A Nightmare to Remember...

by Gyrofest96


Twilight woke up the next morning with a slight headache, but nothing she couldn't deal with. She sat on her bed and thought long and hard about telling anyone, as she had no idea what to think of what she had dreamed. Was it a vision? Or just a very detailed nightmare... She decided it wouldn't hurt to talk to Spike about it. She sleepily walked downstairs to find Spike was already up, cooking breakfast.

“Hey Twilight! Did you sleep okay after the... dream?” He was asked with a concerned look on his face.

“Of course! Slept like a baby! Still, I wanted to take you up on your offer about letting me explain the dream to you... I feel very... uneasy about the whole thing.” She said hanging her head kind of low.

“Sure! What's the problem?” He asked, bringing a plate of toast and an apple to the side.

“Well... it's a long story, are you sure up for it?” Twilight asked somewhat afraid he would get bored, and fall asleep.

“Yup! Hit me!” He said with confidence. Heh, he might be in for a surprise.

She began with the beginning with her laying on her bed, reading her astronomy book. After bringing her the dinner, (which happened to be the same food that I got for breakfast), the whole tree house started to shake violently. She explained that after falling off of the bed clumsily, she got up and stood out on the porch to be frozen in awe at the sight she was presented with.
Discord was set loose, wreaking havoc upon Ponyville, with the Ursa family charging in after Trixie, who was leading them towards the town as well. She described the disorder panic of the scared ponies running down the street towards the southern part of the town for evacuation.

By this point, she was starting to tear up... but she continued, and explained what happened after she left the house to protect the ponies from the oncoming Ursas. She tried picking up objects with her magic to block the Ursas, but to no avail. She was about to cast one more spell that might have turned the tide, but she was frozen in place when a carriage filled with two terrified ponies was bucked into the air, falling straight for her.

She said that she had never felt so much fear before in her life. She could not move or budge one muscle from her spot. She literally felt as though she was going to die.

“...then when the carriage was a half a second within contact of me, the nightmare ended. I woke up in a cold sweat and as if I had been crying... Spike... the dream... it felt so... REAL!” Twilight by this time had broken down and was crying in Spike's arms.

Spike was rubbing her mane, trying to reassure her. He had never seen so much fear in her eyes, not since the day she missed the jump during the encounter with the Hydra...

“It's okay, Twilight, it's not real. It's just a dream, nothing more... you have nothing to fear.” Spike could tell how much pain Twilight was in... but all he could do right now was reassure her.

“T-Thanks, Spike... I know... it just... I've never been more scared in... my life... Thanks, Spike... I needed that.” She said slowly as she was trying to regain her composure. She gave Spike a big long hug, and he returned the favor.

“Hey... it's what I'm here for! That, and to be your best friend and number one assistant!” Spike said giggling with a wide, happy smile. This caused Twilight to giggle as well. She finally released after a minute of peaceful hugging, and slowly made her way to the couch to enjoy her breakfast that her favorite assistant had made for her. Spike had returned to the kitchen to make his own food. His wasn't too difficult to make, as he had stored a couple of gemstones in the fridge for breakfast the night before.

Twilight was in a good mood again, but was thinking of letting Princess Celestia know. For she knew, like Spike, that she would understand Twilight's fears and doubts. She'll think about it later... for now, she had to buy some groceries from in town. The stock was getting low, and Spike was just about done with the last of our food. That, and she wouldn't mind paying Pinkie Pie a visit, that pony always seems to cheer her up.

She was in the market area when a sudden image popped up in her mind. An image of an unknown pony... a pegasus... Her eyes were wide open for five minutes until one of the nearby ponies nudged her, snapping her out of her 'trance.'

“Wu-AHH!” Twilight jumped back in shock.

“Hey there! What's gotten into ya?” The mare asked.

“I...I'm... okay. I just have a headache at the moment, lot's of things going on right now, bit stressful.” Twilight said, slurring her words, trying to raise her head. Her vision was still blurred, but she caught a fuzzy outline of a pink, fuzzy pony. It took her a second to realize, but Twilight had found the pony she was looking for.

“Pinkie! Hey, could we talk?” Twilight asked after rubbing her head. Pinkie started to notice her discomfort.

“Sure! Follow me! We have cupcakes ready!” She said as she started hopping back to Sugarcube Corner.

Twilight didn't get far until that image that seemed to be burned inside her head popped up again. Except, it was in motion. This time it showed the unknown pegasus from before, in a large chamber, in front of a shrine that seemed to resemble... She flinched at the sight. It was Discord! The Harbinger of Chaos!

Twilight was brought back after wards to a concerned Pinkie.

“Heya there! Everything okey dokey lokey in there!?” Pinkie asked with her head tilted to the right, while tapping Twilight's head with her hoof.

“Huh? Oh yea... I... Pinkie...? I really need.... to... to...” Twilight slurred. She then fell over to the side into the soft grass... putting her to rest.