Kingdom Hearts: Friendship is Magic

by Mudkipman98

Dream, Drop

Sora wasted no time in striking first. He lept at the wall of darkness and cut through a Soldier heartless that was just beginning to stick its head out. He then spun and brought down both his keyblades on top of a Shadow that was sneaking up on him. He heard the sound of armor clanking and spun around to guard an Armored Knight's sword. Sora continued this attack/defend strategy as long as he could, trying to balance the two.
Meanwhile, Fluttershy held her ground as Shadows continuously jumped at her from all sides. She'd never used a weapon before and as such, was slightly awkward with Riku's keyblade. She managed to guard most of the attacks that were directed toward her and of those that landed, they barely hurt her. While she was preparing to guard a claw swipe from a Neoshadow, she slipped and the heartless piled on top of her. "Help!" she screamed.
Sora had just sliced through a Neoshadow himself when he heard the pony scream behind him. He charged toward Fluttershy, cutting down the heartless that dared to get in his way. He stopped, pulled back both his arms, then threw his keyblades yelling, "Take that!"
The heartless that were holding down Fluttershy were sliced clean in half, disappearing and allowing Fluttershy to stand up. She shouldered Riku's keyblade and continued to fight even though her mind was telling her to hide.
Satisfied, Sora summoned his keyblades again and was just about to charge back into battle when he was struck hard from behind by a fireball, courtesy of a newly-spawned Red Nocturne. Sora was sent spiralling across the dark room, straight past Fluttershy. As she watched Sora fly by her, an image entered her head of Riku holding up his keyblade and casting a spell with a green light. Fluttershy imitated what Riku did and said, "Cure," the word seeming to come from her mouth without her approval. She watched as Sora was covered in a green light and a giant flower appeared over him, blooming. The flower and light disappeared almost as soon as they had come as Sora righted himself, landed against the wall of darkness, and pushed off, rocketing past Fluttershy and through another group of heartless.
The battle continued on and on, seemingly without end. Sora and Fluttershy were now back to back, surrounded by a never ending stream of Neoshadows. Fluttershy collapsed, unable to keep standing followed seconds later by Sora. "Get up!" Sora heard Riku yell from inside his head. But he couldn't move. He was worn out.
A Neoshadow noticed this and charged at Sora, its clawed hand glowing purple. Just as it was about to make contact, the neoshadow exploded in a burst of light. Sora managed to lift his head up and noticed a strange sight.
One by one, all of the heartless exploded. The light was so intense that Sora had to close his eyes so that he wouldn't be blinded. When he dared to open them, his jaw dropped at what he saw. As he looked around, he saw that all of the heartless and the barrier of darkness were gone. "Whoa," he said in awe.
"What's going on here?!" thundered a voice at the top of the stairs. Sora suddenly felt rejuvenated as a spell lifted him off of the ground. After a moment, he deactivated valor form, causing Riku to appear next to him. He didn't hear anything from Fluttershy though, so he assumed she had passed out. When he looked toward the stairs, he saw a full-sized white alicorn and two of what looked like guards standing next to her. The alicorn's horn was slowly losing its yellow glow, telling Sora that it had just cast a spell.
"I said, what's going on?!" yelled the alicorn. Sora took an involuntary step back while Riku bowed. Riku motioned to Sora with his hand to get down and he obeyed.
Riku spoke up. "Well, you see, Ma'am-"
"Forget it. Where is Twilight Sparkle?" asked the alicorn. Sora lifted his head and scanned the room. He eventually found Twilight's still form propped up in a corner.
The alicorn charged forward and rushed to Twilight's side. Her horn started glowing a soft yellow and she levitated Fluttershy and Twilight onto Fluttershy's bed. "You two, downstairs, now," she commanded Sora and Riku.
The two followed the white alicorn downstairs and they all gathered around Fluttershy's table. A tiny light bulb suddenly dinged on in Sora's head. "Oh! You're Princess Celestia, right?"
"Yes," responded the princess. "Which leads me to my first question. Who are you and what are you doing here?"
"I'm Sora, and this is Riku."
"Your majesty," added Riku.
"Formalities are hardly necessary in this situation, Riku. Though I appreciate it," responded the princess.
Sora spoke up again. "We were fighting a man named Xehanort when he-"
"Xehanort? Then you two must be warriors of light, am I correct?" Sora and Riku simultaneously nodded. "Then I'm familiar with your goals," she said. "That still doesn't answer why or how you got here."
