Two gamers one world

by moonsaber56

Ch:5 Meeting twilight and knocking her out .

After getting the worlds best sleep in the world I manage to get off my bed and look around the room.It is a pretty normal room as it has beds chairs a kitchen and a awesome table and when I look around a awesome door teak.I take a good look at shining and they look pretty satisfied as the place looks great.Eventually i hear a knocking on the door that led to this room.
"Who is it?" I say next to the door I then hear"Open up royal guard" I hear them say again "Open up or were gonna break in'! I then hear a female voice say "Charge"!
I gently open the door to see them charge through it and hit the wall rendering them knocked out then a purple horn pony comes out and says "Well that was unsuccessful my name is twilight sparkle you are under arrest under the royal guard". She walks in like she owns the world she then says the same thing.I make it simple to her by punching her in the jaw.I do a awesome uppercut which smashes her jawand then I charge up a fist while her back is shown. My hoof and what every used to be my arm charges into a blue aura and punches her I hear the satisfying crunch of her back and jaw as she falls unconscious on the ground.
Celestia and shining walk in and they have crumbs on the muzzle or face what ever when they see the unconscious mare and guards they say four words."What did you do!" After a lot of explaining what happened they look at the purple mare and asses the injury she got they find a broken jaw a crushed and shattered spine and a concussion I remember the yellow book that George gave us."Honey"I say "Why don't you read this book"? I hand her the book and she takes a while to read it when she does one of her hooves start to glow.She then somehow casts it on the knocked out purple mare which soon heals her jaw and spine she wakes up and says words i can't hear except "why did you do it?" I tell her later i will do it.

2 hours later

My wife is now filling my mouth with soap "God dammit blblblbl aghh ptew!" I spit out the surprising nice tasting soap and look at the princess "Hello my name is moon that's shining and theirs evol and celly". I point to them she is still looking dazed and with a slight amazement.(In my life i have learned to tell faces). She finally speaks up she takes out a note pad and a old style pen and a ink well she says."How did you that no one I have seen can do a simple punch and break bones." I reply with "Nope just my epic fists and x-ray" mentioning mortal kombat.
She looks more surprised she then says "Well good luck and may you tell me why did you do it? I tell her that one i don really want to get arrested and two I never liked purple. After i said that she started crying.
Bored I take a quick look at myself in the mirror I see pure relaxed person who saying it like its his life a grey coated stallion a indigo horn and mane.On my but or flank is a dog tag with the word gamer.
Another look at Twilight is that she is still crying and shining and celly are giving me cold stares to me while trying to cheer her up from what I said that is "offending" to her.
Eventually I get tired of them crying so I tell George to try to take care of them and I take a quick walk through a forest.
Eventually I get lost but I come across 5 other pony's also looking lost. I am about to say hi to one of them when I hear the familiar sound of barking and drooling.I quickly hide on a tree branch the dogs grabs the five pony's and look around for any more pony's attempting to hide away from them. I manage to stay hidden and suddenly I feel the need to piss bad i attempt to hold it in but give up and I attempt to take a ninja piss, when one of the dogs spot me.
"Hello what do we have here". He quickly grabs me by the neck and tosses me into the ground using the remainder of my piss ,I manage to piss on the dog that grabbed me .The dog things laugh and grab a cat o nine.Huh didn't think they had that here he then whips one of the pony's I can see the stress on their face trying to hold back the pain. He comes close to me and says "guess its your turn I say in reply.
"Don't you fucking dare I can kick you ass bro don't do it this ain't gonna end well for you". The whip comes close to me when i quickly punch him in the groin several times.I then jump and bring my hoof down which break his spine he winces in pain as the other 2 dogs come."Come and get me I will take you all down!" One of the dogs try to charge at me but I manage to stand on the hind legs like i used to and punch him in the stomach or his chest then grab him and throw him headfirst into the ground hearing the familiar cracking of his skull.I quote smoke with "stay down".
The last dog charges me into a tree breaking half my ribs and a part of my spine and boy is it painful!!
I then fall to the ground blacking out while pretty much spewing blood from my mouth, when I hear the weird sound from mortal kombat "ROUND TWO......FIGHT!" I quickly get back up while the dog gets a surprised look on his face like I rose from the dead.I quickly punch him in the skull breaking it into pieces then step on him hard breaking his ribs. After a moment of pity I give them mercy by giving them a quick death......snapping their necks in half. I look to the five ponies as they wear the most scared looks on their faces "Go on back to your homes and make sure you don't tell anyone about this" .I suddenly remember the way back to the nearest town I point them in that direction. As they run off to their homes I take a breather then i proceed to walk home the ribs the dog's broke messed up my walking as every step manages to poke me painfully as the ribs and my spine pretty much make my walk a lot wobbly and half the time I need to pause to throw up some more.
"Well so much for being short and awesome". While walking back to the cave i wonder. How in the world did i do the x ray moves from mortal kombat something's is up..
I finally make it to the cave I make it to the luscious and surprisingly fluffy and comfy bed I start to drift off from the pain and exhaustion because doing four x ray moves makes you tired and my ribs and spine are cracked and are in chunks.I hear the screams of George and celly before I nearly slip to being knocked out from one adrenaline and shock pumping through mr and my ribs and spine are cracked and two i feel really sleepy all of a sudden luckly my ears pick up the words before most of my vision turns to black.
"Oh my god moon are you okay?" I manage to utter a few words before complete gone passed out"No I am not okay. With that I am gone.