The Story of a Brony

by Tower of 0

Meeting Rainbow Dash with a Crash

Wolfie was well on his way down the dirt road to find the Sugar Cube Corner bakery in town, smiling at some thoughts he had been having. A noise caught his hearing follow by a voice.
"Hey! Watch out!" Was heard, Wolfie started to look around to see where the voice eminated from, it was too late before he could look up as he felt the mass of another pony pin him to the ground. What he saw before darkness was a cyan colored blur.

The pony on top of him got up and tried to wake the winded unicorn on the ground. Wolfie reacted by groaning a bit in pain before opening his eyes and looking around. He quickly spotted a cyan pony with a rainbow mane and tail staring at him.
"Uhg..... what happened?" Wolfie asked, attempting to remove himself from the dirt.
"I was practicing my new trick and sort of lost control." Wolife finally realised the pony that just crashed into him, Rainbow Dash. "Hey, you look familiar. Have we met before by any chance?"
"I don't think so. What makes you say that anyhoo?" Wolfie was up on his hooves, collecting his sketchbook and the library book he had.

"Becasue I feel like we've met before." Rainbow Dash continue to eye Wolfie, leaning in closer to examine his features. The unicorn secured both books onto his back once more.
"Well, I don't think we've met. I'm Sketch Pad by the way, Sketch for short." The stallion proceeded afterwards, still being eyed by Rainbow. the cyan mare started to squint her eyes towards his general direction. Wolfie was unsure as to how he should have her stop.

Wolfie started to back up a bit before turning himself around and walking away from the staring Rainbow. He was soon caught by the mare with the rainbow mane.
"Are you sure we haven't met before? I feel like we have at one point it time or another." Rainbow was still questioning the unicorn about his familiaraity.
"I'm sure of it, otherwise I would remember you after you crashed into me." Wolfie responded, trying not to look.
"Well, in that case," Rainbow quickly planted herself in front of Wolfie with a stance of pride, "I'm Rainbow Dash! Fastest flyer in all of Equestria!"

Wolfie's head shot back a bit when Rainbow put herself in his way.
"You don't say?" By this point, Wolfie was slightly annoyed. He usually wasn't a fan of gloating, but had to make this exception when it came to Rainbow Dash, mainly because it wasn't there.
"You don't seem impressed. What if I told you that I helped defeat Discord? Or the time where we stopped the changelings?" The cyan mare seemed determined to get in awe inspiring look from the white unicorn looking at her blankly.

Wolfie kept giving her a blank stare, this started to make Rainbow a bit uneasy. The stallion couldn't help but grin and burst out laughing.
"I'm so sorry," Wolfie laughed some more, "But I couldn't help myself to making myself look unimpressed!"
Rainbow's face started to go red with anger.
"I will admit though, defeating Discord and stopping these changeling creatures are pretty amazing feats. Anything else you have done?"

The red in Rainbow Dash's face quickly fled when she heard Wolfie ask what else she had done.
"Well, ever heard of a Sonic Rainboom?" She quickly asked
"I don't think I have" The unicorn lied, knowing what it really was.
"It's where a pegsus breaks the color barrier, atleast, I'm the only pegsus known to perform them." Another quick comment shot out of the cyan mare's mouth.

Wolfie started walking again, motioning Rainbow to follow him.
"Only pegasus known to perform a sonic rainboom, huh? Sounds like you're rather unique" The unicorn commented with a small smile. The mare had a bit of pink on her cheeks as if a pony hadn't told her that before.
"You have a bit of something on your face." Wolfie commented again.

"What? Where?" Rainbow jumped up and started to rub her face.
"The pink in your cheeks." Wolfe replied, a bit smug that he noticed her blushing very little.
"Oh..." the mare's eyes met the ground, "You saw that?"
"Just barely." The stallion replied to her second question.

"Sooo.... where are you heading anyway?" The cyan pony popped out a third question.
"To Surgar Cube Corner, I think, Pinkie Pie said something about a welcome party when she met me earlier." Wolfie answered, trying to think back to earlier.
"So you're the new pony in town. I was wondering why she was in such a rush to get invitations out. Well, welcome to Ponyville!" Rainbow Dash put a big smile on her face.

Wolfie let out a small smile towards Rainbow. It wasn't long before the pegasus couldn't keep herself grounded and took to flying above the unicorn's head.
"You don't talk much for a pony like yourself." Rainbow pointed out.
"I usually don't do well around new faces." Wolfie said in response to Rainbow's observation.
"Then you may have a bit of fun with Rarity." The name rang once more unto Wolfie's ears, shaking the very canals the sound flew through.