All The Right Notes

by 404error

Chapter 4 - Anniversary Pt. 1

Sorry about the late chapter. The weekend was hectic, and I didn’t have a chance to write it. And, like I said, had a huge brainfart on what to write, but anyways, here it is!

The blue colt walked very quietly through the empty Ponyville. It was only 8 in the morning, and most ponies were asleep, and Soarin’ thought it would be a great chance to get something that was extremely important.
He trotted over to the jewelers, and opened the door. There was only one pony in the store, and that was the owner.
The store owner smiled at the colt and warmly said, “Welcome to my shop. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.”
“Oh, actually I was wondering if I could get something custom made?”
“Sure thing. What would you like, ring, necklace?”
“Alright, and what would you like it to be?”
“Uh, I’ve drawn what it looks like.” Soarin’ handed him the drawing of the necklace.
“Alrighty then. I can have this done by either Friday or Saturday. “
“Sounds good!”
“Mmk, your total comes to about 20 bits. Being custom made and all, price will be a little higher.”
He placed the bits down on the counter,”It’s ok, I understand. Thanks a lot!”
“No problem at all!” And Soarin’ walked out of the door. He flew towards his house, in hopes on getting a nap before practice. He got inside his house, and before he could make it 2 steps up, he was intercepted by Spitfire.
“Oh, Spitfire, wasn’t expecting you to be up so early.”
“I could say the same thing about you. Why did you go into Ponyville?”
“What? No reason at all.”
She could see him starting to get red.
“C’mon. There’s a reason, and I want to know it.”
“You sure?” She nodded. “Positive?” She nodded again. “Ok, I’ll tell you, just come here.” She got closer and he whispered in her ear, “No. Reason.”
She pouted. “Fine, but I will find out. Just you wait.” He just rolled his eyes.
He walked up the stairs and plopped in his bed.
“Soarin’, wake up! We’ve got practice in 20 minutes!” Hearing this, Soarin’ shot out of bed so fast, he fell face first on the floor.
“Nice one. Anyway, get a quick shower and put your suit on.” He nodded.
Soarin’ took a very quick shower, and got in his suit. “Alright, let’s get going.” They walked outside and headed for practice. The fly there was pretty quiet. but when they almost got there Spitfire questioned him again for that morning.
“So... What were you doing this morning?”
He sighed. “Fine, if you really want to know, I was getting something.”
“Ooooh what?”
“Something. Look, were already here. Let’s get practicing!”
“Grr fine. But I will know!” He chuckled.
A couple hours into practice, Soarin’ really wanted to see Octavia. She was the only thing on his mind, and he almost messed up on some tricks. He was tempted to come up with an excuse to go see her, but decided against it. He was a part of the team and they needed him, so he went on through all of practice.
At the end of practice, he was the first to leave. He desperately needed a shower after a long practice, but he also wanted to see Octavia.
After he got his shower, he walked out of his house and headed towards Octavia’s house. On his way there, his stomach started to growl, so he went and got something to eat. He spotted a pie cart being wheeled in, and flew right towards it. His mouth was watering as he got closer to the cart.
“I’ll take one pie please!” He said with much excitement. The pony behind the cart nodded and handed him a pie. He grabbed the pie, and almost forgot to pay for it. He found an empty bench and sat down, enjoying his pie.
It didn’t take him long to finish the pie, and when he took the last bite, he smiled. He turned to his left and started walking towards Octavia’s house. He arrived, and knocked on her door, only for her to almost immediately open the door.
“Well that was fast.” They laughed together.
“Oh yes, I was going out for a bit to pick up somethings. Would you like to come along?”
“I’d love to.”
“Alright, let’s get going.”
They stopped by Rarity’s shop to pick up a shirt, they stopped by Sugarcube Corner to get something sweet, and they got to the jewelers. Soarin’ started panicking. He didn’t want her to find out about the necklace. He took a deep breath and walked in, seeing the store owner from that morning.
The owner noticed Soarin’ and smiled. “I know you. You came in earlier and orde-” He was cut off.
“Hey, uh could you not talk about that?”
“Sure thing, but why?” Soarin’ glanced back at Octavia who was looking at some bracelets, and didn’t notice them.
“You see, I ordered the necklace for her. Anniversary is coming up, and I wanted to surprise her with that.”
