Seven Days

by Rocktavius Dashylight

Pancake Plans

It was Friday. One day after I first met Nightmare Moon. I was tweaking the machine, determined to capture her heart. Nightmare Moon was somewhere in that princess. I just knew it. Once eternal darkness has fallen, she would run to me and ask to join me in the dictatorship. I will, of course, oblige.

But is her being Nightmare Moon the real thing attracting me to her?

I checked out my mechanical pencil, making sure it wasn't broken, and smirked. I placed it back on the table, setting a clicky pen beside it. I trotted out of the lab just when the door to the house opened. Frank walked in. "Morning Ted. Have you eaten breakfast yet? Hopefully Twilight didn't burn the pancakes again."

"Hey! I heard that" The padding of hooves in slippers came from the direction of the kitchen. Twilight stood there in her messy apron. "Let me inform you that my pancakes are quite the delicacy!"

"Did somebody say pancakes?" The door opened once more, exposing a royal blue Pegasus.

"Hey bro!" Frank hoof-bumped the Pegasus. "Haven't seen you in a while." The Pegasus trotted inside after Frank welcomed him in.

"How has Rainbow been?" Twi asked, picking the spatula up once more.

"After that invitation to the Academy, I haven't seen her in a while." The Pegasus answered.

I cleared my throat. I didn't like being ignored.

"Oh. Teddy. This is William Penn. I think the two of you will get along well. He's also a writer, like you." Frank introduced.

"Hi" I greeted.

"Hiya" Will then looked around. "Outnumbered by unicorns again?!"

"Unicorns are the best!" Frank challenged.





"GUYS!" Twi interjected.

"What? We're just having a little fun," Frank told her, turning around toward the kitchen. "Join us for breakfast, Will"

"I already had breakfast. I was just popping by. Anyway. I hope to see you again Ted-- Where'd he go?"

The remaining two unicorns turned around as one. "Teddy?!" They called.

The toilet flushed and the three laughed at their silliness. "Anywho. I better be off." Will bid his farewell and walked back out from where he came from.

I returned to the scene and Twi turned back, once again, to the stove. Her cookbook sat in front of her face in her magic. "Twi saw the cookbook and thought she could cook something up." Frank explained. "Celestia help us if the pancakes aren't even worthy to be sentenced to the moon" Instantly after he said that, a spatula flew through the air, striking his face, leaving a bit of batter on his cheek. "I love you, honey." He called to her

"Pancakes are ready" The golden-brown breakfast was as fluffy as could be, a sliver of butter sat atop them, sliding slightly as the syrup slowed down the melting process. One bite and Frank complimented her for a job well done.

I, on the other hoof, wasn't hungry. I ate half of the pancake and left the rest on the plate. The baby dragon was happy to eat mine.

Baby dragon? I hadn't seen him before.

"Are you a dragon?" I asked curiously.

"Yep. I'm Spike"

"Hello Spike. I'm Teddy" The baby dragon smiled at me. "Are you like Twilight's watchdog?"

And then the smile dropped. "No! IIIIII'm Twilight's number one assistant!" He said it proudly, pointing to himself.

"Oh, sorry." He smiled again. "I'm sure you're a great assistant, Sport"

"Sport. I like that. But it's Spike, not Sport. You can call me Sport if you want to, I guess." He mumbled something about a rarity and excused himself from the table.

"Nice kid you got there" I told Twilight.

"Yeah. I couldn't get anything done without him"

"Where'd Frank disappear to?"

"Oh. He teaches at Ponyville High. You would know that if you wouldn't hermit yourself in the basement."

"Just when he thought school was over..."

She didn't respond to that statement. "You know what? I'm going to take you out. You haven't really seen much of Ponyville. I'm surprised you even know what a pony looks like. "

I took her plate, Spike's, and mine, and placed them in the sink for her. "Let's get to it."

This was a side of me I never knew. I wasn't lying, plotting, or thinking evil thoughts. No, I was socializing. Nopony has been this kind to me before. I felt like returning the favor. Maybe I should even call the whole eternal night thing off. No. No. I have to win Nightmare Moon's heart. Who cares how it will affect others. My love is Nightmare Moon, not these other lives that have no reason to live. But until then, I can be nice. I guess.

