Top Of The Charts

by GeodesicDragon





Day 617 in Equestria — and Day 7 in prison.


That's all you have come to know since you were sent here. Despite your shouts of innocence, the memory spell Luna used on you during your trial showed what appeared to be you killing Tech Beat in cold blood. Nopony had believed you when you said he had somehow managed to hide his magical aura, arguing that such a thing was impossible. You eventually accepted that nothing could stop the wheels of Fate from turning and realised that, finally, he'd won. And all it took was for him to die. Go figure.

But at least you have some allies in all of this. Vinyl and Octavia are the only ones who believe you. Vinyl was there, after all, and she knows more than anypony what Tech Beat was really like. Both mares also gave you a glowing character reference, but to no avail.

And now you find yourself being punished for a crime you didn't commit. You were given a sentence of ten years for murder, but you're hoping to be out in half that. The good thing is that you find yourself with lots of time to think.

I don't see what's so awful about this place.

Me neither, Anon. It's quiet, secluded and has a nice view. Luna must have overreacted when she said how horrible it was here.

Yeah, she clearly did.

You leave your cell, the few guards stationed nearby watching your every move, and walk down the corridor into the mess hall. After preparing a somewhat large salad you return to your cell and lie on your bed to eat.

I wonder how things would have turned out if I had told Tech Beat I wasn't interested in his offer when I first met him?

You would have carried on performing to small crowds in Vinyl's club and lived a relatively normal life. Well... about as normal as you can get in a world full of talking ponies.

But would Vinyl still have fallen for me if I did that?

I'm not sure, Anon, you'd have to ask her.

I like to think she would have. And without Tech Beat's influence over my love life, I would have been far more willing to return her feelings as and when she revealed them to me.

So in other words, you wouldn't have acted like a royal arse?


All that matters, Anon, is the fact that you're together. Well, you will be once your sentence is complete. She promised to wait for you so that's something, right?

She believed in me then, and she believes in me now. With a bit of luck I'll be out of here in a few years and then we can spend the rest of our lives in peace, free from meddling ponies.

Good man. Focus on the positives, and the negatives don't seem so bad. Maybe you should write Vinyl a letter and tell her this?

A small grin comes to your lips as you put your salad to one side and sit up on the bed.

No, I'm going to do something better than that.

You get up from the bed and leave the cell. The guards outside once again eye you up.

"I want to send some correspondence," you say, "so could one of you please escort me to the post room?"

"All right then," one of the guards replies, "follow me."

The guard unlocks the door and you both walk through it, his hoofsteps and your footsteps echoing through the empty halls.

You eventually arrive at the room where you need to be. You step inside and begin looking for the things you need to write your piece of correspondence. It doesn't take long, and you start writing.

Dear Vinyl,

I've settled in quite well to prison life, and have grown accustomed to the fact that I'll be here for a while. The guards are okay, but they're not very talkative. As a result I find myself with a lot of time to think about various things, but mostly about you. And yes, you can hit me for that cheesy remark next time I see you.

The prison is quite fun, if I'm honest. When I'm not thinking I have other ways to entertain myself. And no, before you even think it, not all of them involve my right hand. I play tennis with the guards, I lift weights, play squash... or I just pig out on food.

I'm still having trouble getting visitation rights for you. But I promise that I will get it sorted soon. And then we can enjoy a good old-fashioned conjugal visit.

I've reached the end of the page so I'll stop. Keep me in your thoughts, Vinyl, as you're always in mine.


You look down at your handiwork and smile before writing the address and walking over to the counter.

"Afternoon, Anon," the clerk behind the counter says, "I was told you had some outgoing mail. Is that it there?"

"It is indeed." you reply as you hand over the item, "I just hope she gets it soon. I think she'll appreciate the gesture."

"She will, Anon," the clerk replies, "don't worry about that. But I can't help but wonder if a letter would have sufficed instead?"

"It's just a little reference to something Vinyl told me." you chuckle, "She said that if I was to ever end up here I should send her one of these, so naturally I couldn't resist."

