The Story of a Brony

by Tower of 0

Meeting Pinkie Pie

Wolfie was heading back for Ponyville after telling Applejack where he was actually from and his real name. But guess who decided they should tag along with him, yup, none other than Applejack herself. Wolfie may have allowed her to come with him back to town, but it seemed he wanted to stay as silent as possible until they reached town. Applejack didn't think the same thing and was a bit curious about the realm he was from.

Applejack bumped Wolfie to get his attention, he previously had his head lowered until that happned.
"So... what did y'all look like before you ended up here?" She asked with an innocent look plastered arcoss her face.
"Hm... I didn't have hooves, this white coat was actually a shade of tan skin, my hair or mane was the same, I didn't have a tail, and I never actually walked on all fours." Wolfie replied, looking at himself as he walked.
"Sure sounds nice." AJ seemed a bit facinated at the thought, but she quickly brushed it off as she was happy being a pony and nothing else.

Wolfie looked back towards the road, Applejack was intent on staying by his side.
"What about yer eyes then?" She asked on a last notice.
"My eyes?" Wolfie asked with confusion. "I don't think there's-" He cut himself off in realisation that he forgot his hat.
Wolfie quickly took off in a full gallop to reach the other side of Ponyville, almost leaving Applejack in the dust. She soon caught up with the rushing unicorn.
"What happened bck there?" Applejack asked, trying to keep up with Wolfie
"I forgot something is what!" Was his response, keeping his gallop going.

Applejack was about to tire out, but Wolfie was the first one to put a stop to it by tripping over something. As it turns out, that something Wolfie tripped on turned out to be peculiar pink pony that was on the ground for some reason.
"Pinkie, what in tarnation are you doing on the ground?" The hyperactive pink pny sat up with a wide smile.
"I heard there was a new pony in town and I wanted to greet them! So I started looking for them" Pinkie seemed to hop with her response.

Applejack looked beyond the grinning pink pony and her eyes widened.
"Oh my..." she whispered to herself. Pinkie cocked her head off to the side in confusion as to what AJ was looking at.
"Could I possibly get some help here?" Wolfie's voice caught Pinkie and reacted to it by turning herself around. As it turns out, there was Wolfie, his horn sticking out of the ground, hooves crossed as his whole body was suspended in the air.
"Sorry surgarcube." Applejack responded, trotting over to the unicorn and attempted to dislodge him from the grass.

"Ooooooooh! You must be the the new pony I saw earlier! I'm Pinkie Pie! What's your name?" It looked like Pinkie had forgotten Wolfie was stuck in the ground when she intorduced herself.
"Grr... OW! Sketch... nice to meet y- GAH! Why do these things hurt!?" Wolfie introduced himself, also attempting to dislodge himself from the ground below with the help of Applejack. With the slightest of pop noises, Wolfie was out of the ground and on his back, looking towards the sky.

"Thank you, Applejack." Wolfie started to rub his horn, pain still present somehow.
"Y'er welcome!" Applejack said with a smile. Pinkie then started to hover her head into veiw of the unicorn's with quite possibly the largest grin he has ever witnessed from her.
"Can I help you?" Wolfie asked, staring into the light blue eyes of the pink pony.
"Just to tell me that you want a party for you arrival in Ponyville!" Pinkie responded with a jump of excitement.
"That's sounds more relaxing than what I've been through." Wolfie rolled over on his stomach and stood up fully.

Wolfie picked up his sketchbook off the ground and placed it back on his back. Pinkie decided to to hop off after sqealing for a bit to go get a party set up.
"Where'd she run off to?" Wolfie asked, turning his head to Applejack.
"Probably off to Surgarcube Corner to set up your welcome party. She throws one for anypony new in town." Was Applejack's response, looking off in the direction of the hopping pink pony.
"Atleast she didn't find out where your home was."
"I don't have one here, remember?" Wolfie's expression went from calm to 'really?'

"I know, Pinkie doesn't." Applejack said, a bit of smugness was hinted.
"Well... how long do we have until Pinke's all set with her party?" Wolfie's question emitted as he started to look in the same direction.
"If I know a Pinkie Pie Party.... who knows." The ornage mare responded.
"In that case... I might need to learn a few things about magic." The unicorn started walking, but stopped to look back towards Applejack. "You coming?"