worse than me.” He said while ignoring the pain. They continued walking to the hospital while Rainbow Dash kept giving him concerned glances. Fluttershy then let out a loud moan of pain.

“When I find whatever did this, I’m going to buck it to the sun!” Said Rainbow Dash angry.

“One that’s physically impossible…” Right? “And two I’ve already killed it.”

“Yeah right!” She said in disbelief. “Then where’s the body?”

“It turned into black mist when I blew the C4.” She then gave him a weird look. “The point is its dead.” He added.

“So what was it?” She asked.

“It was a Brute. A Brute is a very deadly type of mutant from my world. Don’t ask how it got here because I don’t know. Anyways Brutes are basically giant lizard man with sharp claws and like most mutants has a taste for living flesh. I was fighting it when Fluttershy came. She thought it was just a scared animal and despite my many failed attempts to stop her she approached it. As it charged her she opened her wings for some reason the Brute was unaffected and…”

“You mean the stare didn’t work!” Rainbow Dash said in shock. Stare?

“Anyways the Brute was unaffected and slashed her with one of his claws. I fought it some more and then placed explosives and blew it up killing it.” As he finished Fluttershy moaned again.

“Is she going to be ok?” Asked Rainbow Dash softly.

“The wound is deep and she lost a lot of blood, but it didn’t appear to pierce any organs. But still we need to get her to the hospital.”

“Lets hurry it’s just over there.” She pointed a hoof at a white building with the medical Red Cross on the front of it. They carried the makeshift stretcher through the hospital doors. The ponies in the waiting room were frightened by his appearance.

“We need a doctor here!” Yelled Ezra. Suddenly the doors at the end of the room opened and a bunch of ponies in medical coats came through running. Ezra would have laughed at how funny they look if it wasn’t so serious. They approached Fluttershy and lifted her to a stretcher bed and started taking down notes. “She got a large slash on her left, by her wing. It’s deep but I don’t think it pierced any organs. I put pressure on the wound and injected her with a low dose of XVC23.” The doctors looked at him with confusion. He sighed. “It slows down the body to decrease the loss of blood while acting as a painkiller.” He said getting some nods from them. They then pushed the cart through a pair of doors that said visitors not allowed.

“Ezra…” He turned around and saw Rainbow Dash holding back tears. “Is she going to be alright?” She asked weakly. What the fuck makes you think I know? He sat down in a chair and sighed.

“I don’t know… all we can do is wait.” He then picked up some nearby magazines and started to read the covers of them. The title on the cover of the first one said Foals and You. Ha me with kids that would be the day, and besides I think I’m sterile from radiation. The next one read How To Tell If Your Special Somepony Is a Changeling. He read the next one and laughed. It read Today’s Top Celebrity Breakups and Rumors. I guess wherever you go people or in this case ponies are still obsessed with celebrities. He opened it to and random page and laughed again. There was a picture of Princess Celestia having a romantic dinner with a piece of cake. He then looked at the last one it was more of a newspaper than a magazine. He turned to the top story and his eye twitched.

There was a picture of him in Canterlot in front of a large article. The title was Strange New Creature In Equestria. He then started to skim over the article. First spotted in Canterlot… Royal Guard escort… Elements of Harmony with it… Equestrian license to kill?... attended party in Ponyville… Staying with Element of Kindness. Any action going on unknown to us…

Ezra cursed under his breath. They just told the whole world where I’m living and what I’m doing. I HATE the media. Ezra than unstrapped his M516B and started to take it apart to fix the jam. When he was done he placed it back on its strap and walked up to the front desk.

“Are you aware of the condition of Fluttershy?” He asked the mare at the desk. She made a small yelp and spoke softly.

“Umm… I believe she is getting stitched and blood work done as we speak. I’m I don’t know when it will be done.” Ezra thanked her and walked over to now sleeping Rainbow Dash. He sat down and started fiddling nervously with his dogtags. All of a sudden he was on the ground in pain. Some nurses ran over to help him but he pushed them aside. Ezra got up and took off the top of his armor and his clothing showing his bare chest. He then checked his wounds on his back. There was two slash marks on the center of his back. The bleeding has stopped but in the area where he was slashed the skin was slightly discolored. The nurses were sickened at his wounds one spoke to him.

“Looks infected do…” He didn’t hear what the nurse said after he mentally slapped himself. Dumbass! That was a mutant they all carry viruses that cause death if not treated. He opened his Medical Kit looked around inside of it. Found it. Ezra then pulled out a needle and read the instructions on it. Use only for wounds infected by Type A mutants. Insert needle into the main point of injury. Can only be used on humans. He pulled out a bullet from his pistol and placed it in his mouth, he then bit down on it. The nurses understood what was about to happen. Ezra then stabbed the needle into his wounded back and let out a loud painful noise that woke up Rainbow Dash. Ezra then looked at his armor to see what got damaged. The outer layer was pierced in three places while the inner layer was only pierced in two. His undershirt was ripped in the back. Overall his armor now had a weak spot in the back and he doubted Equestria was advanced enough to have the equipment needed to repair it.

Ezra then put his armor back on. “What was all that about?” Asked a now awake Rainbow Dash.

“Brutes like most mutants carry toxins that can get into your system if scratched, I just injected myself with the antitoxin.” He said while cleaning his wound with some antibacterial wipes.

“Well better inject Fluttershy because she was scratched too.” She said. He froze.

“Aw fuck!” He screamed causing some ponies to give him an angry look. He then ran through the doors that they took Fluttershy through. He pushed aside doctors and nurses while looking for the wounded Pegasus. He saw her in a room surrounded by doctors.

“… never seen this kind of virus before!” Said one while reading some paper on a clipboard.

“If the infection rate continues she’s going to die!” Said another.

“We can’t do a thing this virus counteracts everything we’re giving her, all we’re doing is making it stronger!” Ezra ran into the room and pushed aside the doctors while looking at what used to be Fluttershy. She was plugged into many different machines. Her eyes were very red and sore, she was almost coughed every time she breathed. Her once yellow coat was now a pale green. I never seen it work this fast before. It normally takes days before you can see the effects. She turned to look at him, which he could tell was very painful to do.

“Ezra… make… it…stop…” She said just above a whisper. Ezra wasted no time and turned to the machines. He saw her heartbeat was slow and felt her forehead it was burning at what he guessed was over 100˚. He opened his Medical Kit again and pulled out another antitoxin. The doctors watched him with interest even though he wasn’t a doctor! He was about to inject Fluttershy in her slash wound but then stopped and taught the doctors a bunch on new words.

“What’s wrong?” Asked what he guessed was the lead doctor a blue pony wearing a lab coat with a cutie mark of a Band-Aid.

Ezra held up the needle. “This is the cure for the virus she got infected with…” He sighed. “But it only works for my species if I give it to her there’s a good chance she will die.”

“We can get it to the lab and adjust it to work on ponies.” Said the head doctor. Ezra looked at Fluttershy and nodded. He then followed the doctors to the lab. But Ezra knew it was pointless. I’m sorry Fluttershy…

I am so going to get hate mail from the Fluttershy fans. Anyways I have to say (write) something. I wouldn't be able to update the story as fast as I used to (this chapter as an example). Mainly because of finals and other things, but fear not I work on writing the next chapter every day (expect weekends) and on avenge add about 500-1000 words per day. If your wondering what Ezra's full armor looks like and are too lazy to imagine it based on the description in the first chapter. BF3 Russian Engineer + SAS uniform + Skyrim Nightingale armor + futuristic look. PS. why I'm writing the Author's Notes here, for some reason they won't show in the normal spot so I had to write them below the text.