Two gamers one world

by moonsaber56

Ch:6 Pack a punch and mystery box

After finally waking up I notice my surroundings as they are sterile white and i notice the annoying pace maker working furiously to keep my heart beating eventually it goes flat line.( turn down your volume it pretty loud)After a while of that annoying and loud sound that around 4 nurses and 1 doctor rush in when they reach me. They have the most confused and amazed faces.I quickly unplug most of the stuff and head out of the building leaving the stunned and happy doctors in the building. After hearing a warning of "look our" I quickly spot her punch her in the ribs and bring the thunder by grabbing her putting her head towards the ground and use it as a jack hammer(this happened in seconds). She quickly writhes in pain and i exit the scene by walking to the nearest direction to the cave.

One hour and a lot of asking later......

Eventually I reach library and It is a huge tree I whistle *whistle* "wow that's a pretty big tree". I go in and I run into twilight and she has the most concentrated face."Hey twilight how you doing"? She replies with "not much aghh"! I wonder why she was angry so i take a look at her she is looking at a huge war story as it is in Spanish.
I remember as it is war story from mexicain culture I argue against myself to decide whether or not to translate it for her in the end I decide to leave her alone with the book and look around the place i grab a book daring doo and something something. I grab it and it sucks dicks no wait they suck dick at sucking dicks.I quickly looks around for a good Indiana Jones type of book all i see is more of these in the adventure section and the rest is like pitiful adventures something about the elements of harmony and cutie mark. She finishes crying from being frustrated which i did not notice, and I look at her bored in the most bored way.
"Twilight can you give me a quick tour around the town."
The town is pretty interesting as it has a bakers house and a cites shop."Wow this town has everything!Does it have a video ". I quickly stop what I am gonna say because it can ruin everything to a good life here.After a while we spot the Pegasuses I nearly knocked out and celly doing the spell thing again.
"Did you do this moon?" she looks at me in a way that makes my mind go in two directions.On one hand i can lie but she will probably find out and be more angry.On the other hand i can admit it and she will still be angry. So i admit and i say
"Yes.."She forgives me for my honesty until I hear the teddy bear laugh and I see George poking around a box.
"Dude what you got there?"He spins around and shows me the thing that makes my mind have a orgasm."Omg is that what i think it is?" I look closer at the box and realize its the box from call of duty zombies.
I quickly activate it and get a blundergat!"Oh my god guess what daddy's got!"I grab the weapon and activate it again this time i get a "death machine oh my god this is the best I wonder what pistol I will get!?"
I activate it again and I get the B23R or the repeater pistol dual.George activates his and gets the dual ray gun and the stakeout. We both scream until we start hugging the box. After that we turn back to twilight and celly the pegasus must have fled.
"Um hi?" After my reply the still look confused i explain to them that they are special weapons and can beat a sword or bow and weather at any day. I drag celly and slam her hoof on the box she gets a M1 Garand with a Sniper scopereplacing the iron sight and a grenade attachment. Another try and a B23R single pistol.
Twilight went to the box to grab a weapon but when she did the box float into the sky and was replaced with perk a cola machine with them all including pack a punch. But twilight managed to touch it and it started floating into the sky."No god no please nooooo!!" I got on top of it hugging it and george is doing the same thing on top of it screaming noo!
Eventually the pack a punch machine goes down and we drag it back to the cave. We go back to twilight but I hear the scream and the pleading cries for help i soon grab my death machine and run to the cries of help I say to George "Take care of celly ill be right back!".
After a while of tracking the sounds I see around 10 ponies and the dog things I prep the death machine first i check the ammo belt as it is half ammo pretty good enough for this measly group. And start the death machine as it whirls and it stays true to its name as it pretty much annihilates the dogs I free the captured ponies as they look very scared i reassure them that it is gonna be alright.
I manage to get the the pony's back to the town as they split up and do they usual business.
After getting back to town I notice shining has a AK-47 with the Shotgunattachment,and a very frustrated twilight. "Waz up!" I greet them they tell me twilight has tried around 30 times and then is starting to go a little insane. Eventually they managed to calm her down to a very frustrated level.
"Well i am starting to get a little tired by the way i am gonna hit the sack peace!"I get back to the cave and get to the bed i slept last night as i put my book there i put it there again and fall asleep for the day.