by TheDerpyOutcast


Surprise, Act 1, We Meet Again

A mare was walking around town. Her black cape was fastened with a ruby on the pony's neck. Her wings were white and bits of her yellow mane fly out every so often. Ponys looked at her as if she was a threat. After becoming more comfortable with her presence, the pony's continued on their business. Pinkie Pie was jumping down the street delivering some muffins to Derpy Hooves when she noticed the mare.
"No. That can't be Surprise." She mumbled. Two purple eyes looked at the pink earth pony, and Pinkie galoped away. Surprise took off her cape and ran after her. But using her ability to pop out of nowhere, the pink mare was already at Sugar Cube Corner.
"If Surprise comes in I'm not here." She said to the Cakes, Running to her room. A picture on the wall in Pinkie's room showed her and Surprise. The mares were smiling. Pinkie was staring at the photo when a pony walked in. Pinkie Pie grabbed her tin can and held it to her ear.
"No, Surprise, she's not home."
"I know she's here. Give up Pinkameana Diane Pie."
The pink mare carefully went down the steps to greet the unwanted guest. Surprise looked the same as when they last saw each other. The similar cutie marks were constantly pointed out. Same happy personalities. Same mane style. Yet the two had grown distant from the friendship they shared and avoided each other. Yet Surprise had reappeared in Pinkie's life.
"Hi" Pinkie Pie said cautiously. silence. The white Pegasus flew off.
"Well, that was awkward." Ms. Cake said.
"Hopefully nopony saw her as Surprise." Pinkie said.
"You mean you hope your secret never is revealed."
"Yeah...... if it does... no pony will see me the same way as before."
Rainbow Dash was chatting with Surprise in a cloud.
"I can clear the sky in ten seconds." Rainbow Dash stated.

"Six seconds." Surprise challenged Dash.
"Your on." And the two pegisi took off. Surprise and Dash almost finished in the same amount of time, but Surprise won.
"Wow Surprise, you're fast. Wanna go to Sugar Cube Corner for some food? My friend Pinkie Pie would instantly become friends with you." Rainbow smiled.
"Sorry, Dash. I'm busy this afternoon." Surprise said, using a practical excuse to not go see Pinkie. It worked, but Dash was disappointed.
"Well, fly with you later, Surprise." The rainbow colored mare flew off. Surprise sighed, grateful that she did not have to go see her frenemy.
Surprise walked to a field a basket in her mouth. As she picked yellow, white, and pink flowers, she came across Flutter Shy, who was picking flowers as well
"Oh! Umm hi...." the shy yellow Pegasus whispered.
"Hi! :)" Surprise replied.
"Ummm what are you picking?"
. "Buttercups, daisies, and pansies."
"Oh. Ummm what's your name? I'm Flutter Shy."
"My name is Surprise."
"Well, nice to meet you, Surprise!"
The two pegisi walked side by side chatting while picking flowers till Flutter Shy had to go home and feed her animals.
"Angel is a very picky eater. Plus I have tons of animals and have to feed them in a certain order."
"Ok. See you later Flutter Shy."
. Surprise was in her new apartment in Ponyville unpacking when she took out a cape. It was from her childhood. Pinkie Pie had a similar one. Surprise finished unpacking and went to The Carousel Boutique to have some tears in it fixed. Rarity was examining some fabric when Surprise walked in.
"Come in!" The white unicorn sang out. "Why, Hello! I don't believe we've met before. My name is Rarity. What's yours?"
"My name is Surprise and I would like this cape fixed, Ms. Rarity. It is from my youth and treasure it deeply."
"Of course, Darling! I'll make it look as good as new! Now, that will be 2 bits."
Surprise handed over the bits and soon the cloak was fixed.
"Thank you Ms. Rarity."
"Why, Surprise! You have the same mane style as my friend Pinkie Pie! You cutie marks are also the same, besides the color. You should go see her darling."
"Well, actually I need a book. I'm going to stop by the library I saw on the way here."
"Oh! My friend Twilight Sparkle lives there. She will surely assist you. Now. I must go get Sweetie Belle from school. I will see you later Surprise!" The fashionista and Surprise walked off, each going their separate ways. Rarity was mumbling something about a tacky tiara and diamonds. Surprise headed off to the library.
Surprise ran into Apple Jack on her way to the library.
"Well, Hoooooowwwwwddyy partner. I'm Apple Jack. Now, I've never seen y'all in town before, so y'all must be new. I'm Apple Jack. My family owns Sweet Apple Acres, and founded this town. Would y'all like to come by the farm later and try some of our apple cider later?"
"See ya later then!" The Orange mare galloped off.
Surprise arrived at the library. Twilight was reshelveing the books when she noticed the white Pegasus.
"Oh! Hi. My name is Twilight Sparkle. I am Princess Celestia's personal student. I have lived her for quite some time now studying friendship."
"My name is Surprise. I need some help. I have a friend who used to be my best friend, but now we avoid each other. I want to be her friend again."
"Well, why are you no longer friends?"
"I'd rather not talk about it. But maybe she will tell you."
"What do you mean?"
"She is one of your close friends. But please. Can you help me? I've been avoiding her for the past ten years." A memory flooded back.
"Why woulnt it explode!?" A filly asked.
"Try harder, Lyra!" A colt encouraged the filly.
"Try blowing this up!" Pinkie Pie said, putting a quart of chocolate milk on the table. The foals rolled their eyes. Pinkie put up her emergency portable bomb shelter.
"You coming?" The foals shook their heads. Surprise went in the shelter with Pinkie. Lyra ignighted the milk and it blew up. Surprise and Pinkie hoof-bumped.