SCP 2000-1 and SCP 2000-2

by TheWritingWorkshop

An 8x8 world.

The first sensation that became known to her was the cold. She felt rings of ice around her legs. Every few moments she thought a voice spoke to her, its low drone bidding her to wake up. It sounded as if the sounds were underwater. Every time it spoke to her, she struggled to get up, or at least open her eyes.

“Are you awake?” It still sounded distant and unnatural, but the voice was now understandable. Her own refused to answer it. “Nod your head if you understand.” The voice was commanding in its tone. She realized her eyes weren’t open, that the light which surrounded her passed first through her eyelids. Her vision struggled into being, and through squinting she was able to resist the blinding light.

The voice repeated itself, more clearly now. What sounded like a sigh preceded it this time. “Nod your head if you understand.” It was a bored sounding, male voice. Her head managed to lift up from the concrete floor an inch, then shakily, she let it fall again. There was something around her neck, enveloping it in the same icy feeling that plagued her legs. “Subject is awake...” The voice said appreciatively.

Where-” Red began to cough painfully, it hurt a great deal to talk. Whatever was wrapped around her neck was too tight. “Where am I?” Her senses all rushed back to her, most of them bringing only pain. She could make out what little there was to her surroundings though. A single bright light sat in the center of the room, hanging directly above her...and there wasn't much else.

Blank walls, a concrete and metal floor, what looked to be a massive, metal doorway...and chains, attached to more metal encircling all of her limbs. It was all shrouded in dark, though, except for that solitary light—Red's circle of light only went so far into the room.

What sounded like a hushed whispering came from the walls around Red, before a clicking noise ended the sounds. The chains rattled as she tried to stand. “Wha-Why am I chained up? What’s going on?” She asked anyone who listened.

Her legs were tired and ached horribly, walking would be difficult. But, standing was as much movement as the chains allowed, her eyes ran over their lengths in full. The neck collar and its links were only a few feet long, and the ones just above her hooves were even shorter. They attached each of her legs to the other, like hand cuffs. Am I in prison? No, I’ve never done anything wrong... Where am I!?

Red began to hyperventilate and pull against the metal. “Let me go...Let me go! I didn’t do anything, where am I!?” The chains caused a great deal of pain, they were heavy and sharply cornered. Struggling did nothing but strain her neck and cut into her skin. She gave up her fight, and begged for the only name she could remember... “Lyra!? Lyra where are you? Please help...” Her plead melted defeatedly into a squeak. Then, the cold voice returned.

“You are in a safe place, and you will not be harmed. Please do not struggle or hurt yourself, the restraints are for both your protection, and ours.” They were speaking to her through a microphone. So, from another room?

Red looked everywhere around herself again to see if she missed them somewhere. Her eyes spotted a little speaker, embedded in the ceiling beside the light. Why is someone doing this!?

The voice had paused again, before he expectantly asked her a question. He sounded... excited. “Do you have name? Also, what are you? Are you capable of actually fl-?” A wave of static rushed into the room, it sounded as though the mic were knocked over.

Red glared down through her growing tears at the chains holding her. Lyra isn’t in here with me... The memory of the house returned, she had just been there. How did I get here? Just what happened?

A different voice came through into the room, that of a woman. “Please answer the questions, tell us what you are.”

Red didn’t know what to feel, her blood boiled from an anger she’d suddenly discovered, but her eyes still watered and her legs began to shake. The words she was able to speak, however,  were scathing. “No, FUCK no! I don’t even know who YOU are! Answer my questions first! Where am I? What’s going on? Whawha...I just...I was just in a forest on my way to Ponyville or whatever, how did I get here!?”

“You aren’t in a position to negotiate. You may answer the questions, or we will not progress. If you answer them, we may reciprocate the gesture. Or, we may try again tomorrow, the choice is yours." The sound of the microphone clicking off left an echo in the room that seemed to remain longer than it should have. Red searched the floor slack-mouthed for something to say. Giving the chains one more short tug only reaffirmed the hopeless feeling that had been seeded in her. Confusion, the threat of isolation, and on top of that, nothing added up...