“Oh, ok gotcha.”
Soarin’ went back to Octavia’s side and saw what she was holding.
“Oh Soar look at this bracelet. Isn’t it beautiful?”
“Yeah, it is. But not as beautiful as you.” He kissed her on the cheek, and she blushed.
“Thanks Soar. I love you.”
“I love you too Via.”
Octavia walked up to the counter and placed the bracelet on it.
“Hi, yes, I’d like to buy this bracelet please.”
“Alright, that’ll be 15 bits.” Octavia had a distressed look on her face.
“Shoot, I only have 10 bits.” Soarin’ walked up and placed 5 bits on the counter.
“Nope, you have 15 now.” He chuckled.
“Oh, thanks Soar, you’re too kind.”
“No problem at all.”
They walked out of the jewelers, and Soarin’ took Octavia home. They stopped at her doorstep and they kissed.
“I had a lot of fun today Soar, thank you for coming.”
“Sure thing Via. I had fun too.”
“Well, I got things to do around the house, so I must get going.”
He chuckled. “Alright. See ya.”
“Good bye.”
Octavia went inside her house, and Soarin’ went back to his house.
When he got there, Spitfire was, once again, going through his fridge.
“Hey Soar, you need to go shopping. You’re running out of food!” He laughed.
“Yeah, here’s an idea, you get the food, and I’ll raid YOUR fridge.” They shared a laugh.
“So what have you been up to?” She asked, mouth full of a sandwich.
“I was with Octavia, you know, the usual.”
“Yeah, shoulda guessed.”
“What about you? What have you been up to?”
“Well, other than eating your food... Nothing really.” He smiled.
“Seems like a productive day.” She laughed and nodded, mouth still full. “Well, I think I’m going to take a nap. I’m still a little tired.”
“Alright. See ya later” He gave a tired nod as he walked up the stairs. He laid down in bed and fell asleep right away.
He woke up a couple hours later, and noticed that it was dark. He sat up in bed and just stared out his window. Wow, is it already night? He thought, still confused on how long he slept. He shrugged off the thought and walked downstairs. He looked at the time, and saw that it was 9. Spitfire had gone to bed early that night, and he was bored. He debated on going into Ponyville and finding something to do, or go back to sleep. He decided on going into Ponyville, and headed off.
When Soarin’ arrived, everything was quiet. It seems that everyone went to bed pretty early. He took this time to walk around and find something to do. He saw a resturaunt open and went to get something to eat. He hadn’t eaten anything except for that one pie earlier. He ordered, got his food, and took his time eating it. He was still a little tired, but not enough to make him fall asleep.
When he finished his food, he walked back outside and saw nothing but lights. It made him feel relaxed. He sat on one of the many empty benches and just looked around. I wish Octavia were here. She’d love this. And without skipping a beat, a certain grey pony walked out of her house, and noticed Soarin’ sitting alone.
“Oh hello Soar, wasn’t expecting you here this late.”
“Yeah, I had a nap, and can’t fall asleep. So, here I am!” She giggled.
“I was about to go on a walk, would you care to join me?” He nodded. “Great, let’s go.”
The two ponies walked through Ponyville talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. They passed all the buildings, shops, homes, everything when they got to a place they both recognized. It was the hill they declared their love for each other. Octavia blushed, as the two ponies embraced on top of the hill. She was happy with him, and vice versa.
“I love you Soar.”
“I love you too Via.” They shared a long passionate kiss on the hill, and when it broke, they walked back to Octavia’s house.
When they got there, Octavia looked tired, and so did Soarin’.
“Soarin’, you look tired, why don’t you stay here for the night?” This caught him off guard.
“Seriously? You sure?”
“Of course I am. I’ve got room in the house for just an overnight stay.”
“Alright, I guess that could work.”
Soarin’ walked in the house, and followed Octavia to her room.
“I don’t have an extra room, so you’ll be sleeping in here.” They walked in and Octavia asked, “Floor or bed?”
“Uh, the bed will do nice.” She giggled.
“Alright, well let’s get some sleep, you look like you could fall asleep any minute.” He chuckled.
“So do you!” And they shared a laugh.
Octavia climbed into bed first, then Soarin’ and she snuggled up against him. He put his arm around her as they slowly drifted off to sleep. Before he fell asleep, Soarin’ kissed Octavia on her forehead and whispered in her ear, “Goodnight love.” He closed his eyes, and fell asleep with Octavia in his arms.