The Story of a Brony

by Tower of 0

Meeting Twilight Sparkle

Wolfie was once again on his way to the other side of Ponyville whilst being accompanied by Applejack. He was more determined to get his hat back before anything else. Applejack didn't ask what's so special about his hat, probably because she never got asked about her hat and why she has it most of the time. But a different thought came to her mind. Wolfie may have led them both to the outskirts, but ony he was scanning the scattered amounts of trees for the one that had befallen the stallion.

The unicorn wasn't looking at the bark of the trees, but the branches to find a dark form that was his fedora. Applejack joined his side and see if she could spot anything aswell.
"What exactly are you lookin' fer surgarcube?" The orange mare asked, not able to see what the white stallion was looking at.
"A black hat up in one of these trees, shouldn't be too f- there!" The white stallion took off for a tree to be followed by an orange pony shortly. As soon the two reached the tree, Wolfie wrapped his hooves around a branch and swung himself upward, leaving Applejack to catch his sketchbook.

Applejack couldn't tell if she was surprised by the eye of detail he had or how fast he had ascended the tree. IT only took several minutes before Woflie climbed down from the tree with his hat in his mouth. He threw it on his head and acquired his sketchbook book from Applejack.
"What is that thing on your head again?" The orange mare asked, staring at the black from adorning the stallion's mane.
"It's a fedora. I can't explain why I like them so much though." Was the unicorn's response to her question. "Anyway, where were we off to again?"

"I think to get you somethin' on magic." Applejack thought about it for a moment before looking back. "If anypony else would know more about magic, it's be Twilight." The name rang yet another bell in Wolfie's mind before a smile was shown.
"Of course, she might have a book I could learn from! But... I don't know where the library is exactly." The stallion's smile faded away at his thought.
"It's all right, I'll show y'all where it is." Applejack said with a warming smile on her face. The smile returned that same effect to Wolfie's face as he smiled back a little.

Applejack started trotting back towards ponyville with Wolfie following not very far behind. He was releived by the fact that he didn't have to go running all around Ponyville to find Twilight's library. As Wolfie found it quite difficult to actually come out of a small social barrier, he had zero troubles at all actually overcoming that here. Sure, he may be a pony himself at the moment, but he has the chance to actually let loose and be himself to the fullest extent. He enjoyed it to add on to the fact.

Applejack seemed to be weaving her way through the afternoon crowd. Wolfie had a bit of trouble following her weave motion as they progressed into and through Ponyville.The two ponies stopped briefly at a fountain, Wolfie was looking in at the water to see the rippled reflection, but something was amiss. It were the eyes, HIS eyes. They weren't the dark brown anymore, they were pure red. Almost like Vinyl Scratch's eyes, but brighter.
"Something wrong surgarcube?" Applejack asked, notcing how Wolfie was staring at the water.

"It's... nothing" Wolfie replied, turning away from the water.
"Are you sure 'bout that?" Applejack wanted to make sure the pony next to her was all right.
"I'm fine, Applejack, no worries here." He replied, turning to her with a fake smile. Whatever happened to him changed almost everything on him with the exception of hair, or mane, at this point. It disturbed him slightly due to the fact he wasn't albino before the change to a pony. Wolfie eventually shook himself loose of the dark binds that overcame him as Applejack was heading out again.

It was nice to Wolfie that he was moving again, gets his mind really going to take in the scenery more than his thoughts. Applejack had led him to the library in a short period of time, but long enough for Wolfie to clear his mind most of the way. Wolfie appraoched the darkened door, a lit candle embeded in the wood, and nudged it open.
"Hello?" He questioned if there was the presence of a Twilight Sparkle in the library as he peered inside.
"Come in!" The unicorn's voice was heard from within.

Wolfie turned to Applejack, whom of which got his attention by nudging him.
"I gotta get back to the farm surgarcube. Will you be all right by yourself?" She asked, looking towards him.
"Yeah, I should be atleast. It's not like I'm going to get into a whole lot of trouble by myself." He replied with a smile towards the mare before turning back around and entering the library. Wolfie soon came face to face to a lavender mare eyeing him.

"Can I help you?" Twilight asked, stepping back away from from the stallion.
"Uhm... sure. I'm more of looking for a book on magic. Just for a bit of light reading." Wolfie didn't want her to know he didn't know diddly squat on magic at the time. Twilight raised a bit of a brow, never have seeing the unicorn in Ponyville before.
"Sure, but I must ask who you are so I know the pony that has my book."
"Sketch Pad." Wolfie could feel a bit of sweat just below his horn as he added on to the alias he was given even further.

Wolfie stared back at the lavender pony who then broke into a smile and strarted to giggle, rather odd for Twilight to do such a thing. A magenta aura encased her horn with books coming off the shelves in the same aura.
"Rather... serious look you pulled." Wolfe commented, watching book after book float by the mare's face.
"Pinkie suggested that I be a bit more lively with visitors." Twilight made the comment back with out looking away from the titles.

"Ah... Pinkie, that reminds me." Wolfie looked towards the door, but didn't want to leave just yet.
"Remind of you of what?" Twilight asked, a bit confused as to what the white unicorn was thinking.
"Pinkie's welcome party she decided to throw me because I'm new here." Was the stallion's response, getting a book shoved in his face.
"So you're the one she's excited about? Pinkie stopped by not too long ago to give me an invitation." Twilight stated as Wolfie took the book with his teeth and layed it within the hood on his jacket.

"So, I get to expect some more of her frineds to join, that's nice." The stallion looked around as books were being replaced on the shelves, most likely in the wrong places. Wolfie was determined to learn a bit of magic to help with everyday tasks. He smiled as he left the libray and saying his byes to Twilight. Continuing down the street to go find a giant cupcake on the roof of a building.