The pony struggled against herself just to speak. “I...Can you take off these chains? They hurt...” Was what she came up with to say, facing this was difficult, more so because the persons speaking were hidden. Are they even people? Or are they ponies like me. Her hooves shifted in front of her under the weight of the freezing restraints. Why would people kidnap me like this anyway, are humans my- our enemy? Her mind struggled against the confusion and loss of memory for some kind of answer... She hugged her legs close to herself in an attempt to work warmth into them, the room was far too cold.

The voice seemed to ignore her request, and repeated its intent. "Last chance, answer the questions, or we'll try speaking tomorrow. We don't mean you any harm, this will only help."

"I have amnesia, just warning you. I don't remember anything before yesterday. You would be better off asking my friend." Red chewed her lip after speaking, initially she had hoped to discern if they had Lyra. But if they didn't have her, maybe she got away? In which case she just told them about her... If she hadn't earlier. I hope Lyra's safe, wherever she is. It wasn't much of a trick, but she had to know.

"Your head wound was noted, and treated." The words were said as though they were mere routine. "We will proceed now." The pool of light in the dark room seemed to close in on Red as she listened. The voice spoke as if it were sentencing her... She dropped her head fearfully and clamped her eyes shut. “...Because you claim to have amnesia, I'll word these carefully for you. Do you know what you are?” The voice had taken on a skeptical edge, but still somehow remained monotone. “Do you know if you have a name?”

A ruffle at Red's sides made her look back, the two crimson wings were there at her sides, and unrestrained. One unfolded over herself to become a sort of blanket. "My name is... My name is Red, and I'm a pegasus." The chains kept her from finding a comfortable position, the best she could manage laying there had her legs stretched out to one side. The voice pressed on.

"Do you know where you come from?" The light above Red was unbearable the longer it beamed over her, she hadn't listened to the question.

"I don't remember that..."

Every time the mic clicked on the burst of static made her flinch. "Very well, are there any other details about yourself which you remember? Anything important about yourself, or where you came from?"

Red tucked her head between her legs to escape the light. I don't know, I remember... Hrrng, I can't remember anything useful lady, just leave me alone...wait, is she done asking me stuff already? It almost seemed to Red like a prompt to ask her own, surely it wasn't. "No, not really. I can't even remember words sometimes, I have to think about anything before I say it. The headaches don't help...everything is confusing to me. Please, tell me what's going on? I swear I've told you everything I know already, there just isn't anything left..." It was the truth, but would it even matter? She didn't hold out much hope. The voice didn't answer her, she waited, and waited.

"Hello?" Red lifted her head and stared up past the light, not that looking at the speaker would help. I wonder if there's a camera somewhere in here...can they see me? She couldn't make out the corners of the large chamber, the light created a sharp contrast for her eyes and the shadows.

The lone metal door to the concrete room opened without warning, the metal screeching slightly as it did so. Red sat up immediately, the chains went taut as she fearfully tried to back away from it. The surprise didn't last, "What's going on!?" she tried yelling. Outside the door a red pool of light leaked into the dark, then more lights in the room came on, fully illuminating it. At first she looked everywhere at once, trying to get a grasp of the changes, then her eyes caught sight of movement.

A tall man entered the room, he was wearing an orange jumpsuit. The metal door screeched shut behind him and the intercom woman called over the noise. "Kilo-Seven, please enter the room and await further instructions." The man sighed, his shoulders were slumped tiredly, or perhaps defeatedly. When his eyes met Red's though, they opened wide in surprise. He complied with what he was told though, only stumbling a little.

"What the hell is that thing?" He sneered a little as he spoke, causing Red to shrink back. "Don't tell me that thing's dangerous? It looks like something I'd give to my daughter as a pet..."

Dangerous? Red's look of fear and surprise had been exchanged for confusion and anger, this jerk talked about her like she was animal...

Am I an animal? She thought suddenly, her eyes traced her hooves with concern. Pictures of horses and her pet dog went through her mind. What makes me different? Well I can talk...I have a dog? Wait, darnit it's gone... She shook her head furiously trying to retrieve her ideas. The voice called more instructions into the room, distracting her.

"Please approach SCP two thousand dash two."

That wasn't a very precise command. Red thought warily. The man glared up at the camera located opposite the door, probably thinking the same thing. His eyes shifted to her and watched with distinct weariness as he took a few steps forward. Her own chains rattled as she tried to move farther back. Just what is he in here for!? The man stopped when she moved, then flopped his arms against his sides.