The clerk laughs with you and stamps your item.

"I'll get it to her tomorrow, Anon," he says, "I promise. Now, is there anything else you want to send out?"

You shake your head.

"Not today, thanks." you reply, "Thanks for your help."

"No problem, Anon," the clerk says, "anything for my only customer. Celestia knows it can be boring here."

You both laugh and say your goodbyes, the guard leading you back to your cell. You lie back on the bed and finish eating your salad.


Day 618 in Equestria — and Day 8 separated from Anon.


That's all you've come to know since Anon was jailed for killing Tech Beat. He protested his innocence, and you believed him. After all, he did drug the pair of you — so framing Anon for murder was just another day at the office for him.

You've been trying to get a visitation permit, but those fat-cats in Canterlot are dragging their hooves into the dirt. Luna has said she'll try and get one pushed through for you on the sly, but she warned that it might not happen — as she can't be seen to be helping somepony who's boyfriend got done for murder.

With a sigh you look around Octavia's living room. You've spent the last week at her place, as the club reminded you too much of what happened. So you've given yourself a sabbatical and handed over the running of the place to Snowflake. Contrary to popular belief, all of those steroids haven't addled his mind. In fact, he's managed to get the place making more money than before. You always suspected that there was a brain under all that muscle.

With the club out of your mind your thoughts inevitably drifted to Anon, and how he must be coping in prison. You know from experience that guards aren't the most talkative bunch, so the poor guy must be going mad.

"Good morning, Vinyl." Octavia's soothing voice interrupts your thoughts, "Did you sleep well?"

"Of course not," you snap, "because I've not been waking up next to Nonny for the last eight days... and I won't be for the next ten Celestia-damned years."

Octavia flinches a little at your outburst but composes herself and sits next to you on the couch. She idly drapes a hoof around your shoulder in a comforting gesture and pats you on the back.

"Sorry, Octy," you say, "I didn't mean to snap at you. I'm just pissed off at this whole bucking thing."

"It's okay, Vinyl," Octavia replies, "you have every right to be upset. But hopefully Anon will be free in a few years rather than a decade, and you can be together again."

"If that visitation permit doesn't get here soon," you deadpan, "he won't be free for long because we'll need to make up for lost time, if you catch my drift."

The blush that creeps across Octavia's face and the giggle she suppresses imply that she does indeed catch your drift.

"Who knows?" she says, "Maybe Luna will come through for you and get that permit sorted out."

"Or," you mutter, "she won't be able to use her influence to help me. Not this time."

A knock at the door makes your ear twitch. Octavia raises an eyebrow and grins at you.

"Or," she says, "that could be the mailpony now."

She gets up from the couch and answers the door. Sure enough, you can make out the cap which identifies the pony wearing it as a mail carrier. After a brief conversation about the weather Octavia says goodbye and comes back in with a few items, which she starts looking through nonchalantly.

"Bill, bill, junk, bill..." she mumbles, "ah-ha! Something addressed to one Vinyl Scratch."

She holds it out and you take it in your magic and bring it to you. You look at it on both sides for a moment before you snort.

"What is it, Vinyl?" Octavia sounds concerned, "It's not bad, is it?"

Your snorting gives way to a small laugh, which in turn gives way to bellowing guffaws as you fall back onto the couch holding the item in a forehoof.

"Vinyl..." Octavia groans, "you're worrying me now. What is it?"

You stop laughing just long enough to compose yourself and formulate a coherent sentence.

"It's just Anon being a smart-flank." you reply, "On the day he went to meet the Princesses, I made a joke about something he could send me if it all went wrong. He obviously never forgot what I said, because he's done it."

"Done what?" Octavia asks.

You go over to the window and look up to the sky for a moment before turning to Octavia and holding up a small piece of card.

"... he sent me a postcard."

You laugh for a few seconds before dissolving into tears, longing for the day when you would be with Anon once again.

*** THE END ***