Seven Days

by Rocktavius Dashylight

Ever Danced With The Devil in the Pale Florecent Light?

I woke to the sound...and smell...of pancakes burning. At least I assumed they were pancakes. I mean, what else does Twilight cook in the morning? Nonetheless, the reek forced me out of bed to check what the hay was going on with the pancakes.

What beheld my eyes once I entered the kitchen caused me to believe that I was still in those weird dream states. Twilight was making pancakes, but she was flipping them as if it were normal. The smell of the well-overcooked batter almost suffocating me as I trotted up to her. I didn't really know what to say, since I didn't really want to offend my host...

"Would you like some pancakes" She asked in her normal, sprightly voice.

"Um..." I mumbled, staring at the crisps that looked more like lumps of charcoal. "Aren't they a...little overdone?"

"Nonsense" Twi said, flipping one of the pancakes as it crumbled into dust.

I just stared at it, not really wanting to continue this conversation. "Where's Frank?"

"Who?" She asked quizzically.

Her asking such a question caught me off guard. Weren't they living together? How could one forget their life partner...if he was her life partner. Come to think of it, they never told me if they were married or dating or anything. They just...lived together. The image of me obliterating Frank came to mind, as well as when he was asking where "she" was. I just stood there in silence. She had to have been messing with me when she asked such a trivial question.

At my silence, she stopped flipping her heaps of what used to be pancakes. "Is Frank a friend of yours or something?" Why was she doing this? "If that's so, you've never introduced him to me. I'd be happy to meet him" She went back to whatever she thinks she is doing with the breakfast.

With that, I ran out of the door. Why couldn't she remember?

I had no idea where I was running, but I literally rolled over the shy yellow pegasus I met earlier, knocking her and her bucket of flowers all over the ground. I scrambled to my feet, not thinking to help up Flutters until I stood there for a few seconds. "Have you seen Frank?" I asked while helping her up off of the ground.

"I-I-I'm sorry, but I don't know any Franks..." No...I couldn't have made him up. I turned and galloped away, leaving Fluttershy behind to clean up the mess of flowers. There's only one more place I can go to prove to myself I didn't make up Frank!

I managed to reach the school after a few minutes of running--well...and walking. I wasn't able to keep running the entire time! Anywho, school was closed that day due to it being the weekend, but the teachers normally went to school to have meetings and set up their class and whatnot. Frank had taken me to his class before, so I knew where to go.

The florescent lights flickered, causing the already dark atmosphere to become a bit more spooky. I'm saying that as if a normal pony were to walk through. Me? I embrace darkness. If this were a horror movie, I would be the monster lurking the hallways, searching for the fresh meat of the spooked mare that always chooses the most predictable moves. Morons.

I circled the bend before the stares and I flinched at the sound of a mop hitting the ground. Don't get me wrong, the sound didn't send shivers down my spine, it was the pony who was holding it. His eyes were blood red. He just stared at me, even stopping what he was doing to stare at me with his red, cold eyes. I recovered from the initial shock and continued on my way. I could still feel the gaze burning on my back, though.

Class 216 appeared on my left eventually, and the light was on. I let out a large sigh of relief, not bothering to knock or go inside. I know it seems strange that a pony like me would care this much about the existence of one stallion. I think I said this earlier, but I never find it bad to reiterate. Frank was the father of my dreams. It seems odd as well since I was about 18 and he was merely 25. least that's what he claims to be. His eyes look so old...older than my birth father's. Physically it seems odd, but mentally it was perfect. I almost thought that I made him up too.

I stared at the door. If he is real, why is it that Fluttershy and Twilight don't remember him? Maybe it had something to do with Fadrealm? It had me go on this wild ride of dream and reality, so maybe they have the same problem? I have to tell Frank. My hoof knocked on the door, and I stood there for about a minute waiting for Frank to answer. Frank would know what to do. I assume.

The door eventually opened, but it wasn't who I was expecting. It was a white alicorn with a very, very red mane. Definitely not Frank. The alicorn stepped out of Frank's classroom, closing the door behind him. The light flickered above, but neither I nor this new pony took any mind to it.

"So you came," he said with a smirk.

I stared long and hard at him before answering. "Where's Frank?"

A playful grin spread across this alicorn's face. "Frank? Who is Frank?"

