My Little Hope: Caring is Magic

by batman0889

Chapter 6 A penny for your thoughts

Chapter 6 A penny for your thoughts
When I walked into the hospital, I stopped for a moment to look around. The atmosphere at the hospital seemed different than usual but it wasn’t Whatever Fluttershy, you came here to see Max not to evaluate whether the choice of décor that the hospital has chosen is dreary or not. I just over analyzing ever thing so much because I’m just worrying too much, yep oh worry wart Fluttershy. Always thinking of the worst case scenario.
I bet Max is perfectly fine just a minor inconvenience, yeah totally in agreement. I stood there for a moment the awkward silence soon followed. Silly Fluttershy, what did you think was going to happen a light bulb ding or Pinkie Pie come out of nowhere with a check mark. Or fact any of your friends showing up to reassure you that it will be alright.

Being angry at your friends is hard, I know they didn’t mean to do it but I was expecting more from them. After all the are my best friends. Max being in this state has been messing with my brain its like an all consuming virus. Why did this have to happen to I had a wrenched gut twist feeling, like how I feel after waking up from a nightmare. The world almost didn’t feel real… but I knew it was real.
All anguish he has caused me now is worth what short time I spent with him was worth all the heartache. But as I was reminiscing about my time spent with Max, I sudden bumped into someone, I hadn’t realized that I was wandering the hospital lost in deep thought. ”I’m so.. Sorry. I didn’t ..” but before Fluttershy her apologize did she realize who it was she had bumped into none other than Nurse Redheart.

She dusted herself then looked up to see the face of the buffoon who had walked into her. When her gaze met with her gaze her facial expression of frustration and irrational changed to an expression of sorrow and regret, “WHY… Fluttershy ….we need to talk… somewhere private. Follow me.”

I stared at her quizzically, she said nothing but motioned me to follow her. Throughout the whole walk she did not reveal anything else to me, she continued to avoid my gaze. Following her through the long hallway, the hospital seemed to be rather quieter than it usual is. After an awkward silence, she turned left into a dark room that had been used just recently. I went in shortly behind her, but as soon as I stepped in, I knew that something was wrong.
The room smelt of something quite putrid but it was familiar, I just put my hoof on it. The smell sent chills down my spine. In the centre of the darkly lit room, there was a table
with a small, lifeless body on it. Then it hit me it was Max.

In that one moment I wanted to do some many things but I couldn’t decide on one. I wanted to fall down and cry me eyes out until I died of dehydration, but I didn’t. I felt like I could scream my lungs out in rage and anger over what had happen in hope they would either burst into flames or I died from exhaustion, however I could not do it. I wanted to turn around and walk out, while simultaneously walking out on life I had given up on it. No matter how much I wanted to do any and all of these options, I instead could only choose this stupid response.

“Oh my…. That’s….. Max…… Is he ….. dead?” I sqeaked out meekly as a single tear raced down my face.
I knew the answer but it still hadn’t clicked for me, I was in denial. Turning to face me she replied, “Yes.” Nurse Redheart then proceeds to tell me what happened during the surgery and what the doctors and nurses did to try and save him. However important the details of how it happened might have been I wasn’t paying attention to Nurse Redheart, I was too busy trying to deal with consequences of what happened in my head. I know that they tried their best but their best wasn’t good enough. All the pain that came with becoming attached to the little guy… the hurt, the remorse! A family friend warned me about this how my own kindness would be my biggest weakness.

I wish he were here to give me some words of advice right now. As if on cue I started to recall that instant and what he said that one summer when he said to me verbatim. “Your kindness is like the sun in many ways for it can give an individual a reason to get up in the morning and it can be a ray of light in a rather bleak time. And just like the sun your kindness get abused and lost over time. But Fluttershy my dear, I bet your heart is so big that it could rival the sun in pureness and warmth.” I replied to him like any filly at age would have said,”Hehe your silly True Bright, my heart isn’t the size of the sun.” He laughed reply, “True Fluttershy my dear, most things I say nowadays don’t even make sense to me. But I want to warn a sweet thing about the harsh reality of life, the more you open yourself to others the great the chance of heartbreak.” I stared at him wide-eyed not understand what it meant but know it was important. He chuckled, “There I go again, come here you adorable I’m going to tickle the cute out of you!” I screamed, “ Ahh HEEHEEE . . Stop. .. Hehehe.” I miss him so much.

I must have started to smile at that thought because Nurse Redheart, stopped talking and walked over beside me. Nurse Redheart put her arm around me trying her best to comfort me, she was not just comforting me to be professional but in that moment I knew she was comforting me as a friend.

I went over to pick him in my arms, just to hold him one last time.
Picking him up, holding him tight, he didn’t feel like Max… he… he was just an empty shell…. His body had lost its entire colour, making him a ghostly white. Maybe Pinkie Pie was right he was like a toy. He was like my little teddy bear; I got one Hearth’s Warming Day. He was my favourite, I took him everywhere with me and I did everything with him. Bathing him, feeding him and dressing him was not a chore but a delight with him.

I let my friend see play with him but they played too hard with him and broke him. And just like my teddy bear, Max is nothing but a broken toy. “NO!” I screamed in my head, “he is not like a toy he was a living thing.” In the dark recess of my mind I hear a murmur, ”The thing was a toy.” Ignoring the voice, I stroke Max’s little mane. His previously lush mane seemed to have lost its beautiful colour, it was a dark lifeless black as if death was try to escape its bonds of this organic capsule it inhabited through his hair. After what seemed like moments… which turned out to be hours… of sitting there, cradling the body, keeping it warm.

Realizing that I had to let go, slowly looking once more at the face… oh, that face! Max’s eyes shot open, and were now staring blankly into the distance. I was about to scream but now coming to term with that fact Max was dead. He will never be able to look at anything again… I began to sniffle.

I swallowed my sorrow, and whispered to him as if he were still alive, “L-Looks like you didn’t make it little f-feller… I-I’m sorry I won’t be able to do all those fun things I promised we’d do.” My eyes watered as I remembered my plans. Our plans…blubbering, “I- I’m sorry that I w-won’t be able to see you grow up, I- I’m sorry I w-wasn’t there f-for your last moment of life… y-y-you didn’t even manage to get your cutie mark.” By this time, tears were streaming down my cheeks, “Y-your life barely b-began… and… and it ended so t-tragically short… y-you were the only thing that g-gave meaning to my life. I-It s-seems pointless… there- there is no meaning in my l-life no matter what I’ll do! Y-you were the most s-sp-special thing to me t-true happiness!”

Crying as much as I did tears were falling on to Max’s face, dampening his mane and flattening it… After a few moments, I composed myself reminding myself of my responsibility… as an adult… to Max.
Lower my head to Max’s body, softly kissing him on the cheek. Lovingly stroking his mane… I didn’t want to put him down I wanted hold him in my arms forever. Someone I could love and someone who would love me back for just who I am. Remembering my mother’s lullaby that she used to sing to me when I was young, there was no more fitting time to sing it but now.

