Feyn Do Fin Dovah; Their Rise And Fall, Our Mistake

by mrheadhopper

Update On Story Status

I thought I might aswell send out a notice before heading back into vydio games again.
I was also hoping to release a actual story update with -this- update but... eh.

To be fairly honest, I've been writing in my mind for about two days now, and I have plenty of ideas I'm comfortable with YET I can't seem to build up enough will to force myself out of my games ( and my orphaned cousin ) to write up something. If you would go and sniff around my desktop, you'd find about 6 incomplete documents with 2 chapters worth of fiction.

This might look like a shame to some of you, but I promise that I will update sometime later. Maybe in a month, maybe in a week. Maybe I just finish Starcraft II and end up writing again, who knows?

In the meanwhile, I'm also looking for a proofreader. You can throw me a invite on Steam, ( since I don't have any other methods of communication ) my profile name will be draugr and my real account name is mrheadhopper, or you can just hand over a PM on fimfiction. I'm also gonna start writing on Google Docs now, so expect less spelling mistakes and stuff.

Sky above, voice within.

( by the way, is fimfiction.net fucking up for anyone else? My watch button says 'no' and there's some sort of scripting error next to the last chapter in every fanfic. )