Two gamers one world

by moonsaber56

Chapter: 8 OMG What is happening

Authors note: Thanks to MonsterAddict for helping me he is awesome.

" I am alive yes!!!!!" i wake up and soon said those words. "Eat that death uh huh who is the master uh!!" After celebrating for a while i look around the room and spot another of the machines with the words.
"Kill streak? Should get the others maybe they found it. Shining Celly get your butts over here!"
They come having pretty annoyed faces so i explain to them what i found and i am the first to talk.
"So who is gonna get in?" All hooves point to shining he responds with the dumb look. We explain to him that he is a ex military officer so he should go in he agrees and nervously steps to the plate.
I look at the chamber and recognize that the perks from call of duty are there he picks one of the class sets the mercenary class has a sub machine gun and the flak jacket providing explosive defense and bullet protection and the next perk in the class set is the toughness which provides less recoil from weapons and easier to run around for him the last is a tactical mask which provides better protection against flash grenades and concussion grenades.
When shining does get out a mirror is provided and he looks like one of the spec ops in call of duty.
"What did you do to me!! What happened to me!" He comes out and try's to walk on two legs but fails and instead of trying to stand again he just lean's on the wall and he starts to sob lightly. I man up and get in hopefully I will be human like shining. I pick the specialist class and starts to get in the chamber again the chamber closes and again the metal claws make another of the flak jacket and a needle starts to go in my arm. Well ow! Eventually the needle retracts and in the chamber pieces of equipment probably meant for desert warfare pop up from the selection. After a lot of struggling I manage to put on the armor and equip the rifle it showed me and pack the pistol crossbow in my holster I manage to get out as a mirror pops up showing me as a rifleman.
"Not bad pretty cool. Evol get in and celly man the station i think theirs more to it than........this". I point to myself "but first things first shining prepare to learn to walk and run like a boss! Also your a human so prepare to walk on two legs!."
After a while of showing shining the basic steps on walking on two limbs he gets the hang of it. I manage to count the equipment we have
Shining has Toughnessperk a tactical mask and for armor a heavy flak jacket. I have the perks dexterityand extreme conditioning and fast hands and the chamber gave me Light equipment and for fire arms a shotgun and a mini crossbow with racks of bolts tracker bolts explosive bolts and the normal bolts. Evol is a scout recon class with a sniper rifle and he has a sensor grenadehis first perk is hard linehis next perk is Hard wired and the last perk is Awarness.
After looking around I notice one thing i can see shining name on top of his head and i have a little laptop thing on my wrist which shows all of our health.
"Okay guys lets go look outside maybe we can get some fresh air." When we get outside there are two things waiting for us one the icons of the modern warfare 3 survival mode icons and the start of the first wave of whatr will be the fight to stay alive.
"Oh my god get to cover now!" As we all dive to cover I somehow manage to overshot it and land in the trajectory in another grenade."Well cra- "*loud bang* Luckily it was a flash bang and all my hearing turns to a loud beep and my vision is pure white I manage to get on my legs and the flash bang effects reduce to a low beep in my ears I grab the fire arm that i dropped during the bang from the grenade and aim it at the thrower.
Hope this works and sorry. *BANG* while shining and evol manage to kill the remaining of the invaders we notice one thing.

(Shining and moon and evol are gonna talk in head phones so here is a guide to how there gonna talk.
_ equals shining talking
- Equals evol talking
+ equals me talking
^ equals celly or Celestia talking.....just so you know, now with the story!!!)