“Oh little colt, the day has just begun,
In the morning we see the sun,
Let’s not go and waste the day,
So let’s all go out to play.
This life we have, the joy we share,
That’s all it takes to show we care,
Now… hush little colt, you’ve had your fun,
We’ve laughed and played in the morning sun.
But now, the day is near the end,
It’s time for us to make amends,
Now you can go and count some sheep,
And dream new adventures as you sleep.
Now, hush little colt,
I will always care,
Whenever you’re frightened,
I’ll be right there.
It’s time to sleep,
And time to lie,
So rest your head,
And don’t be shy,
In the morning, I will come
And we’ll start a new day, with lots of fun,, love,
Rest as an angel… you’re a dove,
Have…. have peaceful rest, and dream...With...Care...
Remember, for you… I will always… be there,”

After I finished my lullaby I kissed him for the last time. Gently caressing his face, wiping away my fallen tears from his face. Which almost made it look like they were his. Closing his eyes ever so gingerly of the colt that had once filled her life with such joy. I kissed the colt that had been my unforgettable blessing, a final goodbye.

“Goodnight sweet prince, I’ll never forget you. As luck may have it you may not have had the best start at life but at least you died with a mother who loved you. I love you Max, the only thing I wanted to hear you say was ‘I love you mummy,’” I paused, “b-but I guess I’ll never hear you say that now. I…. I- I should have been a better mommy, now it’s my fault that you died… I’m so sorry Max, sweet dreams, my little hope. Just always remember… I love you… and you will always be with me in my heart…”
I placed him back down on the table, and, once again, felt my heart breaking. I left the room quietly, leaving Nurse Redheart with glistening red eyes.
I had decided... never to try and be a mommy again... Looks like it just wasn’t in the cards to have another child. Hearts doesn’t seem to be my suit, even in the heart of the cards. I... I don't know what my destiny or fate is...
I turned back once again, but when I looked back at Nurse Redheart she wasn’t there. My gaze shifted to the body on the table… but nobody was on the table.
“What’s going on?”

The pounding in my head was all I could hear and feel my heart beating at an accelerated pace. My ears felt like they were on fire. This wasn't right, this couldn't be right! I whipped my head around, searching desperately for Nurse Redheart, Max, anyone! The room slowly faded, becoming darker and darker until I couldn't see anything at all.

The pounding in my ears sped up until it became a low whine then silence. That’s it I thought my ears burst deafening me, making me aware of how utterly alone I was. Whimpering, I curled up into a ball, not daring to move for it was a hopeless endeavour. The sweat poured down my face in torrents, soaking my mane. Time was meaningless now, for seconds turned into minutes turning into days. Each moment I lay there the demons and shades that hid in the shadows encroached upon me as the light slowly died down. With a stifled sob I cried out, “Not now!” Halting their progress, terrified and alone in the darkness with some many eyes.
"Surely, I've suffered enough!" Bitterly cursing through my tears. I just wanted something to happen...anything....anything to end this torture of darkness and solitude...

Without warning, the room started to turn red and suddenly the floating demons and shades fell to ground. They were in fact dead bodies now crawling everywhere they seemed disoriented. Slowly getting up… the stench of rancid flesh was choking out smell of everything else. Gagging for a moment before heading towards the clearest path through this living horror. Looking back all I can see is a sea of cold, hateful eyes staring back at me.

Not realizing what was in front I stumble backwards in shock, only to bump into five ponies that I knew…“Ha look at Fluttershy she can’t even look after a squirt like that …what a loser,” laughed a cruel undead Rainbow Dash before her jaw fell right off.

“Better make a hat with matching mittens from the colt you killed,” said a one-eyed Rarity, not to miss out on the fun.

“Yes… YES… yes… it says in my book, 1001 things to know about fillies and colts, that children should actually be looked after, not murdered,” Added an ever knowledgeable bodiless apparition of Twilight.

“Yes… YES, we-ell, surely his body would’a been mighty good food for my worms back at the farm,” joined Applejack with half her face missing.

“Oh oh oh!!! I know it’s too late to throw a surprise party, but how about a surprise funeral instead!” Cried a rather normal looking Pinkie Pie ecstatically, only to drop into a giggling fetal position.

Whirling around in terror once more facing of those…. those terrible dead bodies! They begun to laugh... slowly at first, and then more manically. As they laughed, the stench of decay seeped out of their mouths, and slowly over take me and my senses. “I’ve got to get out of here!” I rallied to myself.

Trying to move pass them to escape, my insides felt like they were melting and breaths got shorter and shorter. Beginning to feel light-headed I went to my knees, it wasn’t too far before I doubled over and began to vomit and cough up some black fluid. At this point I couldn’t tell where it was coming from but it was coming from inside me.
Sensing my weakness, they surrounded me, they all pointed they’re rotting hooves at me and started chanting,
“YOU’RE A MUDERER, YOU’RE A MUDERER, YOU’RE A MUDERER”, as if it was a cruel joke.

The vile liquid I had just expelled from my body began to take shape and move.
Curling up, seeking comfort from my own body, attempting wildly to conceal myself… to protect myself… I lay there, curled in a ball of terror, shaking wildly.
I yelled in protest, “I’m not a MUDERER I’m NOT a MUDERER I’M NOT A MUDERER!”
From behind the pony corpses I heard a voice that silenced the crowd, “Oh my sweet little Fluttershy, your pleas are in vain. I’m going to open your eyes to whole new experiences.”

In desperation I called out for the royal princesses for help, for guidance or for any scrap of seeing an end to this. With parsimonious tone, almost like a metronome it laughed, “No one can help you now.” The crowd of bodies began to part as this mysterious figure move closer to me. In a last ditch attempt for my survival, I screamed my lungs out emptying them completely,”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”
Suddenly I awake screaming, in sweat drenched bed

“Fluttershy, Fluttershy!” barely opening my eyes I squint to see the source of the sound is, making out a blue-ish blob that is shaking me awake. “Ohmygosh… Are you ok?” With a gasp, Fluttershy shrunk away from her friend; covering her face with her mane. Rainbow Dash persisted, “It’s alright; it was just a nightmare," Panted the prismatic haired pegasus, hastily trying to console her friend.

Replying to my worried friend, “I’m fine Dash, I just a little surprised having you hover over me.” A little embarrassed Rainbow Dash brushes her hair out of her eyes, “I’m sorry it sounded different to me but is there anything I could get you?” “Space would be nice,” I remark gingerly. “Space? Well I could probably fly you up their but you wouldn’t…” but before a helpful Rainbow Dash can finish that thought, our eyes make contact and she understands what I meant. Rainbow Dash plants a hoof on her face, “Personal space, of course.

