Cracked up stories

by Twilight-the-Pony

Twilight x Ted the Toothbrush

Twilight woke up early morning by the beautiful sky-blue mare, nudged her gently to see, if she is still sleeping, quietly standing up and swiftly move towards the bathroom in embrace of a secret lover, that waited her silently and patiently sitting in a cup for a long time.

“Hello Ted,” the unicorn spoke softly, lifting it carefully against her lips, “I missed you so much”, as she pushed her lips gently towards her lover, forming a gentle kiss.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “Your breath is divine,” as Ted gently touched her lips and massaged her teeth. She closed her eyes and let Ted massage her mouth as gently as possible, sending jolts of electricity down the unicorn’s spine every time he slid inside her mouths and touched her tongue. “You’re so good at this,” she breathed.

The unicorn was in heaven, but suddenly her blood froze as familiar voice echoed behind her. “This looks like fun.”

Twilight slowly turned her head towards the unsurprised Rainbow just to see her ask “Mind if I join in?”