The Pokémon Crusaders

by Rainbow Dash the Awesome

Chapter 7: A shocking mission

"So, this is Chargestone Cave, huh?" Rainbow asked as the group stood in front of the mouth of the cave.

"That's right," Twilight answered.

"Well then," Applejack chimed in, "let's get goin'. The sooner we find the Crusaders, the sooner we can head back to Equestria."

Rainbow smirked and faced Applejack before responding. "Way ahead of you, AJ," she promptly started flapping the wings on her shoes and continued "race you there." She took off flying right into the cave.

"Hey, no fair!" Applejack yelled as she started running to the cave as well, "Next time ah'd appreciate a countdown!"

"Wait for us!" Twilight called after Applejack. She and the others promptly started running after Applejack, but came to a startled halt as a loud yell echoed out of the mouth of the cave.

"Oshawott!" Oshawott came running out of the cave, a look of terror on its face.

Applejack froze when she heard the yell and saw Oshawott, but she quickly shook it off and turned around to face the others and yelled "Rainbow's in trouble!"

"Come on, girls, we've got to help her" Twilight said, breaking into a full sprint.

"Osha, Oshawott," Oshawott ran after them as they ran past it and charged into the cave.

When the group ran into the cave, they all gasped at what they saw. Just around the first corner was what appeared to be a massive yellow spider web. At the top of the web, there was a massive yellow Pokémon which resembled a tarantula with four legs, and just below it was Rainbow Dash, wrapped up to her neck in silk. Rainbow struggled to try to break the threads and glared up at the Pokémon. "Let me go you stupid bug!" She growled.

Rarity shrieked and turned to Twilight. "Twilight, what in Celestia's name is that thing?"

"Let me take a look," Twilight responded, holding up her Pokédex.

The Pokédex lit up, an image of the spider appearing on the screen. An automated voice announced "Galvantula, the EleSpider Pokémon. They employ an electrically charged web to trap their prey. While it is immobilized by shock, they leisurely consume it."

"Prey? CONSUME?!?" Rainbow repeated in shock. promptly began to struggle more frantically and yelled "Get me out of here!"

"Hang on, Rainbow," Applejack yelled, pulling out her lasso, "I'll get you down!" She threw her lasso and grabbed the silk cocoon Rainbow was covered in. She started to pull as hard as she could, and the cocoon began to pull toward her.

"Galvantula!" The Galvantula called, turning its head to face Applejack. Suddenly, a beam of light purple energy shot out of Galvantula's forehead, aimed directly at Applejack.

"Applejack, get down!" Twilight yelled, tackling Applejack out of the way. The beam flew over the two and struck the wall behind them. Twilight panted ans asked "Are you okay, Applejack?"

"Ah'm fine, Twilight," Applejack grumbled. She stood up and dusted herself off. "Thanks, Twi, but now we've gotta save Dash."

"Don't worry," Twilight smiled, "I think Fluttershy's got it all under control."

Applejack blinked and repeated "Fluttershy?" She raised her head to look back at the web, and her jaw dropped as she saw Fluttershy calmly petting Galvantula.

"Aw, you're not a bad Pokémon, are you Galvantula?" Fluttershy cooed.

Galvantula smiled and shook its head. "Galv, Galvantula."

"That's easy for you to say," Rainbow grumbled. "From where I'm hanging it's kinda hard to believe you."

Fluttershy smiled and scratched Galvantula under the chin. "You're just hungry aren't you?"

"Galvantula," Galvantula nodded.

"Then here, have some nice tasty Pokémon food," Fluttershy smiled warmly as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a jar.

"When did you get that?" Twilight asked.

"Oh," Fluttershy turned back to face Twilight, "while the rest of you were buying Pokéballs, I decided to get some food for any Pokémon we do catch." She handed a few pieces of Pokémon food to Galvantula, who happily ate them and smiled. "Did you like that, Galvantula?" Fluttershy asked, petting Galvantula.

Galvantula happily nodded and replied "Gal, Gal."

"Then could you be a sweetheart and untie my friend?" Fluttershy smiled.

"Gal," Galvantula nodded and looked down at Rainbow. It reached down with its two front legs and grabbed the sides of the cocoon.