"Is that good enough?" He didn't look away from Red, and she didn't look away from him. Her eyes were enormous and strangely emotive to him.

"Who are you? Why are you people doing this?" The man's eyes bugged out as soon as the pony before him spoke.

"Holy shit!? It can talk!?" The man exclaimed loudly, and backed away a few steps, then began pacing—his amazed stare never leaving her. "Is it some kind of experiment?" Red glared and shouted back at him, while the man continued to exclaim other things loudly.

"Of course I can talk you SICKO. Haven't you ever seen a...a pony before!?" The voice's volume began to raise above that of her own, drowning them both out.

"Kilo-Seven, remember your training." The man's face paled in answer, Red watched him straighten and look worriedly around himself as if he were in danger. His hand reached up to touch a metal ring on his neck.

...Why is he so scared? The more time that went by, the more questions Red had.

"Please stand adjacent to the object, Kilo-Seven." Red’s ears stood on end at this, she tried to rear at the man, to warn him away, but the neck chain wasn't long enough. She flapped her wings instead, sending puny gusts of air the strange man's way, still trying to fend him off.

"Don't you dare come any closer... I want answers you hear me!? I want to be let go!" Her hooves danced on the floor, the chains rubbing painfully against her legs, her thin fur offering little protection.

"Yeah...alright." He responded to the order, unsure. The orange clothed man began to approach without answering Red. His hand raised a little to block the wind she’d kicked up.

Her eyes were tearing up again as he got closer. "Just, let me go...!" She sniffed and let out a shuddering breath, trying to keep from becoming hysterical. The tall man looked even taller the closer he got, Red thought she felt herself shrinking in response. Oddly, the steps he took kept getting smaller and smaller, as if he didn't want to get closer to her. Finally, the woman's authoritative voice spoke again.

"That's close enough Kilo-Seven." He was no more than two feet from Red.

I could probably kick him if I wanted to... Red measured the length of her chain in her head. She wasn't sure if she should attack him, though.

"How do you feel, SCP two thousand dash two?" It was several seconds before Red looked uptears still streamingtowards the intercom speaker lodged in the ceiling.

"Are you talking to me?" Despite her emotional state, she managed to sound more angry than scared. “My name is Red...I told you that.”

"Yes." The speaker answered quaintly. She proceeded, still ignoring her protests. "How do you feel? How does this man's presence cause you to react?"

The man in question was trying to inconspicuously watch her from the corner of his eyes. "...Scared, like everything else. How the hell do you think any of this is going to make me feel?" Red relaxed against the pull of the chains, letting them slacken. "Please, ma’am, I don't understand what's going on! I'll tell you whatever you want, just like I have been." She sat on the concrete hard, her wings hung limply. "Just tell me, why am I being treated like this? What did I do to you?" Her two front hooves came up to carefully wipe some of her tears away, it was getting hard to see. She looked up to see the man frowning at her sadly, sympathetically. "Sir, what's going on?" Her plea made him take a step backwards.

Respectively, they stood and sat there for a moment, until Red heard typing when the mic keyed again, and another voice behind the woman's. The door began to screech open once more. More orders were directed at the guy they kept calling Kilo-seven, ignoring Red’s questions entirely. "Kilo-Seven, move the containers beside the object, then exit the cell and report to your escort for relocation, that will be all." The dull red pony watched confusedly as the man sighed in relief, then brought two tupperware bowls towards her. He set them down and hurriedly left. I don't understand, is she going to answer me? Just what's going on?

"WAIT!" Her hooves flung out in desperation. He was gone though, and the door closing. Red whirled around to face the camera. "Who are you people!? Why are you doing this?" No answer came, the camera merely slowly panned back and forth over the room, then the majority of the lights shut off again, returning her to the solitary pool of light. Her eyes adjusted, and she could see the little red light now, indicating the camera's position in the dark.

The voice didn't answer her. "Hello...?" Red asked carefully. She was getting nervous from the quiet she had been left in. Are they gone? Did they just leave me and not answer any of my questions? The room was still cold, too. "This doesn't make any sense..." Her eyes drifted languidly over to the bowls, she deposited a hoof into one, pulling it closer.