I growled a bit before answering. Something about this guy just made me angry. "This is his classroom"

The alicorn looks confused, pointing at the sign on the door. "That doesn't look like the name Frank to me" I looked where he was pointing. Charlie Epps was written on the door.

I look back at the alicorn. "Are you Epps?"

The alicorn looked offended for a moment before laughing and shaking his head. "No! My name is Thigil. Charlie was one of my students and I was just checking up on him."

"No..." I looked down at the floor. "It can't be...I...I didn't make him up. I couldn't have made him up."

"Sorry to say this kid, but it seems like you did" Thigil responded. "Now, it's only polite if you give me your name."

I was so depressed at that moment I didn't care. "Name's Teddy."

Instantly, the alicorn's face turned from a smile to a frown. While I was still off guard, he did a weird spin-around thing and bucked me with his back legs, throwing me up and forcing me to hit the wall. I felt things pop inside of me before I fell to the ground. "WHAT THE HAY WAS THAT FOR?!" I yelled, attempting to regain my hoofing.

He was in mid-spin when he hit me hard on the side of the face with his hoof, which caused me to spiral down the hall and tumble onto the floor. "I knew your father. Your kin has no right messing with the affairs of a pure Princess!"

I was wobbling to my feet. This stallion's strength was like no other... And he hasn't even used his magic nor flying abilities. He is fighting like a mere earth pony, and I, a unicorn, have been tossed around like a.... I grabbed my pen to extend it into a sword, but it was suddenly kicked away by a right hook. The sheer impact against the wall caused to utensil to become nothing more than a dissembled item. "You don't know what you are talking about!" I yelled in desperation.

Thigil threw himself onto me, pinning me to the ground with one hoof. "Your infatuation is but a childish desire. Luna deserves better than a cowardly foal like you!" He used his other hoof to hit my face hard. I could feel the warm blood in my mouth. This guy is really making me mad...

I quickly tossed out my entire supply of erasers, which hit Thigil head-on to the chest and tossed him up toward the ceiling. The goop oozed over his body and virtually plastered him to the ceiling. I get to my hooves, taking a huge leap and hitting Thigil right in the nose. I fell back to the ground on my back, staring up at the loser who called himself worthy of Nightmare Moon.

Thigil's nose was bleeding, but he was smirking. He spread his limbs out at the same time, causing the goop to fly everywhere. He hovered in the air as I was covered in the material, plastering me to the floor. Crap!

He landed over me, laughing under his breath. He took a swing with his right at my face, then his left, then his right, and so on until he was satisfied. My face probably looked like a bloody pulp now. "You stay away from Princess Luna, Teddy. You hear me?!" I couldn't respond, for everything started to fade out. I was loosing consiousnuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...
Teddy tried to open his eyes, but his throbbing head was telling him not to. A high pitched noise screamed in the air, forcing him to hold his ears shut with his hooves. The sharp pain in the back of his neck threatened to take away his consciousness yet again, but that high pitched noise begged for it not to be so.

His eyes felt a cool sensation. He attempted to look around, but his brain still hadn't relearned how the eyes worked yet. He's lucky he's still alive. A hit like that could have ceased all activity in his brain and left him braindead. Well, or at least paralyzed. He reached around to the back of his neck, feeling no blood. Must had been a pretty clean hit. What even happened to throw him into this rock?

The cool sensation in his eyes... He knows what that means. It means he is looking straight into complete darkness. He really didn't want Princess Luna to see his eyes like they are right now...

Speaking of Luna, where is she? The ringing eventually subsided, which turned out to be from his ears anyway. Now able to hear, he pinpointed a location of a lot of noise. He looked straight up, seeing the mare that was all so familiar. The mare that he had many dreams about before his fate started playing games with him.

Nightmare Moon had casted a shadow over the entire moon. For some reason she was still in the air. She looked down at him with a sharp turn of her head. Without a second thought, he rolled over onto his legs and attempted to back away. His brain just realized he had legs and caused him to fall back on the ground.

Nightmare Moon laughed at the pathetic scene displayed--or should I say "splayed"--before her. Teddy stared straight into her eyes. If his eyes were normal right now, they'd probably be dilated. Her right eye was the normal, beautiful color as it always was. But her left eye... It was exactly like his dad's left eye. Blood red.