"Um, what are you doing?" Rainbow asked nervously.

"Galvantula," Galvantula plucked the cocoon from the web and held it up to its mouth.

"Wait, stop!" Rainbow yelled in fear, only to see Galvantula take a small bite of the silk. Then, like spaghetti, the cocoon began to spin rapidly as the silk slid off of it and into Galvantula's mouth. When the cocoon was gone, Galvantula gently set Rainbow down on the ground. Rainbow's eyes were spinning and she mumbled "I think I'm gonna be sick."

"Oshawott," Oshawott patted Rainbow on the head to comfort her.

"Thanks, buddy," Rainbow mumbled, trying to stop her eyes from spinning.

"Aw, that's a good Pokémon," Fluttershy happily hugged Galvantula, who hugged back with its front legs.

"Yeah," Rainbow staggered to her feet, only to trip over her own feet and walk into the wall, "a real sweetheart."

"Oh, don't be like that, Rainbow," Fluttershy giggled, "Galvantula was just hungry. It didn't know any better."

"Gal, Galvantula," Galvantula nodded.

Fluttershy smiled at Galvantula and asked "Galvantula, would you like to come with me? You can have more of that yummy Pokémon food."

Rainbow rolled her eyes and grumbled "Yeah, as long as you don't try to get any of that yummy Rainbow Dash." She tried to take a step, but fell flat on her face.

Ignoring her, Fluttershy reached into her pocket and pulled out a Pokéball. "Well, Galvantula," she cooed, "want to be my new friend?"

"Galvantula!" Galvantula smiled and pressed the button on the front of the Pokéball with one of its front feet. The Pokéball opened and Galvantula's body began to glow bright red as it was drawn into the ball. The ball closed and the button on front blinked red a couple of times, before there was a pinging noise and a small burst of sparks flew from the ball.

Fluttershy smiled down at the Pokéball. "Oh boy, I can't wait to introduce you to all my wonderful animal friends."

"Yeah," Rainbow mumbled, rubbing her head as she staggered to her feet, "I'm sure it'll be happy to eat- I mean, meet them."

"Hold on, Sugarcube," Applejack chuckled, "let me help you with that." She reached down and grabbed Rainbow's arm, then pulled her up and put a hand on her shoulder to keep her steady.

"Thanks, Applejack," Rainbow gave an amused smile, "I needed that."

"No problem, Sugarcube," Applejack smirked, "and maybe next time you'll take that as a lesson not to give yerself an unfair head start."

"Yeah yeah," Rainbow chuckled and rolled her eyes, "I'll keep that in mind."

"Well, I'm glad all that's settled," Twilight smiled, "now let's keep going. First we'll need to get rid of this web." She pointed her finger at the web and her fingertip started to glow.

"Wait, Twilight," Fluttershy held up a hand to stop her, "let's let Galvantula do it." She threw Galvantula's Pokéball up in the air as she said this. The ball opened and Galvantula appeared in a burst of light.

"Galvantula," Galvantula called as it appeared.

"Okay, Galvantula," Fluttershy pointed at the web, "we need you to clear the web."

"Galvantula," Galvantula nodded and crawled up to the web. It placed its mouth to the web and, just as the cocoon had, the web began to unfurl and get sucked into Galvantula's mouth, bringing a couple of rocks from the surrounding walls with it.

"Good work," Fluttershy patted Galvantula on the back. "Say," she continued, "you know your way around the cave, right?" Galvantula nodded in response, so Fluttershy continued "Would you please be willing to show us the way through? We're looking for our friends, so we need to know how to get through the cave quickly."

"Gal, Gal," Galvantula smiled. It turned around and began to crawl further into the cave, with Fluttershy walking alongside it.

"Well, you heard her," Applejack spoke up, "looks like we've got ourselves a tour guide."

"Yeah," Rainbow narrowed her eyes at Galvantula, "I'm sure we can trust this thing with showing us through a dangerous cave."

As the group trekked farther into the cave, the noise of clanking metal began to echo down the corridor. "What in the world is that?" Applejack asked, looking around for the source of the noise.

