Seven Days

by Rocktavius Dashylight

A Dinner With Royalty

"...and then Twi said 'We don't have those books'" Everypony at the table started laughing besides Twilight.

"It was an honest mistake" Twilight claimed in defense. "It's not my fault bookworms are trolled so easily."

"But I love you for your bookworm-ness" Frank said, giving her a kiss.

The princess put her hooves under her chin "It's always adoring witnessing two who are meant for eachother show their emotions." Luna commented.

I nodded in agreement. "Yes, it is."

"Teddy," Frank finally acknowledged the newcomer. "What was that you were saying in the library?"

"I said a lot of things in the library. Are you talking about when I said you should get a pet fish, or when I was attacked by Owl-delicious--"

"Owlicious" the three corrected in unison.

"When the owl attacked me and I said--"

"It'd be best not to repeat in front of Princess Luna" Twilight said.

"Teddy, you know what I'm talking about. The thing about Nightmare Moon. When you said, 'Darkness could purify Equestria'" Frank pressed.

"Well," I explained, "Nightmare Moon has always been my role model. And I've always loved the night. Light burns the eyes while darkness casts the shade, protection."

"Nightmare Moon was evil" Luna said once more. "Please tell us how you see that as admiring."

"It's not that. It's the fact that she never gave up. She was destroyed, but she still held firm"

"But what about Twilight and her friends? They didn't give up either, and they saved me"

"I was never aware that she was destroyed by ponies. I thought it was a natural occurrence. I'm sure the heroes were brave and persistent as their foe."

Twilight jumped in. "That was announced all over Equestria. We had a party and everything! Unless you live under a rock, you couldn't have missed it!"

His lack of response was conspicuous.

Frank changed the subject. "How far have you two gotten in the designated book for our book club. Deception by Randy Alicorn?"

"I finished it," Twi started. "Don't you find it odd how Don--"

"Don't spoil it!!!" objected Frank. "And stop reading ahead of everypony else. It's not fair."

"It was a good book" Twilight explained.

Luna said, "I have gotten to page 197. 'Tis difficult to read with my pile of responsibilities"

"I'm on 354. Where we were supposed to be."

"I'm on page 501" Twilight told them.

"There is no 501."


"Stop rubbing it in." As Frank said this, he gave Twilight a short scruff of her mane.

"Mess up my hair one more time..." She scolded, trying to fix it without her brush.

"You can mess up my hair"

"Your hair is always messy"

"Don't tell me that! My future self will know something my past self didn't, thus creating a paradox and ripping the very fabric of reality!"

"You're such a nerd" Twily said.

The rest of the conversations slipped from my hearing. I just let Nightmare Moon take my mind away.

I started listening again when Nightmare started cleaning up her plate. "I'm sorry, but I must be off. Many royal duties to fulfill." Luna told them, throwing away her food wrappings and finishing her drink.

Frank and Twilight thanked her for joining. Nightmare turned away, but just before she took off, I spoke.

"Your eyes are like juicy watermelons painted blue" I said out of nowhere, awed

Luna stopped, and looked at me. She opened her mouth, about to say something, but flew away instead.

Frank nudged me out of my trance again. "You're really losing it, kid."

I nodded. "Pretty much"

Frank's look of concern was the last thing I saw before I phased out to my thoughts again.

The two love birds talked and I just sat there. It was a very long time before I actually started listening again. Both spoke about their amazing brothers. The brothers watched out for them, they said. Loved them. Protected them. "What about you, Teddy?" Frank asked.

"Huh? I don't know. I don't have any brothers"

"Only child then? I'm sure you had fun." I didn't answer.

"So. When's Nightma--Luna coming back?" I threw in

"You can see the Princess by yourself. We see her every week." Twilight answered.

I wanted to see the Princess again. Soon. I stopped listening to the rest of their nonsense chatter until the dinner was over.
"Your eyes are like juicy watermelons painted blue" Princess Luna looked at the non-blinking weirdo for a bit. She almost was going to ask what he meant by that, but thought differently. She flew away toward the castle.

Pegasi sharing her airspace either landed out of fear or respect. The Pegasus known for her wall eyes flew by, smiling cheerfully at her. The poor mare ran into a cart and knocked over a bunch of fruit, getting an earful from the owner. Luna saw the expression on Derpy's face and felt sorry for her. The fruit stand was suddenly lifted by a royal blue aura and set back as it was. Derpy flew away, not knowing what happened, but at least she was happy again. Luna eventually flew through her room window.

"I've been waiting for you" came the familiar, soothing male voice.

"Greatings, TJ." Luna replied, as she trotted to her bed and took off her shoes. TJ, or Thigil Jacobs, sat down next to her, kissing her passionately on the lips. Luna kissed back. There was nopony she loved more than the white alicorn before her. His red mane clashed beautifully against his coat, but matched the eyes to complete his breathtaking appearance.

"Did you have fun with your friends today?" TJ asked.

"Quite. They are housing this other pony...Teddy. He say the least. I think he may favor me, in an extreme fashion."

Thigil nuzzled her. "But nopony loves you as I." He was holding a ring in front of her face. She didn't really notice it until he said "Which is why I ask you to marry me"

The ring gleamed, reflecting the solar rays in a prism of colors. It was the most beautiful ring Luna has ever seen, impossibly beautiful.

Luna's face went from pale to red. It was barely noticeable, of course, due to the darkness of the coat. She laughed in pure happiness as she hugged the alicorn. "Of course!"

Never has anypony accepted her THIS much despite her past. Thigil was the one. Her true love. Thigil was the one perfect diamond, just like the diamond shining the prism in her eyes.

During the hug, a notebook was raised in a golden aura, behind Luna. A pen floated up as it wrote "Take care of Teddy" and it was set down. She didn't notice.

