Spending Time with Applejack

by Tower of 0

In Due Time

Four days. Four agonizingly long days! Applejack had spent four days of doing little work, and without the appearance of Ivory Dreams either. She knew that he usually spent two day collecting up his work, and another two sell off his paintings. Applejack understood that his was one of his only source of bits for him and hadn't complained too often about. But dammit, she needed to see him as soon as possible!

Applejack had found herself increasingly wanting of her stallion friend. She knew this heat cycle wasn't going to end until Spring had left the building. But no, OH no! It chose today, of all days, to really to a leap forward. Applejack quickly found refuge in the barn and sat her little self down on a pile of hay in the corner. Where she could see that barn door, and anypony coming in could only see her hat, ears, and part of her mane.

She slowly allowed on of her forehooves to slide down her body.She let out a small quiet moan as she listened to Winona do some barking off in the far distance. She tried to keep her eyes guarded on the door, but couldn't help as to close them and moan softly as she rubbed. Completely unaware of what was about to happen. It was until moments later, as Applejack was far into her fantasy a bit, that a certain stallion had his head next to her. From the nearby window he found out where she was hiding.

Applejack only got lost shortly in a fantasy involving her and a certain Stallion she has had her eyes on. Only letting out lightly audible 'mmm's and 'ah's as she let her hoof trail down to her nether regions. There was that slight silence when she paused to hear for somepony coming, but never heard a thing. Continuing seemed foolish, but she needed the distraction for now, at least, that's what she thought.

"Thinking about a certain stallion, are we?" A familiar voice quickly snapped Applejack away. She jumped at the head of none other than Ivory being nosy through the barn window. Applejack quickly calmed herself down and shot a quick glare at him.
"Don't yah know better than ta sneak up on a mare like that?" Tension decorated her beautiful voice, but then quickly changed to curiosity.
"What are y'all even doing here in the first place, aren't ya suppos'd to be selling yer paintings?"

Ivory chuckled for a bit before giving out his answer.
"Well, yes, but Big Mac need a bit of help with some apple bucking since you're still injured n' all. He sent Applebloom to inform me, but, he was also wondering where you went off and kindly asked moi to find you."
Applejack's gaze was still curious, then morphed into a half-glare.
"Well, that's kind n' all, but you still shouldn't have snuck on me like that."

"Aye, lass, don't get yer knickers in a twist!" Ivory said with a fake Irish accent.
Applejack smiled a little at the comment, then giggled as she latched herself onto what was available of Ivory's neck.
"Wait..." she pulled back from her hug, "..why aren't y'all surprised to even catch me like this?"
"Simple, really, spring's around in Ponyville, so, you being in heat is a bit expected." The stallion replied with a bit of a smile.

"And what's this I hear 'bout ya apple buckin'?" Applejack asked, her look getting quite serious.
"Well," Ivory trailed off in thought, "Big Mac said he'd show me a few tricks to loosen up some of the apples from the trees. They've worked so far, but I may have accidentily headbutted a few of the trees."
Applejack leaned in again to notice a small bruise forming on Ivory's head.

"Ya seem all right ta me." Applejack stated bluntly.
"Yeah, but my horn hurts a bit. OH! Before I forget, I got invited to a Garden Party down in Canterlot. I was wondering if you'd like to go with me so I don't feel awkward in front of a buch of ponies I don't know." Ivory's quick change of subject nearly caught AJ off guard.
"And who exactly invited ya?" She narrowed her eyes a bit in suspicion.
"In all honesty, I really do not know who acquired the invite for me, but it's eligible for one guest too." He said, gaining a smile from the mare.

"IT seems like y'all are asking me on a date."
"I might be asking you on a date, I might not. Who knows?"
"Well, Ah'll be thinkin' on it until then."
"All righty then, I guess I should get back to helping with the applebucking"

Ivory was in process of pulling his head out the window until somepony else had something in mind. He sat there, wide-eyed, when she pushed he muzzle to his. Locking their lips together in that old barn. Applejack felt something, something she had never felt truly until that moment she propelled her muzzle to Ivory's. It wasn't just her first kiss, nor just his, but Theirs. They had locked muzzles for the very first time since they met, well, at all actually.

Ivory eventually forced his brain to reboot and slowly shut close his lids. Pushing back into the passionate kiss Applejack brought on. He didn't think it was just getting to her, but love, and he felt it too. It just felt so.... right to Ivory to be kissing AJ at this moment. Sure, it lasted only a few minutes, but it's safe to say they each wanted that kiss to last an eternity. Applejack broke it off and shooed Ivory on back to helping Big Mac in the orchard.

Applejack couldn't help herself during that moment, but she didn't want to hide her true feelings from the unicorn any longer. She felt that what she did was right, but couldn't help to feel guilty that she surprised Ivory with it. Applejack was more than happy though to have shared that little corner of passion with Ivory. Knowing full well that she may have just captured his heart.

"She wants you, you know it, right?" Ivory asked himself the question in his head. He nodded slowly as he tried to focus on getting some of these trees to loosen their grip on the apples above. Even though a few minutes ago, the orange mare he's known most of his life came to light with her feelings for him. Now that brought a small smile to his face. Loud *plunk!* sounds had shattered his train of thought, causing him to look over his shoulder.

Ivory had been bucking the tree long enough to actually cause some of the apples to fall into the bins set up at the base of the tree. He bucked the trunk of the tree again to cause a few more apples to fall from the branches. Guess Applejack was enough motivation to do better, considering. Not taking too long to relish in his small accomplishment, Ivory set out to help with the rest of the apple trees until sun down. Bidding his goodbyes to the Apples and making his way homeward.