Move Along

by butboifranko

Chapter Two

Fluttershy has or had a crush on Rainbow Dash. For some reason I can’t really think about it without feeling extremely jealous.

I couldn’t sleep very well last night. It could’ve been the couch and how I had to sleep in strange positions, or because I couldn’t stop thinking about Fluttershy being with Rainbow Dash instead of myself. Like, I had always picture Flutters being with me. Imagining me and her baking super scrumptious goods, cuddling by the fire while rain pelted down, watching it drip down the panels of the window…doing just about everything together, telling each other our deep dark scary- secrets…

What does Rainbow Dash have that I don’t?

Actually; she has a lot more than I do. First of all, she’s an incredibly talented flier. Secondly, she’s pretty good-looking. To be honest, even I think she’s pretty scrumptious. But besides that; Rainbow Dash lives by herself in a big cloud house up in the sky, while I live in the attic of a bakery. I can’t top that!

Though, I doubt Fluttershy only likes Rainbow Dash because she has a good life style. It could also be because they've known each other for like, ever! Flutters and me didn’t get to actually know each other until Twilight came to Ponyville and we all became BPFF’s! Before then she was really, really shy and didn’t talk to many ponies besides Dashie. This explains why they’re so comfortable with each other. I don’t know if Fluttershy talked to any other ponies beside Rainbow, but I can presume that when Dash came to Ponyville after graduating from Flight School, they had a lot to catch up on.

And maybe even some build up in feelings…wait, build up in feelings? That could mean that…That Fluttershy told Rainbow how much she missed her while they were separated after she wanted to drop out of Flight School, and move down to Ponyville to be closer to wild life. While Dash continued her education in flight, and eventually graduated with honors for being such an awesome-tastic flier! And then decided the perfect place to settle down was in Ponyville, while she secretly moved to Ponyville because she knew that’s where Fluttershy went to, and during their get together she confesses she only came to Ponyville to be able to see Flutters again, and Flutters was all flabbergasted because she had a secret crush on her the whole time and is of course incredibly flattered.

Then Rainbow shoots her a seductive glance and moves in and kisses Fluttershy, while ‘Shy of course kisses her back with passion because she loves her, right!? And then Dashie sweeps Fluttershy off from the couch and cradles her in her cyan hooves and flaps her big pegasi wings, and carries her up the stairs while…

No. I shouldn’t over analyze things like that. Mama Pie always said to never over think a situation, and to just go with the flow and see how it goes. That kinda rhymes, so it must be true!

Geez, I wonder when Fluttershy is gonna wake up. Or…maybe she’s already up, but she’s just hiding out in her room. She did say that she didn’t wanna come out last night, so that’s probably what she’s doing. I should go up and check to see if she’s awake.

I made my way up the stairs to her room, getting a better look at the walls, which had pictures of what seemed to be her family and little cutesy-wutesy animals alongside Fluttershy in different sceneries, which make a nice touch to her small cabin. After what seemed to be a countless number pictures of animals, I got up to Fluttershy’s room and knocked.

“Who is it?” I opened my mouth to say ‘Pinkie Pie’ but decided not to. Instead I cleared my throat and made my best game face, “Rainbow Dash!”

A loud thud came from the other sided of the door and along with a signature Fluttershy ‘eep!’

“Rainbow Dash, what…how did you get in the cabin past Pinkie? And, oh! Don’t come in! I’m- I mean my room is a mess.”

I opened the door, “Fluttershy I was just jokin’ around. It’s me Pinkie Pie!”

Fluttershy popped her head out from under the bed sheets, which must’ve tagged along with her when she fell out of bed. Her eyes looked at me; big cyan glassy eyes, along with her very messy mane. She seemed upset, and a little scared…Snapple jacks! I shouldn’t have used Rainbow Dash. That’s so predicable of me. Good gravy!

“Pinkie…you scared me! I thought Rainbow Dash was actually here. Why would you trick me like- I mean…never mind.”

“I’m sorry Fluttershy. I didn’t mean to upset you. I was just-” I hopped over to her and poked her sides, “Tickling your funny bone!”

“Oh, wha-hehehe, stop stop!” Fluttershy squirmed in my hoofs as I tickled her completely vulnerable sides. She’s so fluffin’ adorable! Her face turned red, and I withdrew my hoofs and laughed along with her. Fluttershy looked up with the cutest smile, blushing like a maniac.

“So Fluttershy, what do you plan to do today, anything exciting? Like going off into a balloon and floating up to Cloudsdale and then jumping in the rainbow liquid stuff and coming out, and going around making rainbow hoof prints?”

“Well…no. I don’t know what I’m going to do today, besides I can just fly up to Cloudsdale... but I’ll be going downstairs shortly to feed the animals and stuff like that, eat breakfast, and then come back here…how about you?”

“Today, I’ll be going down to Sugarcube Corner to let Mister and Misses Cake know that I’ll be staying with you for a while, and then-”

Fluttershy placed a hoof to my mouth. Assertiveness…Pinkie likey! “Don’t tell them the real reason you’re staying with me, please? I don’t want anypony but you, and eventually Rarity knowing alright?”

She removed her hoof. “Sure thing Fluttershy, I’ll think up an excuse on the way into town…and when I come back I can help you around the cabin if you want! I’m pretty good with animals, I think.”

“I don’t see any reason why you can’t help, but I’ll probably have everything done by the time you get back from town…thank you for offering though Pinkie, it’s very generous of you.”

I feel flattered. Should I? I don’t know! “No problem Fluttershy, and hey; it’s what I’m staying with you for, to help out!”

Flutters gave me a hug and I couldn’t resist but to hug the adorable mare back. “Thanks again, Pinkie.”

I hugged her a little tighter, “No problemo Flutters.”

As suckish as it is, I can’t sit here and hug her all day. I have things to do back in Ponyville before I can get too comfortable. I moved out of the hug and gave her a hopefully, comforting smile. Ponies say my smiles scare them sometimes, but ya know what. They’re a bunch of sour-pusses!

“Okay. I’m gonna head down to Ponyville and do what I gotta do, and I’ll be back A.S.A.P, okey dokey?”

Fluttershy nodded, “Alright, I’ll be here most likely when you get back I guess.”

I gave her a quick smile and made my way out of her room, down the stairs, out the door, and onward to Ponyville.