Well I go tell the others you’re awake.” Getting out of bed I remark, “No it’s not a problem that they need to concern themselves with.” But it is too late Rainbow Dash has left and closed the door. Utterly exhausted and confused, I quickly survey the room nothing seems out of place. Then out of corner of my eye I notice some dark dart out the window.
Looking out the window I see nothing, must have just been an eyelash in my eye. My hair is a complete mess, so I clean my face and brush my hair in till it has its natural flow back. Making the bed before heading downstairs to tend to my houseguests.
As a look around the room, I see the faces of my friends standing around at the bottom of the stairs staring blankly at me; I see the sun beginning to rise out of the window. It’s morning. I begin to become aware of myself… my breathing seemed laboured, sweat was glistening on my forehead, and I have a numbing pain in my stomach.

After acclimating myself to my surroundings, looking over at Rainbow Dash, the cyan pegasus is the closest to stairs; her hooves still on her stomach from where I grabbed her after she woke me up. Fluttershy stared at Rainbow Dash, seeing the concern in the other pegasus' eyes. Closing her eyes taking a deep breath, preparing herself to lie to Dash that she was infact all right.

“Yes… it… it was just a bad dream…. That’s all,” I calmly reassured everypony else. However I was still a little bit shaky at the mere thought of that so vivid nightmare.
Twilight stepped forward, her eyes wide with concern. “Are you sure? I could have sworn I heard you talking in your sleep… something about… about murderers,” she trailed off.
Applejack chimed in, “You were making more noise then when one of cows are giving birmphf..” But before Applejack could finish her sentence Pinkie Pie had jammed her left hoof into Applejack’s mouth and continued Applejack sentence, “Giving milk of course, because cows give us milk. And golly they can be noisy at times.”

Pinkie Pie smiled her toothy grin, proceeding to slowly remove her hoof from Applejack mouth. Applejack glared at Pinkie Pie with a look of disbelief plastered across her face. In response Pinkie Pie flopped her ears up and down and blinked her left eye twice. No sooner did Pinkie Pie do that then Applejack’s facial expressions changed from one of anger to one of shock and disbelief. They were up to something, Fluttershy thought to herself.

Pinkie Pie butts in,” How did you get all the up there, silly. You were sleeping downstairs last night.” Fluttershy looking around again, I guess I was upstairs, “Clearly all this stress is getting to me, and I must be sleeping walking.” Pinkie Pie ponders for a second, “that clearly makes sense and should never ever be put to question by anybody who I tell this story to or even a write version of this incident, Okie Dokie Lokie.” Fluttershy in disbelief; what is she talking about, “Ok Pinkie Pie.”
Moving on from what had just occurred, Fluttershy began to move to the bottom of stairs trying to muster a more confident face. What was it that Iron Will told her once, What’s there to gain, from showing them you’re in pain! Ok buck up sister. “No, no. I’m alright girls, really I perfectly fine as it is.” Reassuring them before asking, “So, who’d like Breakfast then?”
“Shy, you know we come down her to make sure your alright, not come over for breakfast,” concerned jested Applejack.
Fluttershy blinked, “No, I insist. It’s the least I can do for you guys, and I’m not taking no for an answer” she said, making her way over to the kitchen. “Who else is having some?”
Applejack waited for a moment before responding, “…Okay then… I’ll have some then.”
All of sudden with a loud snap Pinkie Pie shot to attention, “Ooohh ooohh did somebody say breakfast! I’ll have …” Pinkie Pie took a large inhale getting ready to list off a rather large order.

Fluttershy grabbed a pad of paper and pen, preparing for Pinkie Pie breakfast request. Pinkie proceeded to list what she wanted “I’ll have a three triple chocolate pancakes with white chocolate chips, with some cinnamon roses in caramel, along with a two strawberry banana waffles with a side assortment grasses on the side with a big cup of Apple cider with a barley broth to top it off.”

Everybody else just looked at Pinkie wide-eyed then to Fluttershy who was furiously writing down the order. Panting in disbelief Fluttershy asked, “Is that all, Pinkie?” Smiling back Pinkie Pie gestured, “Heehee actually, I just want a cherry chimichanga.” As if on cue the rest of the gang, fell over in disbelief. Rainbow Dash snickered to herself but Fluttershy just smiled and shortly relied, “Oh ok, Rarity would you like some breakfast?”

Picking herself up after almost fainting after Pinkie Pie comment, Rarity brushing herself off turned to Fluttershy, “That would be lovely dear I’ll have some of that baked good you made last time I was over, please,” she added sweetly.
Trying to recall the last time they shared breakfast thinking for a moment then it came to me, “Oh the giant cinnamon apple pancake, yes of course. But that is a lot for just one pony.” Applejack looked at Rarity seriously, ”What I have been working hard this week, I deserve a treat,” Rarity replies in a sanctimonious and self-righteous tone.

Applejack looks at Rarity she tries to avoid make eye contact, “Sigh, fine Applejack and I will split the giant cinnamon apple pancake. But you owe me, Applejack,” remarked a defeat but playful Rarity. Applejack grinned then turned to Fluttershy, “Oh ok Fluttershy, you twisted my rubber arm, I’ll split apple pancake with Rarity. But by any chance do you have any parsnips, Fluttershy? ”
“Oh AJ, you do know your growing cycle of plants,” I replied coyly. “Well, it is my job to know, otherwise I would be a lousy farmer,” replying in a matter of fact tone. Fluttershy just smiled and nodded her head, turning to Twilight,”What would you like for breakfast?” Looking up from her book Twilight Sparkle smiled, “Oh I just have what you’re having Fluttershy, I don’t want to be any trouble.”

“Are you sure everybody is having something different are you sure?” But it was no use Twilight Sparkle was back in her book thoroughly reading and comprehending the advanced text. Fluttershy just smiled and headed off to the kitchen.
Fluttershy busied herself by preparing the pots and pans in the kitchen.

As she was going over the order she realized she forgot to ask Rainbow dash what she wanted. While waiting for Rainbow Dash to reply to her. When she heard nothing, she called out, “How about it, Rainbow Dash?” But got no response, sighing, calling out her name even loud then before, “RAINBOW SERENITY DASH!” and looking back into the living room. Rainbow Dash had fallen asleep, reflecting back, I should have realized I should have done this sooner.

This was the norm with her; due to her athletic and adventurous lifestyle her metabolism was relative high level and due to this fact if she was not eating at regular times she would in fact doze off. Which was usually inconvenient at times, if not slightly humorous at times?
Rarity gently prodded the dozing pegasus, “Rainbow my dear, it’s not becoming of a lady pony to partake in a nap on the host’s table,” commented in a displaced tone.