"It sounds like the inside of a factory," Twilight mused, "maybe it's the machinery from Cedric's research team."

"Gal, Galvantula," Galvantula shook its head and pointed forward. Twilight and the others looked in the direction Galvantula was pointing, and they stared in confusion at the sight. In the corridor before them, there was a cluster of strange metal Pokémon There were three different varieties of them, each resembling gears grinding against each other.

"What are they?" Rainbow asked nobody in particular.

"Let's see what the Pokédex says," Twilight responded. She first held the Pokédex up to one of the three types, one which simply resembled two gears grinding against each other.

An image of the Pokémon appeared on the screen and the Pokédex announced "Klink, the Gear Pokémon. The two minigears that mesh together are predetermined. Each will rebound from other minigears without meshing."

"Wow," Twilight gave a small smile. "Now let's look at this one." She turned to face a second type of Pokémon, one which resembled Klink, except with one minigear facing backward and a large macrogear spinning behind them.

The Pokémon's image appeared on the screen and the Pokédex spoke again. "Klang, the Gear Pokémon. Spinning minigears are rotated at high speed and repeatedly fired away. It is dangerous if the gears don't return."

"So cool," Twilight smiled a bit wider. "And now for this one," she declared, turning to face the last one of the Pokémon. This one resembled Klang, but with the addition of a rotating ring surrounded by spikes on the bottom of its body.

An image of the Pokémon appeared and the Pokédex announced "Klingklang, the Gear Pokémon. Its red core functions as an energy tank. It fires the charged energy through its spikes into an area."

Twilight grinned widely and she cheered "This is awesome!" The outburst caused many of the Pokémon to back away.

"Um, Twilight," Rainbow started, "are you feeling alright? You're not acting like yourself."

Rarity stepped up next to Rainbow and added "Indeed, you're acting much more like Rainbow Dash."

Rainbow glared at Rarity and growled "Excuse me?"

"Um," Fluttershy spoke up, "I agree with Rarity." At this, Rainbow's jaw dropped in surprise and Applejack's jaw drtopped in laughter.

"Fine" Rainbow muttered through gritted teeth, "have it your way. So, Twilight, what were you so excited about anyway?"
She was surprised to get no response, so she turned to face Twilight, only to find that she was no longer in the place where she had just been standing.

"Minccino, use Swift!" Twilight called. Rainbow and the others turned to see Twilight standing among the metal Pokémon.

"Ccino!" Twilight's Minccino leaped up into the air and spun around, releasing a barrage of stars at the metal Pokémon.

Many of the Pokémon were struck by the stars, prompting a cheer from Twilight. "Nice work, Minccino," she called.

"Um, Twilight," Applejack interrupted, "you may wanna look again."

"What?" Twilight asked as she turned to face the swarm of Pokémon. She gasped when she realized that none of the Pokémon even had a scratch on them. "I-I don't understand," she stammered, "I got a direct hit."

"Klingklang!" one of the Klinklang yelled. Suddenly, many of the Pokémon began to spin their gears faster, causing their bodies to glow yellow. They turned to face Minccino and fired Thunderbolt at it.

"Minccino, run!" Twilight yelled, but it was too late.

"Ccino!" Minccino yelled as it was struck by Thunderbolts from several angles.

"Minccino," Twilight stammered.

"Ccino..." Minccino fell on its back unconscious.

"Minccino..." Twilight sighed, "return." She held up Minccino's Pokéball and returned Minccino. "Well," she started, reaching into her pocket and pulling out another Pokéball, "looks like it's time for plan B." She tossed the Pokéball in the air and yelled "Go, Deerling!"

The Pokéball opened and a small faun-like Pokémon appeared. "Deerling!" Deerling stood up, facing the crowd of metal Pokémon.

"Hold on, Twilight," Rainbow placed a hand on Twilight's shoulder, "I don't think Deerling can handle that many Pokémon at once."

"I realize that, Rainbow, but I only plan to catch one."

"Yeah, but how are you gonna stop the others from attacking?"

"Easy," Twilight smirked at Rainbow, "that's where you come in. I need you to use your Pokémon to distract them."

