All The Right Notes

by 404error

Chapter 2 - Love

"....Now do a barell roll!" Spitfire yelled at her blue friend. They've been practicing all day, and he just wanted to see Octavia. It's been 3 weeks since their first date, and they've been happy ever since. Soarin' has improved with his flying skills, and Octavia has improved immensely in her cello playing. He'd go over to her house at night, and sit down and listen to her play. He loved it. He loved her, but was afraid to admit it. What if she didn't love him? What if she only liked him a lot? He's gotten close to telling her, but he chickened out, afraid of what she might say. But all of that was going to change tonight. He asked his friend Rainbow Dash to have the night to be clear of clouds. He was going to take her to a small hill outside of town and tell her he loves her. Spitfire has helped him with his confidence in the past couple days, pretending she was Octavia. He got a kick out of that. She really was a great friend.
"Alright Soar, I think you've done enough today." Soarin' had a huge grin on his face.
"Awesome, I'll be back later." And with that he was off to Ponyville.
When Soarin' arrived at her house, Octavia was playing her cello in the living room. He knocked on the door, and she smiled, knowing who it was.
"Hello Soarin'. How're you today?" She said in her usual calm voice.
"I'm doing pretty good, just got done with practice."
She chuckled, "I can see by the uniform." Soarin' looked down and realized that he didn't change out of his uniform.
"Oh, uh, yeah." He gave a nervous laugh.
"Won't you come in? I'm making a pot of tea right now."
He nodded. He loved her house. It was filled with pictures of her childhood and famous cello players. They got to the kitchen, and he sat down, waiting for his cup of tea. She brought them their tea, and they talked for a bit. She also brought out some apples and they munched on that for a while. After talking in her house for about 2 hours, Soarin' had to get ready for that night. He was still pretty nervous, but excited.
They said good bye and she gave him a kiss on the cheek, and he smiled at it. He truely loved her. He started flying towards his house when he noticed Rainbow Dash putting clouds in the sky. It was almost night time, and he was worried she forgot about what he asked.
He flew over to her and calmly asked, “Hey Dash, what’s going on? I thought there was supposed to be a clear sky tonight?”
She shook her head, “Sorry Soarin’, weather patrol changed their plans. Won’t be a clear sky until tomorrow night.
Great. Just great. I was nervous enough, but now I have to wait a day. He complained in his mind. He didn’t want to make Rainbow Dash upset so he just went with it. He slowly flew towards his house, sad that he couldn’t tell Octavia how he really felt.
“What?! There was supposed to be a clear sky TONIGHT!” Spitfire yelled. She wasn’t in the relationship, but she helped Soarin’, and he was grateful for that.
“Yeah, I know...” Soarin’ looked down. “I guess I have to wait.”
“Ugh, fine. So where did you say you were taking her again?”
“Come with me.” Soarin’ walked towards the door of his house and they headed off out of town. He took Spitfire to the hill he talked about, and it was perfect.
She looked at him and said, “Octavia is a lucky mare to have you Soarin’.” He blushed.
“Thanks Spit, I wanna make this a night we both won’t forget.” He looked up and saw that the weather patrol were finishing up the clouds. “Let’s get back home, it’s going to start raining soon” Spitfire nodded and they headed towards Soarin’s house. Soarin’ was still a little upset about the rain, but it gave him more time to make it even more perfect. Oh, I know, I’ll wake up early and pick up some flowers. But what kind of flowers does she like? I’ll just get some roses. He smiled as he crawled into bed. He lost all nervousness and was excited to tell that special grey mare that he loved her.
“Uh, hi yes, I’d like a dozen roses please.”
“Oh, and what for lad?”
“Uh, family member. She’s a big fan of roses.” The storekeeper nodded and brought out a dozen roses in a flash. He paid for the roses, smiled, then thanked him for them. When he walked out of the store, the morning felt crisp, and fresh. The rain from the night did wonders for the day. He walked through the main square of Ponyville, wanting to visit Octavia, but went against it. He had to put the roses somewhere safe. Not many people were in Ponyville (or awake) so he decided to stroll around town. He had Wonderbolt practice in a couple of hours, and needed a time waster. He walked around taking his own tour of the town. He visted Sugarcube Corner, Carousel Boutique, and the town hall. This is a neat place, I can understand why Octavia would live here.[i/]