Rainbow Dash sleepily responded, “Erffllggguhh…. gnn… not yet Mom…. five… more minutes…”
“Mother? MOTHER! Why I never!” responded Rarity in a surprised yet odious tone. “Whoa there girl, Rainbow Dash clearly called you mother because off your loving and caring melodiously voice reminded her of her mother,” said Applejack charismatically as she gently forced the stool down that Rarity was holding above her head about break it over Rainbow Dash’s sleeping head.

“You really think so,” said Rarity as she lowers the stool to the ground, “If it were anybody else I would call them a silver tongued devil and a suck up. But since it’s you, I know it to be true.” Pinkie Pie pops in between Rarity and Applejack from underneath the table and interrupts the two of them, “Hey girls, not that I don’t love complement each other. Because I totally do but those mother comments might be offend a certain delicate Pegasus we know.” The look of horror and shamed started to creep across Rarity and Applejack faces.

Rarity in a fervent murmur, “Oh my word, how could be so insensitive I just … got caught up in the fun Applejack and I were having to realize how it would affect dear darling Fluttershy.” “Hopefully she didn’t and thanks Pinkie Pie always with details,” added Applejack apologetically. Pinkie Pie now less serious, “No problem, I don’t think she heard you guys.” As they all look at Fluttershy who is moving around preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

I heard what they said but that isn’t what bothered. It’s the fact they think I’m too fragile to deal with at the current time or that they are trying to protect me from my own emotions. Shouldn’t friends have more trust in friends or do they just care for me that much. But before Fluttershy could give it anymore thought she saw Rainbow Dash had gone straight back to sleep.
Knowing that Rainbow Dash was heavy sleeper, she would have to be to sleep through her own snoring. Never did wake up easily, but she still knew the best way to wake her up. With a brief sigh, she then yelled excitedly, “OH MY CELESTIA!!! RainbowRainbow! Izzat SoarinandSpitfire overthere!?!”

Immediately Rainbow sprung up, “WHAT WHERE?” she shouted, before a stroke of realization crossed her face, and she added coolly, “Oh. Ha-ha, Fluttershy, that old trick. I knew it was a joke the whole time.”
The kind pegasus sniffed dismissively, “Yes, well it still works. Now would you like some breakfast?”
The pegasus tried to act cool in front of her friends, pretending that the previous scene had never happened. “Sure I don’t ever refuse if somepony offers me breakfast,” she stated nonchalantly.

Rarity interjected, “Fluttershy dear, do you mind if I had a bath before breakfast?” she asked. “No, not at all my friend, what is mine is yours while you stay here. It’s upstairs the second door on your right,” gestured Fluttershy. “Thank you dear,” Rarity grinned before grabbing her bag and heading upstairs. Twilight Sparkle was lounging on the loveseat reading one of the books she brought.

Taking out the supplies I’ll need to prepare breakfast, I glanced over at the oatmeal, for a moment I pictured him reach for the oatmeal while I would be measuring out his medicine from cabinet beside the oatmeal. Brushing it off the oatmeal tin… I really shouldn’t think about Max right now…I turn to way from It’s a beautiful winter day, I’ll see Max soon enough after breakfast. Breakfast. Focus on breakfast. I take a deep breath, turned around to cutting board and looked out the window. Exhale; winter can be so refreshing at times. Getting out some eggs, milk, and flour, and start on the pancake mix getting separate bowls for Pinkie Pie and Rarity’s breakfast. As I combine the ingredients, I can hear Pinkie Pie and Applejack speaking in the other room.

”How’d y’all sleep then last night, Pinkie?” commented casually Applejack.
“I sleep super duper fine! How did you sleep?” is Pinkie normal chipper response.
Applejack hesitates, “Well I had a bit of a hard time on the floor last night, but it’s nothing an Apple can’t handle,” she smiled before continuing with, “The fact is that I was up a little night…because I couldn’t sleep. I was… I am worried about Fluttershy, Sugarcube, she’s really stressing herself out and what with how she reacted this morning, I really am concerned…”

Putting a hoof around Applejack Pinkie Pie chuckled, “Well secret to my wonderful sleep was that I was dreaming about all the fun times I going to have the little colt as his favourite big auntie.” “Whoa hold up favourite auntie that title will being go to me, Pinkie pie.
As they both refuted their cases for best auntie, turn back the breakfast at hand tuning them out. Eavesdropping isn’t something I like doing but sometimes it can’t be helped. But are they that serious about wanting to care for Max and… they are really worried about me? I think. I don’t want them to be worried for me… I don’t want them to waste time worrying about me… I know, deep inside, that I want them to go away… curse them for causing me so much heartache. I want to blame them for what happened to Max… But now… no they’re being all nice and concerned for me… I don’t know what to do.

I can’t be angry with them now… but I still am because now I can’t be angry with them! I am so frustrated.
As Fluttershy thinks about how her relationship with her friends, she carefully spoons the pancake batter into the frying pans while Rarity and Applejack’s giant pancake cooked in the oven.

By the time she has finished making breakfast, she was still at square one with still no answers. She carried the tray balancing it on her back with wings spread out from the kitchen. Twilight Sparkle looked up from her book, “Let me help you with that Fluttershy.” “Oh thanks, Twilight I didn’t think of how I was going to serve out each plate.” Rarity was walking down the stairs padding down her hair with magic, “Hmmmm smells delicious Fluttershy, ooh the cinnamon smells delightful.”

Twilight’s magic lifted all the plates at once. ”Put them over there,” I motioned over to the table but glancing over at the table expecting it to be bare but all the forks, knives and condiments were already set up. As Twilight sets all the plates down, I look towards Applejack and Pinkie Pie, “Since we weren’t allowed to help with the cooking, I got Pinkie Pie to pop in and get all the cutlery and condiments while you weren’t looking.” Flabbergasted but before I could respond.

Pinkie Pie laughed, “I’m very sneak like the night! Heeheehee, but it’s even easier when your target is in deep thought.” “Well thank you both very much,” looking over to the couch where sleeping rainbow Dash was sleeping; she was gone. “Hey girls, where is Dash,” still looking over at the couch. I hear a muffled, “I’m here.” I turn back and there is Rainbow Dash with half a pancake in her mouth, “How.. what.. you what it doesn’t matter.”

I take my seat at the head of the table; I hear them all call out praise for the breakfast I made them. But before digging into my own pancakes I silently observe my friends. Twilight Sparkle is to the left of me still reading her book she wasn’t noticed the size of the pancake I gave her it’s too big for the plate I gave her but she doesn’t seem to mind while simultaneously using her magic to levitate spoonfuls of the delicious syrupy goodness into her mouth.

Rarity and Applejack occasionally spooning breakfast into their mouths while discussing whom is the better big sister, truthfully I think both Applebloom and Sweetie Belle are lucky to have sisters as good as them. I wish I could have had an older sister, having only an older and talented brother was hard. But then again without my older brother I wouldn’t have met Rainbow Dash, my oldest and dearest friend. Glancing over to Rainbow Dash with a grin on my face. She was engaging Pinkie Pie in a syrup contest chugging contest again, looks like she is actually giving Pinkie Pie a run for her money this time. Oh Rainbow, always trying to push your friends to be the best they can be.