"I'd love to do that, but Braviary and Mandibuzz don't have enough room to fly around much in here, so only Oshawott can really help."

"Don't worry, Dashie," Pinkie giggled, "me and Fluttershy will help, too. Right, Fluttershy?"

"Of course," Fluttershy smiled, "I'll be happy to help."

Twilight smiled warmly and said "Thanks, girls, you're the best. Now then," she continued as she turned to face the metal Pokémon, "which one should I catch?"

"Ah think you should go fer the smallest form," Applejack replied, "that way you won't have to worry about Deerling bein' hurt too badly."

"Good idea," Twilight gave Applejack a thumbs up. She turned to Deerling and continued "okay, Deerling, use Energy Ball on that one!" She pointed to a Klink floating near the edge of the group.

"Deerling," Deerling nodded and opened its mouth wide. A ball of green energy materialized in its mouth and blasted straight toward the Klink.

"Klink!" Klink cried as it was struck by the Energy Ball, knocking it away from the group.

Upon seeing their ally getting attacked, the rest of the group erupted in an angry clatter of "Klink! Klang! Klingklang! Klink!" They all turned toward Deerling and began charging for Thunderbolt.

"Oshawott, use Water Gun!" Rainbow yelled.

"Oshawott!" Oshawott fired a blast of water out of its mouth, striking the group of Pokémon. The impact caused the Pokémon to lose their focus on Deerling and turn their attention to Oshawott.

"Klink! Klink! Klang!" The Pokémon called as they fired their Thunderbolt attacks at Oshawott.

"Oshawott!" Oshawott screamed at the sight of all the Thunderbolts.

"Gible, block it!" Pinkie yelled.

"Gib, Gib!" Gible jumped in the way of the attacks. The attacks struck Gible all at once.

"Pinkie," Fluttershy ran up next to Pinkie, "that was very noble, but what about poor Gible?"

"He's fine, silly," Pinkie giggled, "see?"

Fluttershy turned to look at Gible, and gasped when she realized there wasn't a scratch on it. "But, how did that happen?"

"Gible's a Ground-type Pokémon, so Electric attacks don't affect him," Pinkie explained.

"Gib, Gible," Gible nodded and gave Pinkie a thumbs up.

"Klang!" The cluster of Pokémon yelled in anger. They all began to glow a light silver color, before simultaneously firing Flash Cannon at Gible.

"Gib?" Gible was struck by the attacks and vanished into thin air.

"AH!" Fluttershy shrieked, "Gible, no!" She glared daggers at the cluster of metal Pokémon and yelled "Galvantula, use Electroweb!"

"Galvantula!" Galvantula opened its mouth and fired a massive spider web at the Pokémon. The web quickly covered the group like a net, releasing a powerful surge of electricity.

"Pinkie," Rainbow ran up to Pinkie, "how could you let that happen to Gible?"

"I didn't, silly," Pinkie winked, "Gible's right here." She pointed to a spot on the ground. The ground undulated a bit and a fin rose up out of it, followed by Gible's head, smiling victoriously.

"Bu-but how," Rainbow stammered, but then it hit her. "Substitute?"

"Absolutely," Pinkie smiled, "you didn't think I'd really let Gible get hurt like that, did you?"

"Well, no, but why did you do it?"

"That's why," Pinkie smirked and pointed at the cluster of Pokémon wrapped in the Electroweb.

"You were trying to make Fluttershy mad?"

"Only enough to get her to do that. Don't worry, I'm already planning a party to make it up to her."

"I heard that, Pinkie," Fluttershy turned to face Rainbow and Pinkie, "but don't worry, you don't need to do anything to make it up to me. Just seeing Gible safe is enough."

"Well, it's nice to see that settled," Twilight interrupted, "and now that the other Pokémon are detained I can catch this Klink much more easily. Deerling, use Jump Kick!"

"Deer," Deerling yelled, jumping up into the air.

"Klink!" the Klink turned to face Deerling. The edges of Klink's body began glowing, and a pair of large gears fired out of its sides.

"Look out, Deerling!" Twilight yelled.

