The Story of a Brony

by Tower of 0

Pinkie's Welcome Party with Rarity

Pinkie Pie rushed by in a blur as she tore Wolfie away from the conversation he was having with Rainbow Dash. Wolfie had to hang on to Pinkie out of fear he might fall off her back. Rainbow had gone into her own blur to chase the two down the street. It didn't take them long to reach Sugarcube Corner where Pinkie burst through the door while slamming Wolfie on the ground infront of her and before her friends.

Wolfie looked up to the gazing eyes of Fluttershy, Twilght Sparkle, and finally Aplejack. Rainbow lightly flew in through the door and landed beside the group along with Pinkie, who bolted over to the other side of he group with a big smile.
"Welcome to Ponyvile!" They all sang aloud as Wolfie got up off the floor. Although, there was no Rarity present to the party Wolfie continued to make his way around the front area of the bakery to greet the ponies that had attended.

The room was decorated with various balloons, deserts, and boxes wrapped up in colorful paper. Of course, Wolfie was no stranger to make himself comfortable at a table with a glass of punch and a certain orange mare sat across from him.
"Liking the town so far, surgarcube?" Applejack looked at Wolfie when she asked.
"Yeah," Wolfie responded, taking a sip of punch, "I could actually settle down here."
"Well, that's good to hear." Said the orange mare, almost getting up to leave the stallion be.

Just before Applejack could leave her seat, Pinkie Pie popped up in front of the table and slid two plates infront of the ponies. Each plate of silver as adorned with a slice of chocolate cake covered in pink frosting. It wassn't too lng before the table was surrounded by the other four ponies and took seats, pulled another table next to the currently occupied one. At that exact moment is when Rarity had walked into the shop.

"Sorry I'm late Pinkie, I was finishing up an ensemble for a client." Rarity explained herself, but didn't notice the mares crowded around another pony. Pnkie jumpd clear out of her seat when she heard Rarity.
"Wow Rarity! You're just in time! We all were about to have some of Sketch's cake!" The ecstatic pink pony cheered aloud.
"Uhh, who was that again?" The fashoinista asked, almost looking as if Pinkie said something else.

"Sketch Pad," Wolfie stood up from the table, "at one's acquaintance."
"Oh thank goodness! I thought you were somepony else! But... what is that you're wearing?" Rarity seemed to be eyes the stallion's appearal.
"What's wrong with a hoodie and fedora?" The white clolored stallion asked, sitting back down. Rarity joined the others at the table, a bit disgusted at Wolfie's bearings.

Pinkie slid another silver plate with cake across the table to Rarity, whom thanked her friend in return.
Wolfie was the first to take a bite, but something was off. The cake didn't taste like the chocolate it was supposed to, tasted like something else. The other ponies seemed to be enjoying their piece, thus baffling the stallion further.

"Does.. anyone else have a funny taste in their mouth?" Wolfie asked, looking at each of the other ponies. Most wer shaking their heads trying not ot get cake anywhere. The stallion looked back down to his and took another bite. This time, it did taste like chocolate cake instead of earlier. Wolfie swallowed before muttering to himself.
"Well, atleast it doesn't taste like hot sauce."

"Well duh, silly! Why would I put hot sauce in cake mix?" Pinkie had caught what Wolfie muttered to himself, brining the stallion to attention.
"There was that one time during the party you threw for Twilight when she first arrived in Ponyville." Applejack commented.
"That was a cupcake, BIG difference!" The pink pony commented back with a huge grin.

"So... Sketch.. where does a unicorn like yourself come from?" Rarity asked Wolfie. Wolfie's ears shot straight up.
"Uhmmm.... welll.... it's a place far from here." He responded in what felt like a cold sweat to him.
"I'm sure we've heard of it before, go on. Enlighten us." The pearl mare seemed to urge him further
"It's very, very far from here. I'm sure you've never heard of it." The stallion unicorn continued.

Wolfie could feel somepony kicking him under the tables, and quickly glanced at each face to see who it was exactly. His eyes came across Applejack, at which point she had a worried look about her. She notioned for him to leave using slight movements with her head. Wolfie shook his head slightly at her, not wanting to be rude. He really didn't have an excuse to go out on.

"How about a game?" Applejack quickly asked, and in good timing too as most of the partygoers had finished up their slices of cake.
"Oh! OH! Like Pin the Tail on the Pony?" Pinkie squeed out in excitement, jumping clear from the table again. That hyperactive pink pony quickly ran up her stairs, came back down, and had the game set up at the snap of a twig.

Pinkie then quickly rushed over to the tables to pull Wolfie clear from his seat, plant him on the floor, and blindfold him.
"Do you know how to play Pin the Tail on the Pony?" The pink mare asked, fastening the blind fold tightly.
"I think, the game seems a bit familiar." Wolfie replied, trying to gain a foothold as to what just happened.
Before he knew it, Wolfie was being spun around in circles rapidly, mking dizzy on an unatural scale.

That dizzy stallion wad having an even harder time trying to stnd up straight, but walking seemed to make it even more challenging than before. But surely, the face of Wolfie smacked right into the paper and knocked him straight to flank. He didn't stay sitting for long as the stallion landed off the to the side holding his stomach and ripping off the blindfold.
"Could... uhg... someone hand me a bag?" Wolfie asked, groaning at that pain his rumbling stomach was causing.

Before anypony could hand the stallion what he requested, A cake-puke mixture gushed out of his muzzle and onto the floor. Wolfie got back on his hooves, his head low, a sleeve stained, and weak.
"I-I think I s-should go..... now." He spoke his thought aloud, making a b-line for the door.
Pinkie just sat on the floor in surprise as Wolfie walked by, staring at the mess that was present.

The other five mares looked at eachother until one spoke out.
"I'll go with him, to make sure nohng bad happens to him." Applejack offered in a whisper that was only audible to those nearby. The orange earth pony was quick to make it out the doors to accompany the strange guest, whom of which let out a small smile towards her. Twilight had noticed that Wolfie left his books on the table and encased them in her magic.