The other bowl looked like it held water.

The first sensation that became known to her...was hunger. Not even awake yet, Lyra could already feel the telltale ache of hunger and her stomach gnawing at itself in protest. Ugh, I need to get to Sugarcube Corner and have Pinkie make me a Triple Icing Raspberry Upside Down Cake...asap. She could feel her mouth start to water at just the thought.

Hm? Her ears twitched, someone in the room was speaking, they sounded funny though. Her legs streeetched out and wiggled, ridding themselves of their stiffness. Odd, why are my legs so cold? She sat up and stretched again, this time her front legs creaked above her head and she let out a yawn like a bear. Her mouth stretched as wide as it would go to accommodate her. It's always best to get all the sleepiness out in one go! A shiver ran through the mare after the normal ritual. Brr, I should start up the fireplace... She decided.

Before she could get up, there was a rattling noise above Lyra, and something was also restraining her legs from stretching completely. "Bonbon...I told you...I'm not like that..." She said sleepily. Her eyes blinked under the oppressive light, trying to adjust. "Hey, did you leave the lights on?" A voice bounced around the room and into her drooping, still tired ears, but finally clear enough to make out.

“Are you awake?” It still sounded distant and unnatural, but the voice was now understandable.

Lyra resolutely shook her head to wake up. This wasn't her bedroom, this wasn't anywhere she recognized at all. The memory of some weird, tall and pink faced creature, hitting her own face with a stick flashed across her mind’s eye. Chains really did hold her legs together, she realized, she hadn't just dreamt that.

“Heeeeey...” Lyra looked from hoof to hoof raising each limb and testing the restraints. “What’s the big idea!?” She yelled heatedly. Huh? Her eyes blinked repeatedly in disbelief, it was pitch black all around herself. Outside of the spotlight in which she sat, was only the dim twilight of what appeared to be an empty room. “Where are you!? Show yourself, fiends!”

Lyra gulped, and waited for a response. A loud, painfully scratchy noise made her ears lay back, then a voice spoke to her. “Remain calm, you are safe. The metal restraints are for both your safety, and our own. Please answer the following questions.” The voice cleared its throat before proceeding. Lyra’s mouth hung open angrily. “What is your name?” She blinked, and tilted her head, expression still aghast from the demands.

What the hay was that? Where is that voice even coming from? Whoever it was, it was obviously a stallion’s voice. Her demeanor calmed down a bit, now confused again by the situation. Why would a stallion put me in chains though? Hm...

Lyra was immediately able to come to a sound conclusion. Of course, I’ve been abducted by changelings again! That makes perfect sense. Gah, pony feathers, I promised Bonbon I wouldn’t let that happen anymore...

“What is your name?” The voice repeated itself, again clicking and making that scratchy sound.

Lyra scrubbed an ear with one hoof in disbelief of what she had heard, then glared around herself. “Listen here buddy, whoever you are... I can tell you three things right up front. The first is that my mom told me never talk to strangers, and I dunno who the hay you are at all. Second, unless this is some really elaborate light-hearted prank, which I doubt it is, you’re in a lot of trouble for-” Lyra gasped dramatically for emphasis. “Foal napping me!? Third, if you want my name, you’re telling me yours, and releasing me first!” Lyra stamped a hoof, rattling the chains as a result.

Just where have you ended up now Lyra...this is way worse than waking up in Octavia’s swimming pool. Lyra’s hooves began to shuffle and scrape at the coarse ground as the silence stretched on. Her eyes flickered around the room trying to spot something other than the black. It was just her, the chains, and the thick metal ring in the stone floor that held her there. Oh, wait, is that a door? There was a giant indent in the stone wall, that could be a door.

But how would I get through it? Lyra thought doubtfully. She looked uncertainly from the shadowed blockade to the chains which held her fast.

The crazy-weird sounding voice finally made its return, and Lyra happily noted it sounded a little unsure.

“Uhm...SCP two thousand dash one, you aren’t in a position to negotiate. Answer our questions, or we’ll just keep asking until you do. Should we just leave you in here, alone, and try again tomorrow instead?” The sound of the microphone clicking off left an echo in the room that seemed to remain longer than it should have.