Even though Fluttershy was watching her friend happily eating away at their breakfast, enjoying each mouthful as they bite into they’re pancakes, she felt no desire to eat this morning. Her stomach felt like it had been tied into a tight a knot, making the slightest thought of food sickening to her. Right now she just wanted to get to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Max was the only thing she could think about. There we sat eating breakfast like a normal bunch of friends would and I forget my problems and worries for that short time. After they all thank me for the breakfast, and begin to dig in ravenously, still adding compliments between gulps. I happily tuck in to my own, and decide: I still might be upset with my friends just a tiny bit… but I have to give them credit… they are doing their best to help me in my time of need.

Miraculous I finished first guess I was in autopilot mode. While everypony else continues to eat, I excuse myself... I’m not... I can’t be angry with them anymore. Walking upstairs into the bathroom, turning the taps to max to fill up tub as fast as possible. As I sit there, letting the steam from the hot running water overwhelm me, ever so slowly stepping in to the tub, settling down and letting the overpowering warmth from the water.

The water is hot, so very hot... and it hurts at first, but it then subsides into pleasure. It makes the aches and pains of the last few days go away, and it makes me feel clean. Clean, as if everything has been stripped away... my shields, my barriers, and with my guards down, me alone in this thick impervious shield of water... I feel ... I feel safe.

Snuggling down in the water like it was a warm protective blanket. What’s that smell? Looking to the tableside beside the tub I notice the incense smells of lavender and tiger lilies, it must have been Rarity’s. So very relaxing smell is so overwhelming my sense start to blur, I shut my eyes and begin to dream.
What will my life be like if Max dies? I’ve dreamt of having a child of my own for such a long time... I’m so close, but it’s out of my grip. I think about my dream, my nightmare that I have had.

I haven’t had a dream like that since.... Since that day...when I lost my child, as these thoughts wash over me, my mind searching for an answer... but I can find nothing... there’s nothing there for me... Am I a stupid girl for even dreaming that I could? It's a crazy idea that you were made perfectly for me. It can’t be helped now that I have you.

After a few minutes of soaking in the bath, Fluttershy starts to move to get out with a heavyhearted sigh. She reached out for a nearby towel and drying herself off gently. Heading over to her room to prepare for the day. After drying off and getting ready, trotting down the stairs again. Her friends have just finished cleaning up breakfast and were waiting at the table.
“Okay girls, I’m ready to go to the hospital,” she said quietly, but assertively.

The others glanced at each other for a moment, before Applejack spoke up. “Already? But y’all haven’t had breakfast yet, Sleeping Beauty,” she jokingly replied but you still tell their concern about the night still evident in her honest green eyes. The rest just chuckled at Applejack at joke. Fluttershy looked down, “I did eat breakfast I was just not that hungry. Also it wasn’t that long of a nap. I just would to get going to the hospital,” she stammered before looking down unable to meet their eyes.

I know that I’m mad at them... but I know that I can trust them...they're my friends...But even though I know that still I don’t! I want to trust them, I really do, but I can’t, and I don’t want them to know how upset I really am.
Twilight Sparkle was the first to step forward. “If you’re sure you’re ready to go, we’re ready then too,” she said quickly. It was easy for her to see that Fluttershy was having some issues with trust. Then, Fluttershy looked up with a small weak smile, and trotted over to the door. Together, the six friends began to leave the house. Suddenly Fluttershy turned right around, leaving the group mumbling something about leaving something behind.

Her friends walked out of the cottage, and waited at the end of the gate. Fluttershy called back, “I’m just about leave... but I almost forgot the most important thing! Rushing over to the coffee table to grab Mr. Brown Buttons before flying out the door. Mr. Brown Buttons is Max’s favorite toy. Now that I was outside I began to flap my wings and flow up in the cold winter sky. I found myself flying fast this morning, really fast, determination giving me exhilaration like I have never experienced. I escalate and dive, enjoying the freedom that my adamancy gives me.
As I start to see the hospital come into my line of vision, I begin to slow down, swooping onto the pavement. I walk up to the hospital doors, and wait by the hospital door. Then, my friends begin to arrive, beginning with Rainbow Dash settling beside me.
“Wow....hurr...Fluttershy I’ve never seen you fly that fast before.”
“I don’t know what came over me really”

There Rainbow dash and I stood there waiting in silent in front of the hospital for five minutes for the other to come.
As I stood there beside Rainbow Dash, waiting in silence for the others to arrive, thoughts of worry and concern started to flood my mind. What if Max was on his last leg, barely holding on to his last ounce of breath.

Fluttershy is picturing a tense scene with nurses scurrying about following the orders that the doctor was giving out in a last ditch effort to save Max’s life all while keeping a commanding tone. Leaning towards Max, the doctor says to Max firmly, "Don't you dare think about leaving me now, colt. I having given hope on you and neither will you. Just hang in there!" Fluttershy shakes her head; no Max is not in that kind of state. The hospital would have sent somebody to get me if something like that would have happened right? Of course I'm right, even so I would have sense something was wrong when I got here. Unless he was… already dead, tearing up at just the thought of that.

Fluttershy starts to picture that she is entering Max’s room to her surprise she enters to a sombre scene of the doctor and Nurse Redheart looking grimly at Max’s bed. “Where is he?” I ask sacredly as I move from behind the drawn curtain. There is Max’s bed empty. “He passed away peacefully in his sleep.” No this is just a flashback. Shaking my head vigorously I come back to my senses.

Rainbow Dash must have noticed my uneasiness. Rainbow Dash turns around to face me,” Flutters, I’m going go looking for Nurse Redheart. Ok?” Surprised I replied, “Maybe I should go and you wait for them.” Resting a hoof on my shoulder Rainbow Dash stares right into my eyes, “You know perfectly why I can’t let you do that because you would run of in a haste to Max and then we wouldn’t know where you have gone off and I hate waiting.” Rainbow Dash grinned, sighing I discouragingly replying, “Oh ok, fine Dash just come straight back.” As soon as I was finished Rainbow Dash was off into the hospital without even a glance back.

Oh well, I wonder what’s taking the girls so long? It is kind of not fair for me judge them on tardiness since she does have wings and the rest of her friends don’t. As Fluttershy toils over the pluses and minus if she only had Pegasus friends. A lone snowflake falls on her nose distracting her.

Hey little snowflake where are all your friends? Wait your all alone too, what a shame well at least you don’t have expectations of your friends and yourself. I almost envy you snowflake freedom to go wherever the find blows you. As if on cue a slight breeze blows by, Fluttershy hair blows up and gets into her eyes. Brushing it out of her eyes, are you still here snowflake. Surprisingly the snowflake was still there, Fluttershy then realizes that there are more snowflakes falling now.