"Deer?" Deerling saw the Gear Grind attack flying at it. "Deer!" Deerling used the power it had been building for the Jump Kick to kick one of the gears away, which caused Deerling to be pushed back and out of the way of the second gear. Deerling landed on its hooves, stumbling a little from the impact.

"Nice work, Deerling," Twilight complimented, "now use-"

Suddenly, there came a loud, metallic clank from the roof of the cave, followed by a strange voice which angrily yelled "THORN!"

"Huh?" Twilight looked up at the ceiling, "what was that?"

"Klink, Klink, Klingklang!" The group of Pokémon in the Electroweb began struggling frantically until they finally shredded the web. As soon as the web was gone, they flew out of it and rushed past Rarity into a tunnel behind her, fleeing like their lives depended on it.

"That can't be good," Applejack gulped.

From the shadows on the cave ceiling, a large, metal thorn began to descend. Soon, many smaller thorns began to appear, followed by a saucer-shaped platform which they were connected to. In the middle of the platform, there were a pair of angry looking yellow eyes. From the top of the body, there were three green vines reaching up into the shadows. "Ferrothorn!" The Pokémon roared. It unhooked its vines from the ceiling and fell to the cave floor, turning its vines downward to cushion its fall. When the vines came into view, they ended in pads covered in metal spikes.

"What IS that?!?" Rarity backed up a bit.

"Let's see what the Pokédex says," Twilight replied, holding her Pokédex toward the strange Pokémon.

The Pokédex lit up with a picture of the Pokémon and it announced "Ferrothorn, the Thorn Pod Pokémon. It fights by swinging around its three spiky feelers. A hit from these steel spikes can reduce a boulder to rubble.

"Ferrothorn," Ferrothorn growled, turning and glaring at the Klink. It raised one of its vines, which glowed in a bright green light.

"Uh oh," Twilight's eyes widened, "it must be mad at Klink for waking it up."

"We'll help," Rainbow started running toward Ferrothorn, but she was stopped by a magenta aura of magic appearing around her.

"No," Twilight shook her head, "I caused this problem, and I don't want you or your Pokémon to get hurt trying to fix my mistake. Besides," she smiled, "Deerling can handle it."

"Deer?!?" Deerling looked surprised at Twilight.

"Trust me," Twilight smiled warmly, "I know you can do it."

"Klink!" Klink yelled as it was struck by Power Whip and slammed into the wall.

"Thorn!" Ferrothorn pinned Klink against the wall with the thorns on its vine.

"Deerling, use Energy Ball," Twilight yelled.

"Deer," Deerling grinned confidently and blasted an Energy Ball at Ferrothorn. The attack made a direct hit, but didn't even leave a mark.

"Thorn," Ferrothorn growled as it turned to face Deerling. It released Klink from its grasp so it could focus on its new target.

"Klink! Klink Klink!" Klink yelled as it flew through the same tunnel the others had fled through.

Twilight narrowed her eyes in determination, "Brace yourself, Deerling, this is gonna be a heck of a battle."

"Deer, Deerling," Deerling nodded, glaring up at Ferrothorn.

"Thorn!" Ferrothorn yelled as it raised one of its vines. The vine began to glow a bright purple color, preparing to use Poison Jab. "Ferrothorn!" It roared as it jabbed at Deerling.

"Deerling, duck!" Twilight yelled. Deerling obediently ducked its head down, making the vine pass by over its head. "Good, now use Double Kick!"

"Deerling, Deer!" Deerling did a quick about-face and bucked its hooves upward, striking Ferrothorn twice.

"Thorn!" Ferrothorn was hit back by the force of the kicks, but stopped itself from falling over by digging its free vine into the wall to the side.

"Good work, Deerling," Twilight cheered.

"Deer..." Deerling groaned in pain.

"What's wrong?" Twilight asked, eyes wide.

"Deer, Deer, Deerling," Deerling replied, turning and pointing its front hoof at Ferrothorn.

"I don't get it," Twilight raised her Pokédex at Ferrothorn. She read the text that appeared on the screen, and gasped, "Oh no."

"What's wrong, Twilight?" Rainbow asked.