        “Who the horse feathers is Es E Pee? Did you call me Dash? I’m definitely not Rainbow Dash, mister, and I’m also not telling you my name. Period! You’re obviously some kind of evil villain if you've locked me up like this without an explanation! Are you a Diamond Dog? An evil sorcerer?” Lyra gasped again and looked around with a scrutinizing eye. “You aren’t actually a changeling are you? The Princess or the Elements of Harmony will find out about your nefarious plot eventually, you monster!” The mint green pony pawed a hoof at the ground angrily and snorted for good measure. I’m not letting anyone get the better of me! No sir...except for that thing that hit me in the head anyway. Oh no, wait, is that the creepy kook that has me locked up and is talking to me!? Just stay strong Lyra, everything’ll be fine.

        The clinking of the metal restraints holding Lyra did make her uncertain, though. Surely she wasn’t in any real danger. Just lost...alone...held a mysterious and scary sounding voice. Okay, yeah I’m a little scared...wait, where’s Red!? The unicorn began to frantically look around herself, it was still just as empty.

        The loud clicky noise came again, signaling the voice’s return after its long absence. “We have a source which may be referring to you by the name of L-”

        “WHERE’S RED!?” Lyra jumped as high as she could, which wasn’t very high, and the chain around her neck pulled her back down while her legs and body tried to keep going up. She landed clumsily, but kept going with her tirade. “Where is she? If you’ve hurt my friendeven though I just met herI swear on Celestia’s FLANK I’ll... I’ll give you a woopin’!” Her front hooves massaged the sore spot she’d created. “Well!?”

        Lyra squinted one eye and her expression became confused, she thought that she heard the voice speaking to another, but it was garbled. Is there somepony else involved in this? 

The voice returned, and no more helpful than it had already been, either. “I think it may be in our best interest to try this again tomorrow...” He stated tiredly.

        The pony sat curtlyperhaps they could see her after alland waved a hoof dismissively at the threat. “Truly mister, the obstacles you’ve placed before me do indeed appear to be insurmountable and overbearingly unbeatable, but I’ll have the last laugh mark my words!”

        There was a slight pause, then the voice spoke over the scratchiness that never stopped. “What are you talki-”

        “Let me GO you giant dragon dump!” Lyra stomped her front hooves, and tried to pull her neck chain off viciously, to no avail.

        “That’s it, I’ve had it. You tr-” The voice shrank and became quieter, until the clicky noise came which ended the scratchy noise. Lyra’s glare and pouting lip relaxed after a minute, she was about to pat herself on the back for flustering her captor.

A new voice entered the room, it was unmistakably a girl’s voice, probably an older mare by the sounds of it.

“You’re name is Lyra, isn’t it?” The mare said calmly.

Lyra shook her head at the disembodied voices question. How does she know my...they do have Red. The thought was a sobering one, even for the peppy green lyrist. Oh, I hope she’s alright. The muscles in her legs nervously tensed a little. “Nope, my name is Smitty Werbenjagermanjenson. My friends call me Plucky for short.” She said confidently and with a grin. What are they, I’ve never seen anything as weird as that thing from at the house before in my life...I’d surely remember it if I had. 

“I’m going to pick up where my colleague left off, Lyra.” The voice said plainly, and without waiting for a response she continued. “How many of your kind are there besides you and your friend? Are there many?"


Lyra waved a hoof and put on a proud face. “Well, chyeah there’s thousands of us. I mean- Wait no, there’s millions of us! Or wait, actually there’s only like a few of us, it’s just me, Red and ol’ stallion Mr. Waddle!” In truth, Lyra had hammed that up on purpose, but only because she wasn’t sure if it was such a good idea to let them know how many ponies there were in Equestria... Darnit, I don’t know how to handle this, why do they even want to know this stuff!?

The lady didn't seem to mind her answer much though, if at all. She just pressed on, boy did she press on. "I see...alright then, here's a much simpler one, what are you? Where did you come from? Lastly, how did you come to be where we found you? If you answer the questions, then we’ll be that much closer to helping you. We have your interests in mind, Lyra, rest assured.”

"I'm not telling you anything, not until you let me out of these chains, and this room, and you talk to me face to face! Pony to pony!" Lyra glared resolutely around herself.

