For the Overlord!

by PonyManne215

A Fool's Dream

-Will be written in Bible format
-Has a hidden conspiracy!

The Book of Good: Chapter 1

The Hero reached the city/castle/place of Canterlot within a moment’s notice upon escaping from the madness of the newly constructed fortress of Evil. Had he been there a moment longer, things might’ve ended on the less desirable side for him. But alas, he did escape, and his other personality’s comrades were nowhere to be found. Upon immediately sighting the Hero still clad in the Overlord’s armor (Since they are the same person, but different sides of a coin), they rushed to meet him at the gates. Peace, he proclaimed, and it was rightly so.

“Be wary not, my fellow livers of life. We are all but a single being under the same banner, one and the same.” The Hero spoke.

“Be it not you who hath destroyed the fair town of Ponyville? The one who hath wrought unrelenting injustice upon its citizens? One who bringeth a declaration of war, not peace?” A guard asked.

“Hark, lo and beware, that was the influence of one who is destined to be cast to the hells below. One who would see that the seeds of your future be torn asunder, and that they might never see the verdant pasture of this lively world. I cometh to not wrought horrors, but to make amends for the Evils that hath been committed upon thineselves. It is I who seeks to unite us all, to rally us against the greatest of foes; our own greed, envy, and hate.”

The Hero’s words were ever-so-gracious that the ponies of Canterlot were invigorated with a love for the morally good human being! They rallied behind him, all-loving all the while, and drove towards a collaborative effort to end the dangers of Evil. As was tradition of their olden times, the Hero was to marry the most beautiful mare as his new love companion, followed by concubines that would make his descendants as numerous as the stars in the heavens above itself. Then he was to be birthed under a new name that would signify a new revelation.

And so, the Hero took the name of Sir Bob the Hope.

It would be from then that the Hero, newly named Sir Bob of Hope, would marry and bedden the fair-maned lady Princess Celestia. And it was so that their children would be as numerous as the stars, because he also received his sister-in-law as a concubine, who was subsequently the God of the Night Sky. Not only would Sir Bob of Hope conquer these two beauties in the private chamber room, but as well as almost the entire female population of the fair world Equestria. This would not lead to generations of inbreeding amongst the pony-human hybrids. Oh, and yes, ponies can absolutely bear the seed of human beings and give birth to horsemen and horsewomen. Minotaurs? Centaurs? Who knows, they had intercourse and consummated the relationship endlessly, that is all that you need to know.

The Book of Good: Chapter 14

The living stood among the dead in a formerly verdant field of harvest.Formerly known as the fruitful land of Appaloosa, a Western form of a town. Its past self was of a thriving and exciting place of trade, dance, food, and song. Its people were content to the fullest extent, and all was good. Ponies and other animals lived in harmony together. There was nothing wrong with this place, and life was peaceful. Now, it had become a desolate wasteland after the purging of Evil from the world of Equestria. Evil had fought without quarter, killing all those that they had captured, while Good would spare those that they had apprehended. But just as an otherworldly benevolent being, perhaps a writer -who has been struggling with his/her own life challenges to predict/decide future events- would will it, the forces of Good won without a doubt and all was right with the world. Evil was slain, the Overlord was gone, and all was done in a just manner. No more Evil could possibly exist in a world filled only with Good, a place with no common enemy or goal to strive for.

The Book of Good: Chapter 901231246

Good had conquered Evil and this was rightly so.
Good advanced in technology and the sciences and this was rightly so.
Good was rallied under one banner, the banner of the Hero, and this was rightly so.
The Hero, Sir Bob of Hope, ruled supreme, and this was just.
The Hero would exterminate those who did not follow his orders, and this was just.
The Hero would impose taxes upon his subjects, taxes that would cause living to be destitute, and this was rightly so.
The Hero would forbid all forms of further freedom, causing life restrictions and repopulation restrictions, and this was just.
The Hero would decimate and annihilate all those who tried to rebel against him at Manehattan, and this was just.
The Hero would rename himself Overlord of Equestria, clearly not a dominant ruler, and this was just.
The Hero would limit all power from the Elements of Harmony, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna, and this was all right.
The Hero would wear black, heavy armor, his blue eyes would turn red, and this was all right.
The Hero would enslave all of ponykind and employ those the power of otherworldly beings that smelled foul and were distasteful, and this was all right.
The Overlord would be no longer Good, but ‘Self-Conscious’, and this was all right.

The Overlord was Evil, and this was destiny.