New Tricks

by Furzfanger

Chapter 2: The Escape

Chapter 2: The Escape


Links of rusty chains clatter upon the train car's floor as the engine hits a rough stretch of track. We find ourselves bumping into one another as our transport tosses us about. Guard ponies stand vigilantly at every conceivable escape, watching our each and every move. One in particular appears to have his gaze locked solely onto me. Staring into his emotionless blue eyes sends a numbing chill down my spine, adding to the immobility the chains lay upon my arms.

Suddenly, a voice floods into the car through the intercom. "Immediate assistance required in the engine. Over."

Almost instantly two of the watchful guards exit the through the large, steel door. With only three remaining with us, glances of rebellion seem to shoot from one dog to the next. An uneasy feeling comes over me. What could be so important

Several minutes pass, with no signs of the two guards returning. The guard who had his eye on me earlier now struggles to hide a look of concern on his face. The large door swung open once more, followed by the presence of the two stallions who had left just a few minutes prior, however, something was wrong. Their expressions seemed different. Two crooked smiles now masked their fuzzy white facades.

"Did they get promoted or something?", Spot whispers in my ear.

Without warning, the two returning guards engage the stallion who'd had his eyes on me. With three swift kicks he was on the floor, unconscious. The two remaining guards raised their swords in response to the violence.

"Stand down!", commands one of them.

The two traitors grin as they draw out their blades as well. In a brief bloodbath, they take out the remaining guards. Every canine jaw in the room falls open at the massacre. Never did we expect to have our hides saved by the ones who were watching us. To our sudden surprise, the white coats of the royal stallions fades to a dirty, midnight black. These were no mere ponies standing before us. These were Changeling soldiers.

"Holy bones!", howls a voice in the back of the room.

The strange, insect-like creatures make various clicking sounds in response to the outcry, watching us with their soulless, blue eyes. The clattering of chains rings around the car, as many dogs back away from the train's intruders. It suddenly occurs to me that our speed was dropping incredibly fast. Someone was stopping the train.

"What the woof's goin' on?", barks Spot to the bugs.

In a heart-stopping instant, one of the two Changelings jams its bloody sword into his soft gut.

"No!!", I scream, as my comrade falls forward into my shackled paws.

Blood drips from the open gash onto my vest, as he shivers violently. "R-Rover...", he chokes.

Tears begin to quickly form in my eyes as I continue to hold him tightly. "I'm here buddy. I'm here."

A faint smile covers his small, brown muzzle. "Told you they was gonna kill us."

"Nobody's dying today! You're gonna be fine, Spot.", I lie as the tears roll down my face.

"Can't you see them all, boss?", he whispers to the ceiling.

"S-see them all?", I ask.

"All those gems...", he returns in a drowsy tone. "Green ones, red ones, blue ones... white... one..."

The stout dog collapses limp in my paws, eyes still trained at the blank metal ceiling. No more could he be bound by the thick metal chains, which still clung to myself. As I sob to myself, the others crowd around, adding in tears of their own.

Suddenly, my ears were assaulted by an ear wrenching cackle. Spot's murderer stands above me, jagged teeth bent into a hideous smile. Too overcome by grief and insanity, I found no immediate strength to rise up and strike my partner's killer in the skull. I was powerless.

We now find ourselves being herded out of the car as if we were livestock. Masses over dark-hearted Changelings stand in a line in front of us, examining their newly found prey. Carrying my fallen brother in my paws, I begin to release a ghostly howl unto the cloudy, nighttime sky. My cries ring not alone, as the group joins in to grieve the heavy loss.