Wow this is such a gorgeous sight; hopeful I am able to show Max this or he at least has a window. What do you think snowflake but as Fluttershy looked back at her snowflake another five snowflakes had fallen on her nose, all land in very close proximity to the first snowflake. Oh I see your friends arrived to enjoy in this experiment. Wow really Snowflake, you’re so sensitive to my needs. What I never, you’re serious aren’t. I have friends too, probably better than yours. I never knew snowflakes could be this smug. Angrily wiping the snowflakes of her nose, fine I didn’t want to introduce you to Max either. You shut up; Max is an angel and would never think of such things."

“You shouldn’t get mad at snowflakes, their pretty emotional since it’s there seasonal,” Pinkie Pie regretfully commented. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh,” Fluttershy screamed, “Where did you come from, Pinkie Pie?” shuttered Fluttershy still shocked from Pinkie Pie sudden appearance. “Oh I just got here I would have got here earlier but those slowpokes slowed me down.”

as she pointed to Twilight, Rarity and Applejack who were just coming over the last hill before the hospital. As they run up to Fluttershy and Pinkie, A slightly out of breath Applejack asks, “Wow Pinkie Pie your fast I’m surprised you don’t run in the running of leaves.”

“That’s easy I like letting other ponies have the fun of knocking down leaves,” giggled Pinkie Pie. “Am I glad that I go jogging with Twilight on Saturdays otherwise I think I might have died,” gasped an out of breathed Rarity between ever four to five words breathing in deeply. “Ok let’s go find Rainbow Dash and Redheart,” roused Fluttershy, they all sighed at the thought of walk more but continued on nonetheless.

No sooner had we but turned the corner to head to the information desk, there walking towards was Nurse Redheart and Rainbow Dash did make did need to know.

Nurse Redheart smiled, “Oh Fluttershy its good news, he’s made it through operation.” There was a collective sigh from everybody else especially fluttershy, she felt a hug weight attached to her heart suddenly disappear. Nurse Redheart just smiled, “Ok then Max is on the second floor just head all the down that hall then take a left at the end then take the second set of stairs up that should take you to the waiting room.” Oh thank Celestia he’s ok. I felt the fear melted away. Nurse Redheart added, “However, he is still recovering from the heavy anaesthetic right now.

"But as he will be well enough to have visitor I will let you see him. It shouldn’t be too long.”
”So when can we see him,” Fluttershy asked getting a bit ahead of herself. Nurse Redheart looked warmly at Fluttershy and smiled, “Well I have to check with the doctors you go wait in the waiting room.” She when off to do to deal with the task at hand and resume her duty. We turned left heading towards the waiting room.

Fluttershy leads the convoy of ponies down the long sterile white hall with everybody else trail two to three paces behind; Pinkie Pie jovially trots up to Fluttershy. Sigh, Why now Pinkie Pie? Fluttershy thought. I just want to be by Max’s side, I don’t want to deal with Pinkie Pie’s antics at the moment. “Hey shy, can we chat a little,” asked Pinkie Pie cavalierly almost oblivious Fluttershy’s demeanour. Reluctant Fluttershy answered, “Oh I guess there would be any harm in that.” Half-heartedly smiling at Pinkie Pie, grinning back with her infectious smile Pinkie replied playful, “Ok Sweetie, You little pretty.” “How can you be so chipper all the time?” asked a jaded Fluttershy. ”What mean do mean by that, shy?” Pinkie replied curiously.

Fluttershy not sure herself what she meant calmly replied, “I don’t know; like why can’t you act like a normal pony? Why do you have to be so?” But before Fluttershy could finish her train of thought Pinkie had finished the sentence herself, “So me?” An embarrassed Fluttershy looked down, “Well actually, yes.”

Pinkie Pie nodded then pondered for a moment before answering, "Well to answer why exactly I’m so me. I want to share a nugget of advice my father once told. Dad and I were taking a break while waiting on my sisters and mother to finish up lunch."
"He asked Why do you think I respect rocks honey that my father once said you have
Childishly replying, Is it because they’re cold, efficient and they’re easier to deal with than farm animals.
He chuckled and rubbed my head; No, Pinkie Pie even through that’s true. I find rocks to be inspiration. Why? I asked him. He replied, no matter the weather, or the physical pressures you exert to a rock."

"That Isn't going change the fact that a rock will always be a rock. Sure the environmental changes will cause changes in the rock by smoothing off its edges or make grooves in the rock. Changing it for better or worse but in the end the rock is still a rock.”
Dumbfounded Fluttershy replied, “But that still doesn’t explain why you’re so happy- go lucky all time.”
“It’s simple really fluttershy, you can’t always predict how the world is going to react to you, but you can predict how you’re going to react to the world. You can be your one constant in your world. So why not be as optimistically expressive as possible instead of dreary dull negative Nellie.”

“But what does have to do with me?” asked Fluttershy.
“It’s because I miss you Fluttershy. I’m seeing a side of you that I don’t know.
It’s not that I dislike it, I just miss the old Fluttershy, the one who wore the lampshade at the last winter wrap remember,” Pinkie Pie teared-up a little but still smiled. Fluttershy blushed embarrassed at the thoughts smirk she replied, “It was only that one time.”
Giggle Pinkie Pie remarking, “Are you sure? because I have some photos that say otherwise.” Fluttershy sighed letting loose some of her stress, “I miss her as well, but things have changed pinkie.”
“Like a rock,” motioned Pinkie Pie with a fist in the air. Fluttershy chuckled, “Ok Pinkie, you got it, like a rock.”

Pinkie Pie smiled then bounces back to join the other ponies are walking a couple paces behind Fluttershy. "This is as good time as any to talk to her, Twilight," whispered Pinkie Pie to Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle nods and runs up from the back to up Fluttershy. “Fluttershy, first let me begin by saying by saying no amount of apologizing will make up for what I accidentally did to Max.“ Fluttershy scoffed a little to that response; Twilight flinched slight to that response but took a deep breath and continued,” I was wondering if I could possible tell you about a scare I had with Spike a couple years ago.” Fluttershy rolled his eyes and nodded.

“This takes place years ago back when Spike was almost incapable of doing most things himself. I took him out to the bookstore to buy some books for my studies. On way Spike was being a curious but irritating dragon. Ask stuff like where are we know how far is it from palace to here and how far away the house was we were staying.

I was trying to answer each one of his questions but it was starting to wear my patience thin. Once we were inside the bookstore I let him run about while I searched for my books, I ignored him for the most part because I was focusing at the task at hand. I didn’t realize until I was leaving the store that he wasn’t there.

