Alice & Syrin's Excellent Adventure

by SyrinKitty


It was a dark and stormy night in Manehattan, and the bright, fluorescent lights hit the hard pavement providing tiny shelters of light from the dark clouds above. The rain had not yet started, but it was soon to come. Thunder could be heard in the distance and the vague flashes of lightning could also be seen. This was going to be a big one, just like the Cloudsdale Weather Service had scheduled, and pony denizens of the city were all making haste to return home before the storm began in earnest.

“WAAHH!” yelled a young, orange-maned unicorn colt from the back a dark alleyway. “Don’t hurt me! I don’t have anything worth stealing! I swear!”

“Oh yes you do! Hand over the book! There’ll be no excuses this time!” retorted a white-maned mare. “You have it! You said as such!”

“B-b-but it’s a priceless family heirloom! I can’t just hand it over!”

“We’ll see about that!” exclaimed the mare with a wide grin on her face. She began moving towards him, her horn lighting up, as the colt pressed himself further into the dark alleyway. The colt shivered and darted his eyes around, attempting in vain to locate an exit. The white-maned mare approached closer and closer, beginning to invade his personal space bit by bit, and at that moment, he knew all was lost, and just placed his hooves over his head defensively. The mare opened his bag and quickly took out a book, lined with silver and trimmed with jade stones. She looked it over with a sense of pride, flipping through random pages before finally closing it and placing it into her bags. A wide, pleased grin creeped across her face.

“Excellent! With this, revenge against that arrogant, violet villain will finally be within reach! MWAHAHA--”

“Hey! Is there a problem here?” said a voice from the entrance of the alleyway, cutting off the mare’s victory laugh. The white-maned mare whipped her head around and stared into the bright lights of the lamp posts. She could vaguely see the outline of a mare wearing a hat silhouetted against the connecting street.

“YES! HELP! SHE’S MUGGING ME!” shouted the colt, still cowering in the corner.

“Hmpf! Well that wont do!” said the voice, which sounded very distinctly as if it were coming from a mare. The black rainclouds that had hovered over the city finally began their torrential downpour, and the pair of mares reflexively cast their own water-repellent spells to keep themselves dry. It was clear, at this point, that it was a unicorn mare at the entrance of the alley as well.

“Back off! This prize doesn’t belong to you!” retorted the white-maned mare, gritting her teeth aggressively. “Find your own ultra-rare book full of powerful magical spells, wench!”

“I could say the same to you!” called the mare in a determined voice. “Unhand that book and let go of that poor colt at once!”

The white-maned mare grimaced and began to charge a spell, her horn glowing brighter as she began galloping towards the other mare. “You will learn a lesson today! A lesson to never mess with the Great and Power--”

“Do it!” yelled the other mare.



“WAAHH! Don’t hurt me! I don’t have anything worth stealing! I-- … huh?” The colt slowly opened his eyes and stood up, intensely confused. “W-wait... didn’t I just say that a minute ago?”

The white-maned mare blinked with a dumbfounded expression. She was now standing in front of the young colt again, right at the moment she was to take the book. The rain, too, had completely ceased, and not so much as a droplet of water was on the ground. She quickly whipped her head around and looked back at the entrance. The unicorn mare was still there at the entrance, giggling. “W-what did you do?! A time reversal spell?! How do you know such magic?!” demanded the white-maned mare.

“Why don’t you come over here so we can talk about it?”

“Enough talk! Have at you!” said the white-maned mare, quickly galloping towards the unwelcome intruder once more, charging up her spell.

A light could be seen glowing from the other unicorn’s horn as she formed a counter-spell. The white-maned mare continued to gallop, undeterred, yelling as she approached closer and closer. Without warning, the white-maned mare could see a giant wall of white, blinding light appear in front of her, causing her to stumble and attempt to slow down in vain. Her eyes widened as she slammed into it with full force, feeling a warm sensation cover her entire body, becoming temporarily blinded as it shrouded her. She skidded on her hooves before toppling over and landing chin-first against the pavement. She winced reflexively - oddly, feeling no pain from her abrupt stop - attempting to bring herself to her hooves, and tried to collect herself. Within seconds she remembered the other mare who had just attacked her, and her eyes grew wide. She looked up, the figure of her assailant standing over her, and fear she had never known in her entire life suddenly and viciously penetrated her mind and heart.

“P-please!” she pleaded, huddling against the pavement, her hooves reflexively extending above her head to stop the impending blow. “Trixie surrenders! Please do not harm her! You are superior to her, Trixie swears it!”

“Oh silly,” the figure replied happily, “I’m not going to hurt you, I promise...”

Trixie slowly opened her eyes, being met with a pair of brilliant violet orbs staring into her soul. The intense shades violet seemed to shift in her vision, easily distracting her from the fear she was feeling and causing her to lower her hooves. The other mare smiled, as did the little black kitten atop her head. Trixie instantly felt the adrenaline and anxiety leave her, and a gentle, uncanny calmness overtake her thoughts. “A-a kitten...?” asked Trixie quietly, staring up at the top of the mare’s head.

“Oh, right,” began the other mare, pointing a hoof to the top of her head. “This is my best friend. We travel together. You said your name was Trixie, right?”

“Y-yes...” replied Trixie, unsure as to why she was not angry or fearful, or why she wasn’t quickly counter-attacking. Those thoughts seemed almost alien to her. They didn’t matter anymore. “I... I am known as Trixie.”

“Now Trixie,” began the violet-eyed mare, in a chiding, but equally sympathetic tone. “Thievery hurts other pony’s feelings! You know how bad it feels to have things taken away from you, don’t you?”