Twilight opened the door and we both trotted outside. "Spiiiike! Watch the library when I'm gone"

"Yes, Twi" came the voice from upstairs.

"So he IS like your watchdog." The look on her face told me to shut up.
The red eyed pony slouched down in the grove of the trees. Clear. Prism should be here any minute to tell of the progress with destroying Teddy. They both had the same goal, although for separate reasons.

A red alicorn jumped from the trees. Prince Red Moon? Where was Prism? "King Prism sent me to give you a message"

"Next time, he should talk to my face and not send his precious prince." He spit on the Prince's face with those last two words.

"You must not question King Prism's tactics, Redeye."

Redeye gave a little laugh. "I can do what I want, Reddy"

"I'm not to intervene in what goes on between you two" Red Moon objected.

"Oh. And being a messenger isn't intervening a bit."

Red Moon ignored the snotty comment. "Teddy is on the moon with Luna. The perfect torture for both of them. We are changing history as we spe--."

"Eh. I could have done better" Redeye interrupted. "Carry on"

"When the moon goes from half to new, he will be executed by the guillotine."

"Excellent. I will be there." He was about to leave before he thought about something. "Teddy is a unicorn. He can escape an execution very easily"

"He isn't very magically inclined, but Lord Prism will take his magical ability completely away."

"Removing the horn, I presume. Perfect."

"Yes. Lord Prism thinks of everything."

"I will check on our little prisoners at the late of today." He smirked up at the red pony. "Now run along back to your little kingy before you burn the forest down." He nodded and flew away.

It took every ounce of strength to prevent him from killing Red. The alicorn had two red eyes, just like Eval, his father. The only reason he helps Prism is because he has the ability to get rid of Teddy. After that, he's going down. Six feet under the bloody ground.

Funny. He heard that Celestia gave the order for Teddy's execution. But ol' Reddy said Prism did. The image of the King aiming a gun at Celestia's head gave him the feeling of excitement. And jealousy. He should be the one threatening the great princess with a bullet.

But wouldn't Thigil stop Prism if he knew about all of this? Red was the only one who knew about Thigil and Luna's affair. He half-hopes Thigil will take Prism down. Less work for him. But a lot less fun...

Redeye threw a knife and it ripped through the air, striking a squirrel trying to scurry up a tree. It gave one last squeak before laying limp against the tree in its own blood. Oooh! Dinner!
Teddy slept well that night. He was nice and warm, unlike the night before. He didn't want to open his eyes, yet couldn't wait to open them. He was so tired, but he has to spend as much time with Luna as possible. Maybe he can stop Nightmare Moon from ever existing.

But that would change time and everything after it will collapse. Is that such a good idea?

He would have never have got to know Luna. He wouldn't be here on the moon with her TO stop it. It would create a paradox. Twi and her friends would have never have strengthened their friendship, and Twi would go back to Canterlot, never to meet Frank and defeat Midnight.

But Luna would live with eternal guilt at what she had done. Something that wasn't even her fault.

Teddy slowly opened his eyes. The wing of the Princess was still on top of him, pulling him close to her. She was still sound asleep.

Ted's cheeks turned a different shade. If only these moments could last forever.

As Luna slept back all of those night she lost sleep, Teddy scooted closer to her, hugging her side almost. Her body heat warmed his immensely. She doesn't even mind that he is that close. She trusts him completely. Which, in a way, isn't good. He's been lying to her. About nearly everything.

Teddy had stopped crying an hour ago. Luna was still snoozing away at day three. The first two days felt wasted, and he didn't know why. If only they could play checkers or chess or something.

For some strange reason his dreams have been the memories of how this all came to be. The next part in that misadventure that has yet to come still hung as a burden in his heart.

His eyes dilated when he noticed his watch was off, exposing his scar. He looked up at Luna in fear. Maybe she didn't see it. It was actually his father's doing; Teddy was punished for not looking like him. It is what stole most of his magical ability.

Teddy replaced his watch quickly, as if the scar was a sacred note that could be seen by anyone. He can't let her know now. It's too soon.

Luna stood up suddenly, throwing Teddy backwards and causing his head to hit a rock, hard. She was screaming something about nightmares, blood and death. The last thing he saw was the blood leaking from his head as his vision faded.

"Teddy! HELP!" Luna cried.

And that faded also.