A Nightmare to Remember...

by Gyrofest96

Bad Blood

Applejack and Applebloom were both taken back from the sudden question, while Pinkie Pie simply started jumping all over the room, glad to see that Twilight was okay. It wasn't until after Twilight had grabbed Pinkie and told her to calm down, did she finally calm down.

“Pinkie! Applejack! Listen, we need to gather at my library later today for a meeting. I've been having some... strange dreams. But, I'm beginning to think it's more than just a dream...”

Applejack was the first to reply, “Ah hear ya, Twi', but are ya sure ya don't just need some rest? Er maybe go git yer head checked out?”

“I'm sure, I'm okay. I just need to talk to you girls about this. Something is coming... and it definitely isn't friendly. Once I get back to the library, I'm going to write to Princess Celestia about my recent dreams. She might know something about what I have been seeing. But, until then, I will tell everyone when every arrives at the meeting.”

Applejack nodded and was about to speak up when Pinkie, apparently oblivious to the situation, said “A newcomer!? YAY! I can throw the pony a HUUGE welcoming party! It will be the best party ever!” once again, bouncing all over the walls.

“Ah'll take care of Pinkie, you go on ahead, and we'll meet ya at the library tonight.” she said, sighing. This was not going be an easy task. Twilight let out a chuckle at that comment.

“Applebloom? Come on, we have ta' take care of Pinkie before she...” Twilight heard as she was leaving the bakery.

“Ugh... Maybe she's right, I probably do need some rest... Can't now though, I have a meeting to prepare for. That, and I need to write to Celestia.” Twilight thought to herself.

As she was coming up to the market, she had developed a strange awareness of her surroundings. The market was deserted. She looked towards, and noticed the Sun was nearly down. She never really liked the dark. If she was in the Everfree Forest, she would likely be just sitting in one spot and crying. Luckily, she was quite far from it.

However, she saw something speed by an alleyway to the right in the corner of her eye. As in like, she only saw a silhouette of some sorts for a split second. She stared at the alleyway, expecting something to come out, but nothing happened for a full minute. So, she nervously pressed on towards the library.

Once again, she spotted something in the corner of her eye. Another silhouette moved into the cover behind some boxes. She was quite afraid now, and started into a cold sweat. She moved closer to the boxes to investigate this speedy silhouette.

She peered around the corner to find... nothing. Not even a footprint.

Maybe I'm just being too paranoid, I doubt anything would be happening right this instant...


Twilight switched around to the direction from which she had came from. She then galloped at full speed to help whoever needed it.

As she came up to the scene, panting hard, she noticed it was Applebloom who had screamed. Taking a better look, it was Applejack in defensive mode, with Applebloom hiding behind her. Taking a BETTER look, she saw Big Mac was ready to charge Applejack and Applebloom.

Twilight jumped out to help Applejack. “What's going on Applejack?! Why is Big Mac looki-”

She stopped mid-sentence when she noticed the yellow glow in Big Mac's eyes. “What's wrong with him?!” Twilight shouted in shock.

“Ah don't know! Somethin' has riled up Big Macintosh real good! He looks like he's ready ta' start a war!” Applejack was standing strong, but she really didn't look like she wanted to hurt her big brother, Twilight didn't blame her.

“Now listen 'ere, big brother. Ah don't want ta' hurt ya, but if it means Ah have to protect Applebloom, then prepare for yer beatin'!” She said loud and strong. Applebloom was crying even worse now.

Big Macintosh had an expressionless look on his face, and he made no reply, except the kicking of the ground. He was ready for the charge.

He galloped at full speed, head first. Applejack shoved her little sister out of the way, and dug her hooves into the ground with her head lowered, ready for the charge. Applejack closed her eyes and awaited the impact of her big red brother's oncoming charge...

He should have hit me by now.... Applejack thought to herself. “Big Mac...?” She looked up to see Big Macintosh flailing around in the air like a loon. He was surrounded by purple lights that seemed to suspend him in mid-air!

“Applejack, hurry up and get your rope out! We can tie him down! Applejack!” Twilight yelled as she was clearly pushing her limit.

“Ah... Ah... Ok-kay!” Applejack studdered as she was scrambling to pull it out. She lassoed Big Macintosh and tied him down to the nearest tree.

“Okay, Applejack, I want you to bring Applebloom home, and come back! We need to gather the others as quick as I can. But I don't want Applebloom to get hurt. I'll stay here to check on Big Mac, and make sure he doesn't escape.”
This was going to be one hay of a ride... Twilight thought to herself.


Applejack was speeding down to Sweet Apple Acres, with Applebloom on her back, still crying.
Applebloom couldn't believe she saw her own big brother charge at her big sister with such lethal force... Neither could Applejack.

Nevertheless, she pressed on. While she was galloping, she caught something move in the corner of her eye. She assumed something was already wrong, and she started galloping even faster, telling her little sis to hang on.

After another several minutes, she had to slow down. Her lungs were burning, and so were her legs. She just wanted to stop for a quick rest, then she saw the silhouette again. This... thing was stalking her, and she wanted to just make it home. That, and she wanted to check on Granny Smith. She may be a tough old mare, but she can't defend herself in a situation like this. She took another deep breath, and pressed on.

She finally came within sight of her farm, when she hard a large moan come from behind her.

“Sis! Behind us!” Applejack switched around, nearly throwing Applebloom off her back, but she recovered herself. What Applejack saw put sheer horror in her face. It was Bon Bon, and Lyra. Except, they weren't themselves. Like Big Macintosh, they had a yellow glow in their eyes, and they were walking straight towards Applejack and Applebloom.

“Sorry Gals, yer' not goin' ta' like how this feels.” She sat Appleboom down, and charged a semi-powerful kick with her two back hooves against their faces. Knocking them out cold. Applejack then turned around, scooped up Applebloom and galloped towards her farm.

She galloped up to the gate, opened it, walked through, and closed it up behind her. She then trotted towards the farmhouse, where Granny Smith seemed to be snoring quite loudly. Applejack sent Applebloom up stairs to bed, where as she decided to bunk with Granny Smith, who happened to be sleeping in her rocking chair in the living room. Once her adrenaline wore off, she realized just how tired she really was. But she couldn't sleep now. She woke up Granny Smith to let her know to keep an eye on Applebloom. She woke up grumpy, but gradually agreed. She then set out to find Twilight.