The Human's Guide to Life in Equestria.

by Noakwolf

Important message from the Author

Dear readers of the guide,

I regret to inform you all that I am not going to continue the guide. I had originally thought that I could tackle another section of this guide. But after long, and rather hard thought I have come to the realization I just can't go on with this. It's extremely hard to write this, despite the short chapters, and while I had for the most part a lot of fun with this, I now feel like it is a distraction from some other writing projects that I would like to get done. As a result I will put this on hiatus, as I feel making it cancelled is a little to hard for me to do.

Though, I would like to say that it makes me very happy that you guys care and read my work. Especially with how random and goofy it may be. But really what I am trying to say is thank you, for the support, wonderful comments, and for following this wacky thing. Heck I even had one guy call it inspirational, which was kind of shocking to me, but in a good way.

This, despite it's size, is my first completed work. It is also one of the works I am most proud of, as even now I go back and read the stuff I wrote a long time ago and think, "Wow, I really wrote that? That's freakin funny, did I write that? No, I'm not that funny... Or am I? I don't know! *explodes*" Silliness aside, I'm glad that for some readers the newest updates were just amazing. Because when I sat there in a car, looking down in the side holder of the passenger seat of said car listening to some of music made by Mozart. I see the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and get the idea to make this. I never thought, it would get this big, and I know I've said that before but it is true and even now it baffles me.

I'm actually pretty sad while writing this message to you, the reader. I even watering up a bit, but that really isn't important. What is important is that I say that I will not go on. So I say thank you, you wonderful fantastic reader you, because reading this guide and supporting it with all your jokes, and comments has lifted my spirits to keep writing many of my other works. Even if they're not guide related, I still look back to this.

All in all though, I am very happy to have wrote this. It was a good experience and for most of it, it was a fun thing to write. However, it's time for me to write this message as I probably won't pick it up again. With that I say, "So long, and thanks for all the Lemons... No wait that's not it... Uh... So long and thanks for all the ponies. Yeah, that works."

- Noakwolf

(Note: I am not leaving the fanbase. I know a lot of you know that, but to me the end kind of sounds like I am. That's a mistake on my part, I'm just too lazy to fix it.)