"That's simple," said Riku. "Xehanort didn't need Sora anymore, so he used spatial magic to teleport him to a random spot. Sora managed to save me and I fell into the mix along with him. Xehanort is short one warrior of light now, which is why he sent the heartless after us."
"I see," said the princess slowly. She was deep in thought. "What about the other warriors of light? Surely he needed the 7 to create the X-blade."
Sora then explained his adventures across the worlds to Celestia who listened intently, taking in every detail. "So how did you come across Eraquis' students?" asked Celestia.
"It took a lot of guessing actually," said Sora. "We managed to get Aqua out of the dark realm first, and then she showed us where Terra and Ventus were. Ventus was sleeping in Castle Oblivion, and Terra was lost in Radiant Garden. He had some amnesia, but we managed to snap him out of it."
"And why are Twilight and Fluttershy incapacitated?"
Sora blushed a little before saying, "Well, you see... I threw my keyblade at a heartless that was in front of her. When it dodged, my keyblade kept going and the handle struck Twilight." Celestia released a small chuckle despite her initial seriousness, but quickly silenced it. A look of scared realization crossed Celestia's face. She charged back upstairs followed by her guards. Sora and Riku gave each other a questioning look before rushing upstairs themselves.


When Sora reached the top of the stairs, he found an odd sight. The two guards were sitting down next to a sobbing Celestia. Twilight and Fluttershy were both floating above a swirling hole of darkness above Fluttershy's bed. "No!" screamed Celestia through her sobs. "They're not ready yet!" Suddenly, Twilight and Fluttershy stopped floating and fell straight into the darkness, disappearing completely.
Sora didn't give a second thought. His new friends could be in danger, so he rushed forward and dove toward the darkness. It swallowed him as he pursued Twilight and Fluttershy into another dark void. Before long, he soon found himself falling after them.
Down and down they went, deeper and deeper into darkness. After falling for a while, everyone went from a head first fall to an almost standing up position. Twilight and Fluttershy slowly woke up, their eyelids barely opening as they touched down.
Sora immediately recognized the scenario.
Twilight, Sora and Fluttershy all touched down on some sort of solid surface simultaneously. They all took a second to look around, though all they could see was a never ending expanse of black. Everyone slowly took a cautious step forward. Before their eyes, the black surface they were standing on lit up as hundreds of white doves took off from the floor of what looked like a giant, circular stained-glass window depicting the elements of harmony. They all seemed to have their eyes closed and were following each other in a circular loop. In the middle of the pony-made circle were the faces of Celestia, Luna, Spike, Cadence and Shining Armor.
Sora felt a small movement under his shoe and looked down to see a dove trapped under it. He lifted his foot so the dove could escape. It flitted up in front of his face and gave him a glare that would put Fluttershy's stare to shame before it flew off with the rest of the birds.
The slight chuckles from Twilight and Fluttershy were abruptly stopped as three small pillars of stone pushed their way through the surface of the platform without leaving a scratch on the beautiful stained glass. Sora and the ponies watched as three weapons appeared, one on each pillar; a sword, a shield, and a staff.
"So, um, what do we do?" asked Fluttershy.
"Well," began Sora, "each of these weapons represents the power of a certain skill; attacking, defending, and magic. You can pick any one you want, but you'll have to give one up in return. Don't worry. Giving up one skill doesn't mean you won't be able to use it. It just means that you won't get better at it at the same rate as your other skills. It's really no big deal."
"How do you know that?" asked Twilight.
"I don't know," lied Sora. "It's just a feeling I get." He remembered his choices and how they helped him on his first journey. When Roxas merged with him, he got the knowledge of his choices as well which were different. At the time, he wasn't aware they were of his Nobody, but he hadn't thought much on it.
"Okay, Sora. If you say so," said Fluttershy nervously.
Twilight took a deep breath before stepping forward. She approached the pillar with the staff, already sure of her decision. Slowly, she reached her hoof out to the weapon. As soon as she made contact, the weapon began glowing in a strange light. It disappeared off of the pillar, leaving behind a glowing hologram of Twilight's cutie mark. "That's new," said Sora as he studied it from afar.
Twilight then made her way to the shield. She reached her hoof out and poked it, causing another light to bathe the area before winking out, leaving behind a grayscale version of Twilight's cutie mark. Twilight then walked back to Sora. "Your turn, Fluttershy," she said.