I panicked and went to the authorities to start a search party. I spent the better part of the day scouring the city for Spike, only having to give up the search after the loss of daylight. I went home depressed and worried over what could have happened to Spike. To my utter surprise Spike had actually made his way home by himself. He was asleep on the couch, I was so overjoyed that I picked him and hugged him for what seemed an eternity. Tears were streaming down my face, he asked what was for supper. I said he could have whatever he wanted, he settled on ice cream. The reason I wanted to you to hear this story is that I know what it is like to have a loved one in trouble and be unable to help them. Along with telling you that it will be alright.”

Fluttershy stops walking then whips around, verbally tearing into Twilight, "No! No you don't Twilight Sparkle. You don't know what I am going through. I knew where Max is at all times; your worry comes out of the unknown. While I know the danger and problems he is dealing with!" Twilight tries to interject, "But..."but instead got cut her off by Fluttershy who is still frustrated at Twilight’s story, “I’m not done TWILIGHT SPARKLE, let me finish what I was saying. Spike was all right in the end, while with Max the effects of what has happened will affect the rest of his life. You know the story did make me think, maybe Spike's lack of trust in you and so he made sure he remembered his way home. I wish I had Spike's forethought to not trust you."

Pinkie Pie appears bouncing in front of Fluttershy, “Hey girls, I think we’re all just worried about Max and factoring how tired we are from all the running or flying we have done today. So let's all calm down and hug it out before we reach the critical care waiting room. How about that?" smiled Pinkie Pie, while trying her best not let it show how much it was hurt her seeing her friends fight like this. Fluttershy looked a Pinkie and nodded still visibly angry then to Twilight who nodded with blank look across her face.

The gull of that pony not to be so cold and calculating at a time like this, but as they all began to walk again, Fluttershy casual remarked to Twilight Sparkle in a facetious tone, "Do see one similar between your story and my situation." "What's that?" Twilight Sparkle without knows what she was walking into. Fluttershy partial looked back with one eye keeping eye contact with Twilight Sparkle, "Oh that you were the source of the problem in both. All that did was give me further proof that you’re incapable of dealing with children!“

Everybody gasped in shock and horror to what Fluttershy had just said. Twilight Sparkle stopped in her tracks and lowered her head so that her bangs covered her eyes, "You guys go on ahead, and I think I forgot something." Fluttershy replies, "Ok," before starting a brisk walk towards the second floor. Rainbow Dash sprints up to Fluttershy and tries to reason with her. Rarity and Pinkie Pie follow short behind them as the look back apologetically.

"I said you can go without me, why are you still here Applejack?" said Twilight Sparkle with her head still down, trying to keep her voice from cracking.
Raising her hat to brush the few strands of hair in her eyes Applejack just smiled, "Sugar cube, what kind of friend would I be if just up and left you in the sorry state that you’re in without trying to console you. Twilight Sparkle looked up with tears streaming down her face. Trying hard to form audible and understand words will still sobbing Twilight pleads to Applejack, "I didn't mean to. I didn’t mean to cause any harm to him.”

Twilight Sparkle broke down and fell to the floor bawling her eyes out. “You were just trying to help Fluttershy and Max. Even you had the best intentions at heart, it can sometimes end up with consequences that you hadn't planned for,” Applejack reassured Twilight Sparkle while gentle stroking her mane.

“But why can’t Fluttershy see that as well, I don’t deserve all this hate,” remarked a crying Twilight Sparkle who was trying to stop crying but only seemed to make it worse. Continuing to comfort Twilight, Applejack said, “Of course, Twilight no pony goes out of her way to be hated, it just something that due to unforeseen circumstances that causes it to happen to an individual.” Twilight Sparkle turned to Applejack and threw her arms around her embracing Twilight Sparkle in her arms. Twilight Sparkle confided in Applejack, “I just want to fix everything and make it go back to before this happened.” “Sugar cube, you have to realize that you can’t always use magic to fix everything.

Anyways you can’t use magic to fix a broken heart and trust. Only way to fix that is with time and effort,” Applejack gently reassured Twilight Sparkle. “I don’t deserve such a good friend like you Applejack,” admitted Twilight still hugging Applejack. Applejack gently patting her back before letting go over Twilight, Everypony deserves a friend like me, but you only get have a friend like me when you can be as equally good friend back.” Pulling herself together Twilight Sparkle took two breaths before wiping away her tears, “Ok let’s go, I’m ready to face Fluttershy again.”
“That’s the spirit, Twilight!” replied proud Applejack. The two then set off to meet up with their friends.

As Applejack and Twilight arrived, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were calmly sitting beside a sleeping Fluttershy. An hour passed before Fluttershy awakes to Rainbow Dash being asleep beside her. She looks so peacefully sleeping Fluttershy thought, looking around. Fluttershy notices across from her was Twilight and Applejack were playing cards that Applejack had probably stashed in her hat earlier. Couldn't tell what game they were playing but they were sure concentrating hard on the cards.

Off to my right Rarity sits, conversing with the nurses on break about everyday beauty tips for the working pony. Pinkie Pie wasn't in sight but we had passed the children ward on our way here. But from the sounds of laugh echoing down the hall, I can safely assume that is correct. Just hearing the sound of overjoyed childern laughing to their hearts content, without any cares, worries, or regrets to weigh them down in this moment of sheer bliss. My eyes start to swell as the thought of max came into my mind, I can feel tears swelling I hope they don’t notice me like this cause it will prove to them how weak I am.

The nurses all started to disperse from Rarity as their breaks were over. Glancing over at Fluttershy, she noticed that Fluttershy was crying. “What’s wrong my dear?” asked a concerned Rarity as took a sat beside Fluttershy. “Nothing, really,” commented Fluttershy sheepishly slightly crying. “That may be true, but the stress is still getting the better of you. It’s a crime against everything beautiful in this world having such pretty face be so full of tears of anguish,” said Rarity brushing Fluttershy’s flowing mane from out of her eyes so get a better look at those big blue globes that is Fluttershy eyes.

“Oh Fluttershy dear come here,” Fluttershy went to hug Rarity resting her head on Rarity’s chest. Rarity smiled softly and continued to stroking her mane and humming softly. They sat there, Fluttershy leaning on Rarity as she hummed a soft melody. Just enjoying the tender moment they were sharing. Fluttershy was the first to break the silence; she looked up to Rarity, “Thanks I need that.” “No problem, not to seem cliché or anything but I want to tell you something that’s been on my mind for last couple days.” Curiously Fluttershy asked, “What’s that?” “You help others with so little regard to yourself. Generosity is not giving someone something that which he or she needs more than you do, but it is giving them that which you need more than they do. Which is your time and kindness, it’s real quite inspiration. I think of you as an inspiration hero who is also my great friend.

I even made a little bracelet with initials W.W.F.D. meaning What Would Fluttershy Do?” Chocked up Fluttershy replied, “Really?” Looking intently at rarity, “Yes to everything,” rarity paused for a moment, “well except that bracelet. They are so tacky, why would I need a bracelet to remind me of beliefs.”