"It says Ferrothorn has a special ability called Iron Barbs. Any time a Pokémon hits Ferrothorn with a physical attack, they take damage from Ferrothorn's spikes."

"Well, then just use Energy Ball," Rainbow responded.

"It's no good," Twilight gulped, "Ferrothorn is a Grass and Steel-type, and, as we saw before, highly resistant to Energy Ball."

"Thorn!" Ferrothorn roared and charged toward Deerling, its vines glowing bright green.

"Deerling, dodge it!" Twilight yelled frantically.

"Deer, Deer, Ling!" Deerling called as it dodged Ferrothorn's Power Whip attacks. Its small size and higher agility allowed it to avoid the swings.

"Wait, Deerling, stop!" Fluttershy called.

"Are you crazy?!?" Twilight demanded, turning to stare at Fluttershy in shock.

"No, Twilight," Fluttershy shook her head, "just trust me."

"Okay, Fluttershy," Twilight sighed, "I hope you know what you're doing. Deerling, stop dodging!"

"Deerling?!?" Deerling asked, eyes wide. After taking a second to register the strange request, Deerling stopped dodging.

"Ferrothorn!" Ferrothorn yelled, slamming all three of its vines on top of Deerling at once. A massive burst of smoke erupted from the ground, completely obscuring Deerling. "Thorn..." Ferrothorn backed away, waiting until the smoke cleared.

"Deerling, no..." Twilight stuttered. "Fluttershy, what have you done?!?"

"Buck!" An unfamiliar voice yelled from within the cloud.

"Such language," Rarity commented, shaking her head in disapproval.

"Huh?" Twilight turned and stared at the cloud of smoke. "Deerling? Is that you?"

Suddenly, the smoke was blown away as a large, deer-like Pokémon with long antlers leaped out of the top of it. "Sawsbuck!" The Pokémon yelled.

"What-What is that?" Twilight asked, holding up her Pokédex.

The Pokédex showed an image of the Pokémon and announced, "Sawsbuck, the Season Pokémon. The plants growing on its horns change according to the season. The leaders of the herd possess magnificent horns."

"But-but what happened to Deerling?!?" Twilight stuttered.

"Aw yeah!" Rainbow cheered, "Deerling evolved!"

"Evolved?" Twilight asked, "What do you- oh yeah!" Her eyes widened in realization as she remembered how Rainbow had recounted her experience of witnessing Rufflett evolve. She turned to look back at Sawsbuck and asked, "Does that mean that Sawsbuck IS Deerling?!?"

"That's right, Twilight," Rainbow grinned, "and it means it's much stronger now!"

"How did you know, Fluttershy?" Twilight asked.

"Well," Fluttershy explained, "you told us that, when you caught Deerling, it got stronger when it was hit by its own Energy Ball. I realized Ferrothorn was using a Grass-type attack, so I just thought it would have the same effect."

"Really?" Twilight looked at her Pokédex again and read more of the details about Sawsbuck. "You're right! It says Sawsbuck has the ability Sap Sipper, which lets it absorb energy from Grass-type attacks! I guess that attack Ferrothorn used had so much power behind it that Deerling got enough energy to evolve."

"Sawsbuck," Sawsbuck nodded.

"Thorn!" Ferrothorn leaped into the air angrily. It tilted its head forward so the spike on the top of its head was pointing directly at Sawsbuck. It then rapidly descended, and a series of white swirls began to spin around its body.

"Look out!" Rainbow yelled, "It's using Aerial Ace!"

"Sawsbuck, hold your ground," Twilight narrowed her eyes in determination.

"Buck, Sawsbuck," Sawsbuck stood tall as Ferrothorn got closer and closer.

Just as Ferrothorn was about to strike, Twilight yelled, "now, duck!"

"Sawsbuck!" Sawsbuck jumped forward and ducked down, making Ferrothorn fly past over its head.

"Now, use Double Kick!"

"Buck, Saws!" Sawsbuck quickly bucked its hooves backward, striking Ferrothorn hard. The force of the impact launched Ferrothorn into the air.

"Ferrothorn!" Ferrothorn yelled as it was struck by Sawsbuck's hooves. Propelled high into the air by the strike, Ferrothorn struck the roof of the cave. "Thorn..." it groaned in pain as it fell back down and crashed into the cave floor.