The two kissed passionately once more.

Then Luna woke up. When did she fall asleep? Was that all a dream? She looked back and forth. No TJ. The Princess sighed as she sat up from her bed.

Does Teddy even exist then? Or was he part of the dream? If it was a dream... TJ was definitly real, for a fact. Maybe Teddy was a symbol for something? Something she has overlooked?

Maybe this is just what she hopes to happen. Maybe. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
What if he saw her only on the scheduled weekday that his hosts set up rather than going himself? The planet would be covered in darkness. He would be the new king cheese in town. And Luna would have fallen under the spell of the TRUE villain. But of course, he went to see her, and none of that happened.

And look where he is now.

He heard Luna squirm in her sleep. He had gotten up about an hour earlier, remembering how he met her.

"" Teddy tried to find the right word.

"Good Night, Ted. How did you sleep?"

"Good I guess." She smiled. He smiled back. "What about you?"

"We slept well."

"Day" 2 of banishment. Teddy wouldn't have known that if it weren't for his watch. They slept through most of yesterday. Of course, he really needed it, due to the lack of sleep down on Equestrian soil.

Teddy bit his lip. He wants to say something, but he shouldn't. Not yet. It's not the right time.

Luna nuzzled him out of nowhere. Or was that his imagination? Her face got as close as it did the day before. "Do you want to learn how to move the stars as we have done for many years?"

That was...absurd! Only she and her sister can move the night! Not only that, he was very weak in magic, even for a normal unicorn. Even if she could teach him, it would never work. "I'm not...very powerful in magic..." Teddy replied. He lifted up a rock with his telekenesis, and it fell 10 seconds later in a flickering aura. Teddy sighed. "See?"

"On the contrary. We sense strong magic within you. You must unlock it."

"" He was afraid to access his magical potential after she said it that way.

"We sense fear. There is nothing to fear, little one. If you learn the way to harness your power, you may do great things"

"May" is right. You can also do great evil. "True... But..."

"I'd like to teach you. We have an eternity, so why not try?"

"Sounds fun" 'Shes my mentor. The pony I love teaching me magic that won't matter in 5 days anyway, but just the fact it's happening is making me happy!' He gleamed.

"Let us start right away!" Luna insisted.

Moments later, Teddy gasped heavily for breath. "I can't do it..." He squeaked. The sweat on his brow was obvious.

"You can do it Teddy! We believe in you!" Luna pushed on.

Teddy grunted before giving his task one last shot. The rock that is about the size of him was lifted centimeters before hitting the ground again. Teddy collapsed along with it

Luna trotted over to him, nosing him. "You will achieve this feat.. We assure you." Teddy smiled up at her and allowed her to aid him. She pushed him up using her muzzle as a lever under his chin.

"Luna...I don't need magic to do good."

"We are aware, Teddy. It is just that you are letting yourself down. You're not allowing yourself to get to your full potential."

Teddy looked into her eyes. Her eyes just smiled at him. They reflected more starlight then the Luna of the future, or his past, poor mare. "I...I..."

"It's fine to be scared. This is all new to you" She was staring directly back into his irises. Teddy's heart was on the verge of melting.

"Maybe learning magic wasn't the best idea," he said "I'd rather just spend time with you. We don't have much time, so I'd like to use it well."

"Are you suggesting these eternity will pass so quickly because you will be having fun with us?" That's not at all what he meant...sort of. He agreed with the statement, yes, but he was in the thought process of the seven days. Teddy really needs to watch what he says.

"Of course! I've never had as much fun as being with you"

She smiled. "You are so kind. The kindest we've known. Would you like to rule with us after the banishment has surpassed? Well...if Celestia finds it fit for me to rule once more."


Her eyes made her reaction apparent. "But....why?"

"I'm not a leader. I won't be fit to be your prince."

She slid closer to him. "We can help you. We can figure something out..."

Teddy felt the tears in his eyes but tried not to let them out. " time is limited. I'm mortal. You're immortal. I..."

The realization hit Luna like a sledge hammer to the face. "You...can't survive the banishment... Moreover ruling by my side..."


"This isn't your fault, Teddy. I'm sure there has to be a way to fix this. I will fix this!"

I? What happened to the royal "we"?

'There has to be a spell or something...' Luna thought, desperately.

Teddy couldn't hold back his pain any longer and his face exploded with the salty fluid. This is worse then he would ever had guessed. She wants him to be king, wanting to help him as much as she can. But she can't fix the problem set before them. Teddy had 5 and a half more days to live. 6 days until Luna is overcome by her inner beast.

When Teddy left his thoughts, he realized he was in Luna's forehooves. She held him close to her, his head resting on her chest. "I will protect you, Teddy. As you would protect me." That caused another gush of tears. Luna continued to hold him close to her heart, letting him know he wasn't alone.

After about 20 minutes, Teddy fell asleep in her grasp. Luna slowly laid down, keeping him close to her side. The princess placed her wing over him as a blanket, and tried to make him comfortable. She took off his watch so it didn't get broken in his sleep. Her horn glowed and grabbed the watch in its power.

A line was exposed as she removed the watch. A scar. The sliver on his left hoof went all the way around it. She would have to ask him about that...

"Goodnight Teddy bear" She laid her head down next to him, wing still extended over his body. "I love you..."

She knew he couldn't hear, but she felt good saying it nonetheless.

As her eyes closed, the whisper inside of her head spoke yet again. "The night will last forever...."

It is everlasting night here. Hopefully that won't strengthen the whisper to a yell...
"Dad? Where are you going?"

The black pony with the red eye left the house responding, "Business." He closed and locked the door behind him. He looked through the dark forest in his excitement. Teddy was going to die in 5 days. He couldn't wait. He needed another dose of death to keep him alive until then.

The Timberwolf didn't see it coming.