Shivering in disgust at the bracelet, Fluttershy laughed followed by rarity joining her for a chuckle. Applejack looked over, “What are you girls talking about that is so entertaining?” Replying in unison, “Nothing!” which set they both into a fit of giggling. Twilight Sparkle and Applejack just looked at each other and chuckled themselves. Rarity wiping away tears of joy from her eyes, “Fluttershy promise me something.”

Still giggling Fluttershy answered, “What would that be?” “I want you to promise me that we will go to Spa every second Thursday like we use to, after all this is sorted out,” comment content Rarity. “But what if I can’t make it?” asked Fluttershy cautiously. “Well then I will go by myself, but knowing you,” smiled Rarity jubilantly, “You’ll show up no matter what at some point.”
Intoxicated with joy Fluttershy hugged Rarity tightly, “Ok, that’s a promise.”
"and you'll have to bring the little dear max alone, the little thing would love it, and it would help him get better." fluttershy question the healing possibilities a spa would have, she could only think of stress relief.
she didn't think about it too much though. "sure rarity he'll come too."
Rarity giggle "wonderful dear i look forward to our time together."

That will be nice thought Fluttershy as she released rarity from her bear hug, picturing all the fun she would have maybe bringing Max the odd time. Just picturing him, contemplating, and trying to figure out what a mud bath is made Fluttershy grin. Twilight and Applejack finished their game and Twilight declares she is done playing games in a slightly frustrated tone for being so easy defeated. it was her fault though as she let Applejack pick the game which she happen to be really rather good at. She heads off to look at the hospital library that they have. Rarity tags along to see if there is any fashion magazine she hasn’t read.

As those two turned the corner heading towards the hospital library. Applejack came over to sit beside Fluttershy, who was playful looking straightforward.
Applejack sighed, “I’m not going to pretend like I know what you’re going through at these moments with Max in the hospital. I will say that it is emotional draining having family members in the hospital.” Fluttershy being reculant to comment looked over at Applejack who was trying her best not to cry. Applejack went on, “I know you think of him as your own flesh and blood. It’s just …” taking a breath before continuing, “The last time I was in this part of the hospital was day of parent’s accident.” “I am so sorry, I didn’t know,” replied Fluttershy regretting that she had even brought Applejack to the hospital.

Nonchalantly with a hint of regret and tenderness Applejack continued, “No, you shouldn't feel sorry. It’s not as traumatizing as you might of thought it was. Luckily, I was at an age that I didn’t full grasping the gravity of situation. Almost might have believed that everything was going to work out in the end cause I still believed in the equestrian dream, that everybody lives happily ever after. But I could still see the emotion impact it had, the impact it had on Grannie Smith and Big Mac. I also think that’s why Big Mac is so quiet cause the last time he saw mom and dad he had a bit of a spat with them. It’s also why I wanted to leave Sweet Apple Acres a few years later cause the pain of missing them was getting to me.”

Fluttershy felt like she was on an emotional roller coaster, she was curious but knew it was a sensitive topic. Fluttershy calmly said to Applejack, “Thank you for sharing that with me, I knew it must have been tough.” Sighing Applejack, “I feel all lot better from when it happened, I just wanted you to know that know. That I will always be there for you and the little guy.”

“Thank you, Applejack,” said a ball of tears that was Fluttershy hugged Applejack. By Celestia am I crying again, thought Fluttershy. How do I still have any tears left to cry? I better stop this other I might just start crying blood.

Finally the moment of truth came. ”Ok Fluttershy we’re really for you Fluttershy,” said Nurse Tenderheart. Tapping on Applejack shoulder to release her, Fluttershy then waved to Nurse Tenderheart to signal that she was Fluttershy. Turning to Applejack; Fluttershy asked,”Wait should we wait for everyone else?” ”No you should have your time with him first, so why wait for everybody else there busy entertaining themselves,” said Applejack. “What about you and Rainbow Dash?” asked Fluttershy. “Well, Miss Lazybone is still sleeping and I think of a way of entertaining myself,” smiled Applejack as she waved a felt pen she was given by from one of practicing residents.

With that Flutershy and Nurse Tenderheart headed out towards Max’s room as they walked Fluttershy was asking how the operation when and how was he doing. “I’m sorry to say but we had to shave his mane off to get to the area of his brain, as in the whole of his mane, so his now bold on his head,” Nurse Tenderheart seem to be talking in steady way to Fluttershy as if one little thing could send her off in a sea of worry.

Fluttershy was actually fine with the news; just hearing Max was in good condition made nearly any bad news seem like nothing to her at the moment. Now Fluttershy he’s just came out theatre and the anaesthetic hasn’t worn off yet."
“Oh but he is going to be all right, right? asked Fluttershy with a hint of fear in her voice.

“We had to get an Oxygen Concentrator to stabilize his breathing once he came out of the operation and we’re still monitoring him, but for now we can say he should be okay. So are you ready seeing him?” I nodded I just wanted to see max. ”Ok then,” she said she’d showed me to he’s room. There he was, Max was sleeping in a big hospital bed, the small foal had wires going into his body connected a machine that beeped with every beat of his heart and a mask had been place on him to assist with his breathing. The top of his head was banged up from the recent operation. Seeing max in the state he was in now made Fluttershy feel like crying.

i slowly moved close to him and sat down by a nearby chair, bring my hooves to max, i held his right hoof, his hoof felt so cold to the touch. For a while i just sat there silently, time seemed to slowed down as i stared down at the little foal slowly breathing with the aid of a machine. Eventually i felt myself starting to cry.

Why eyes, why do you give me up so easily. “You've made it” i whispered softly, “you made it this far, I’m going to help you get through the rest of it.” “You’re my little joy, a little buddle of joy that’s brought me a new outlook on my life. I’ll never let anyone hurt you; I’m always going to be there to protect you, like a mother should. I’d hug you and kiss you, I’d tell you everything would be all right. But I’d be scared that I’d hurt you with just the sliest touch, like a Lilly, beautiful and yet so delicate. I love you max” i gently kissed him on the fore head, “I’m going to be there for you and I’m always going to care.”

“So it’s true then, there is a new alicorn in Equestria.” Fluttershy turned around to see standing there was Princess Celestia, Princess Celestia, and “what are you doing here?” I asked. “I was inform by Twilight who sent me a scroll last night of you having found a alicorn and only this morning was I inform by shining armour that this hospital had sent out a message to me saying they had operated on an alicorn of poor health, I’ve come to see if this alicorn really does excites” said Princess Celestia. “Max his names max” states Fluttershy livid.

“Interesting. Now to the point of my visit,” as she looked out the window at the falling snow; Fluttershy curious and confused asks, “And that is?” Princess Celestia being the master of captivation and manipulation of emotion turns her head and neck to the side just enough to make eye contact with Fluttershy.

Before she states in a matter of fact tone, “I’m here to take Max into protective custody at the royal palace.”

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