"Now, Sawsbuck," Twilight called, "finish it off with Hi Jump Kick!"

Sawsbuck turned around, ignoring the pain from the Iron Barbs. It leaped high into the air, its eyes focused on Ferrothorn. "Sawsbuck!" It struck Ferrothorn hard with its front hooves, driving Ferrothorn into the ground.

"FERROTHORN!" Ferrothorn cried as it was struck by Hi Jump Kick. It flailed its vines in the air for a moment, but soon stopped, its vines falling limp by its side as it lost consciousness.

Twilight cheered, "Great work, Sawsbuck!"

"Saws... buck," Sawsbuck panted, having taken heavy damage from the Iron Barbs.

Twilight smiled warmly and held up Sawsbuck's Pokéball, "Okay, you deserve some rest. Return," the Pokéball released a beam of light, returning Sawsbuck to it. Twilight turned to her friends and continued, "Come on, girls, let's get out of here."

"That's fine by me," Rainbow nodded, "I'm getting tired of being in this cave. I don't even have enough room to fly in here."

"Besides," Applejack spoke up,"ah don't think the crusaders would've wanted to stay in 'ere very long with things like that roaming around," she pointed to the unconscious Ferrothorn.

Twilight had her head down in sadness as the group came up on the exit to the cave. "Well, that could have gone better," she sighed.

"Whaddaya mean, Twilight?" Rainbow asked as she patted Twilight on the back. "You won the battle and evolved your Deerling; I'd say that was a win for you."

Twilight gave Rainbow a small smile and responded, "Yeah, I guess that's true."

"Then what's wrong, Twilight?" Pinkie asked.

"I just would have loved to catch just one Klink," Twilight shrugged.

"Klin-Klink!" a mechanical voice echoed from the cave. The group turned around and saw a Klink fly out of the shadows, charging straight toward Twilight.

"AH!" Twilight held her hands in front of her face to protect it from the oncoming attack. When she didn't feel anything after a few seconds, she lowered her hands slowly.

"Klink-Klink," Klink was floating right in front of Twilight, both of its faces smiling.

"Twilight," Rarity spoke up, "I may be mistaken, but I do believe that was the same Klink you were preparing to catch when Ferrothorn showed up."

Twilight's eyes widened and she looked back at Klink. "Is that true, Klink?"

"Klin-Klink," Klink nodded.

"Then, why are you here now?" Twilight asked, "Why didn't you flee with the others?"

"It wants to thank you," Fluttershy interrupted.

"Thank me?" Twilight repeated, "for what?"

"Well," Fluttershy replied, "you saved it from Ferrothorn."

Twilight looked back at Klink and asked "Is that true? Are you here to thank me for saving you?"

"Klink-Klink," Klink nodded.

Twilight smiled and asked "Then, does that mean you want to come with me?"

Klink eagerly smiled and replied "Klin-Klin-Klink!"

"I'll take that as s yes," Twilight laughed a bit as she reached into her pocket and took out a Pokéball. She tossed the Pokéball in the air and Klink eagerly flew up to it, letting it strike it in one of its foreheads. The Pokéball opened up and drew Klink in, and the button on the front only blinked a few times before it stopped. Twilight caught the ball in her hand before it hit the ground.

"Alright," Pinkie cheered, "you did it, Twilight."

"Osha, Oshawott, Osha," Oshawott cheered.

Twilight looked at the Pokéball and giggled a bit, "Yeah, I really did."

"Congratulations, Twi," Applejack patted Twilight on the back, "Ah knew you could do it."

"Thanks, Applejack," Twilight smiled. She then placed the Pokéball on her belt and continued "well then, let's keep going. The Crusaders weren't in there, but we should still be able to catch up to them."

"Got it, Twilight," Rainbow gave Twilight a thumbs up before turning to Applejack. "Hey, Applejack," she grinned, "race you to the next town." Before Applejack could respond, Rainbow was gone, flying as fast as possible into the forest.

"Dag nabbit, not again," Applejack grumbled as she took off after Rainbow.