She laughed again, folding her wings in and letting herself fall toward Teddy. He felt conflicted. Should he catch her? Should he run? Should he fight her?

She lands right on top of him and stood over him like a lion staring down at its wounded prey. He reached for his pen, but couldn't bring himself to actually grab it. This is still Luna's body. And he didn't really study how Nightmare Moon was defeated while her body was unscathed. "Good night, Tedapple" He couldn't figure out if that was a friendly greeting or a threat. "How did you sleep?"

He just stared, not saying a word. He probably couldn't say words anyway. His brain probably forgot that there was a thing on his face called a mouth. "I know how you feel about me, dear Teddy. Well, how you /will/ feel about me as well." More fear flooded his veins. How did she know that? "You probably are curious as to how I knew of your...enFATuation." She took his silence as an answer. "I am able to access your dreams." I continued to look at her fearfully. She put her hoof under his chin. "I have come to make your dreams come true." Here they were, two monsters staring into eachother's reptilian eyes. His brain and heart having an all out war. He could hear the conversation now.

Hardy points one of his veins at Brian. "Stop being such a moron and let us be selfish for once!"

Brian crosses his corticospinal cords and humphs. "Luna is the one who needs love, not this dark witch."

"It's the same body, isn't it? What's the difference in which mare we choose?"

"Why is it even a choice?! Luna likes it when she is herself, so should we!"

"Nightmare Moon also likes who she is. Luna ignored us! Nightmare Moon is actually giving us the time of"

Brian shook his...himself. "Imagine how much this would hurt Princess Luna"

Hardy spiked, threatening an ulcer. "Imagine how much it would hurt us!"

Brian flinched. "I felt that. Don't make me stop working on you"

"When have you ever operated properly?"

"Hmm...I hope i don't forget how to pump blood."

"You moron, that would kill you too!"

"I..." Teddy said.

"Oh great." Brian grunts. "Torgue wants his say in the conversation. He's so hard to control sometimes..."

"I miss it when he talks about explosions. Oh, it makes me skip a beat."

"He only does that when I pass gas."

Teddy shook his head to make his imagination stop so he could actually answer. He looks up at the dark mare. He puts his left hoof up and caresses the jawline on her right side. She smiles as he bends up with his opened mouth, inches away from hers. He says the first words in a while. "Just promise me one thing." He doesn't wait for a response. He had moved his hoof up, wiping a tear away from her face. "As much as I would love to kiss you..." He rolls to his left, bringing his right hoof with him and hitting Nightmare Moon in the jaw very hard. "I want you to stop hurting Luna!"

Brian chuckles.

Hardy yells "Shutup!"

Nightmare Moon laughs as Teddy manages to roll out from under her. "But this is what Luna wants. She wants ponies to love her night!"

"Ponies do! You should see all of the ponies who study the night sky due to its beautiful complication!"

"It's not enough!" She slams her hooves into the moon. "EVERYPONY must love the night, just as EVERYPONY loves the day!"

Teddy pauses before he makes another statement "Is it love if you force it upon them?"


Teddy lets out a small laugh. "It's funny, you know."

"How on Ea--Moon is this funny? I'm raving mad here!"

Teddy takes a casual walk forward. "You're mad at the ponies ignoring you. All my life I've been ignored by you...or Luna. So for once..." He is right in front of her as he does something he probably will regret later. "I'll follow your philosophy." He jumps up and manages to cause Nightmare Moon to flip on her back as he latches on to her neck. He presses his muzzle into hers.

Hardy is bouncing rapidly. "Ha! Hahaha! Yesss! Yesssss!"

Brian simply smiles. "How can you be sure it's not Luna he's actually kissing, I mean, they do share a body, as you said yourself."

The darkness around the moon suddenly started to be sucked into the red eye. Nightmare Moon twitched and jerked, not able to move due to the pin on her neck. The once red eye was black once all of the generated darkness was gone. She blinked a few times, as her body slowly returned to normal. Her eyes became reformed into her natural color as she stopped her jittering. The two continued to kiss for a few minutes before Teddy is suddenly clocked on the side of his face. Luna smiles as she wipes blood from her lip. "That's for hitting me."

Teddy held his jaw. "Fair enough."