After a while, he decided to head home and get ready for practice. He got a quick shower, and had some breakfast. He was ready to tell her that he loved her. Only.... 10 hours away.
A couple hours have passed, and practice was over. He got out of his suit, cooled off for a bit - it was a hot afternoon that day, and decided to see if Octavia was home. He stepped out of his door and flew off towards Ponyville. He was hoping she was home, so he could invite her to the hill that night. Sure enough, she was at home reading, while humming a tune. He knocked on the door, and she answered with a smile.
“Hello Soarin’, how’re you?” She asked in that calm voice that Soarin’ absolutely loved.
“I’m fine. So, question. You doing anything tonight?”
“Uh, no not really? Why?”
“I’ve got this place we can go to outside of town where we can be all alone. It’s pretty cool.”
She blushed. A night all alone with Soarin’? “Um... o-ok. That sounds great.” She grinned at the thought.
“Cool, I’ll pick you up around 8ish?”
“That works. I’ll see you then.” He nodded and smiled. He started to get nervous again, but pushed it aside. Tonight he was going to tell her. He started to trot off towards the food cart across the square - he could smell the pies from a mile away, when he bumped into Rainbow Dash. It was obvious she was aware of Octavia.
“So, Soar, who was that?” She asked with an evil grin on her face.
“Oh, uh, Octavia? She’s just a friend...” He started to get nervous.
“Uh huh, looked like you two were happy. Like EXTREMELY happy. Is she your.... Marefriend?!”
“Uh, n-no. Why would I have a maref.....” He saw the disbelief in her face and just confessed, “Ok, yes. She and I have been going out for a couple of weeks now.
“Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! This is so cool!!” He smiled. He expected that kind of reaction from her.
“Well, I’m going to get one of those delicious apple pies and head home. Later Dash.
“See ya Soarin’!”
He got his fresh pie and enjoyed every bite of it. Those ponies at Sweet Apple Acres do a dang good job of these pies. And with that he was off to get ready for his date with Octavia.
“Ok Soar, you ready for this?” He slowly nodded. “Alrighty, grab one of those roses and head out, it’s almost 8.”
“Alright Spit, I’ll see you whenever.” She said good bye and he walked out of the door. He started to flap his wings and he flew towards her house.
It took a good 5 minutes for him to work up the courage to knock on the door, and when he finally did it, he felt relieved. She opened the door, and they greeted each other with open arms. Octavia gave him a small kiss on the cheek, and they started walking towards the hill. Along the way they talked about random things, such as, family, friends, and whatnot. They arrived at the small hill and Octavia just gasped.
“Oh... this is so romantic.” She looked at Soarin’ with a loving look in her eyes. “Thank you Soarin’. This is fantastic.”
“That’s not the only thing.” She looked confused, “L-look Octavia, I know we’ve only been going out for a couple of weeks, b-but... I just....-” She cut him off with something he never thought would happen. They kissed for what seemed like forever, and when Octavia broke the kiss she looked at him and said very softly, “I know Soarin’... I love you too.” He blushed. His face was burning up, he thought he had a fever. They looked at each other and smiled. Octavia leaned in and they kissed again, feeling as right as the first one.
The two sat on the hill for a long time before she started to get sleepy. He walked her back to her place and they stood on her doorstep just looking at each other.
“I love you Soarin’.”
“I love you too Octavia”
They kissed one more time and she went inside. Soarin’ was smiling all the way through the main square. He flapped his wings and headed home. When he got back, Spitfire was still awake, eating more from his fridge, but this time she heard him walk in. She nearly tackled him.
“So, how did it go?! Did you tell her?!” Spitfire was almost jumping at this point.
“Yes, I told her... sorta.”
“Sorta? What do you mean sorta!? It’s a yes or no question!”
“Well, we kissed and-” He was cut off by a screaming Spitfire
“You guys kissed?!?!” He nodded.
“Yes, we kissed, then she told me she loved me.”
“So everything went well. Good. Now go to bed, tomorrow we have a performance at the Grand Galloping Gala.”
“Oh, is that tomorrow? So THAT’S why Ponyville has been packed lately. Alright, well night Spit.”
“Night Soar.”
He walked upstairs to his room and plopped down on his bed. The whole night raced through his head. He couldn’t believe any of it, especially kissing her. He slowly drifted off to sleep, mind still racing. As he fell asleep, a smile came on his face, thinking about Octavia. The mare he loved.