A Pony's Far Cry Experience

by djElectrOctavia

Chapter 2: Mission Impossiblé

Fluttershy had several scratches by now, and she was tied up in a bamboo cage with her friend. The only light came from the torches placed around the camp they were at.

“Rainbow Dash?” she whispered, not wanting the guards to be alerted. The blue mare wiggled around a bit, lifting her head to see Fluttershy’s wet eyes staring at her. “Are you okay? You’ve been unconscious for hours!” her worried voice poured out.

“Yeah yeah… I’m fine. Where are we? What happened” Rainbow asked, looking at her strange surroundings, trying to remember what happened earlier.

“We were taken here by some things… I’m scared Dashie!” Fluttershy wailed as her eyes spilled a lot of tears. An ape thing came closer, weapon in its hands.

“OI! SHUT UP!” it shouted. It only made Fluttershy cry even more. “SHUT UP I SAID, ARE YOU DEAF?” Fluttershy could only cry even more. She was starving and de-hydrated. The amount of tears was not helping quench their thirst. “SHUT THE FUCK UP, OR I’LL SHOOT YOU NOW!” it screamed waving its weapon.

“Shh… Don’t cry Fluttershy…” Rainbow said, rubbing her left hind-leg on Fluttershy’s. This only made Fluttershy calm down a bit, and was now crying into her mane to try and stifle the noise.

“Good. The boss is coming later, don’t be fuck-tards.” it said, walking away.

“We… We gotta get outta here!” she whispered between sobs.

“I know… I’m thinking. These hoof-ties are poorly done. We can easily slip out of these.” Rainbow explained, slipping her hooves free of the rope. “Okay, don’t make a sound, I’m just going to slip your hooves out.” she said, untying the rope with her mouth. In the corner of her eye, she could see something walking over to them. “Pretend you’re still tied!” she whispered quickly, slipping her hooves back in, whilst Fluttershy did the same.

“The cute ponies are awake! Wonderful, now, how about we swap some questions, hm?” it said. It had a scar above his left eye and a thin, sticky-uppy mane style. “Me first? Okay… How about… WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?” it boomed. Both the ponies recoiled at its voice. It sounded insane, whatever it was.

“We’re ponies, and you?” Rainbow replied, trying to sound as confident as she could. She didn’t need to sound scared in front of her crush, she also couldn’t seem weak.

“WOAH! Holy shit either these guys have drugged me or you actually spoke. I thought my men were high when they told me about little ponies with wings that can FUCKING TALK!” it said. “Oh, I’m Vaas. From planet Earth. I’m a fucking human. I’m sure you two smarties would’ve guessed that though?”

“No. We’ve never heard of Earth or human before… Are you an alien?” Rainbow asked inquisitively, inspecting the human.

“An alien? That’s a matter of relativity. Here, you’re the fucking aliens. This planet shouldn’t have fucking ponies flying around.” Vaas laughed. He was enjoying this so much. “Oh yeah, I’m a MAN. Not a fucking pussy female like you two, incase you retards didn’t know.” What was a man? Fluttershy could only suppose it meant male. Rainbow had no clue what she was doing. She could only hope to play along enough to get free or something. “Tell you what, I’ll take you to my personal camp, I heard that two dickhead sky divers have been caught.” Vaas said, motioning to a guard. “Oi, untie these shits and put them in my car.” The guard nodded, unlocking the door to the cage. When Rainbow turned her head, Vaas was already far away. The only people nearby was the guard. Rainbow saw a knife, while he was untying Fluttershy, she could pick it with her mouth and stab him. It was the only way, and she had to do it. Faust gave her this chance; no way she was going to waste it. Quickly, she slipped from her rope, grabbed the knife and stabbed the poor sod in the back. She pushed it down to the floor to muffle any screams, and stabbed him again through the throat.

“Eek! No no no no no no nononononononononooooo!” Fluttershy whispered, head turned away and eyes covered. “Is he… Dead?” she asked, tears forming again.

“I hope so, we need to get out of here fast, follow me!” Rainbow whispered back, crawling out of the cage. She spotted an exit to her right, but that was blocked by several houses, and obviously guards. If she had any chance of survival, they would have to move quickly before they could be spotted again. “This way Flutters!” she beckoned. Rainbow snuck behind a crate with a guard on the other end. It wasn’t ideal to kill these things, but it was the only way. “Hey Fluttershy, I need you to throw a rock over there, okay?” she whispered as quietly as she could into Fluttershy’s ears. Fluttershy could only obey, and so threw a rock just a bit ahead of the man.

“What was that?” the Guard asked, walking a bit ahead to find where the noise came from. Rainbow quickly pulled out the man’s knife and stabbed him to the floor from his neck.

“I don’t like this Dashie! I want to go home! I can’t do this!” Fluttershy wailed, moving to the Guard’s side of the crate.

“Fluttershy, look at me, once we escape this, we can try and find the way back, okay?”

“Mhm…” was Fluttershy’s only response. The death of two humans was painful for her to see, and she could feel there would be more. Rainbow was busy looting the Guard, and came up with a small storage sachet, the knife, a map and a compass. She rolled open the map to see where she was in relation to Ponyville. It snapped her heart in two, as the map only revealed an island, blatantly far at sea. “Where are we, does it say where we are?” Fluttershy asked, glaring at the map.

“No, but we’re in the middle of nowhere.” Rainbow replied. “We’re not too far from a beach, only a few hundred mi-“ she was cut off by a Guard standing in front of her. “Horseapples!” she exclaimed, running to pick up the knife.

“What do we have here, escaped ponies? I think the boss is waiting for you. Come here…” it said. It couldn’t take a step further as a knife was already in the back of its head. Rainbow stood back as the body fell to reveal Fluttershy, with her eyes closed behind him. Fluttershy actually killed something. Rainbow was torn between feeling concern, worry or pride from this.

“Quick, let’s go Fluttershy.” Rainbow said in a low, monotone voice. Fluttershy simply nodded and followed.