Cracked up stories

by Twilight-the-Pony

Rarity x Gabrielle the Hat

Gabrielle is handsome and stand-up girl, and is adored in public for wearing exquisite royal colors and beautiful symmetrical little pink bows, that perfectly decorated her sides. But she has a little secret. She was different from other ponies in Equestria.

As matter of fact, she wasn't even a pony. She was a hat. And not just any hat. She was Rarity's hat. The popular Ponyville fashion designer, who could have anypony she could ever desire, chose beautiful Gabrielle instead.

"I love you, Gabrielle!" Rarity breathed to her lover, nuzzling her warm and colorful fabric. "I think I would go insane without you," she continued. "I love you so much!"

But she needed to keep her relationship a deep dark secret since that kind of behaviour was frowned upon in the public. And not just public... She even needed to hide the relationship from her own family and her friends, making sure that her secret wasn’t revealed by her parents or her sister.

But it was worth it. She couldn't afford to lose Gabrielle. Her closest friend. Her lover.