"Perhaps soon Lyra, these questions are important and need to be asked." The clicky noise happened, leaving Lyra to ponder those words.

“Why are you asking me this...?” The pony was left confused and wary by the onslaught of queries. Just what is the angle here? My head is starting to hurt from this... If only I actually did know how I got here, maybe I would have some answers to help me out? She twiddled her hooves while deep in thought, trying desperately to keep up with everything.

“If I tell you, will you answer them, Lyra?” The voice responded with an almost friendly tone. Lyra thought it sounded somewhat condescending, not something a fellow pony would ever say. Normally, she wouldn't ever consider somepony would be lying.

But...she obviously isn't a pony, is she? “...Maybe, depends if I like what you’ve got to say buster.” Lyra tried to cross her forelegs, but with the restrictive chain in the way, she ended up just struggling against them in irritation.

The voice responded with a concerned tone. “Please don’t hurt yourself Lyra, we do actually care very much about your well being, I would also like to apologize for this treatment before we proceed. It’s just to be safe, you see.”

Lyra ceased the futile flailing, and listened intently.

“We’re asking you these questions Lyra, because you hurt someone. I cannot tell you many things as a result, but I will say this, because I think it will help us all.” Lyra focused on the voice’s words more and more. The moment she had said that...that she had hurt somepony, Lyra’s eyes misted up.

A faint smell returned to her memory, one that’s significance hadn’t even occurred to her at the time. In fact, she’d only ever smelled it on the rarest of rare occasions. It was that of blood.

“We need to determine if you’re a threat to us Lyra. We need to make sure you won’t kill us,” the mare gasped at the word kill, “if given the chance. I will share this tidbit of information with you...the likes of your species has never been encountered by us before, and you have hurt one of us-” The pony interrupted the speaker, unable to bare anymore of the speculative accusations.

“No! I would never hurt anypony, or anything for that matter! No one, not ever, you have to believe me! It was an accident, I was surprised and...” Lyra sniffled and scrubbed at her face furiously with a hoof where a heat had grown. Kill? Who would ever kill anypony? That’s just...unthinkable.

The voice had spoken calmly and on top of that, earnestly, Lyra was sure of it.

It continued speaking while Lyra worked to rebuild her resolve. “So, it was self defense...Lyra?” The voice and the staticky click that always preceded and followed it seemed echo in the room’s emptiness.

“Defense? N-no, I was, he...he just grabbed me, and I accidentally hit him with my horn. You just don’t grab somepony’s head like that...” Lyra coughed and cleared her throat, eager to regain her composure.

“I see.” The lady’s voice said simply. “Well, I answered your single question Lyra, to surmise it again for you, we’re doing this because you may be dangerous. Although, I can see now that isn't the case at all. Would you be so kind as to answer a few of mine?” Lyra’s eyes were wide with terror from the accusation, then relaxed when the lady's voice claimed she was actually innocent. In the end she didn't know how to feel at all.

Just keep it together Lyra, this is obviously just a misunderstanding. The mare nodded to herself as she solved her way through the situation in her head. Once this is cleared up, I’ll bet these crazy lookin’ fellas can even help you get home. A corner of her mouth quirked up in a weak smile, it was aided by the twinge of relief that came from the voice's assent to her innocence.

A thought of concern for the stallion she had hurt crossed Lyra's mind. That tall weird guy wasn’t hurt that bad after all, was he? She licked her lips and spoke to the voice quietly. "Was the guy I hurt...alright? May I go and apologize to him?" Her eyes became as big as dinner plates and misted slightly again, even though she had no one to face with them.

". . .I'm sure the man we found you with is fine, Lyra. There was no report of any deaths, in any case." The voice had waited to speak, but what really caught Lyra's attention, was that she had said death once again. "So, do you feel like answering those couple questions Lyra? We can give you time to decide if you would like."

Deaths? The mare's eyes bugged at the very notion. As in more than one!? Who would ever kill anypony like that? They wouldn't really think that I- What in the name Celestia have I gotten myself killing really a concern for them? She gulped uneasily, eyes glued to the darkness while in thought. Maybe this place is one big Everfree Forest. Luna's must be worse than the Everfree.