Sora thought about what Twilight had chose and how the weapons had disappeared, leaving behind Twilight's cutie mark. Did the same thing happen when I chose?
"Um. okay," said Fluttershy nervously. She had decided while Twilight was choosing hers. Fluttershy approached the newly regenerated shield and tapped it. It disappeared and next to Twilight's grayscale cutie mark appeared Fluttershy's cutie mark in full color.
Fluttershy then moved to the pillar with the sword. She tapped it, it disappeared, and left behind Fluttershy's grayscale cutie mark. She rejoined the group and then asked, "So what now?"
"I'm not sure," admitted Sora. As he finished speaking, the platform began to rumble. A giant, black portal opened up, engulfing the other half of the platform in darkness. Sora summoned his keyblade while a staff appeared to Twilight and a shield appeared to Fluttershy. As the rumbling intensified, the black and tangled 'hair' of a Darkside rose up and out of the dark portal, shutting it as it came through.
"What in the name of Celestia is that?" exclaimed Twilight as she and Fluttershy began backing up.
"That's another heartless," said Sora as readied himself. Instinctively, Twilight and Fluttershy turned and ran for the edge of the platform, desperate to escape. When they reached the edge, their inertia kept them moving and they went over the edge. If it hadn't have been for their wings, they would've fallen further down.
After a moment, they flew back and touched down next to Sora. "So we have to fight that thing?" asked Twilight.
"I don't think we have a choice," said Sora. Fluttershy stayed silent, though Sora swore he could've heard a slight whining coming from her. "Here it comes!" shouted Sora.
Twilight and Sora rushed forward and started attacking the darkside's legs, landing blow after blow. The monster brought its fist down next to Sora and Twilight, the shockwave striking them both. Twilight received a lot of damage while Sora, despite being knocked into the air, seemed unphased and charged straight towards the massive black hand of the darkside.
Pushing off of the platform, Sora jumped onto the darkside's hand and started running up its arm toward the creature's head. The darkside stood back up which also caused its hands to rise up with it. Caught off guard by the sudden motion, Sora began to slip. As he started slipping, he shoved his keyblade into the darkside's arm and held on for dear life as the heartless shook its arm in pain, attempting to throw him off. As soon as the shaking stopped, Sora pulled himself up, ripped out his keyblade and resumed his charge up the head.
Meanwhile, Twilight had been shooting fireballs at the creature's head and neck by harnessing the power of the staff and her inherent magic. As Shadows began rising from the floor, Fluttershy fought them off while using her shield to protect Twilight as she continued her fiery assault. Twilight noticed Sora charging up the heartless's arm and immediately attempted to aid him with various spells. No matter what she tried, the Darkside's radiating darkness stopped her support spells. Twilight thought hard until she got another idea.
As Sora reached the darkside's shoulder, time slowed as he felt another heart connect with his. It was the most wonderful sensation in the world. It was warm and caring, full of love and compassion. Sora felt a surge of energy fill him as he continued on. He even started visibly glowing as he jumped from the Darkside's shoulder and onto its curling mass of 'hair', backflipping off of the head as he spun several times. He uncurled when he was at eye level with the heartless and stopped in mid air, held up by what appeared to be light. Sora pointed his keyblade at the darkside and prepared to fire a single beam of pure light. The end of his keyblade exploded, revealing a glowing white orb while the shards of the keyblade's end rotated around it. All of the light surrounding Sora left him and gathered around the ball of light to form a beautiful twisting and weaving ball of light. With a final burst of energy, Sora fired a massive beam that disintegrated the Darkside's head, leaving behind a giant black humanoid body.
Sora lightly touched down on the platform and was quickly joined by Twilight and Fluttershy as his keyblade rebuilt itself. "We did it!" cheered Twilight.
"Yay!" cheered Fluttershy softly. "But now what do we do?"
"Well," said Sora, "if it's anything like last time, then..." Sora trailed off at the end.
Last time? thought Twilight. Before she could ask Sora, the platform began to shake. Everyone looked to the still-standing, decapitated Darkside to see its body swaying as it began to fall.
"I've got it!" yelled Sora. He jumped towards the Darkside's falling body and sliced straight through it with his keyblade. He expected it to dissolve into darkness, but the two halves fell and crashed into the platform, washing everything is darkness.
Sora fell back down into the darkness which quickly tackled him. He fell to the ground and watched as the darkness crept over his arms and legs and steadily worked its way to his head. As his vision went dark, he heard a muffled scream from Twilight before his eyes shut.