“Y-yes!” replied Trixie enthusiastically as she lurched forward. “Trixie lost everything she’d had in the whole wide world! T-Trixie needed... the book... t-to do that, so she could...” Trixie lowered her gaze. “... so she could get r-revenge on the ponies who allowed it to happen. B-but it wasn’t even their fault... Trixie even h-hurt them, too... T-Trixie just couldn’t stand losing everything...!” Trixie began crying softly. She had no idea why she was being so open to a complete stranger, especially one who had so deftly defeated and disgraced her, but at that particular moment she didn’t pay any attention to it. The pain of losing her priceless possessions, some of them even family heirlooms, was finally being let out, and that was all that mattered to her at that moment.

“Oh, sweetie,” said the other mare with a tinge of sadness. “Revenge will only make you feel even worse, you silly filly.” The other mare sat down, slowly and softly beginning to stroke Trixie’s silver mane as the rain began to pour down around them. The violet-eyed mare quickly cast a spell to protect them from the rain, and continued.

“W-what should Trixie do?” asked Trixie.

“Well... why don’t you go and apologize to them, and try to make things right?” replied the mare, smiling brightly. “And after that, you can rebuild all that you’ve lost, and start fresh, with brand new possibilities. You can rebuild everything you’ve lost, and even make some friends. Doesn’t that sound good?”

Trixie sobbed softly, continuing to look into the other mares eyes. It did sound good to her. It sounded wonderful to her. She had never considered it a possibility up until then, but looking into those eyes, she could see that anything was possible. The feelings of pain began to be replaced, slowly at first, with the feelings of happiness, and she began smiling. “R-right... y-you’re right! T-Trixie will do this... Trixie must do this! Trixie promises to do this!” Trixie wrapped her hooves around the mares neck, hugging her close. “You’ve opened Trixie’s eyes and heart! Thank you so, so much!”

“Oh, it’s alright. I’m just glad I could help you,” replied the mare, standing up, hugging Trixie as well.

“I-Is there anything Trixie can do to repay you? A-Anything at all?” asked Trixie, smiling through her tears as she held the other mare close to her.

“Well~,” began the mare, coyly gazing into Trixie’s eyes, “there is one thing you could do for me...”

“Yes! What is it?!”

“I don’t wanna make you, you know, if you’re not comfortable with that sorta thing...”

“Anything!” insisted Trixie, lurching forward until she was practically nose-to-nose with the other mare. The other mare smiled warmly and raised a hoof, gently pushing Trixie’s disheveled hair behind her ear. Trixie’s eyes went wide and her lips quivered, a deep blush forming on her cheeks, understanding what the other mare meant now just from that single action. Trixie breathed deeply, and closed her eyes, silently consenting. The other mare smiled and leaned in, kissing Trixie gently on the lips and gently caressing her cheek with a hoof. Trixie enjoyed the sensations, her heart fluttering and her cheeks bright red from equal parts embarrassment and happiness as she tasted the other mare on her tongue. The other mare lingered for a moment, before tenderly breaking off. Trixie slowly opened her eyes and gazed into the other mares eyes, and the pair of them smiled. Trixie had never felt so happy in her entire life. She had never thought she’d like mares in that way, but she couldn’t deny that it had felt almost too good.

“Now, you be a good filly and go do what you promised me, okay?” said the mare finally. The little black kitty on her head had a distinctly amused and pleased look on her face.

“O-o-of course...” said Trixie, a her face still bright red. “OF COURSE! TRIXIE WILL DO THAT RIGHT NOW!” Trixie got to her hooves with an intensely wide smile on her face. “Thank you so much! Trixie hopes to meet you again some day! Goodbye!” Trixie immediately ran off into the stormy night, not even bothering to cast a water-repellent spell on herself, and galloped as fast as she could until she was clearly out of sight around the street corner.

“Another satisfied customer!” said the mare triumphantly, smiling as Trixie left her sight.

“Me~ow!” replied the kitten.

“W-what d-did you do to her...?” asked the colt, a mildly horrified expression on his face as he approached slowly and cautiously out from the alley.

“Oh, nothing!” replied the mare, smiling brightly and giggling. “I just reminded her what being happy felt like! You stay out of dark alleys now, okay?”

“O-okay, I’ll just take your word for it. A-and I’ll stay out of trouble!” replied the colt with an intensely nervous grin. The mare just smiled and began trotting off, causing the colt to scramble and cast his own ‘umbrella’ spell as he left the safety of hers. “... o-oh, and what’s your name?!”

The mare turned and giggled, the light of the street lamp above her reflecting off of her bright red mane and onto her shiny white coat in what appeared to be a subtle rainbow pattern as she flipped her hair back. The light hit the eyes of the young colt, causing him to gasp in amazement. “Oh, me? My name’s Alice Dee! And this is Syrin von Kitters, a time traveller!”

“Meow!” said the kitty on top of her head, waving her paw.

Alice stood on her hind legs and folded her forehooves, as Syrin stood on her hind-paws and folded her forelegs proudly atop of Alice’s head. They struck a dramatic pose, the light against their backs forming a perfect silhouette against the black, stormy night. “And together, we save ponies from the dangers of Equestria through peace, love, unity and respect!”

“Meow meow!” continued Syrin.

“Oh, right - and responsibility! Keep forgetting about that one...”

“H-hah...” said the colt, lowering his head. He didn’t understand it. He really didn’t want to, either. “Um... t-thank you...” He just slowly turned away and began walking down the damp street, trying to get away as quickly as possible.

“… say,” began Alice, causing the colt to tense up again and stop in his tracks. “You know any good raves around here?”