Another strange thought came to Lyra over what the voice had said. She also called that guy, man. What the hay is a man? Was that dude a man? Hm... A sigh escaped her lips, and she realized her mouth was really dry. The oddity could be postponed answering, the lady was still waiting on her.

"Alright, I'll answer them, but I want out of these chains at least first, and some water too..." Lyra decided she would try and negotiate release later, not to mention getting Red back. If these mans were scared of her...she supposed it was understandable, even if what they were doing was a bit extreme.

"Lyra, we're very pleased with how well you've done so far, and thank you for your cooperation. We're going to send a young man into the room now to unlock your restraints, as well as bring you some food and water. We cannot yet allow you to leave your cell though, I hope you can understand that choice. How does that sound?" The lady's voice made Lyra feel a if she were in a hospital bed being explained the details of an operation. She sighed and drooped a little, her mint green and white mane covering one eye from the bright light over her head.

"Yeah, that's fine I guess." The mare didn't want to press her luck too much, so she took what she got. It would be best to try and make peace and friends with these mans as soon as was possible. She didn't seem likely so far to keep her prisoner, or as a slave like diamond dogs might, but that was a concern for later.

"Good," the voice assented, "we're opening the door, it's very loud so you may want to cover your ears."

The thing that opened was in fact, very loud. The huge culvert from earlier began to screech and slide sideways. So it had been a door.

All of the lights in the room chose right then to blast their way into being. Lyra eeped and shut her eyelids shut immediately.

"Oh, sorry about that." The lady cleared her throat after the hasty apology.

"You coulda warned me!" Lyra scolded back, frowning up at the ceiling. Through her squinted eyes, she caught sight of a shape just outside of the room, it looked familiar.

"I'll be more careful from now on, Lyra." The mare got the feeling the owner of the voice and smirked saying that... "Kilo-Seven, please enter the chamber with the containers, and lay them beside SCP two thousand dash one."

Lyra frowned at hearing that moniker once again, it was obviously being used for her. But why? The loud screechy door was shutting behind the man as he entered.

The man himself, was scowling and unfriendly looking, but he seemed to calm down when he saw her. Lyra gave him a nervous smile. He (it was obviously a he, if the man girls looked like this Lyra would probably be unable to stop laughing, which would be rude.) wasted no time in placing two clear looking bowls in front of her. One had lettuce, the other had water. Lyra looked from them, then up to the lanky looking man. She smiled again, and raised up a hoof.


He flinched back. "AH! Oh-" Lyra's eyes widened at his reaction. "Sorry, not use to the talking...thing." He put on an embarrassed look, while the pony frowned back at. His eyes just stared at her hoof, which remained hanging in the air.

"Uhm, you're suppooosed to shake it dude. It's how ponies greet one another! If they're friendly anyway, which we all are for the most part." Lyra smirked and quirked an eye brow.

Oddly, this "Kilo" guy put a hand on his strange color, then looked up nervously at the ceiling. Then the voice spoke. "It's alright Kilo-Seven, proceed. She isn't dangerous after all." Lyra's tail flicked at the remark...

The man looked back at her and reached out to grip her hoof gently. Her breath caught, and immediately a cold bead of sweat formed on her brow. "Hello? I said my name's Steven." Lyra shook her head and looked up, her eyes had been locked with his...arm thing.

"O-oh, I'm Lyra." The mare said hesitantly, her thoughts sought to change the subject and escape the apprehension and nervousness she now felt. "Ahem, so what?" She said wittily, "no fork? How'm I s'pose to eat this?" A hoof flicked her hair back and she grinned up at him, trying not to be rude.

Steven (wow that was a weird name...) looked up at the ceiling again. Lyra's expression became a puzzled one. Why does he keep doing that? Can the lady actually see us? The green mare's eyes followed his, he was just looking at a strange black box in the corner of the ceiling, it looked a bit like a film camera or a projector, but not a window.

The voice and its mechanical click reentered the room. "We'll have one brought to you Lyra. Now, our questions if you would be so kind?" Lyra raised an eyebrow and shook one hoof daintily.

"Ah ah ah..." The pony said chastisingly. "Not until these icky things come off."

A sigh came through the scratchy undertone that always accompanied the voice. "Of course, how silly of me...Kilo-Seven, please undo the obje- Lyra's restraints."