+ "You notice something guys? There all humans you know what that means get everybody out of pony ville!"
-"Dude what if they think were the bad guys but i am gonna check the town out wait here"
After we wait a little bit i check the ammo we have and surprise surprise we only have around 3 mags each but my crossbow does have 3 racks of ammo 10 for each rack, and tinkering with the glove I got on my right hand it fits it and its a wrist crossbow i load the sleeper bolts in and slip the sleeve of the camo armor i am wearing over it. For emergency's and close encounters I tell myself. While shining fiddles with the gun hes got and make sure hes got that tactical mask on the right way.
- "Okay guys coast is clear.....SHIT I need you guys here theirs a guy with huge armor i can't take him..*Beeeep*!"
+ "Shit shining let go to pony ville evol is in danger, celly you there honey, Celly can you hear me!"
^ "Yeah i can hear you do you need something?"
+ "Yeah were gonna need some backup is there like a button or something there that can help us?" I manage to answer while running as it turns out its hard to talk in 50 pounds of gear.
^ "Give me a sec,yeah theirs something I am sending you guys some help, just look out for timber wolves there gonna help you."
We finally manage to make it and i look back at shining and he is having trouble with the thing pony's do pant.
"Dude can you wait a minute i need to take a rest" he says while surprisingly staying up and not collapsing to the floor from his armor and heavy mask and his perks weighing him down.
"No way evol is in trouble we gotta go shining let go you slowpoke!" I sprint in the direction towards ponyville and the perks come in effect and It feels a lot more easier sprinting than running in the 60 pounds of armor i got weighing me.
Eventually on the way from the cave we meet the queen of the changeling's and shining turns into royal guard mode and grabs the queen and shakes her hard while he repeats the same words "Did you do it tell me!"as when he is done shaking her he eyes go into swirly mode and she tells us she didn't do anything.
"Go ahead moon i am gonna get back to the cave so we can talk to her later to see what happened." shining runs back to the cave with the changeling in a fake choke hold so if she attempts to escape he will choke her until she is knocked out and bring her to the cave to be interrogated.
Hem I hope evol is ok hope that mother fucker ain't dead or shot. I run in the direction of ponyville and come across evol guarding a hospital that is under fire and i notice from the look of his face he is running low on ammo.
Might as well try those new bolts i got in the crossbow I load the crossbow with normal bolts and reload the magazine i got on the firearm i got with me and aim for the necks i shoot one pull the next bolt in and repeat the process, after a little bit of hestitation a small squad try's to flank me so i pull the grenade on one of the pins and throw it i hear the explosion and aginoizong screams for death and pain and for help of medic's soon a small 3 man squad of medics come i decide not to fire but they reveal weapons i duck to a destroyed wood wall and i grab a rod from the capsule and press a button and throw it to them it shocks them so i grab the rifle and shoot them in the chests.
Hope this works tomahawk!! I take the tomahawk out of the holster i got with me and throw it lands in a guys head thankfully, my mind try's to make me worry about it but i reason with he was attacking us eventually after a lot of firing and ducking from cover to cover and throwing grenades we manage to secure the pony's in the building and a pony said the elements were coming and left in pursuit of canterlot .
^ "Guys timber wolves coming hold your plots here they come."
When she did say those words it said attack wolves inbound friendly and it said that i called it in when the wolves come they look like rabid wolves, but with wood instead of fur and meat. They take down most of the enemies and left the remaining ones retreat into a apartment building. That is when the elements come they mistake us for the attackers and shoot me and evol when we aren't looking instead of intense pain it just makes me vomit.
"Son of a bitc-*painful vomiting* " I vomit what ever lunch ( and a bit of blood) i got while the elements have a surprised face me and evol manage to point a finger at the apartment building which they proceed to go and cast the thing again only it manages to blow the building they cast it again on the people inside it and they proceed to vomit their eyes out.
After recovering from the vomiting the people who are still vomting stop and throw a grenade at us my first reaction is to throw it back where it takes some of them out."Cmon evol lets finish the job" I pull out the shotgun and fire the rest of my ammo i got into each of their chests while evol pulls out his pistol and knocks each of their heads off. After that we walk back to the cave bringing emptied out guns and two annoyed humans (that's me and evol) that want to sleep in the cave for a little bit.


“SPLAT!” 101, “CRUNCH” 102. “Oh man this never gets old!” “SPLAT! 103. They just stood around groaning and standing around. As if they wanted to get run over. This wasn’t fun, this wasn’t sport, it was too easy. There isn’t any challenge in this. Heck he didn’t even need his fully loaded, fully automatic classic M16 he kept as a passenger, lovingly seat belted and gleaming bright with tender loving care, to the seat next to him. It looked so… lonely there… but no… it was a waste of her bullets. “CRACK” 103. The stallion sighed and reached to the back seat for a cold beer, his eyes still trained and focused on the way ahead of him. His other hoof driving the car with a high amount of skill only a gentle colt living by the road could acquire.
His clothes were that of status. A beaten and torn suit, the color blue, faded with time and now a pale blue, with pin stripes on. His Shoes just ordinary trainers. He was drenched in dried and fresh blood. But not his own, of course. His hair was an organized mess, styled carefully with the best of wax. I mean heck, if you’re going to go surviving an apocalypse, you gotta do it in style! But now, this whole thing… it was getting old. He never thought that would be possible. But this was boring now. He needed something new, something… interesting.