"...Are you sure that-?" The man began, then he flinched and clutched at his neck. His eyes clamped shut, then he knelt down and immediately began to hurriedly undo the chains with a very strange looking key. The clamps buzzed instead of clicking, then snapped open, all by themselves!

Wow, impressive magic... Lyra noted a faint burning smell that hadn't been there before. What the hay is that smell?

"Alright...that's waywayway better, thank you." Steven back up several yards, and gave her a weak, reassuring smile back at Lyra's beaming grin. At first she just spoke to Steven, then her eyes panned over to the box, it kept moving side to side. Maybe it's a magic window? "Okilly dokilly, so what'd you ask again? Where I'm from? It's called Equestria, and I live in a town called Ponyville! It's a great place, quiet most of the time but every once in a while something amazing can happen out of the blue! The other ponies are all really great too, except for the occasional tourists anyway, and it's sooo beautiful..."

There was a long pause in the room, then the static cut out abruptly, but not before laughter from what sounded like several other of these mans came through it. Steven himself doubled over and began laughing uncontrollably.

Lyra slumped and looked nervously from him, and to the camera. What...what's going on? Her mouth hung open for a second before she managed to clear her throat loudly, then speak. "Did I say something that was funny or something?"

Steven sniffed, then straightened when he saw Lyra had trotted to stand right in front of him, glaring. His expression was a nervous one again just like that. "That's another thing, I understand you might think I'm dangerous, but stop looking so scared, please? It really hurts a gals feelings yah know?" She pouted a lip out and mocked wiping away a tear. That's it Lyra, lay it on thick and teach these jerks a lesson! Laugh at me will they...

The pony allowed herself a congratulatory smirk when Steven stammered out a hasty apology. "That's better." She turned around and pranced back to the center of the room, facing the camera looking thing. "Still there Ms. Giggles?"

The static and click returned once more, bring with it the voice. "Please don't call me that," the lady answered quickly. Before she could continue, Lyra jumped back in.

"Well what should I call you then?" Lyra sat, and studied the bowls while talking.

"I am Dr. Collins, you may refer to me as such." She certainly sounded like a doctor, Lyra decided.

"Well Doc, at the risk of being laughed at again here's the answer to your last questions!..." Lyra gave the camera an acidic grin along with the remark, as if daring her to. "Myself and Red are both ponies, and we have no bucking clue as to how we got here, and she even has amnicklia. So...the poor mare doesn't even remember anything else, either. By the way, could I go and see her? I just...I want to know that she's alright." Her expression turned bleak towards the end. There was a great deal of chatter coming from behind the Doc's voice, which was distracting.

Suddenly, a loud noise entered the room, Steven hunched down to the ground and looked everywhere at once. Lyra's own ears laid back against her head in fear and surprise.

"We can't do that Lyra." The door began screeching open again.

"What? Why!? What's with this noise!?" Lyra was ignored though, Dr. Collins instead addressed Steven, and told him to leave, which he seemed all to eager to do. "Where's Steve-o goin'? Hey! What's going on!?" The lights clicked off next, and the door began to shut. The mare almost made a mad dash for it... But what would I do if I did get out? "Doc!?"

"I apologize Lyra, it isn't you." There was a short, uneasy feeling pause. "There's just been something else that's come up that needs our attention is all. We'll talk again soon."

"What about my fork!?" Her hooves turned end up, unsure of what to think of how quick things had suddenly begun moving.

"Oh, well if you'll wait a bit we can get you that soon. Please sit tight." The voice clicked off again.

“Wait!” Lyra leaned forward towards the box, even with only darkness surrounding her she could just see the red light that glowed on it. “I just have one more question, please.” The room only answered her sad tone with silence. “Please?”

The feminine voice was its normal calm tone, but its message was welcome all the same. “Yes, Lyra?” The weird, loud siren sounding alarm had quieted some in the room.

The formerly chain riddled pony licked her lips nervously. “What were those...what were those things that grabbed me. The things that...Steven had on his arms.”

        “You mean hands?” The voice proposed questioningly.

        Lyra’s eyes looked up solemnly at the wall, as if to meet those of the one she was speaking to. Her voice was slightly quivering as she spoke “I don’t think I like hands...”